Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Weekend To You All;


Hoping you are all staying warm where you are,,, it has been so cold here brrrr… hoping it warms up a bit soon…… take care…    God Bless;



Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year;


My wish for all my dear blog friends is that you all have a Blessed and Happy New Year….

God Bless;



Sunday, April 8, 2012



Wishing you all a Blessed day with family and friends.

The Enemy has been defeated,,, and Death couldn’t hold him down…. Praise the Lord..

Bunny Hugs;


Saturday, March 17, 2012



Hello there; sweet blog friends… I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Spring like day,,,, at least I hope it is where you are…. Here I am enjoying some lovely warm sunny weather…. I have been out taking some photos to share with you,,, my bulbs are really popping up.. and my weeping pea tree is in full bud…. I hope we won’t get a nasty frost and kill most of them off..  

  Where I work has laid some of us off the next week,,, which I am not happy about,, but then on the other hand I can really get in some much needed spring cleaning in my home,, and yard…. just wish I was getting a pay check for it….. oh well….  any way on with my photos….

 Spring 2012 005

This is my Clematis that is growing up my patio post.. it is huge,,,, can you see the green?????? I can’t wait till it is in full bloom,, it is so beautiful….

Spring 2012 006 

Spring 2012 007

My Weeping Pea tree,,, she is full of tiny buds just waiting to burst open…… she is just beautiful with her tiny white flowers dripping down everywhere….I just wish they would stay longer before she puts on her green show…

Spring 2012 008

Now last year my Tulips did not do very well, but it seems that this year they are feeling much better,, I can’t wait to see what color they are,,, been so long I forgot….lol………………………

Spring 2012 009

MY Hydrangea plant that is in my huge green pot is starting to bud out… I have two in this pot…. I am thing of moving them to side of the garage in a few weeks,, I need something pretty there,,,,, and then plant something else in this pot….hmmmmmmmmmmm but what,,, any ideas?????

Spring 2012 010

My Lavender is doing so wonderful,,there are two plants here,, that seem to have grown together a bit,,, I am going to dig them up and move them to the side yard as well,,, I think they will be beautiful there,, I have four plants,, they put out such a show,, and then I dry the buds,,, the sent is so amazing,,,, and when you brush them when walking by you can smell the lavender…love it….

Spring 2012 011

Just look at these little beauties…. my Hyacinths,, they seem to have doubled from last year…. again I can’t remember what color they are,,,, I really need to make some plant markers….

Spring 2012 012 

What a little cutie…

Spring 2012 013

Look at all my babies just waiting to grow up,,, wish they lasted longer as well…. the sent is so heavenly… don’t you think…………………………….

Spring 2012 014

Spring 2012 015

I was trying to get a nice close up of one of her pretty buds but sadly it did not work out…. but it is sort of pretty…. I am not really great with a camera… but I do try……   We dear friends I hope you enjoyed my Spring Bud show….. I will be taking lots more as they pop out more,, and of the moving of some plants…. I really want to start on my Rose garden this Spring as well,, that will be a work in progress,,, which means slow going….lol  but a true labor of love,, I have always wanted one,,,,  

   So I thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by for a visit,, I do love to see your sweet comments….

So until next time; God Bless;



Tuesday, February 7, 2012




Thought I had do a quick post,, have not done one in a while…. but I am still here, and I do stop by to visit you when I can….  I am working 3rd shift now, so most of my time is sleeping,,,lol till trying to get used to it.. not easy… 

  I so love to stop by as see what you all have be up to, with you lives and home decorating projects.. I am sorry to say I have not had the energy to do much here,, I do have lots to do though.. I am thinking of hosting a painting party with some friends,, so I can get my family room painted….. with help it would not take long at all……  now just have to talk my friends into it….lol  I will have to bribe them with a lovely lunch,,,  any why that is about it…. My sweet baby Chloe Isabella is doing fine,, she is so full of energy she wares me out…lol but I do love having a doggie again…..

I am sooooooooooooooo looking forward to Spring, I have some plants to move .. my Lavender plants will be moved to the side of my garage,, they will look gorgeous there,,, and my purple cone and yarrow need to be divided as well as my others…. I so miss getting my hands in the dirt….. oh and then there is my Rose garden to start,,have big plans for that area.. I will make sure I take photos to share…..  guess that is about it for now,,, I know a boring post, sorry I will try to do better next time….. have a great week dear blog friends’  God Bless



Sunday, January 1, 2012



Wishing you all many Blessing in the New Year…….  

  I have a new baby girl,,,,,, doggie that is……  she is so darn cute.. I have not yet taken photos of her,, but I will be soon so I can show her off too you all……  Her name is Chloe Isabelle……..  I know what you are all thinking,,,,,,, our sweet Shelia from Note Songs has a sweetie named Chloe Dawn…….. kind of barrowed the name,, I love the name and it fits her so well…  she is 2months and one wk..old,,,, and very feisty….

   God Bless you all my dear blog friends….  until next time;



Monday, December 19, 2011



Hello dear friends.  I hope you are all enjoy the Christmas season…. I have been busy,, but I am still here.. I have been doing some blog hopping and peeking to see what you have all be up to and Wow you have all been busy little elves decorating your beautiful homes for Christmas….  I only have a few photos to share,,,, this time,,, my two grand kids,,, Zach and Madison helping me decorating the tree,,,, they had sooooooo much fun….  I took a few in black an white,,, so love the look….  ok on with the show..


family fun 025

Zach,,, hmmmmm where to hang this one,,,,

family fun 029

family fun 026

Even their Aunt Meme with Rylan stopped by to help…

family fun 030

Maddy kept asking me Mamaw where should this one go…. every one she pulled out she said  awwwwwwwwwwwwww so pretty….. loud….lol

family fun 033

Can’t forget my grand doggie  Shelby…. she loved her treat,,,, the only way I could get her photo under the tree,,,,, works every time….

family fun 007

This is from Thanks giving,,, by Baby Girl and her baby boy… he is 4 months old now,,,, he is getting so big… my cute little bug……

family fun 006

Love this one…… don’t ya just want to chew on those cheeks….lol  I do…..

family fun 002

and last but not least…… my little bug and his Nana….  one more photo….. than that is it…

family fun 021

For some reason Heather has a thing for Owls,,, so when she saw this hat,,, she just had to get it for me…. how cute he looks,,,, but you know that when he is older he will not like it one bit….. hehehe  he has matching furry booties to go with it too… do darn cute


  Christmas tree decoration[3]

I hope to have more time for my blogging next year,, for I do miss you all so very much….. wishing you all a most Wonderful Christmas with lots of Love,,, family, and friends…. God Bless; you all….

Christmas Hugs;