Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello there dear blog friends…. I am a bad blogger,,, not keeping my blog up to date,,,,, but I have been making my rounds to see what you all have been up too. And as you can see I have been having some problems with my blog back ground,,,, which I don’t have one at the moment….lol but I will again some day,,, so please bare with me……  I have missed blogging and hearing from you all,,,, so don’t forget me,,,,,, and Wishing you all a wonder full Labor Weekend…..

Oh and sorry I don’t have a pretty photo…..



Monday, August 9, 2010



Hey there dear friends; How was your weekend? sure hope some of you are enjoying some cooler days,,, we are in the 90’s again all week….. with little rain… this summer sure has been a HOT! one,,,not just here but all over…. so needless to say I have not be out side much,, only in the early morning or late evening,,,,, I have been doing my weeding and putting down some mulch….. that is about it…. whewwwwwwwwwwww….. 

But I did finally take my walk around town last week,,, and took some pictures to share with you…..  my home town is not a big town at all  but over the yrs has grown..  there was a time when every one new every one….that was nice…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my how fast things change….  but I still love our little town….

In the Summer time is when I love it best,, with so many beautiful flowers and plants around the Court Square, and planters around the town filled with gorgeous plants….. the Ladies of the Garden Club really out do them selves each year…. they put in so much love and time making our Town so pretty….  Ok enough of all my talking ,,, I will show you some photos now,,, I will have to do this in two parts,,, too many photos to show you,,, all at once,,,,, and this way I will get ya’ll to come back again……lol   I know I am a stinker……………

 My Home Town 012

This is the top of the Court House,,, this clock always reminds me of Back to the Future movie,,,,,, I just love the carved detail of the stone work… it is just beautiful…  hmmmm I should have went inside to get some photos….  guess I will save it for next time….

My Home Town 007

I love all the beautiful color around the building,,,, it is a great area to just sit and watch every thing…

My Home Town 008

Just one area to sit and rest,,,, and enjoy the big shade trees…..

My Home Town 009

My Home Town 011

Each side has an entrance just like this one,,,, there is no main one…. love it…… this is the North side…

My Home Town 010 

My Home Town 013

Path leading to the West side…..

My Home Town 015

This is the West side entrance… don’t ya just love those huge pots fill to the brim with pretties….oooooooooo I do……

My Home Town 016

My Home Town 025

Side view of the South side……

My Home Town 024

They even made sure to hang some flowers on all the lamp posts……

My Home Town 019

I remember these Loins from when I was a little,, they painted them white,, but they just used to be grey stone…  there are two one each side of a big cannon which I will show you now.

My Home Town 020

My Home Town 023

And here is the other Loin,,,,,, some where there is a photo of my baby brother Sam sitting on one,,,,, he was so little they looked huge…lol

My Home Town 021

I am sorry to say that I really don’t know how old this cannon is,,,, I just know that it has always been here,,,, I will have to do some checking on this,,shame on me for not knowing that……

My Home Town 034

another corner,,,, all pretty……  Well I will stop now,, don’t want you to get bored with so many photos….. but I do hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my town,, I will do another post on the rest of it… later this week,, so keep you eyes open for it……   Thank you all for stopping by to pay me a visit,,,,, I love it when I have guests…..  so take care and stay cool… Until next time;

God Bless;



Monday, August 2, 2010



Good afternoon ladies…… I hope you all had a wonderful weekend…. we are going back some very HOT days again.,, (boo)  but Saturday we did have some nice rain with a bit of thunder,,,, in the morning,, so I lite some candles and put on my Birds of song cd… it was so wonderful to sit and listen to the rain  and my CD.  an read my book….. I spent the most part of the day that way,,,,,,, I know shame on me,, I should have been doing something productive,,, but I just did not feel like it…… not because of being lazy,,, but because I am coming down with a very nasty Chest cough,,, it is really tight in my chest….  

  A few days ago while out looking through our local Salvation Army store,, I found this really cute small table….. here I will show you..

photo (9)

Squealllllllllllllllllllllllll  is she not the sweetest little thing,,,, and she even has two,,, not one but TWO Magazine holders….. wow… boy picked up right up and carried her all over the shop,, while still looking….lol  she was only 20.00  I did not think that was too bad,, she was in such great shape,,, I also found two books as well… I will show them to you later on…..

photo (10) 

I just love this sweet charming table,, but not the color.. .so off to the paint area in Walley world,, I went,, and found a pretty off white color called Muslin..  but since I have not been feeling too great, I put off doing anything with her…..  so this morning I started to paint her,,,,, but I will save those for when I have her all done and spiffed up……. she will fit just wonderfully beside my wing chair,,,, the one in the photo,,, and set a few favorite Magazines in it…. and a small lamp and some pretties which I have no idea yet,, but never fear,, I will soon…..  

   photo (11)

Now this is not too fancy but this is my little side tea table….hehehehe  I had to stop and make me a nice hot cup of Darjeeling Tea to help with my cough,,, and wait for the paint to dry,,, so I can add a second coat…..

photo (12)

I love to have Honey with my Tea but sadly I was out so I had to use my Splenda…. guess I had better get to the store later and buy some….. with the honey in it,, it makes me feel so much better… I  love to drink Tea when I feel bad.. it so helps,,,,, 

Well  sweet and dear friends of mine,, I hope you enjoyed my little post today….  I still have not been up town to take those Pictures of our pretty court square… but I will so don’t worry,,, I so want to show off my home town to you all,,, and Summer is the perfect time of year to show it off….. 

As always thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by my little blog… and for leaving me so many lovely comments… I cherish them all.. You are all such Great Blessing’s in my life,,, your encouragement and uplifting comments are so much appreciated…..So Thank you all………………………

  So until next time; God Bless;