Friday, February 26, 2010



Good day to you all; hope you all had a wonderful week..  I am so looking forward to the weekend,, as I am sure you all are.. I look forward to Pink Saturdays,, my morning coffee with all the wonderful Pinkness out there just makes my day… A huge thank you to our Pink Hostess Beverly of How Sweet The Sound  you will find loads of Pink blogs to explore, so pop on over you will be glad you did..

For my Pink I am showing something a little different,, some might think it is sort of weird or what is she thinking,,,,lol  but I just have to share it…. 

I just had to have this for my sweet Isabella,, and respecting lady dog would not use any thing else.. so instead of using this………………………………….

crackle barrel 012 

Now I am sure you all agree with me that this is just not too pretty to do--------------- well you know…. these are provided by the Apt. complex which I am grateful for, but the color is so  so green…………. ewwwwww no no not for my baby girl…. I found this…………………..

crackle barrel 009

crackle barrel 010

crackle barrel 011

Don’t you just love the hearts,,,,,, and the Pink Bone bag holder,,,, it just clips on the leash and off we go…………..  to go…. hehehe  hope this does not bother any one,, if so I am so sorry…..  Any way this is my Pink for this Sat… now aren’t you glad to stopped by…… you would have missed all this….   Have a great weekend.. and thank you all for taking the time to stop by for a visit, and leaving you comments,, I so love to read them…  Until next time.;   God Bless;



Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hello Friends; Bet you thought I left you all...... well here I am,, sorry I don't have any photos to share, but my wonderful Honey bought me a new Laptop!!!!!!!!!!! ooooo I was so happy, did not even know it was for me,, I thought it was for him..... what a guy.... so all my programs are not on here yet,, but they will be soon..... Now for my lunch yesterday with my friend Cindy.... We had such a lovely time, we met at Crackle Barrel which we both love..... And our afternoon was spent talking and sharing,, oh and of course eating....hehe.... So we have some plans for out next get together,,, so I can't wait to go exploring with this lovely lady Cindy.... Cindy and her husband are new to S.C. also,, so we are going to find our way around together, so if we get lost we will be lost together.... lol; OH and friends the wonderful goodies they have at Crackle Barrel,,,, wow so many Easter pretties,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I did find some pretties to bring home, as Cindy did... when I get my programs on my New Laptop...... I will be posting them.....

Well dear friends, sorry for this being short and now photos,,, but next post I will have more for you...... Thank you all for your stopping by and your kind comments.... So until next time;

God Bless;

Monday, February 22, 2010



Good afternoon dear friends.... I hope you all had a wonderful weekend... It was so gorgeous here over the weekend,,,, sunny skies,,, and in the mid 60's.. loved it,,, but as usual I was with a head cold,,,, never fails when it is nice out I am not feeling well....  hmmmmm does this come with old age????    NOOOOOOOOO guess not....

Well dear friends,,,,, I have a new old friend!!!! who I found out lives in Rock Hill just down the road from me..... I am so excited to have a female to do fun things with again,,, don't get me wrong I love to shop and do things with me sweet DH,,, but a woman needs another one to hang with ,,,,,,, you all know what I mean...... of course you do.... any way a long time family friend let me know about her on my face book page,,, so we have been emailing each other since we found out about each other living near by... Back home we used to go to the same Church, and she knows my Sweet Sister as well..... I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to get out and explore all the great little shops and have a friend with me...... we are planning on meeting this Wed. for lunch to talk and get to know each other,,, then our Hubbys will get together this coming weekend..... Since I don't know my way around here yet,,, it will be nice to get lost with some one I know.... lol  

I am still working on my embroidery hope to have it done soon. I am getting my sewing room ready to start sewing again........ still have to get the paint for our bedroom,,,,, now that I have a new partner in shopping  she has offered to help me out..... that is so great.....

Well ladies that is about it for now,,,, still doing my Monday house work so I can play all the rest of the week.... thank you all for stopping by and leaving me such sweet comments...... Until next time.....

God Bless;


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Good afternoon; I hope you are all enjoying you Pink Saturday.. I am so very sorry I am late in my posting. I have not be feeling well the past couple of days and just did not feel up to posting.... but I am doing better today.... so I am going to post a few past Pink photos hope you all don't mind...... and if you all wish to see more gorgeous Pink Pretties, then you should stop by and visit our Sweet Pink Hostess, Beverly, from  How Sweet The Sound she has a very long list of Pink Ladies who love showing off there Pinkness.....

Etsy Photos 016

I made this pot two yrs ago.... I think,, (hehe) I started doing Mosaic's when I read about Penny from The comforts of home,,, she is so amazing at it that I thought I would give it ago.....

Flower Pots 002

Now I know there is not a lot of Pink here,,, but I do love these flower pots,,,,, and they were FREE!! that is the best kind...... don't ya think...........

Hmmmm I am seeing a theme here,,, must be thinking of Spring......

Pink Saturday 024

Just love my Pink creamer and sugar set..... Found these at a Antique Show.... love themmmmmmmm..

Well that is it for  now dear friends.... hope you enjoyed my late Past Pink Saturday Post.... wow that was a mouth full.....  hehehe

Up Date on my Sweet Isabella,,, she is doing so much better,, the Medicine is working great.... we are taking her for her follow up next weekend.... she will have to take the pills for the rest of her life,,, but that is ok with me...... I want to thank you all for your sweet caring comments and Prayers for her... Blog Friends are Just the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!  have a wonderful weekend..  Until next time..

God Bless;



Sunday, February 14, 2010


image Won't you Be Mine;;

This is my Valentine post to all my Sweet Blog Friends... I thank you all so much for your friendship, your love, and your caring hearts... When I first started my blog I was not sure where it would lead me or even it any one would think me worthy of your stopping by.. Just to read about my every day life,, what I am crafting and decorating.... And through my Journey I have found and met the most Wonderful Ladies,, whom I am so Proud to call Family; 



God Bless You All;



Friday, February 12, 2010



Hello Dear Friends; Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day; and Pink Saturday.. How exciting to celebrate two Special days in one,,, both with lot's of Pink I'm sure..... and a special Thank you to our Pink Sweet Hostess Beverly for this wonderfully sweet Pink Day.... so stop by and you will be able to visit so many more wonderful Valentine Pink Posts... you will find so much joy and love and lots of sweet Pink in each one... hope you enjoy your Pink Day..... click here and visit How Sweet The Sound:

We have spent so many wonderful Valentine Days together,, hubby and I... and each one was so special and wonderful.... but there is only one that really sticks in my mind,, it is really a funny and very Romantic to say the least.... So this post is in tribute to my Valentine.... my Sweet Caring Husband.....


In the first few yr's of our Marriage like most young couples we did not have a lot of money,, but that did not stop my DH,, he would come up with the sweetest little gifts for me,, only the ones I would love,, to other's I am sure they would have said,,,, I can't believe he gave you that..... But too me they were the kindest most wonderful gifts he could have given me.... I have a real love for Beef Jerky,,, just love it,,,,  and he new that,,, so sometimes he would stop and buy a few to surprise me,,,, and to me it was like getting a expensive piece of jewelry...........or something like that....... or he would bring home a single Rose from the gas station,,,, (they were cheaper there)..... but I just adored them...... I Love the simple little things in life I am not a fancy kind of gal,, and he is not a fancy kind of guy,,, so we fit together so well.... any way that was just a few of the sweet little things he would do for me...... But on this one Valentine's Day,, a long time ago,,,, at the Laundry Matt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  we did not have a washer and dryer back then,, so every Sat. we went to do the laundry,, and he went with me every time,,, how great is that..... Am I lucky or what.........

Any way the laundry matt that we used was next door to a Florist's shop.. and Valentine's Day was on that Sat, we were doing laundry,,, I did not mind it all because he was with me... But he did feel bad that we were spending the Day doing laundry..... So while I was busy with the folding he slipped out... it was very busy in there that morning too,,,, so many ladies with small children,,,,,,, and no when I heard some ladies making some gasps and hearing oooos and ahhhsss I turned and here is  this Man trying to get into the door with this very Large and very Red heart shaped balloon,, that said I Love You..... and a small sweet bundle of Daisy's which are my favorite....... well behind that huge heart was my sweet honey bunny,,,,,, he walked over to where I was sitting and gave me the most Wonderful Valentine's Gift ever..... I told him he did not have to do that,,,,,,, but he just smiled that most beautiful smile,,,, and said........... yes I did,, Because I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could have just melted right then and there....  I can only imagine what all those ladies said when they got home to there husband's.....lololol;;;;;  they were all just standing there watching what was going on....

Rod _ Alaura's Wedding Day 

So that is why that one Valentine's Day I will always remember,,, I am so very Blessed to have such a wonderful Husband,,,,,,,,,, Wow were we young in that photo,,,, gosh wish I looked that tiny now.......hehehe... he still looks the same,,, same mustache.. you know I have never ever seen him with out that,,,,, not sure if I would even recognize

Well Ladies that is my Pink Saturday Valentine Day post... I hope you all enjoyed it and did  not find it too boring and long............. lol'  I hope your Valentine's Day is filled with all the little things in life that make you happy and feel well loved...... So wishing you all a HAPPY VALINTINE'S DAY; from both of us to all of you..


Until next time; God Bless;



Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Good afternoon ladies; My DH and I want to thank you all for your very sweet and caring comments and Prayers, you have all been so wonderful.. and Isabella thanks you as well. She is holding her own so far, we are having some trouble getting her to eat, seems like every thing she eats dose not stay down... her daddy has been trying everything to get her to eat, but when she does it just won't stay down,, so he is calling the Vet to see what else can be done.... keeping our fingers crossed.....  But she is no worse either...we are thankful for that.....

I have been keeping busy with my new project I have started.. and thought I would share it with you... Just down the road from where we live I found this wonderful little Quilt shop called QBee Quilting... love it,, she has some wonderful fabrics and patterns.. I found some cute embroidering patterns.

Snow out side 015

Are they not the cutest things... love them.. So I found my tracing paper and traced it on some muslin. I decided to use black for the stitching..

Snow out side 017

Snow out side 021

I like how the black shows up. After I am done I plan on giving it a coffee bath to age it a bit.. I plan on making a pillow with this one... I have just right fabric for it,, should have taken a photo of that,,,, oh well I will when I get it all done.... then you will be surprised when you see it....

Snow out side 024

Well that is about all I have been up too this week,, not much to speak of.....sorry about that..... I hope all my dear friends out there are keeping warm and cozy, with all this nasty Snow.. It has been a while since I can remember when we had a hard Snowy Winter as this... back home they are really getting hit with lots of Snow and Wind.... Today the Sun is out and looks so pretty, but the wind is really blowing, I am not sure but I think I felt the building move...... ooooooooo  lol;  I may need lead shoes to keep me on the ground...hehehe   So stay warm and safe dear friends.. thank you all again for your sweet Prayers,, I treasure each and every one of you... God Bless;



Saturday, February 6, 2010


DSCF0002   First I want to apologize for missing my Pink Saturday Post, I just plain forgot about it... We received some sad news about our sweet Isabella yesterday...  A few days ago we noticed that she was not her usual playful self, and then we noticed she was having problems jumping up on our bed and sofa, which she never had a problem with before... Then her left side started shaking all the time like she was very cold,, but she was not.... it did not get better, so yesterday we took her to the Animal Hospital by our home, we filled out lots of paper work, then they showed us to a room... A very sweet nurse came in to write down what was going on with her. Then she took Isabella to the Dr. so she could exam her.. So we waited for a long time thinking the worst,,, and Praying for the best.... Finally the kind Dr. came in and did not have good news for us... She started with very long words, they would not even pronounce letting alone understand what it all meant... So she started to break it all down for us to understand, Isabella has G.M. E. Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis. or a Tumor both are of the brain.... she had a Neurologist look at her, and he said that they are 95% sure that is what is wrong with her.... They did blood work and took Urine from her also, they all came out ok... which is good.

To put it plainly it is a abnormal function/activity of the immune system, inflammation is centered around the blood  vessels  in the brain.  Now tears are forming in my eyes,, after hearing all of this... It is something that is common in her type of breed, and around her age 2 1/2 yrs... They gave us Prednisone for her and Pepcid too keep her from having bleeding problems in her stomach... yea more good news....


So now we are just waiting for about two wks too see it this med. works.. we will know by then,, and if not it is something worse like the tumor... sob.........  I just can't believe what we have been told,,,, this is my baby they were talking about..... I can't think of not having her with us..... so we are Praying that it works for her,,, if it dose she will be on it for the rest of her life,,, which is fine with me...... that I can handle...  So we are on a mission to find a good Vet. out here for her,, ,we are new to North Carolina,,, so we are looking on the internet for a good one to take her too for treatment... and follow ups.  Sorry for this being so long,,, but it is something that can not be said in a short post...... So if you all could,,,,,,,,,, please Pray for my Isabella,,,,, she is not doing well now,, we have to coax her to eat and drink,, to keep up her strength to fight.....

bath time 011 

clothes 028

Paint colors and Pink S 012

I am taking some time off from blogging this week,,, I just can't think much at this time.... But I will be making some visits to you all,,, maybe by Wed. I will be back.... Isabella is not just a Dog,, she is our Baby Girl and a member of our Family.... I get so mad when I hear well she is just a Dog.... well she is not too us......... I want to thank you all for taking the time to stop by for a visit and your sweet comments.... And thank you all for your Prayers..... God Bless;

Hugs;  Alaura & Isabella;

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



Good evening dear ones; This is how I feel inside... lol I know it is not a pretty site. But with so much rain and cold temps my Sinus's are really acting up, and so is my Arthritis's, so I have not been doing much of any thing but using my heating pad.... It is my new best friend... this weekend we are supposed to be getting more rain and very cold days,, so I don't think my head and back will get over this soon..... darn it..... Just wanted to let you all know I was still around,,,,, or did you not miss me....................... :D hehehe kidding..... I will be doing some blog visits though,, that I can do.... hope you all are having a great week... So until next time; God Bless;