Thursday, July 31, 2008


Peach Spritzer

Well First and foremost, I want to Thank Everyone for all your Prayers and love you sent my way. I Thank The Lord for each and every one of you. I kindness I feel and the Love it is so over whelming, I get very emotional when I read you lovely comments. My the Lord Bless each and every one of you.

Now that I have gushed all over the place, I will get to my post. lol:}  Getting ready for a yard sale is not easy, I spent the better part of the afternoon in our garage cleaning it. I must tell you it was very hot in there. I did have a fan but a small one. I was going through my daughter's things she dropped off, and mine. I swept and moved things  most of which is my hubbys computer stuff, so now I have some pretty good room. We hae a two car garage but would not know it by looking in side.

Now about my Honey Bunny; he is a real computer geek,  really he is. So we have lots of computer junk, OOPS.... I mean stuff, we could open a shop.

You know how your Christmas would tangle, well dear hubby has a huge tangle of computer cords. I will take a picture of them tomorrow and post it for you all. It will take him a year to untangle them. And then there is box after box of the insides of computer stuff, not sure what to call them. So I have moved them to the other side of the garage. If I have my way I would sell it all just to get rid of it, or give it away.  But that would not be to nice I guess.  booooo hoooooo.   :{   So I am almost there and ready for my sale my Mom in law is putting in some things also, and I think my niece Brandee. So we will have lots of goodies for some one.  Oh I have to change the subject matter, I went for my job interview, and it went really well, I should know soon, and maybe start next week. How cool is that.. I am excited about going back to work again, even though it is part time. Ok back to my sale.  haha   Hope I have not lost any one.

It is amazing how much one can gather in a course of a life time. Like the junk draw everyone has in there kitchen, I am at a loss of why the need for one. Which I have by the way. I did manage to clean some of mine out. Now I have room for more junk. 

Well I am tired out now, so I am going to make it short,  I  know too late.  lol;  So I hope every one has a great night.  And again thank you for all you prayers. God Bless



Wednesday, July 30, 2008




Good afternoon to all my dear friends and my new friends. I wish to thank every one for kind comments you have been leaving on my posts. Each one is so supportive and up lifting. And thus the reason for my head line.  I hardly ever say a prayer for myself or ask for one. But in my bible study the Lord spoke to me to ask for prayer for my self he wants me to ask him for help and guidance. And to ask others for prayer, the more you have to pray for you the harder it is for Satin to control my life and wispier in my ear, that  I don't need prayer it is being selfish, and I do no better that in some cases it is not selfish.

So to all my Prayer warriors I need some prayer.  I don't like to complain about my self, so this is hard for me. But here goes.

After the death of our daughter April in 2001 a couple of months later, I started not feeling well, bad headaches that would not go away no matter what I took. Then it started moving to my neck and down my spin my arms legs and joints. It was about three weeks until I told my Husband about it. As you can imagine he was not happy with me. So off to the Dr. I went, first he did some tests and gave me a low dose Morphine patch the kind the give cancer patients, and it was so wonderful not to be in pain anymore , but the side affects were not fun. I am sorry if this is going to be a long one, so please bare with me. 

At first thought Dr. thought I had MS. So off I went to the MRI, I had so many tests and MRI's that I was getting so tired of going at all. This went on for about three years with no reason as to how I was feeling, so the medicine he put me on seem to work, it made me sleep all the time I had to quit my job because I could not function.  He finally sent me to a head and spin Dr. He took more MRI and said I have a pinched spinal cord but as long as he could see some of the white fluid it was fine. I am trying to make it as short as possible, so sorry again.  Any way after all of the testing I had for about six years and they ruled every thing out, it came down to Fibromyaliag, a kind of bad one. And to top it all off I also have Arthritis in my spin, and according to my Dr. it is a advanced one.

Now I had to get new glasses and the eye Dr. let me know that I have a 50 50 chance that I could have Glaucoma, so I have to go back in Sept. to have it checked again. So Ladies please remember me in your prayers. In case I have not told any one I am 50yrs old. I can do some things with my Fibro. but have to be careful not to over do, and that is hard for me cause I love to garden clean house and lots of other things. I  have to pace myself or I will pay for it the next day, which I do a lot. I am on pain pills now and I have some stronger ones if I need them. I will have to take them the rest of my life which I am so not happy with.

But the Lord has blessed me with still being able to do things  I love just in moderation.  I am happy about getting a part time job, in a Insurance Agency only a couple of days a week which I can do. The Lord has opened that door for me. I thank him so much for my life. I hope I have not whined to much to you all, that is not my intention. Tomorrow will be a better post I promise.

I just needed to share with you as the Lord wanted me too. I also praise him for bringing me to you all. I feel so welcome and loved by each and every one of you who take time out of their busy days to visit little ol' me.  God Bless each and every one of you.



Monday, July 28, 2008


Hello to all my Dear Friends. First of all I want to Thank each and every one for your kind and sweet comments. I am so Blessed to have such great and kind friends such as you all are. Ok now back to business.

bunnypics 006

This little cute lady bunny is going to find a new home, but with who now that is the question. The drawing is going to be Aug. 1st. All you have to do is leave a comment and then I will put all the names in a bowl and hubby will  draw out the winner. And I will be adding some other goodies with her. So good luck to all who enter. This drawing is in honor of my first Blog Award bestowed on me by Dawn at dawnsdaybreak. She is such a sweet and funny gal I really enjoy reading her posts. If you have not stopped by for a visit please do, you will not be disappointed.  Again I wish to thank you all for you kindness and support. God Bless



Sunday, July 27, 2008


Dad & Hillbillies

Today would have been my Daddy's 80th Birthday, It is so hard to believe he has been gone for 3yrs. now. So in honor of his Birthday today is dedicated to him. The above photo is my Daddy and my brothers and sister, I am the one with the blue shorts and white top. We were on our way to Mich. to visit my Mom parents. So we had a stop on the side of the road and Mom took the photo.  My Daddy was a kind and loving man, he never said a harsh work to any one that I can remember. My poor Mother had to be the disciplinarian in the family, Daddy just could not bring him self to do it. I always ran to my Daddy when I was bad, but it did not work. ha ha

My Daddy was a lover of life and enjoyed his family when he was home, he was a truck driver most of his life. I remember when he taught me how to ride my bike, he would hold my seat and run behind me saying,,,, peddle faster and don't worry I have you.... and he always did, until one time when he let go and I was doing it by my self . But you know the thing I will always remember the most, is he was still running behind me incase I did fall. He was always there for me if I fell. He would chase away my fears when I heard noises in the night, and walk the house and check on us after we were asleep, I know cause I was not asleep when he came in my room. hahaha  I felt safe then.

Daddy loved to roller skate every Saturday night at the rink, he was very good, and goofy. He would scare me all the time. One Christmas we all got ice skates, and they would freeze the tennis court so the town could ice skate. Daddy would take us all and go skating. He helped up all make snow forts with boxes so we could have snow ball fights in the front yard.



This is in Canada don't know where or when, Is he not a handsome man. I was his little girl, even though he had four more kids. I just could wrap my self around his little finger. I really loved my Daddy. I miss him so much. But he is with Mom now and Grand daughter April so he is in good hands with the Lord. SCAN02

Daddy in his big red Truck, he used to take me to chain down. Now that was fun. I met a lot of the other truckers and they were so great.

SCAN10 This is in the 70s, Mom and Daddy went to visit my little Brother in South Carolina Sam was in the Navy and this is his Ship USS Barney. It makes me think of Barney the big bear. lol;






Daddy after a long run with the truck, he never could sleep unless his head was covered, hat or blanket my daughter is just like that.

Saturday, October 13, 2001 (Image #6)

Mom and Daddy this was at my Brother Sam's wedding. Not sure what is up with the look on his face. I think he was hungry maybe.

Saturday, October 13, 2001 (Image #5) 

Love this one, he was in the Airforce during the Korean war, he looked so handsome in his uniform don't you think..... My Mom did. 



Christmas time Daddy loves the bubble wrap. I should have gotten him that for Christmas, would have kept him busy for a long time.


This one just crakes me up when I look at it. Not sure what he is doing here. But a new sheriff is in town. My Mom did not like that hat so to bug her he wore it all the time. Daddy was such a card, and he made friends  where ever he went. Every one at the local IGA he new them all by name and they loved it when he would stop in. He was always there if someone needed help with any thing. Daddy liked to do things him self, he put in and new drive way and side wall new roof took down three trees in our yard, which we did not like, we loved to climb them. Maybe that is why he took them down. His older brother lived out in the country, when we went to visit he would let me sit in his lap and drive the car down the dirt road, that was so cool.


Well I am sorry if I made this too long, but it is hard to put a life time of love and joy in a short post. I  wanted to share my Daddy with you  and some photos. So here's to you Daddy, I love and miss you very much, I hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Daddy and Me on Fathers day 93.  I think this is my favorite picture of me and Daddy. My daughter took this and had a really nice frame for it and gave it to me the day before his was laid to rest. My daddy was every thing to me and more, so hard to put in to words some times.

I wish to thank every one for stopping by for a visit and letting ramble on about my Daddy. What  a party he must be having now in Heaven. Love you Daddy......

God Bless you all:



Saturday, July 26, 2008


Good afternoon every one. I took some pictures of my home today, and thought I would share them with you. Although I made sure that it was clean and tidy. It was a busy morning for me and hubby, he mowed the back yard and I mowed the side yard, then I pulled lots and lots of weeds. Swept the patio racked the yard,{i can't stand hay looking grass in my yard} So after I did that I was ready to shower and sit a bit. Hubby took our two oldest grandsons to see the new Bat Man movie. I did not want to go, I am not a big fan. My sweet sister and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things then home. Sister left this after noon, I will miss her but it is nice to be alone with my Honey Bunny.

I am so excited about my new store at Etsy. I have had lots of people stop and take a look, so things are going well. Now I just have to sell them. ha ha ha :]  But I can wait,,,, I have waited this long..........   Ok maybe I can't wait.  smiling!!    

The boys seemed to really like the movie,  I know I am off the subject again sorry.. Lyosha and Paul really loved it, and Grandpa did to. He said it was well written.  Ok I hear you no more Bat Man.  I am ready to show you my little home.  READY..........

My living room 001

  This is the right side of my fire place. I love my built in book shelves. I redo them at least three times a year, or more. I just never think that they look good.

I need to buy some more pretties to replace some of the ones I have. I am always changing my mind. Drives my Hubby nuts.

My living room 002

Just a close up of my winter scene photo. I really love that one. And the black egg is from Russia my daughter brought it back for her nephew Zachary. It is really pretty. I am keeping it so he doesn't loose it. He is only five.


My living room 005 

This is a picture my Sweet Sister let me have it fits in really great with my color's in my family room. It is over our fire place. My mantle needs something else not sure what, but when I find it I will know... ha ha It is of a Paris street scene. Don't you just love it.....


My living room 008

  This is the left side of the fire place, I painted the back of the shelves to match the wall color. I think it makes my pretties stand out a bit more. The little lamp is from my sweet sister too. I can't believe  she said to just take it,,,, so  I did.  lol:]

OOPS; I just saw that I have my ugly air cond. in the shot. It does not work we just not have taken it out yet.  I know shame on us. So just cover it up and pretend it is not there.....


My living room 010 Now this is just a close up of the bottom of the case, I tried to get a closer shot, but my camera just made it look to out of focus. Or maybe it is just my eyes... down below is two draws and two doors that hold lots of stuff. on the other side it holds my grand kids toys and they know where they are and can get to them easier with out making a huge mess.


My living room 011 I hope you can see this handsome fellow. I love Boyd's Bears, I collect them, well not much any more running out of room for them. He is so sweet and quietly reading his book. Such a good little Bear.  He loves to sit and read.


My living room 013 I just had to get my little sweetie pie in the shot or she would be very us set with me. My daughter gave her to me for a Christmas gift. She loves to be in the center for the show with a light on her. What a little show off......


My living room 015 Now this is between my sofa and chair, this is the very first quilt I made. It is a log cabin called barn raising. I have quilt blocks every where, my poor kids couldn't hardly move through our house. The pretty pink lamp was a Mother's day gift, I just love it. I painted my quilt shelf a creamy white. The chest is going to get painted soon a white color. I found it in my father in laws old out building and he just gave it to me years ago. I love free stuff. don't you...... 

My living room 017 Ok now this is above my sofa, and my sister let me have these two wonderful pictures. They are a Italian garden just lovely. And the two pillows on the sofa I made just love how they match my slip cover, I love slipcovers, when I want a change I just look for another one. And they wash so well, now shrinking or dry cleaning. How cool is that.Any one getting tired of my home yet, hang in there not too many more to go.


My living room 020 And this is a side table by my TV cabinet. The picture I found at Hancock  fabric, at half off. It is and Italian farm land with a stone house. Love it... And the photo on the table is of Me and Hubby on our wedding day. Wow I was thin then... The lamp base was a dark green I painted it  what else.. white and found the shade at Target, It is Laura Ashley. I bought two the other one is in my bedroom.


My living room 025  Ok this is the last one, I had to show every one my fire place, I am thinking of painting my brick, the color of the shelf's not to sure yet. The brown really does not go with any of the room, oh and my ugly blue carpet, some day that will be gone also.

Well I hope every one enjoyed my little tour of our home. It is always a work in progress, I am always finding new things to do here and there. I have one wall to finish painting and putting up bead board, then the family room will be done. Except for the carpet. I am waiting for cooler weather, so maybe in the fall.

So now my dear friends I want to Thank Each and Every one of you for such supportive and uplifting comments. You all inspire me so much with you kind words. With out your continued support and with my dear Husband's I would not have had the courage to do a store on line. So I thank you for that. May the Good Lord Bless each and every one of you, and to watch over all.

Have a great and Blessed Sunday..



Friday, July 25, 2008


Gardening Bears

Well Ladies my Etsy shop is now open. It was not too hard but it did take me a while to enter each item. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.  I am just so excited about this new adventure. And all your comments and encouragement has meant  a lot to me.

I do try to get to visit every ones blogs, but there are times that I am not able to get there. But do know that I love and appreciate each and every one of you. Having so many new and wonderful friends that are just like family is great. Ok enough mushy stuff. hahaha. 

On to my garden, it is really going strong. My tomato plants are so tall every where  I can hardly get in to my garden. And my squash is every where too, I did not know that they grew like that, I sure will know better next year. This is my first veggie garden so I am real new at this. Now if it were flowers I would know better.

The humidity is not too bad now, so tomorrow morning I have lots of weeding to do, things got out of hand. It has been so hot and humid this past couple of weeks that I did not make it out side much. Well I did get in the pool. lol:]  Well dear friends I am sorry this is going to be a short one. But I have some more projects I must get done. OH and I will be starting a new job soon, it is only part time but that is what I want, I am really looking forward to it. And the best thing about this job is I still can be home to make my crafts. yippppppy!!!!!

God Bless every one and I hope you all have a great weekend.

I am posting my Etsy address on my front page of my blog. I hope you will stop by and take a look.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well my Dear Friends I am ready for my Etsy shop on Saturday. I still have some projects to do, but I have some to open up with. I hope every one will check it out. I am so excited about it to me it is like Christmas morning, only in stead of getting gifts I am selling gifts.  Now that does sound kind of funny,,,,,,  selling gifts well they will be a gift for some one at one point in time. I am going to put a few photos on so all of you can see what I have been up too. So here we go.............


cottage rose chic 036 cottage rose chic 038

This is my mosaic candy dish or cotton balls little soaps or  what ever some one wants to do with it. The colors are a pretty purple flower with some yellow. Sorry some will be kind of blurry I really need a new camera.


cottage rose chic 050

I love this,,,,, this is a little trinket ceramic box, keep rings in or a little treasure.


cottage rose chic 059 

This is a lovely platter with sweet pink roses all around it. It shows its age but that just makes it all the more special, some one loved it very much.

Well Ladies I do have more but I am leaving them for my shop. I will post my Esty address on Friday. I hope you like what I have for sale. I am going to have lots of Shabby chic items, when I get done with my other projects I am going to make some pillows and doll quilts and lap quilts in Shabby tones. So please keep and eye out for those items. Now I am done hocking my craft shop. hahaha

Today I went to my Sweet Sisters house and she let me shop in her garage for some goodies. I found some great stuff four pictures for my walls, that match just great. Some rugs, and little things. I will share them with every one when I get some photos.

My Sister is the best there is. She and her hubby are moving back home here, so I can't wait for that to happen. Even though this might sound silly but pray that their house sells soon.

This week is clean up week here, so we have been going through our garage and shed. We were surprised that we did not have a lot of junk. I want to go and take a look see at some one else's junk, never know I might find a real great find. They are picking them up this Saturday so I had better go tomorrow. Well Dear Friends I will stop for now, I hope all of you have had a great week. My the Lord Bless you and keep you all well and safe.



Tuesday, July 22, 2008



July 5 2008 001

On the right is Karly Clair and left is Maddy Grace. They are in their cheer leading outfits waiting for their turn to dance. Are they not just the cutest things.


July 5 2008 008

This is the whole group, they did such a great job.


July 5 2008 018

This is Karly and Maddy clogging to a song called Momma I am a big girl now. They were so great at it. I wish I could have gotten a closer shot.


July 5 2008 014

They are on their knees begging Momma to leave them along because they are grown up now. hhahaha


July 5 2008 019

The girls did such a great job with all the twisting and turning never lost a step.  Sorry but I am a proud  Great Auntie

July 5 2008 022

Karly is in the middle tub, they did a dance to Splish Splash it was so cute.

July 5 2008 026

Again Karly is on the right, she was tap dancing. to the song.


July 5 2008 029

And this is how it ended. Every one just loved it. I have one more photo so hang in there....  lol;


July 5 2008 020

This is my Maddy all done with her dance, she is getting changed, such a cute smile.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the photos, This was on July 5th.

I have been working in my studio getting things done, I took some photos of the shabby chic projects I finished. I will be putting them on Etsy on Saturday. I will share some of what I made with you all and have a link to the shop on my blog page. Well I have to make this a short one again. I have to go and get busy in my studio again.

I want to thank every one for your sweet comments, and your friendships. I have met some new ones also. I am finding so many wonderful blog sites that I am having trouble keeping up with all of them. I also need to put then on my blog page. One day I will get it done.  Have a great day everyone, I will visit you  all soon.

God Bless;



Sunday, July 20, 2008



Today I honor  Christmas in July by sharing some family photos with every one. I have lots of Christmas photos, I am a nut with a camera. One year my Hubby gave me a camcorder, and drove every one crazy with it.

Well today was a busy day, I have been working in my studio on my projects for my grand opening this Saturday. I have  been grouting, painting , and gluing.  Then my grandson called and wanted to come and visit Mamaw, well I could not say no his little voice on the phone so sweet.  Then my daughter Heather stopped by and we all went for a swim in the pool. Boy the water sure felt great, and the break was nice too.  And now my Sweet Sister is back for another stay, her hubby had to go away on business so she wanted to stay with me in stead of going with him. Is that not the sweetest thing ever. Me over her Hubby.

So Dear Friends if I miss a few posts it is because I am busy in my studio getting things finished. I will make some time to visit  when I can, sorry this is going to be a short one.......  I think I heard someone yell       Its about time.........  ha ha .  I hope every one enjoys my family Christmas photos. I thank every one who left very sweet comments you mean the world to me.....  I hope every one of my Friends have a great week. God Bless...

12-16-01 001



This is my Daddy, isn't he a handsome man.....



My daughter Heather


Christmas 2002 004

Grandson Paul


Christmas 2002 050

Heather, Chas, and grand kids.DSCF0005

Ahhhh  Caileigh sneaking some cheese


Great grandma with Great grand daughter HayleeDSCF0010

yeahhhhhh  Passing out the gifts.....



Poor Chas our other daughter and her daughter Liberty surrounded by gifts.



Hubby and Me with the camcorder, wow do I need to loose some lbs.



Wow don't the Boys look so bored.... lol; Two sons in law and one son. left to right. I promise I am almost done boring you with these photos. lol



This is at my niece's house Jenny.



This is Karly Clair on the left and Maddy Grace on the right, they are so sweet and cute, my great nieces.


Last one, my Sweet Sister in the middle and her two beautiful daughters, left  Jenny and right Brandee.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my Christmas in July photos. Have a great week.   And Merry Christmas in July........