Friday, August 29, 2008


Good evening to all my dear friends. Boy what a day I had, I was on the move most of the day. Wheeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!! I am wore out.  My daughter Heather had the day of work and we went out for lunch, then shopping. Well I went shopping first I have been hearing and seeing some real cute pumpkins and fall decorations on some blogs. And they were from the Dollar Tree, so off I went this morning. They did not have a whole lot left, they were setting up Christmas already can you believe it. I don't care for it much when they push all the Holidays up so fast, just does not seem right.  Any way I did find some very pretty and cute fall things. On a blog not sure which one it was, they had a pretty center piece with a small cake stand and dome under the dome was a pumpkin some fall leaves and around the bottom of the stand I think they had some white ones. It was so pretty I just had to find a way to make one like it. After I found lots of goodies at the dollar tree I ran over to the Good Will store. love that place.  I found some great buys, hey do you like all my fall font colors???? or am I drive you nuts. he he he   Now back to the store, most of the goodies I bought are going to be redone for my niece Brandee's office at work, she is sort of my boss too. And I am trying to make her office a nice place to be in, she is so excited about it. I took some things in the other day, I will have to take pictures and do a post on it when I am done.

So back to my center piece for my table, at the dollar tree I found a wonderful fall color bowl then I found a chunky deep mustard candle holder I glued the bowl to the holder it was great looks so nice together too. And at the Good Will I spotted a glass cheese platter with a glass dome, I grab that thing so fast I would have made you head spin. lol  So here is my fall center piece.


Fall Pumpkins 002 

I am sorry that it is not a good one I really need to get a new camera. I also found the place mats there too, but they only had three so I bought then any way love the color, I put my deep burgundy table cloth on and my white lace table topper, so not too bad huh....... 

Fall Pumpkins 006 

In the corner of my dinning room I have a round table, I put my green table cloth on with a white linen one on top, a yellow and brown bowl inside is my boyds bear scarecrow  my other one who by the way is a pumpkin, they are so cute, I all so put in the bowl a fabric pumpkin. I still have more to do but did not have time. I set out some other pretties too.

Fall Pumpkins 010

This cute pumpkin candy dish, I just love this little fellow, I am going to put some candy corn in it, Yummmmmmyyyyy!!   :+}

It is in my family room.

Fall Pumpkins 013

I love my three tier plate stand I found these ceramic pumpkins and had to have them too at the dollar store and the leave garland my fall napkins as well. looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Fall Pumpkins 015


Fall Pumpkins 017

And this is on the top of my bread box, the little pumpkin Heather made in grade school he is so cute I have him set out all the time. The candle light puts of the greatest sent a pumpkin spice sent. I bought it last year at the craft fair we have each labor day on Sunday. It was a great by only ten dollars everything.  I have lots of other fall stuff I bought but have not set up yet. I am going to try my hand at making a scarecrow to set out front. I think he or she will look so cute out there.  Well dear friends I hope you enjoyed my fall decorations I made. I won't be posting again until Tuesday night. I am going to be so busy with every thing I won't have time. I am going to try to visit every one. I have lots to do places to see thing to buy......  ha ha  On Monday we are have a huge cook out with all the family and it is going to very hot so there will be lots of swimming too. 

I hope and Pray that every one has a very wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.  I will make sure I take lots of photos of all the cars and the flea market which by the way I am going to tomorrow, yippyyyyy  and craft show.  So keep and eye out for my posting on them which will be in two or three posts.

And as always I thank each and every one of you for your kind comments and the visit.  God Bless;



Thursday, August 28, 2008



pears and tomato 001

Tomato's any one???????  Oh come on  PLEASEEEEEEE some one take some of these....  I guess I am going to have to read about how to can these little red wonders...  darn it..... lol;    I love tomato's but this is going a bit too far, my plants went nuts this year, but it was my first veggie garden. So I should not be too up set. The only problem I had was with my pepper plants. The tomato plants got so big they chocked my peppers. So I know better now for next year.    { ha ha yea right}  

pears and tomato 002

This is the other bag I have three filled full with them.. Wait till you see my pears, oh my goodness......  I might get runs if I keep eating all this stuff. lol;  Sorry about that word.......  

pears and tomato 004

Now for my pears, I am going to learn how to can these babies, if it kills me ....   or someone else.   These are the sweetest pears I have ever tasted just love them.

pears and tomato 005

Hey look some more pears. how about that.   I still have lots on the tree too, I have been giving these to any one I can find, if some one walks by I will run up to them give them a bag of pears. Now I realize that is not a good thing to do, some people don't take kindly to that I guess. Not sure why so I stopped when I was about to take a ride in a cop car, and they did not want any pears either. I guess they just like the Donuts.  lol  So I am stuck with them, ,,,,,,,,,   I could mail some of them to any one who wants them!!!!!!!  Do you think they will last????????    Naaaaaaa your probably right they would rot and smell then get all mushy.

Now that is not a great way to make friends, I took a break from writing this post, to take by sweet neighbor Sharon and Don some pears, I was so happy when she said she would love to have some. I did a little dance all the way to pack them up.. yeeeeeehhhhaaaaa...    I also met our new neighbor across the street and her daughter and their new puppy Peatree. What a cute little puppy. Sharon had her doggy out her name is Peaches and I had Isobella, they had such a great time getting to know one another. I kept getting all tangled up with Peaches and Peatree's leaches. It was much fun watching our girls play.  I should have went and got my camera, shame on me her first play date and I did not get a Kodak moment. :{ 

Well our cooler day is gone now, it is hot again and it is going to be hot all weekend too.  So I will be wearing my sun hat when I go out to see all goings on. And I will make sure I have my camera with me. he he 

Oh I have one more photo to show you all, what I will be working on, it will take some time but in the end it will be worth it.  I hope.

pears and tomato 006  

This is my fire place mantel we found about ten years ago at an antique mall. I just love it, the detail is so great, but he fake marbling is not very pretty and the inside is not much to look at either. So I am going to paint it an off white and then antique it, and do a mosaic for the surround and paint the inside black or gray and find a great looking stencil to put in the middle. Not sure what kind of stencil yet, so if any one has any suggestion's please pass them on I would love any ideas from you because every one of you are such great decorator's. Am I luck or what,,,,, to have such friends to turn to for great advise and ideas. I have always wanted to paint it but never seem to have the time, so I have decided to stop putting it off and jump in and go for it.  I  also have a  china cabinet that is the same color and I am going to paint that too, along with my deacons bench it has a padded seat and I am going to redo it with some shabby fabric. I am doing my dinning room in shabby chic look. I need a new dinning room table and chair set, but that is going to have to wait. So I will be taking photos along the way and do a post once in a while. Well gals I guess that is about it for now.  I want to thank every one for all your lovely comments you have made me feel so welcome in to you world, I love each and every one of you even the ones I have yet to meet. It is getting harder to visit everyone in one night, but I do try, and the one's I miss I visit the next day. So far it seems to work, so if you have not heard from me it is not because I don't visit because I would Never.... do that to any of my Sweet Friends.  I hope every one has a wonderful Friday.

God Bless;



Wednesday, August 27, 2008



family cedar point 027

This is my lovely family, left to right. Son and law Paul daughter Heather, son Dustin his wife, son in law Ron and daughter Chas.

Now this is a great place to keep your men, then you always know where they are. Am I right ladies..........  wink,,,  This was taken at Cedar Point a couple of yrs ago, Hubby and I took all of them for Hubby's birthday. We had a wonderful time. Hubby said it was the best birthday ever.

So have you ever had a day with nothing to post about... I mean that is so silly when you think about it, with all of the things that go on in our lives you would think we would never run dry. Then you worry that what you do write about no one will read it find it dull or not making any sense. I worry sometimes about that, I read so many wonderful inspiring posts, exciting story's and great how to's. 

So I have been thinking,,,,,,  I know I could hurt my self but I will be careful.  Sooooooooooo any way remember when you had a secrete sister, and on special days would send her something like a card of small gift, I had one at my old church and where I used to work, it was so much fun I loved it..  What I am getting at I think you all know is starting our own Secrete Sister, I know it would be different because we all live so far apart, but I am sure we can figure it out. So I am putting this suggestion out to all of my dear friends let me know what you think. 

I would love to be able to do this but if know one is wanting to it will be fine also.  I can keep a record of all the names and who will be with who, so I would not be in the club, which is fine also, just being able to keep track and watch all the exciting fun going on everyone wondering  who has who.  Well I guess that is about it, I hope every one has a wonderful Thursday. I will be waiting for some comments good or bad  I can take it......   I think. he he

I want to Thank all of the wonderful and kind comments you all have left me.  I so appreciate each and every one.   God Bless.




Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am so happy that we are finally having some cooler weather. The nights are really great, I am going to sit out on my patio and light a fire and sip some wine. Love this time of year, I am trying to get a area dug up for my mums, so with the days cooler I will be able to get it done faster.  I am putting them around my patio area with my Clematis. I love all the colors of the mums so I will be buying them all. Leaves are starting to fall off our trees so now I have to get my rake out. Which is great exercise for my flabby arms.  lol!!!!  My pear tree is so loaded with pears this year we lost some branches because it was to heavy  kind of like my bottom, some days I have to pick it up and tuck it in. OOPS off track, sorry. I do that a lot more now I move so fast from one subject to the next poor honey can't keep up.  So where was I any one remember????   OHHHHHHHHHHHHH yea my pear tree.

Well today after work we lost another one, I have been picking them trying to keep up, we have so many I am going to have to learn how to can them now. So this should be fun. I sure hope I don't kill us all when we can eat them. So any help I can use so

H E L P!   My tomato's are all over the place too, I can't seem to give enough away. I love tomato's but I can eat so many. I will have to learn to can these also. Boy if it is not one thing it's another. At least we don't have to mow yet, no rain so no growing grass, now that is fine with me. My legs are looking kind of thin these days.  Sorry I leaned to the left again, I will try to keep in the middle. lol    I will take some photos of my pears and the spot where I will plant my mums and asters, do a post on them.   Like any of you want to look at my dirt, and buckets of pears......... So how about it want to see them??????   Ok I will show them to you, you twisted my arm.  Hey I need to find a photo to put on here, I feel like I am necked with out a photo on my post.  Now that is a horrible vision, sorry again....  :} he he



Now if I were not an honest person I would tell every one that this is my back yard, but I am so it is not. But I would love for it to be mine.  I feel better now that I have a photo for all to see.  I have the day off tomorrow again so I will be digging up a storm.  Well I will let you all off the hook now and you don't have to read any more.   lol;   I have lots of you to go and visit, I try to make time for all of you, but I always run out of time I have so many friends. I am so lucky to have all of you as friends who are getting more and more like family.  I could break out in song,,,,,,  relax I am not going to sing....  :{ 

I want to Thank You Friends for you sweet comments you all left me, I a so blessed. I am always keeping all of you in my prayers for the Lord to keep you safe and on the right path. Have a great week ya'll.  God Bless



Monday, August 25, 2008




Good Evening dear ones. I hope every one had a wonderful weekend. Ours was not too bad, I am feeling better today so thank you all for your well wishes, they seem to have worked.  :]

On Saturday we went to our second oldest daughter's house for dinner, and so hubby could fix her computer. I did not know how well she can cook, not I thought I could cook, but she takes the cake. She had a huge port roast wrapped with bacon and stuffed with dressing, and seasoned just right. She them roasted some fresh green beans and asparagus. It was the best dinner I ever ate. I feel like a complete boob next to her cooking. I really need to refresh my cooking skills. For desert she made huge chocolate brownies. I am still full from dinner. ha ha  It was so nice to just sit and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning. I did not know what to do with my self. So I played with my three grand daughters, My munchkin my peanut, and my monkey. Libby, Hayley, and Regan.  I have nick names for all  11 of my grand babies. It is so hard to get the right name with the right kid, sometimes it drives me nuts. So the nick names seem to work well not sure why,  hmmmmm.   When we left to come home my little peanut was so upset that she could not go with mamaw and papaw, I had to hurry and leave or I would cry, she was that upset. I felt so bad we had to say no, so this coming weekend which is her Birthday, she is staying the night with us and her big sister, on Sunday afternoon we are taking her out for her B-Day to Toys R Us. she will love it. Then to dinner, we have so many babies that it is easier to do it this way, then we can spend more one on one time with them. It makes them feel special. I like at, every one should feel special at one time or another.

Today was my day off work, but I still had to work, now why is that ladies when we get a day off work we still have to work. Clean house laundry dishes some gardening. well I don't call the last one work I do like that.  So it really did not seem like a day off to me, shopping for food doing some weeding washing my bedding and making the bed, dishes then I had to clean up the mess I made in my craft studio. Then it was time for supper. And tomorrow I have to go to work.  Now I don't mean this in a bad way, but when my hubby comes home from work he is in his chair with his feet up while I serve his supper, the take his plate, all the while he is sitting in his chair. I do love him to death, and he is a good man, but hey;;;;;;;; come on now, a little help would not kill him know what I mean.........   ok enough of my venting...  ha ha

I really do love taking care of my home and husband, and kids and grandkids and my doggie. Oh speaking of our doggie's we only have one now, Sissybell is no longer with us. My Sister changed her mind and wanted her back, it broke my hubbys heart he really fell in love with her, and poor Isobella  she is so lonely with out her, I feel so bad for her when I have to go to work. She sometimes gets depressed, I worry about her. I am kind of upset with my Sister she said she would never change her mind, and then out of the blue she called me at work and wanted to take her back, she did not even wait so we could say good bye, came and picked up my house keys and went and got her. So we are so missing our sissybell so much. 



So my sweet Sissy bell you will always have a place in our hearts.

Well this is turning out to be a very long post, so I will say good bye to all my sweet dear friends.  I also want to thank every one who left such great comments. I so love to read what you have to say about my  blabbing,  so I thank you.

God Bless;



Sunday, August 24, 2008



This coming Wednesday starts our ACD Labor Day weekend antique car   festival. So things are piling up around town. The hotels are getting filled up and traffic is getting very crowded. I have been seeing some really great looking old cars out and about. During this time of year we have so many people for all over the country and out side the country here. It is a great time to people watch, which is what I like to do, sit and watch people. Sometimes you can tell a lot about someone just by watching them, how they act move and what they ware. Most of the out of towners are very nice and polite, then you have the ones who look right past you as if you are not even there.  It is kind of funny when they do that, I just look them in the eye and say hello. :]   My favorite part of the week is going out to the auction site and walking around the flea market, and then on Sunday afternoon is the craft show so many crafter's I never fail to find something I just have to have.  I will make sure I do take lots of photos. 

This is going to be a short one I guess not much is happing around today. I am feeling a little under the weather too. Not to mention it is very hot out here again and no rain yet, can't wait for some cooler days.



I am looking for some of those days to make some apple pie and cider, no that sounds great. So have a wonderful Sunday and a great week.  I want to thank all my dear sweet friends for leaving wonderful comments. It means so much to me that you take time to visit me and read about my days. So thank you all.

God Bless;



Friday, August 22, 2008



Good evening to all my Pink Friends.  I hope everyone is having a great Friday. Today was my day off work, but I still had work to do, you know cleaning, laundry, ironing and such. This morning I was out side digging up in front of my patio so I can plant some mums and asters. It was so humid out I could not stay too long but I did make a dent.  No rain in sight yet, I hope all my good and dear Friends in Florida are doing well, and are safe. They are saying in some areas they are getting 3 in. and hr. Now that is a lot of rain, we need some but not that much.  Well it is time to post my Pretty Pink things. I want to Thank Beverly of  How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturday, I am having fun showing off my pinkness. So please stop by and visit her and see all the other's and their Pinkness, you will love each and every one of them. Thanks Beverly...... :}

For Pink Saturday 004

My pink rose mirror in our bedroom. All of the photos are of my bedroom.

For Pink Saturday 005

Sorry this is so blurry, my two pink birdies, Hubby bought this for me, love it.

For Pink Saturday 008

I love this Rose picture it hangs over my dresser.

For Pink Saturday 009

Our bed, I bought this quit in Mount Dora, just love all the pink roses. the pillow shams are behind the pillows.

For Pink Saturday 010

And these are my beautiful pink floral pillow cases from my sweet Blog Friend Jan from Jan and Toms Place, they go so well with my bedroom. Don't you think...  Thanks Jan......

For Pink Saturday 011

And my pretty pink top sheet with ruffle. I found this on Ebay a couple of years ago. I have matching pillow cases, not fitted sheet so I bought a plain off white one to match. I just love these sheets.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed my Pretty Pink Saturday Photos, hey say that fast three time. Ok go...  Pretty Pink Photos...  Not too bad you did a good job.... 

Thanks to everyone for leaving such  wonderful comments, I love each and everyone of you dearly. Have a great weekend. God Bless.



Thursday, August 21, 2008



Don't you wish you could drive down this road.. I sure would. Now with the weather being so hot and humid still, it is had to believe that Sept. will soon be upon us.  Even Wal-Mart has their mums out now, so you know it is getting close. I was out in my garden picking tomato's and it just made me think of fall. When I think of fall I think of Apple picking , all the colors of the trees, the smells of fall, wood burning in our chimanay pot with a nice cup of  hot tea sitting out on my patio. I have to admit Fall is my favorite time of the year. Spring is up next  then Summer.

   We have a festival coming up at the end of this month, I is ACD, Auburn Cord and Duceinburge ? spelling my be wrong. Any way it starts on Thursday and ends the Monday after.  Out side of town we have a huge park called  Kruse Int. they are a big auction company, and they auction off all kinds of cars trucks and such, very old ones. People for all over the World descend on out little town. We have  a nice craft show around our Court Square on Sunday, it is so busy up town you can hardly walk. And out at the auction site they have a flea market with lots of old car parts and things women would like. I love to watch the auction going on and all the people bidding on the cars. They also have had some pretty famous cars also, The Batmobile one of  Marilyn Monroe's car, one of the cars the Pope used, not sure which one, and some others I can't remember,,,,,,  old age.  ha ha.

Oh on Saturday they have a parade of the old cars, and out bands march it is pretty nice they park around the square and you can get a better look at them they play old music threw speakers up town. I will be taking my camera with me so I can share it with every one of my blog Friends. I have learned that a good Blogger always has her camera with her. On my next post it will be our time for the Fair, and then other craft shows, so keep and eye out for my posts. I hope you enjoyed reading about our ACD festival.

I wish to Thank Every One of My Dear Friends for your kind and sweet comments. Some are new ones, It is so great to have some new friends pop up and read my ramblings. I made sure I bookmark them so I can visit them.  So until next time I Pray every one has a wonderful Friday.  God Bless;



Monday, August 18, 2008


It was like Christmas when I came home from work. As I drove up the drive way, I spied a box sitting at my front door. My heart started to beat fast, I could not get out of my car fast enough. As I jumped from my car and ran to the door to see what was waiting for me in side that  wonderful looking box with my name on it. It seemed like forever to unlock the door, darn keys.

Finally I unlocked the door threw myself in with my treasure box, set it down on the table, I had to take a moment to catch my breath, such excitement at my age is not healthily. I slowly took the tape off I wanted to savor each minute of it, the top opened and I peeked inside. I saw such pretty pink tissue paper, I love pink. As I lifted the paper very carefully and under neath was pink, peanuts, did I mention I love pink.  I dove in side the sea of  pink and lifted out a beautiful pink and green floral embroidered set of pillow cases. I just loved them I have a pink and green floral Quilt and matching pillow shams, they will go so well with the set. My heart started to beat faster again, my breathing was faster again also, I started to look for a brown bag just in case I needed it.  As I felt around I kept pulling out such wondrous gifts, It was like there was no end to it. As I pulled out the last carefully wrapped gift, I just stood there and gaze at my pile of treasure's.

So I wish to Thank Jan from Jan and Toms Place. She is the sweetest and most generous friend. She is sending out the Pay if Forward, I am so honored to be apart of it. It is a special way to say thank you for just being kind and caring blog friends.

Jan I so love all of the pretties you sent me, I will treasure each and every one, and think of you every time I look upon them.

I have some pictures I took, so I will let every one take a minute to see what I have been Blessed with.

I also wish to thank each of you who left such wonderful comments, my Hubby thanks every one for  their Birthday wishes, he is so touched by such kind friends of mine.  God Bless;

Pay it forward pretties 002      

Pay it forward pretties 003


Pay it forward pretties 004


Pay it forward pretties 005

Pay it forward pretties 006

Pay it forward pretties 007

Pay it forward pretties 008

Pay it forward pretties 008

I love my tea cup and tea, the photo frame, and every thing, I know I took a lot of photos but I just had to show them off. Jan has such wonderful taste.  I hope every one enjoyed my photos of all my treasure's.  Have a great week.



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Honey Bunny's 50th Birthday Party;


Surprise!!!!! Happy Birthday my Sweet Dear Hubby. I was so busy yesterday trying to get this surprise party ready for 4:00 pm.

Our two oldest grand sons took grandpa out to the movies so my daughter and I could decorate my patio. I was running around all afternoon getting the food party supplies and such. Then when I got home I had a mad dash to get things ready, Heather was running late so she was not here yet to help. I had to clean my patio off and sweep dust and everything , ,,,  so everyone can mess it up when they get here.  Now how much sense does that make... at least it looked good for a while.  His party was a Over The Hill theme I had every one wear black and white. And that is how I did the patio, it was pretty nice looking. The timing was just perfect, everyone was here when he came home, I had all of them park all over so we had no cars in front of the house. So when he came in he was soooooo surprised. I loved it, it went perfect all afternoon.  A great time was had by all. Grand kids and nieces and nephews went swimming, and I ran my feet off trying to be the good hostess. I did not get to sit very long at all. But it was well worth it.

So to my Dear Husband whom I love more than life it self, I wanted his day to be so special. All of the children  Mom and Dad Stepfather and Stepmother Aunts and Uncles, grand kids, sister in law Dear Friends. You could not have had a more special day.

My love for you fills every inch of my heart, I fall in Love with you more each passing year.  You are my strength and my biggest supporter. You are the most caring and loving Man. So ready to help others when they are in need, even strangers you do not know, which I might add is so true he has done that a few times. He is not the type to say any thing about it but I will just this once.

Honey you are the first to put others ahead of your own needs, I am so Blessed that the Lord brought you too me. My life is the better for it. You have a such patience with me, even when I threw away our State Tax form you did not raise a finger or your voice. Or the time I cleaned off your desk and you could not find any thing, what a guy.  OH or the time I lost you good pocket knife, you just looked at me and shook you head. ha ha ha

See Ladies my poor hubby has put up a lot in the 22yrs, of marriage.  And he still loves me.  Lets me decorate our home any way I wish, he has encouraged me to find a hobby years ago and love's every thing I make, now that is real love ladies. lol;

Is always praising me and pushing me with my opening my blog and then my shop.

So Happy Birthday to The Only Man I will ever Love.  You are the best....   Kisses and Hugs, and thank you for Loving me the way you do......

Now for the pictures... have fun looking, And a HUGE THANK YOU for all you lovely comments on my Pink Saturday. I have seen so many wonderful pink Saturday's on others blogs. I am so grateful to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, for making everyone's Saturday's so happy and bright and soooo Pink.


Rods Birthday Party  50th 013

Rods family Aunts and Uncle and his Dad in the checked shirt. They look so much alike.

Rods Birthday Party  50th 001

Family and our Dear Friends. in my empty dinning room. Had to take every thing out side. Rods Birthday Party  50th 012

Honey reading all his B- cards. Oh and looking for money. haha


Rods Birthday Party  50th 005


Rods Birthday Party  50th 010

My beautiful girls.  from left to right... Daughter Chas, Heather, and MY two sweet Nieces Jenny and Brandee, they are more like my daughters then nieces.  Are they not just the prettiest things in the world...... I am so proud of them all.


Rods Birthday Party  50th 004 

Granddaughter Regan she is such a doll, love her smile, she is so much fun, she is 18 months old.  My little angle.

Rods Birthday Party  50th 015

grandson Zachary showing Mamaw his muscle's he is so proud of his muscles.  He is my Cuddle bug, loves to cuddle with mamaw. and gives me kisses all the time.... My little man.

Rods Birthday Party  50th 016

And this handsome man is my son Dustin, Zach's daddy. This is my first Little Man, that is what I called him Momma's Little Man. I guess I can't call him that now. can I. Oh well.

Rods Birthday Party  50th 018

Honey with his family for a photo how priceless this is.

I did not get my camera out until late in the day, shame on me I was so busy that I forgot to get it out. So I have no cake photo or all the grandkids with grandpa, or kid with Dad. Now I know a good blogger always needs to keep a camera on hand, I need to hang one around my neck.

Now dear friends who are such great prayer warriors. I have a unspoken prayer for my Niece Jenny and her family. I would appreciate everyone's prayers for the family.   All I can tell you is that they are have some trying times with their adopted Daughter Olivia. Our Lord knows their needs and that is enough for me, she asked me for prayer and I am, so I thought I would send this out to all my Dear Friends, I thank each and every one of you for this. You are all the best. God Bless;

I pray for every one to have a wonderful week   ahead of them. And for those of you who have children starting school, for the Lord to put a hedge of protection around them. Thank you again.



Friday, August 15, 2008


Well it is Pink Saturday again. I love when Saturday is here, I just love to visit as many as I can.  So much Pinkness out in blog land, every one has such wonderful photos to share. So I hope you all enjoy my Pretty Pink goodies.  But first I wish to thank every one for the sweet comments on our trip. You lovely friends are making me Blush, with your comments. How sweet you all are, so I am guessing every one was not wearing their glasses.....   lol  :]

But really I cherish every one of you such great friends I have been Blessed with. How amazing to have such great friendships with out ever seeing you face to face, just by sharing our lives with each other. Can't get a more special than that. Ok enough of the mushy stuff .   On to my pinkness.....


This is my pretty in Pink Madason Lee. Is she so cute in pink. she is my youngest Grand Baby, and my  # 11th  I  am so hoping my kids are done, I feel like the lady in the shoe. hahaha  But I love every minute of them.... so precious they are.


I know it is the same one, but I had to show you Maddy with a smile on her small pink face. She has  some of her teeth now, and she lets you know she has then too.    OUCH!!!


Etsy Photos 012

This is my newest item on just put on my Etsy shop, my mosaic pink pot. I have so much fun doing this one. I put some of my sisters  90 yr old mother in laws vintage pearl necklace .

Libby & haylee

And my last one this is my Munchkin Libby on the left, and my little Monkey Haylee. I call her monkey because she loves to climb up anything. This is a old photo of them, they are 6 and 3 now, my niece Jenny took this for me at her house during Christmas. Some day I will post all my grand babies as they are now. Because I have 11 of them it will take awhile to get some. And to put them all on, what a long post that will be.

So I hope you all enjoyed my Pretty Pink Babies, I can't wait to see everyone else's .  Have a wonderful Weekend.

God Bless;



Thursday, August 14, 2008




I have always wanted to go and see Savanna, it is the most beautiful city to me. Now some others may not think so, but the history and the lovely old homes are very spectacular. We took a nice boat to Savanna it took about and Hr. It was a wonderful trip. Lovely views, I thought this little tug boat was so cute I just had to take a photo of it. This is coming into Savanna down by the water front, lots of shops and restaurants. The food is so great, and boy they can make a glass of iced tea. 


This is the boat we took to Savanna, it was so hot that day. The boat did not have air so we set out side very windy..  


Now on the left is my Handsome hubby, and my sweet sister and her hubby, waiting for our boat. Down by the dock there were so many great sail boats so pretty.


Now as you can see these are cops on horses, they are getting so shade and water. They have these stations around for the horses. How sweet and caring is that....  I don't know who the lady is in this photo she was just there. lol 


And these two pretty people are my sweet sister and Hubby, they needed some shade and water too.


And now this beautiful couple is  Hubby and Me, we needed some shade also. Now are we not the best looking couple or what....... lol


Now I am sorry that I don't remember what or who this monument. It was in one of the beautiful court yards. That is the best thing about Savanna, all the small court squares that surround the city. Each one has its own little park with such handsome homes, very large Victorian. DSCF0030  

Now I do remember this home, it is where that one actor stayed while the made the movie In the Garden of Good and Evil. How cool is that, he rented the whole house.


In each court yard they had a large bell, they used to ring it when there was a fire, and then they new where to go for the fire. They do not use it any more.


I just love this huge old oak tree, on the tour bus they took us by the oldest oak tree he did not stop so I could get a photo of it. It was a amazing looking tree it was bigger then this one, they had a fence around it to protect it. I am not sure but I think he said it was about 4oo yrs old. I could be wrong I guess I am not much of a tour guide, but it was about three years ago that we went down.

Sorry..... So I will just show some photos for you all.




Don't you just love the way the moss hangs from the trees, and this lovely old brick home, I wish I could have gotten a better shot but on the bus it was hard to do.

Hilton Head 009

Back on Hilton Head, this a non working light house, in Harbor town.


On the boat back to Hilton Head. We drank so much water that day, hot hot hot...


Same boat going the same way. Oh by the way I had red hair back then, Now I am back to my natural color, brown with some blonde and lots of gray boooooooo hooooooo

Hilton Head 002

This is the condo we stay at, it was very nice great pool and not too far from the beach.

Hilton Head 010

I would have loved to see the inside of that boat. Is she not so pretty.

Hilton Head 017

Well I guess I got carried away with the photos I will show more in another post.  I love the history of this city so much sorrow in the south and then so much pride in them selves and their people. Every one was so sweet and friendly. 

I would love to go back again but not take a tour bus, I would walk, I would be able to take my time and look at the homes better. Some of them you could go in and look but you had to pay.

Well I hope you enjoyed my short but not very useful tour, I am so sorry I could not be more forth coming with information about my photos. Getting old my mind is going blank some times. lol;

I hope each and every one of my dear blog friends have a great and sunny restful weekend. God Bless;