Friday, April 30, 2010



Good Evening; and how are all of you dear friends doing?   I am still not up to Par yet,,, but hopefully I will be soon….. So here it is Pink Saturday again; wow the weeks are just zooming by….. I hope they slow down some,,, and let Spring and Summer last a bit….  we have been enjoying some wonderful weather here,,,,,,, Sunny days with very Blue skies….. Loving it…..  My flowers are doing great,,,,,,, I am enjoying being able to get my hands dirty again,,,,, even though it is only a patio,,,,, it is still dirt….. right;;;;

Ok  on to Pink Saturday,,,,,last Saturday I showed you my sweet Princess Madison,,,, well sorry but I am going to be showing her again,,,,, hehehe  this time it is her bed room that she stays in when she is with her Daddy,,, our son,,,,, we had a new bed for her but it was a blue color,,, and well that just won’t do for a Princess,, so when we were home last I bought some creamy white spray paint and went to town,,,, it looks so much better now….  And Heather our daughter went and bought her some new Princess bedding for it….. it had all the Princesses on it.. Cinderella,,  Bell, Sleeping Beauty,,,  ok only three,,,  Madison’s favorite is Cinderella,,,, but she call’s her Lella….. love how she says her name,,, oh and she calls Sleeping Beauty,,,,, booty,,,  she knows who each one is she is 2 yrs old,, her older brother Zachary just turned 7 he has his own room now too…. they both love it……  well Zach took over our old room,,,, so when we can get back we have to sleep with Sponge Bob,,, and Cars,,,, lol just too funny for words…    

   OH OK I will be quite an show you her pretty pink bedding……

Class of  77 002

  Madison was so excited,,, we were moving some things around and she couldn’t wait to sit on her bed….. before we even put it all together,,,,,,,

Class of  77 003

Madison and her Mimi (auntie) opening up her new comforter and sheets,,,,,,

Class of  77 004

She just noticed who was on the front,,,,, hehehe so cute,,,

Class of  77 005

Mimi showing her the sheets,,, you can see Madison wearing the comforter like a cape,,, she is so funny….

Class of  77 007

OH I so love the look on her sweet little face,,,,, don’t you………

Class of  77 001

OH look her big girl bed,,,,,,, as you can see I did not cover the whole bed with paint,,,, since I only had one can I did not spray the side rails,,  Hi Madison,,,,,,,,

Class of  77 009

Trying to help make the bed,,, she did a pretty good job too,,,,,,

Class of  77 008

HMMMMMMM lets see,, I think this goes like this,,,, my fur grand baby Shelby wanted to help too..

Class of  77 011

Look Mamaw,,,, I am helping Mimi,,,, with my big girl bed,,,,,,

Class of  77 012

Class of  77 013

Almost done,,,, just a bit more to do…

Class of  77 015

OK I think it is all done now,,,, look I fit an so does my purple doggie,,,,, she just loves her bed,,,,, now we just have to get her to stay in it for bed time….lol

Class of  77 019

Her Mimi even put up some Princess Clings on her walls,,,, so pretty.

Class of  77 017 Class of  77 021

Madison even has a Princess big wheel,, her Daddy bought it for her for Christmas,,,, love the Pink and Purple,, matches her bedding too.

Hope you are not bored with all these photos,,, but I just had to share them with you…. Her bedroom is still in the making stages,, but will get there….

Class of  77 026

Madison and I after the making of the bed,,,,, love those blue eyes,,,,,,   Well dear friends,,, this is the end of my Pink Princess Saturday post…… I hope you enjoyed it,,,  now you all must stop by and pay a visit to our Pink Hostess Beverly of How Sweet The Sound there you will find much more Pink beauty to gaze upon…..  such a lovely way to spend your morning,,,, 

I thank You all for taking the time to stop by my humble blog,,,, and for all your sweet comments,,, I treasure each one…… as I do your friendship…

So until next time; God Bless;

Pink Hugs;


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Good afternoon ladies,,, I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful week so far. We have been having some wonderful days here with a bit of thunderstorms,,, which I don’t mind. I have been not feeling well the past few day’s, so I have not been around much today is a pretty good one so I thought I had better do a post before you all forget about me…. lol  Since I am having a good day,,, I thought I would do some decorating and making things look more homey…. My sweet D.H. hung my small book shelf so I could set out some of my Tea Cups… and a few prints….

I have also been doing some planting out on our balcony, still have a ways to go but it will get there. I dug up one of my miniature Yellow Roses to bring back, she seems to love it here.. Over the weekend we went to find a few flowers to set out.. I will just keep quite and show you what I have done….

Tea Cups 001  

Tea Cups 003

Sorry is some are a bit blurry,,, so far I like how it is set up,,,,, but as you know I like to change things up a bit and move things around…

Tea Cups 002

I have missed my sweet pretty tea cups…. I just might have to make a cup of tea now….. :)

Tea Cups 005

Tea Cups 009

My niece Jenny gave me these silver salt and pepper shakers… I love them…..

Tea Cups 010

I Love this creamy vase with the pretty Roses on it,, found it at Jo-Ann’s a few yrs ago……. love iiiiitttt!!!

Tea Cups 011

Tea Cups 006

And our table…. I have to get some candles for the holders…. and I am not sure if I like this or not,,, so I will just live with it a bit and see…   I still have some prints that need to be hung,, just not sure where yet…lol  I am so slow at finding homes for my pretties,,, drives my honey nuts…. poor guy….. now I will show you some of my pretty plants….

Tea Cups 020

My two blue Hydrangeas,,,, and the yellow rose bush.. I need to find a pretty pot for my Salvia,,,, they get the just the right amount of Sunshine…..

Tea Cups 016

See the painted pot on top,,,, well my oldest grand son Paul,, painted that for me when he was little,,, and he is going to be 17 in a few month’s…. Wow time sure flies by…. I so love it….

Tea Cups 013

Tea Cups 014

Tea Cups 017

Don’t you just adore Gerber Daisy’s…… love this color,,,

  I have lots of plans for our little out door area… I am planning on putting up some flower boxes that hang on the railing,, I will be able to fit five of them, so I am looking forward to that….. Well that is what I have been up too…..  I hope you enjoyed your visit,,, I know I so enjoy reading your lovely comments…..  Have a wonderful day,, and I will be by to pay you a visit….


Thank you for taking the time to visit my humble blog,,,  So until next time, God Bless;



Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello Dear Friends; I want to Thank you all for your very kind comments,, you have left during this time.. your Love and Prayers are so very much appreciated. Do too the time it took to get the funeral arrangements done,,, we were unable to attend…the story is a very long and not too happy one,,, so I will spare you all the details…. but my Sister called me and let us know how it went… so again thank you all for your Prayers,, and words of comfort,,, you are the best……

Now on to Pink Saturday,,, which is hosted by our very own Pink Hostess Beverly of How Sweet the Sound,,,, there you will find lots of blogs showing off their Pretty Pinkness,,,,, I can’t think of a better way to start my Saturday,,,,,, can you…….   So for my Pink cuteness,,,, I am going to be showing off my sweet grand daughter Madison Lee,,,  OK here we go*************************

Easter 2010 078 

This is Easter morning,, and Madison has just found her Easter basket,,,,, Pink of course…. she just woke up so she is not awake yet…. and a bit messy looking…..

Easter 2010 080

OOOOOOO what did the Easter Bunny leave me…… she was so excited….. her Daddy did a great job in putting it together……

Easter 2010 086

Well hello Miss Pink Bunny…. how pretty you look….

Easter 2010 088

Well Madison just had to have her Pretty Pink fuzzy slippers shown for Pink Saturday,,, she just loves these and wears them all the time….. they were a gift from her Meme… that is what she calls her Aunt Heather,,, my daughter……

Easter 2010 089

And well Miss Bunny did not want to be left out,, so she hopped up on her little feet,,,

Easter 2010 092

This is Princess Madison all dressed in her Pink Easter dress,,, and her Pink crown,,,,, from the photo she looks like she is making sure she looked good before every one arrived….. hmmmmmmm wonder who she takes after….. wink…..

Well that is my contribution for Pink Saturday,,,, I hope you enjoyed it..  I am so far behind on blogging,,, I still want to share the photos of our Easter,, and when I had dinner with the girls I went to H S. with….  so hang in there,, ,and I will get to visiting you all again as well,,,, I have missed you all so very much,,,,, getting back in my routine again is slow going, this time around… each day is getter easier…  So until next time;

God Bless;

Pink Hugs;


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Good evening dear friends…. We are making a unexpected trip back home,,,, this afternoon I received a  call from my Sister,, that our brother John had passed away…. I was so shocked by this news,,, he is just a few yrs older them me…. They think he had a heart attack…  We are leaving tomorrow as early as we can…   I would love for you all to keep my family in your Prayers during this difficult time,,, I  Thank You all so much for them….. I will be taking a bit of time off,,,, not sure how long,,,, will miss you all,,,,, see you when I return…. Until next time; God Bless;



Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Good  afternoon; I hope you all are having a great week so far. The weather here is so gorgeous warm and sunny,,, I hope you are enjoying the same where you are. Now I want to share with you my Beautiful Red Rose Pin, I won in a give a way…. I received it in the mail yesterday,,, I was so excited when I saw the sweet package addressed to little ol’ me.,  from Lorena,, from Rose Chick Friends…. she does the most amazing Rose’s ,, and she makes them by hand… you should stop by her blog and see all the gorgeous Flowers she makes… I thank you so much Lorena for drawing my name… I will show you now my Red Rose..

Red Rose 001 

Look how pretty it is,,, it looks like velvet… the red is just a gorgeous deep one…. love each petal how Lorena shaped each one.. so lovely..

Red Rose 003

Red Rose 004

Don’t ya just love it,,,,,,,,,, I can’t wait to ware it it is a good size too,, should have put something next to it to give you an idea of the size…  I have some really great shirts and a scarf to ware it with…… and I love pins,,, all kinds….. I have a ton of them… (not kidding)hehe   Thank you Lorena for my gorgeous Red Rose…..

  Now as for my unpacking and finding new homes for my pretties------------------ well that is another story,, it is going to take me awhile to find the right place for them…. I don’t hurry when I am redoing a room or in this case moving,,,, to hang up things or place them on tables or shelves… It takes me forever it seems,, to find where to put them,,,,,, am I alone in this or is there someone out there like me……. I will show you some of my mess I have right now…..

Red Rose 005

Hmmmmmm someday we will be able to use this table for what it is meant for,,, eating.

Red Rose 006

Don’t you just love my Pink bubble wrap…….. this box holds my Tea cups and saucers, I can’t wait to get them all out and look at them…… I have missed them…. silly I know but I did..

Red Rose 009

Gee it looks like we are just moving in,, instead of being here for almost a year……lol  Now I do have a place to up my peg shelf there on the floor,, it is going on a wall in our bed room…. and the wall shelf setting next to it,,, is going up above the dinning table it will hold my Tea cups….. but all the rest is still waiting for a home…..(sigh)

Red Rose 008

Our heavy and large mantle was not fun bringing up 4 flights of stairs,, but we did it… I love where it sits.. I plan on painting the inside black and do a mosaic on the surround instead of the faux marbling… which was there when we bought it…

Red Rose 007

I am thinking of painting it a creamy white, not sure yet,,,,, what would you do------ paint it or leave it alone?????    I think the painting is too high will have to lower it….  

  Well that is what I have been up too. I will do a post on the Easter with the family this week too,,,,, and then the night out with the girls from school….. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and photos….. I will be making my rounds to visit you all later….. I have been slow in doing that,,,, so sorry  I will get to you I promise.. 

As always I thank you for taking the time to stop by my humble blog and for you sweet comments,,, is enjoy reading….. So until next time; God Bless;



Sunday, April 11, 2010


trees 006

Hello there; I am home again,,,, whewwwwwwwww what a trip….but a great time with all the family. I have so many photos and stories to share with you all, just don’t know where to start… So I thought I would show you my pretty white puffy Weeping Pea tree…. I was so happy that I was there to see it bloom in all its glory….. just don’t look at the nasty weeds just gaze your eye balls at the tree….

trees 003

Now you know I just had to show you a close up……. don’t ya love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish I could have brought it back with me…… sigh……………….

trees 005

This is my sweet neighbor’s tree,,, just like cotton balls all over.

trees 004

OH dear there are those nasty weeds again,,,,,,, they just pop up all over….. I love the sent of Hyacinths, when the wind blew the air was filled with the sent of them….. sniff sniff…… can you smell them????? 

I even went to my daughter’s house to take a few to share with you…. she was excited about that,,, they have worked so hard to get their yard looking pretty, and they did a great job….

trees 018

This is her tree,,,, the flowers on this one are so thick and full…. what a great back drop for photos…… like snow…..oops…. did not mean to mention that word….

trees 024

This is the side of her house,,, her Tulips are really popping up…. and so pretty…. love her butterfly house.

trees 020

The front of the house….

trees 019

I really love her new yard lights,,, solar too…. I like that kind,,,,easy to use…..

trees 025

trees 026

Heather has some gorgeous colors,,,,, love the deep purple…. she really has a green thumb….. hmmmmmmm wonder where she gets it……… (wink)

trees 032


trees 034

OH look! it is the chair I made for her last year……. wonder how that got in the photo…….. hehehehe she usually has it out front in the flower bed…. but put it there during the winter…..  Just a bit of Spring for you all from Indiana for you to enjoy….. The weather was really great….  Our Easter was just wonderful, all my kids and grandkids were there and a few other family members too…. I will be doing a post about it soon….. and I was able to make our class of 77 dinner with the girls too,,,, which was so Great!!! we were crazy, I am surprised the restaurant did not kick us out for being too loud…… lol;  there were 15 of us…. I will be doing a post on that as well,,,, and of course I took photos….. We are planning another one in July, so I will be back for that one too….. and more photos to share and stories to tell…. ahhhhhhhh the good ole’ days…..

Well I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter with your family and friends.. I will be making my rounds soon and will try to get too you all so I can see what you all have been up too while I was gone….

Oh and we did bring back more of our things,,,, and that is another post as well…. gosh I don’t think I will be at a loss for postings….. hehe 

As always,,, I thank you all for taking the time to stop by my humble blog,,,,, and for your sweet comments…. Until next time;  God Bless;