Friday, October 30, 2009


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Happy Pink Saturday every one……  I hope you are all having a lovely day. I have been saving pictures of Lucy for this wonderful day,, Hosted by our on Sweet Beverly; of  So spend the morning checking out all the wonderful blogs on Beverly’s blog who are showing off their Pink…

OK  I only have about three photos to share with you, I hope to receive more to share… She is so beautiful, with lots of black hair,,, and so very tiny,,, 5lbs. 5oz’s 19 ins. long…. and oh so Pink….

Sorry the photo is not too good, it was taken with a cell phone… and put on my face book page…. Lucy’s  Nana was not able to go and visit to take better photos, she was home sick with the flu… But she is feeling better now.. And I am sure she is not letting go of her….  But is not the Sweetest Pink little Girl…… AWWWWWW  I think so… hehe.

Wow this one turned out pretty good… She looks just like her Mommy,,, Don’t you just love her head band with black an Pink bow,,, my Sister found it for her,, and she is Lucy’s   G G.  that is what we are calling her,, that is so cute…..

Oh and look here she is Sleeping on her Quilt,,,,,, aww how cute…. I was so excited that Britt had it before she came home, she loved it,,, so I am a happy Pink camper…lol;


I guess I found one more….  If you look close at the top of her head you can see her lovely black hair..  I can’t wait to see her and hold her…. So Welcome to the Pink World Lucy Claire,, I love you lots;;;; Kisses…

I hope you all enjoyed my Pink Post today,,,, I thank you all for stopping by,,,,, now I am off to check out your Pink Saturday Pretties…..  So until next time; God Bless;



Monday, October 26, 2009

I’M A G. G. AUNTIE TOADAY!!!!!!!!!!

Good afternoon everyone!! as you can guess by my title I became a great great Auntie this morning at 9:45… Britt did wonderful, and Little Lucy’s is just fine… she weighted in at 5lbs. and something oz’s.  I can’t wait to get some photos of her, then I can show her off… I Thank you all for all the wonderful Prayers they were answered and I could feel them all.. so God Bless you for them…  I sent out the Quilt today and it will arrive tomorrow at noon,, so it will be there waiting for Lucy when she comes home….. I did take photos of the finished Quilt so you can see it all soft and fuzzy..

Lucy's finished Quilt 006

Lucy's finished Quilt 007

Lucy's finished Quilt 008

Lucy's finished Quilt 009

It is so soft, and the great thing is the more you wash it the softer it gets…..  I can’t wait to meet Lucy in person, we can’t go back home until Thanksgiving.. wow don’t know if I will be able to wait that long,,, so hurry up!!!!! lol;  I will be off for a few days… my Father in Law and his Wife are stopping to visit for a few days.. We are really looking forward to seeing them.. I will have my trusty camera ready at a moments notice.. So I will see you all around Thursday,, hopefully I will have some photos to show you all of Lucy Clair….. :)

So until next time;   God Bless;



Sunday, October 25, 2009


T Bone Steak house 028 

Good evening dear one’s;;;; I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather here is really so nice, not too hot and not too cold,,, just right…. hmmmm sounds like Goldie Locks,,,,  the trees are starting to turn now and every thing is looking so beautiful…  OK now the photo  above is a long pier that takes you inside the Restaurant, which is called  T. Bone’s Steakhouse… sorry that it is so dark and sort of blurry,, but I did get some other good ones to share.  The restaurant is located in S.C. on Lake Willey.. it is a beautiful lake… We had a wonderful table by the window so we could see the lake while we ate… I just loved the inside of this wonderful place,, the decor is really interesting… I will show you…..

T Bone Steak house 024

Just look at who greeted us as we walked in…. he is so huge.. but so very sweet…. 

T Bone Steak house 013

The gorgeous view from out table,,, see all the cute geese in the water,,,, they were having some fun.. I loved watching them….

T Bone Steak house 014

This is the dinning deck out side,, they had a bar out there,,, It was kind of humid on Friday night so we did not go out there to eat… But I would love to go back soon so we can sit out by the water… The wind really picked up later and they had to take down all the Red umbrellas..

T Bone Steak house 016

Now these two little fellows were sitting up above us,, I was a little worried but they seemed friendly enough..   So no worries there….

T Bone Steak house 015  The huge Chandelier was made with Antlers , I am not one for that sort of decor,, but it was pretty.. and if you look close to the left of the photo you see and Indian sitting up there keeping watch over every one…. just click on the photo to see him better…

T Bone Steak house 017  T Bone Steak house 018

This is the upper dinning area.. OH and Mister Turkey sitting up in the corner looking on…  Probably hoping no one see’s him before Thanksgiving comes around…..

T Bone Steak house 020

OK on to the food part….lol  this was a delish….. Crabmeat and Cream Cheese dip, with chips and bread… I just loved it…. mmm mmmm good….

T Bone Steak house 021

This is what I had for dinner,,,, steamed veggies and a wonderful strip stake… just loved it.. and a salad…

T Bone Steak house 022

And Honey Bunny had a Sea Food Platter,,, as any die hard fisherman would have… OH dear  he is really getting carried away with the salt again….. Bad Honey Bunny……  must have a talk with him about that…  We took home our dessert, two slices of Cheese Cake with warm Blueberry sauce… oh now that was so yummy to eat later in the evening…  I did not think of taking a photo of that,,, I ate to to fast…lol 

T Bone Steak house 025  I had to take a few more photos of the sweet  ducks and geese in the water again… when we left..

T Bone Steak house 026

T Bone Steak house 029

This is taken from our truck,, the view was just amazing.. We had such a lovely time on our date. I just loved that the whole Restaurant sit on the water…. 

Update on Little Lucy’s Quit……  I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!  wow my hands are so sore from clipping all the seams.. but she is finished,, and will be in the mail tomorrow… I hope it gets there before she show’s up… From what my Sister said she really getting close,,, she lost her plug yesterday….  but I ask for Your Prayers for Britt, is sick with the flu.. her Dr. is keeping a very close eye on her and the baby…. I thank you all for that…. I will keep you all posted on her progress….

Well I hope you enjoyed my post on our Dinner Date,, and the photos,, we have been going to a different Restaurant every Friday to try out new foods… we are having so much fun finding new places to eat….  And we are only 5mins from South Carolina,, love it…..  I Thank You for taking the time to stop by,,, and for leaving such lovely comments…. I so love to read each one…

So until next time;  God Bless;



Friday, October 23, 2009



Good evening dear friends;  Yes it is that time again for all of us to show off our lovely Pink Pretties…. And a very huge Thank you to our Sweet Pink Hostess Beverly. of you will find so many more lovely blogs to visit, and they will be showing off their Pinkness, so stop on by, you won’t be sorry you did……  So now sit back put up your feet, and sip you coffee or tea and have a beautiful Pink Saturday..

As most of you know I have been gone for awhile trying to get my G. G. Niece’s quilt,, well I am almost there…. yea…. my fingers are really getting sore,, all the pin prick’s and such…. But I thought I would show you what I have been up too with it,,, I hope you enjoy looking at my photos, of the progress, I will try not too show too many photos…. lol’  OK here we go………………….

Blowing Rock 001

Sewing the squares together, they are 5 inch squares.

Blowing Rock 004

Here I am sewing them into a top…. good thing I numbered them so I could put them as I had them laid out.. it took me a bit to find a pleasing look, that flowed nicely.

Blowing Rock 005

This is the Top all sewed together,,,,,,,,,, now I know some of you are thinking,,,,,,, she sewed them with the seams on the front,,,,,, now I am not crazy, so don’t worry,,, it is supposed to be like this,, it is called a rag Quilt..

Blowing Rock 006

Just a close up of the Fabric’s… I just love them all. don’t you????????  Love the man on the Moon… to to cute.

Blowing Rock 015

Here the I put all the layers together,, backing and batting. I know it does not look like much and a little uneven, but really it is not….  so don’t worry,, I really know what I am doing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OK most of the time.

T Bone Steak house 001

OK Ladies,, this is the almost finished Little Lucy’s Quilt… I am still doing my hand quilting on the blank squares only… the other ones have a sweet bow and button sewed on really tight so they won’t come off…

T Bone Steak house 002

T Bone Steak house 004

As you can see by the needle I am still quilting it.. I was going to put the bows and buttons on each one, but it was starting to look way to busy, and I did not care for that look… so I did a few on each line… it seems to look better that way….  so what do you think?? did I do the right thing……

T Bone Steak house 003

On this block it might be hard to see but if you click on the photo’s you might see it better…. I did a heart, and in each corner there I put a baby bottle, booties , duck, and baby pin…

T Bone Steak house 005

On the back I used my old Chenille bed spread, so it will be very soft for Lucy when she is wrapped in it…

T Bone Steak house 006  OK last photo of the quilt,,, I promise…. hehe,,, I quilted each block in a different pattern.. one has some dragon flies on it.. now that was not easy to do, but they turned out pretty good…  When I have all the quilting done, I have to clip all the seams and that takes so very long to do,,, then I wash it and dry it and it comes out all fluffy and soft,, the seams just fluff out so nice like a rag,, and the more you wash it the softer it gets… 

Now I will show you all the fabrics I have chosen  for my next baby quilt,,,, I just love them,, most are a soft flannel…  I had so much fun picking them out,,, even Honey Bunny was a huge help…. how sweet was that..

baby quilt Sheila 007

I hope you can see them,,, if not click on the photo to see it better…  I took a lot to get the best of them..

baby quilt Sheila 009

baby quilt Sheila 006

I can not wait to get started on this one… the name of the Quilt is Nite- Time Teddy Bear…. it is going to so much fun making it….  The brown and black and light tan are for the bear and some block’s and the pattern ones are for bibs and pj’s and for framing the blocks….

Well dear friends,,,, I hope you enjoyed my Pink Saturday  Quilt…  I am so looking forward to paying you all a visit and see what you have for your Pinkness…. I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to stop by for a visit,and to leave me a kind word… I am so blessed to have such friends….

So until next time;  God Bless;



Friday, October 16, 2009


Autumn leaves

Good afternoon dear friends; I thought I would come up for a bit of air and say hello to you all….. :)  It is taking me a lot longer then I thought.. but Little Lucy’s Quilt is coming along…   OK I have to whine a bit, if you don’t mind,,, I can’t hand quilt as long as I used too, with my Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Carpertunnel in my hands, I can only do so much a day and night….. if I was a horse they would have shot me along time ago…  OK I am done having a complaining party…. lol;   I hope I get it done before she has the baby, she has been having some Braxton Hick’s Contractions, so it won’t be too long….  I will give you a sneak peek of the quilt,, just a small one,, ,I have been taking photos of the progress of it so I can show you all from start to finish..  Tomorrow I am off to the Fabric store to start my next Baby Quilt…. it is called  Nite-Time Baby Bear…. it is the sweetest quilt with baby bears on it.. I can’t wait to find the perfect fabric’s for it… 

Ok not the sneak peek…

Blowing Rock 001    Since I don’t have a craft room as of yet, this is my make do for my sewing, it works really well… here I am sewing my squares together…. 

Blowing Rock 014

I found this beautiful ribbon to go with the Quilt, don’t you just love the colors, and I bought pastel buttons for it too, they are Pink, Yellow, Blue. Green… 

So that is the peek,, did you like it????????   I also have a photo of the next one I will be working on, it won’t take as long as Lucy’s,,,   I hope….. he he…

Blowing Rock 018

I just love this Quilt,,, the colors are not going to be the same as in the photo….. Well my most wonderful Friends,, I am off to work on it some more… I will try to make a few visits this evening when I take my break.. I have really missed you all..     I thank you all so very much for stopping by for a visit, and taking the time to leave me a kind comment,,, you all are just Great!!!

Until next time;    God Bless;



Sunday, October 11, 2009



Good evening Dear Friend’s… I am off to take a short break from my blogging.. I am so behind on my Little Lucy’s Quilt, and I really want to get it to her before she has the baby….. lol… I am Quilting the three layers now and have to spend all my free time quilting it… I hope to have it done by the end of the week..  I will miss you all very much… I hope you had a great Fall weekend and will have a beautiful week.. So until next time.. God Bless;



Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello there dear ones;;;;; as promised and a day late I will be showing you all the gorgeous photos of blowing rock…. We had so much fun up there they had some small trails to walk on and places to lean over a rail and look wayyyyyyyyy down….. lol  wwheeeeeeeeeee…

Blowing Rock 040

I was trying to be very cleaver with my photo taking,,,, but missed by that much………………. hehe  it was so beautiful up there….

Blowing Rock 041

AWWWW look that is my sweet lovin’ Honey Bunny… he was taking photos with his I phone,,, show off…. I am usually afraid of  heights,, but not this time…  Not many trees were changing colors yet..

Blowing Rock 042

ON this photo I used my close up, and you are looking at Grandfather Mountain.. click on it and see if your can see his face…..  I can’t wait to go for a visit…

Blowing Rock 043

Oh look there is honey bunny again,,, well at least half of him…. lol;  

Blowing Rock 044

I would just love to have mountain home like those in the back ground… can you imagine the sun sets.. and the rain thunderstorms rolling over the mountains… Wow what a front seat view of the changing colors…

Blowing Rock 045

Blowing Rock 049

Blowing Rock 050

I was even brave enough to go and sit up on the rocks… So now do any of you know the legend of Blowing Rock???? I bet a lot of you do….. It is amazing how the huge rocks look wind swept, like when it snows and Ice storms blow in and the freeze swept like a broom,,, that is how the rocks look here… I wish I could have gotten a lot better photo to show you… but from the one above kind of gives you an idea of how they look…

Blowing Rock 047

Blowing Rock 048

This is the monument for the story of how blowing rock came to be…. It is a great love story,, and Gunnies book of records has it in there for the only place that the snow falls upside down…. really interesting bit of history for you all….  To make a long story short,, and Indian from an other tribe, fell in love with an Indian Maiden,, when he people told him to come back home,,, he was torn with his duty to his people and the woman he loves… so he jumped of the rock,,,,, she was so upset,,, she went there everyday to pray that he is brought back to her,  and then it happened that the wind blew him back up to her…. They said that if you drop something that is not to heavy that the wind down below will blow it back up to you… I wish I would have thought of doing that… maybe next time I will…. and let you know if it really worked… 

I went and had my long hair cut off today… I was not happy with it any more… It was too long and too heavy to take care of any more,, and with the warmer weather here I was always keeping it up in a pony tail or bun,,, and that gave me such head aches… I just love my new hair cut,, it is up above my shoulders, with some layers… I have a photo to show, so don’t laugh,, I am not wearing any make up…….  I am showing my age…. booo hoooo..

  photo (1) I hate having my picture taken,,, but I wanted to see what you all thought I my new do……  please be kind…… :)  kidding.

Well that is it for this post.. I hope you enjoyed walking with me on Blowing Rock,, I really enjoyed sharing with you….  So until next time; God Bless;