Saturday, November 29, 2008



Hello to all.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. At our house we had a Great time, every one showed up... With lots of food, and lots of deserts.   I was up early on Thursday cleaning and stuffing my 22# Turkey, it was a  big one...   Now while cleaning it I was feeling quite guilty that he gave his life so we could enjoy a wonderful meal.  I sometimes get this way, my Hubby says I watch too much TV on the Discovery Channel ha ha Any way I found myself talking to the bird and telling it how sorry I was for what he gave for us.. I know how silly that sounds but i did... lol;  Some days I thing I could give up eating meat, But the Good Lord gave us all this for us to eat and enjoy, he created nothing that is bad for us to eat.  And I guess that is  the circle of life.  But enough of that, we had a wonderful time together, cooking laughing and talking together.  I have some photos to share with you all.


Trying to get my sweet little grand daughters all set for their dinner.  Now the one with the  Papaw why are you taking my photo while I am eating...  is Caileigh, then Haylee, then Liberty. Little Libby called our family dinner a Thanksgiving A Feast, she is such a sweetie...  I guess  she was right. 


Ok the food is ready y"all  so come a get it..   But the little ones go first, we had so much food they could not choose what they wanted it is funny. Now Caileigh  was just interested in the deviled eggs with a olive of course, she is so like her Papaw..


Miss Libby with her sweet smile waiting for her plate.


My grandson Lyosha;  thinking he is going to get out of his photo being taken.  For some reason he does not like it taken so we have to sneak up and take one very fast.. lol;  


My lovely family members just waiting for their turn at the food. When you have so many little ones it is best to get them done first. And out of the way.  Some of you understand  right ladies....


This is Miss Maddison Lee, and her bunny  Roxie, she loves that bunny, my Sister went to build a bear to have it made for her. She plays with it all the time I am told and love to hug and kiss her. Sorry that the photo is blurry she kept rocking the bunny. lol


This is a  better one I think.. Is she not the sweetest little thing... 

Then after all were fed and fat and happy trying to stay awake, ha ha, I had a very wonderful and sweet surprise stop by.  It was my great niece Brittany with her new husband  Ben I think  that is his name..  sorry  this was the first time I got to meet him.. haha. Any way I have not seen Britt  for a  about a year I think she moved to Kansas  with her hubby he is in the Army. Jenny my niece  her Mom brought her over so we could see her and meet out new family member, now how sweet and caring was that... 


They are such a cute couple, he is very sweet and nice so I guess I give my approval, I did have to ask some questions though, but just a few. Then I had to threaten him, to make sure he takes good care of her and not hurt her or he would be sorry... lol  poor guy  I have to make sure that she is going to all right living so far away. Am I right Ladies...  


And I had to have a family photo taken, me, ben britt, heather. I really don't like this one of  me,,  I had to keep my hair up it was so warm in the kitchen.  It was such a great surprise, I was so happy to see her and meet him..  I am very close to my nieces Jenny and Brandee, and there children,  well not so much now but when they were younger, they are all so grown now..  I have always felt like Jenny and Brandee were like my  daughters.  I have always been there for them, since they were born. Must be the mother in me I guess.   Any way our day was so complete when they surprised us.

On Friday I did not a thing, I was so wore out and in some pain that I could hardly move, but today is not too bad. I am getting my house ready for decorating for Christmas.. yea....  Well this is getting long now, so I will save some for my next post.  I hope you all enjoyed reading about my Thanksgiving and looking at some photos. 

I want to thank you all for all you very sweet and wonderful comments you left me. You have touched my Heart with all your kindness..  God Bless;



Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Hello to all my Dear Friends. I want to thank each of you for your very wonderful and kind comments.   You are all the best friends I could very wish for. So I thank You all;

Ok  I am still working on my camera, I really should have not bought a cheep one, but I was thinking { that was my first mistake} ha ha   of saving money, which I have not because not I have to buy another one..  So lesson learned, don't buy a cheep camera, buy the best that you can afford....  It is amazing how incomplete you feel when you don't have a camera, it is like loosing a part of you..  I so miss being able to share things with you all with photos, words are great and wonderful but the photo is such a huge part of your Posts.   So after Christmas I am buy me a nice camera.. yea for meeeee!!!!! 

I have been shopping today for my Thanksgiving Dinner Thurs. I really thought the store would have really been busy and out of everything I needed. But I was whipping down the isle's and found everything I needed. I have never had that happen in my life. I was so excited about that, and then there were the price's  Wal Mart had some really great sales. I saved alot on all the food... yea...   But the weather was not so good when I came out of the store,,,,  Lost of snow and very cold and very very windy, I could hardly breath with the wind in my face... brrrrrrrr....   Could not wait to get home. 

    The past couple of days I have been working on my Christmas Swap's  and I have just two more projects to finish then I can get them in the mail this weekend.  I sure hope they love what I made for them both...  

I am so Thankful for My Love of God and his unconditional Love for me.   I am Thankful for the Love of my Sweet wonderful Handsome Husband who is always there for me not matter what, he is my biggest fan, and for that I love him so much..

I am Thankful for my Children  who have brought me joy and happiness, with some tears, all the things that children bring on in the years to come.. lol  Which I would never ever regret.

I am Thankful for the very special years  the Lord gave us with our daughter April, we love and miss her so much, though they were short yrs they were the best and sometimes hard years, would not trade them for the world.

I am Thankful for all the wonderful years I did have with my Mom and my Daddy, this time of year is the time I miss the all the most, memories come flooding back some good some bad, past holidays and then the day the Lord called them home. 

I am so Thankful for my Mother in law, she is such a rock in our family, and never ever says no, I can depend on her for her help  and her guidance  most of all her faith in the Lord. I am Thankful for my Jr. my father in law, he is such a helpful Man and is always there when we need him.

And I am thankful for the rest of my family. they are so important in my life.  Now I am Thankful for all my very New and wonderful Blog friends, you all have given me the best year, you are all so helpful and caring and encouraging. I have learned so much from each of you. So I wish nothing but the best for you all at this time of year.  I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your families and friends oh and stuff you self silly   I know I will. lol;

I will be off line until after Thanksgiving, I have lots of baking and cleaning to do. So I will see you all this weekend. May the Lord Bless you all and your families.   Have a great week.

Oh and if you like my turkey photos you can just click on them and copy them if you wish. I love the vintage ones. I have lots more I will be sharing...     Love you all







Sunday, November 23, 2008


Good evening ;  I hope every one is having a very wonderful weekend. We are having very cold weather, I mean brrrr cold. In the mornings there is a very heavy frost and some ice, on Friday we did have a few Snow Flakes but nothing that stuck.  I am  so busy in my craft room these days, I don't have much time to visit everyone, and I really miss you all so much.  I did get a lot done this afternoon so that is good. I finished my Christmas Swap gifts only have two more to do and then I can mail them out...  Yea!!

Yesterday hubby the sweet man he is took me to Joann's for some much needed fabric. I have not been to the fabric shop for such a long time,  so I was very surprised at how high fabric costs.  The last time I was buying fabric it was only 3.99 yd.  Now that is a long time.  lol;  So being on a  tight budget  looking at the high prices of the fabric blew me away.  Not to mention depressed because I love to buy fabric. Any way I was trying to find some Brown Toil  my Daughter Chas loves that color and print, but I could not find any. So now I am getting really up set I could not believe Joann's did not have that, they had every other color. It was not my day. So I went on the hunt for something to replace it but with the same feel and color.  It took me a while but I found that the perfect  one.  I will take photos tomorrow and show you I just love it.  I am making her two pillow shams and one neck roll for her bedroom. That is what she wants for Christmas. I also found some blue floral toil for me not sure what I am going to use it for, but I will have it when I do...   ha ha  I also bought this really pretty green and rust color lap quilt set you can make, it was only 20.00  it is just so pretty, can't wait to start on it. I am still trying to get my camera working right, I have been using my phone for photos, and when hubby went to send them to my laptop,,,,,,     wellllll lets just say it did not go well...  :[  boo  I have photos on it from Grandparents day at my grand daughters school. I had so much fun little Libby was so excited to show me her class and the school. She took me all over, wore me out. Then I left and went to meet my other grand daughter Caileigh  and she took me all over again....  whewwww....  what a day that was...

So I am so sorry for not having any photos to share with you all, it is kind of a boring post. I hope to have some great photos for you all tomorrow.  I am very behind on them..   Well I guess that is about it for now.  I thank you all for stopping by and leaving me comments, you are so very sweet to do so.   Have a great week dear friends....  God Bless;



Thursday, November 20, 2008

I' M BACK!!!!!!!

Hello there all;  Did you miss me????   Awwww  how sweet you did miss me.. lol   I sure missed all of you.  I have been busy trying to get things done for my Christmas Swap coming up.  First of  all I had to  CLEAN my sewing craft room, boy what a mess that was, that took the most of  my time.  Then I finally got started on my sewing,  I sure wish I could show you all what I have been sewing, but........  then my swap partners would see it too and that would not do. Sorry....   It has been awhile sewing,  I have not used my machine for quit some time, but it is like riding a bike.. lol.

I have been painting and printing gluing , you name it I have been doing it, welllllllll     except for my laundry,, I really need to do it the pile is really big. And the ironing is out of hand too. But then when I get evolved in my projects, that is what happens.  So you can understand right Ladies..   I dug out my two Quilt books to look for some patterns to make, these are the small doll ones. They have some really cute ones, but then I am also going to do a lap sized one also. Being back on my sewing machine really makes me want to do some quilting.  On Saturday my Sweet Hubby is taking me to Joann fabrics to look for some fabric, I can't wait, I love looking for new a wonderful fabric.  Sweet Hubby is so great when I get going in my craft room, he is very encouraging  and my biggest fan, I am one lucky woman....  Thanks Honey..

Tomorrow is Grandparents Day at the School where my two grand daughters attend. So  I am excited to go and have them show me where they sit, and what they have been doing and learning.  One is in Kindergarten, and  the other is in Third grade. So It is nice that they both go to the same school so I can run between them both..   I will be taking my camera  [hope it works ok]  so I will have some photos to share.  My two pillow shams are almost done, I can't wait to show them off when they are done, they are turning out pretty good.  I also started knitting a throw for my Niece Brandee, so I will be able to work on that more. 

Well   that is about all for now, that has been my week so far. I hope no one has forgotten me....  :{    I want to Thank You all for you wonderful comments on my last post, I am so blessed to be apart of such a great family. God Bless



Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello Ladies; I hope you all have a very wonderful weekend. We have been getting SNOW  yes I said Snow, actually it is Snowing now, big huge flakes. Now I like the big flakier  kind, it does look pretty I guess.  But I was not ready for it. oh well....

I have  been getting pretty busy here helping out Santa with some gifts. I was in my craft room today trying to do some cleaning and putting things away. Now I am getting ready to do some sewing, I love to sew. I am going to get out my quilt books and patterns to see what will be done first. My daughter Chas has been talking about wanting some Brown Toile'  pillows for her bed. So I am going to make her some shams and a neck roll. Plus I am going to do some sewing for my swap partners, that will be fun...  I also have two books of doll quits they have the cutest quilts, I have make about three or four of them. Since they are small they go fast. I like that. lol  So my dear friends if you don't see me for awhile that is why, I will be stuck in my room sewing my butt off. hahaha.  Now please don't forget about me, I will be taking a break and do some visiting when I can. I will miss you all so very much.  But don't worry I won't be gone too long. This time of year gets so busy for me, I am always the last minute kind of gal, I could have started all this a couple of months ago,  but did I do that???   NO silly me, sometimes I think I like the pressure of the dead line, guess I like torture.. lol not really... 

Ok  now I know that Halloween is over, but I have to show you my costume I wore for all the trick or treat'ers  my sweet Hubby took the photos, so I thought I would share them...  So don't laugh to much...... ok.

Laura getting ready

I dressed like a little girl, I had a black and white dress that would be prefect for it, had a black sweater with sparkles on it, black tights and my little shoes... Put my hair up in Piggy tails white bows and put brown freckles on my face.  I had lot of fun...

Little Girl

Aww how cute am I.... ha ha kidding..  But I did have fun dressing up. I had a slip that you were under a wedding dress that was just right for my dress.  So What do you all think???  hmmmm  maybe I should not have asked that...

Any way ladies, I wanted to let every one know that I won't be posting everyday.  I am one not to let people  just hang in the air and not know what is going on. I don't like it,  so I figure that if I don't like it, then others would not either.  I will be showing you the progress of my sewing projects as I go along. 

I also want to thank you all for the wonderful comments you left me. I so look forward to reading them all of them. I so value your friendships so very much.  So don't forget me ok.....  until next we meet again.... God Bless;



Saturday, November 15, 2008


I hope every one had a great week. It has been raining the past couple of days and now this weekend, they are saying some sleet and snow, so not ready for that.  So this Pink Saturday will brighten up my day. I look forward to visiting every one  with my coffee and a nice fire going. There are so many who are joining in on the Pink Saturday, that it is so hard to visit them all, but I do try. I hate to leave any one out and not comment on their post. Today I have been working again on my two Christmas Swaps, trying to get them ready.  Ok enough of all this, I will show what my Pretty Pink is....

Pink Saturday 026

This is my favorite tea pot, just love it, it was a Birthday gift last year.  I have added some new tea cups to my collection, I need to find another tea pot too.  I hope you all enjoyed my Pretty Pink, and if you want to see more, please stop by our very sweet hostess of this Pink fun Beverly of  How Sweet the Sound, to see who else is show off their Pink....   Have a wonderful weekend and thank you all so much for your wonderful comments. God Bless;



Friday, November 14, 2008


Ok so I have this new camera and it really takes some really bad photos.  Now I know what you are going to say, maybe it is me, lol no it is this dumb camera, I so miss my old one, but it just died on me three weeks ago. I have been cleaning and redoing my living room, and wanted to take photos of each area. I like to do that so I can see how it looks, and if I need to fix anything. It is like looking at it with a different eye. And if they look pretty good, and like how the room looks I wanted to show you all. Gosh darn it all.

Well today is a very wet and rainy day today, kind of chilly but I love that.  I am still working on my new blog, going to put on a background tonight, and try to find a great looking header, I am going to set up some different  vignettes and see how they work. And some of you might have noticed that I changed my background on this blog, now I need to redo my header here too. It does not seem to work with what I choose.   I will be posting some of my finished projects on my other blog, that I hope will sell. lol  I will have a Pay Pal acc. set up for that too. And tomorrow I am going to put a few on Ebay too. I really need to get my stuff out and about so more will see it..  I have not been very good at that. So I am going to rethink every thing. Hope I don't get a headache. lol.   Well ladies I am so sorry that I have not photos to share this afternoon. I know it is a boring one today, I am sorry for that.  Just hang in with me and it will all get better when we find a better camera..  I hope.... 

I thank you all for your kind and sweet comments, I hope you all have a wonderful day....  God Bless



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hello and good evening to all. Today was the big day for the drawing of my 100 post give a way. The cute buy hairy hand is my sweet heart dear Hubby. He drew out the winner, and she is.... ready..


Congratulations Vanessa!!  I am so excited for you. I will be getting it all in the mail this Saturday.  I hope you like the book and Decorating Journal and find them both useful. As I said I am sending a few surprises in with them. I love surprises don't you??

Today has been a very wet day, and cold. When I let out my two fur babies, they seemed to have found a mud puddle. When I let them in I had to chase then down, and do some cleaning up on the feet.  I had muddy feet all over the kitchen floor.  Just like having my kids back.. lol   Oh well what can you do with them.  

I am still trying to get my Christmas Swaps caught up so I am not late getting them out. I always seem to be behind on my projects, I still have not finished my Pillow Shams and lots of painting  and on  and on and on.  Now I am tired. lol   I must tell you all how much I am enjoying my blog.  Since I have started blogging I have so so many new and great friends. Who I so appreciate more then you know. So I thank you all for your wonderful comments and visiting me, even though there I times it is not very interesting reading. lol  So thank you all... and God Bless.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hello all; I have been working on my Christmas swaps today and my give a way. The drawing is tomorrow, so you still have time to enter until noon tomorrow.  So ladies lets see how many we can get to enter, I will be having  some pretties in with the two books. They will be shown after the drawing tomorrow. I can't wait to see who the winner will be. I am so excited............   I love to give goodies away. I am also still working on my other blog that I will be showing my hand made projects for sale. I hope to have it done soon. I hope it all turns out and it does well. 

Don't forget to leave a comment to enter, ok.   Hope you all have a great week. God Bless.



Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hello every one of my sweet dear friends.  Yes we have had some snow here today,,,,,,,,,,    ok  well maybe not alot of snow, just some flakes, but SNOW  just the same... lol   Had ya didn't I,,,  orrrr maybe not. Any way it is very very windy wet and cold this weekend, our Indian summer is gone now.  A very gray and wet weekend, yesterday I spent the whole day in my PJ's,  I never do that unless I am sick. But the day was spent visiting my Pink Saturday friends.  Wow so much pretty Pink out in the world, it made my dull and cold day so much nicer. I finally got the photos taken of the Book and Decorating Journal taken so not I can show you all what my  Give a way is. I will be mixing more in the package but that will be a surprise to the winner. But don't worry it will be a great goodie box.  So here is the first book.


Love this book by Rachel Ashwell, and then Cathy Kidston Journal, these are two great books.


This is just some of the photos you will see in the Shabby Chic book, love the bread box.


And the in side of the Journal. You can click on the photos to make them bigger to get a better view.  I hope you all like them enough to enter for the give a way.  All you have to do, is just leave a comment and you are entered. I will be having the drawing on Wed. So you all have until then to enter. On Thursday I will announce who the luck winner will be.  Good luck to all.

I thank you for all the great comments and for taking the time to stop by for the visit, and then leave one. I just love that..... he he

God Bless;



Saturday, November 8, 2008


Good morning to all and Happy Pink Saturday!   Hope you all are having a great Pink Saturday....   I am going to be moving my craft studio to my attached garage,  it is  a over sized  two car one. And the room I am in now is not big enough. So I am going to working on getting it ready to move, we have one long wall that is really not being used just mainly for storage of junk really. So I told hubby I want to move it in there. I will have so much more room to stretch out lots of wall space for completed projects and storage for supplies. I can paint the wall which is just nice dry wall and I have a rug down already. So I am excited about the move. It will take a bit of time but in the end will be so worth it, for heat I am going to use a heater, until we get out wood burner up and running.  Then that will be my source of heat, which I really don't need a lot of with my Hot Flashes... lol      HMMM  was I supposed to do a different post today.....   lets see.. don't tell me  I will think of it...   OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  yeaaaaaaa    PINK SATURDAY... HA HA HA  SILLY ME!   

Ok here is my Pink pretty.   Are you all ready for it.....  Well even if yo are not, I will show you any way, or I might forget again.....


Wow it took me a while to find this, I really need to get my photos in order,  I almost for got what I was looking for. haha 

Any this is what I am working on my white pillow shams, I have a really wonderful pattern that  I am embroidering on them in Pink and brown, for my guest bed room. They are Pink Roses you can click on the photo to get a better look. 


Sorry that it is so wrinkled, but  when I am done which I am on the second one I will iron and show you all. It is supposed to be all in  Red, some of you know about the Red Work style, but I wanted the Pink and Brown, I love the way they look together. And some day they will match the guest room when redone.  I have  made a couple of Red Work projects in the past. I love the style. In a later post I will show you all the ones I have done. Well I hope you enjoyed my Pink pretties, have a great day and wonderful weekend... God Bless

Oh and a huge Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, she is the hostess of this  great Day..  Stop by and check out more Pretty Pink Saturday post, and have  some relaxing fun..



Friday, November 7, 2008


Hello there;  Yes something is missing,,,,,  from my post that is. I was supposed to show you all what my give away is going to be, but as usual, the day was not what it was supposed to be. I think I should stop making plans, then when things fall apart it won't be a problem.  Does that make any sense,  hmmmm   hope I did not loose any of you.. ha ha   Not sure how the day got a way from me today , but some how it did, and I am so so sorry about this. So I will tell you all what I am giving away, then take a photo of it all and post it this weekend....  Notice how I did not give a day,,,,  that was on purpose so this won't happen again.    Oh and you will have to stop by again,,,,,  he he...  How sneaky of me.

In my give a way is a  Book by Rachel Ashwell, love her, a garden journal to write in and keep photos and such of your garden or what ever, and some other goodies that I will keep until later, ha ha,  Now you will have to stop by again,,  So I hope you all will be leaving some comments to enter my GRAND! GIVE AWAY! FOR MY 100 POST.  Which by the way is over that now. But that does not matter any way.....  Does it..   I didn't think so.

I really need to find a photo for this post, I think is not right to me to not have a photo. So I will be right back, ok...   now don't leave yet...


Ok I found one; this is my Daughter Heather and Son Dustin, poor Santa he can hardly see, Dustin was not too happy to sit on Santas lap. He was a very shy boy,,, not any more.....  Oh how I miss those days...   I like the wing chair Santa is setting on...

I feel better now that I have a photo on, don't you?????  I thought so.

We had a very windy and sunny day today, Buttttttttttt tomorrow we are going cold   brrrr  with a chance of   dare I say it.....

SNOW   EWWWWW  so not ready for that...  I saw on the news  some one had tons of it,, silly old me can't remember where but it looked very cold and lots of shoveling....   Ok I will say good bye now, I think I drove every one crazy enough for now. lol   I am off to get a post ready to post tomorrow for Pink Saturday... 

Now I wish to thank you all for your wonderful comments and for taking the time to visit and  then to leave one.  As I have said before you all are the BEST!  PAT YOUR SELF ON THE BACK.....

God Bless;



Thursday, November 6, 2008


Girl Quilting 

Good Afternoon;  Wow we are having a very windy day today here in Indiana...  I wonder if  it will be worth all the trouble to rake my front yard of the leaves,, or will they just blow back in later. ha ha  My three trees are just now turning colors, they are very late bloomers. So they don't drop their leaves until the end of Nov. or the first of Dec. which is such a bother cos all the other leaves are already swept up by the street dept. Then ours just sits in the street until spring. bummer.. oh well.  This is not what I am posting about any way. I wonder alot lol  sorry....

This is just  to remind you all that I will be showing tomorrow my 100 post give away. I am getting all the pretties together to take a photo of then post tomorrow. Now sure what time probably late afternoon, Heather has the day off work tomorrow and we are going to go look at some bushes for her house. So please stop by and take a look and leave a comment for the drawing... I am so excited about my drawing, I love to give things a way,.............   well some    So keep me in mind and have a wonderful day...  God Bless;



Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Fall Card Fronts01


Good afternoon every one; What a wonderful day it is too. We are having our Indian Summer this week, and I am so loving it.  I am having a very slow day today,not sure why, I have so much to do now. Planning our family Thanksgiving Family Dinner, cleaning up my garage to make more room for every one. I love have our garage connected to our house, that way we can use it for lots more room. It is a large one too, and it heats well with a heater if we need to. I have some large rugs out there also to keep the tootsies warm.  And it is a great spot for the kiddies to run and play in.

I am trying to think of  a different way to fix my turkey this year, so if any one has some great ways please let me know. I love to try new ways to fix and old favorite. I would love to have some new dinner ware too, I will have to do some looking around. This year I am going sort of  fancy casual. I am getting kind of tired of the paper plates and such, I do have a nice dishwasher and two daughters who can do some washing,,,  oh and my son  and son in laws... lol  

So how are you all doing your Thanksgiving this year, I would love to know.  I  try to keep to a traditional Thanksgiving, with everyone saying what they are most thankful for. Maybe this year I will have them all write it down and put it in a large bowl and take one out and read them one at a time. That sounds pretty good.

I have the TV off so every one can talk and visit play games or what ever.  I grew up that way, not TV  ha ha   So if any one loves the football games  sorry,, not here.  On my hubbys side they are big  fishing and hunting people, so deer hunting it the the big thing with them.  Hubby does not hunt any more, yea  but he does fish,   Oh before I forget; on Friday I will show what I am giving away in honor of my 100 post. So stop by and check it out...   I hope every one has a wonderful day today. I thank you all for your very sweet comments on my grand babies..  Please stop by any time, I so love the company and comments....

God Bless;



Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Good evening;  I would just bet most if not all of you are glued to the TV watching the updates on the voting.  And that is what Hubby and I are doing. It is going to be a long night..  

I have some very cute photos of some cute little girls, who just happen to be my four grand daughters. lol  They stopped by for some goodies on Friday night.


  Are they not the cutest little cheer leaders you ever saw,  they are the cheer leaders for the Indiana Colts, yea team!!!   They  were having lots of fun. My three pumpkins I carved turned out pretty good, behind the girls is one of them, the face has stars for eyes and huge lips  with a oval nose, she was a cute pumpkin.


And this is my Little Maddy Moo. She was having a great time with her little bucket of candy. This is her fist time out trick or treating, Madison is my youngest grand child. She is so sweet looking in her cow costume.   It was a pretty warm night hubby and I set out side to hand out candy, I had lots of fun.  I dressed up as a little girl, my neighbor's stopped over  to check  me out. Some of the other neighbor's were setting out side also so we had a nice time talking and handing out the goodies to the little hobgoblins. lol;   Oh and yes hubby took a photo of me to show you all, but he has not down loaded it yet. 


Hubby took this photo that is why it is so dark, if you look real hard you can barely see me in the middle.  At least my white gloves showed up ok.  lol   oh you can see the whole pumpkin too. hey not bad.


I just had to take a photo of my scarecrow, it took me  for ever to carve it. I had pumpkin all over the place. But he came out pretty good.  I should have taken it when it was darker you could have seen him better. all the kids loved him.  Well I hope you all enjoyed my halloween photos.  It was such fun, except for getting sick, that was not fun. All better now. yeaaaaaaaaaa... Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.  And I am going to be having a give a way  in honor of my 100 post. Which I did not realized was already here. Wow how time does fly,  I did not  even think I would have that much to talk about.  What a surprise that is to me. 

I so love having a place to  share my thoughts and ideas with others. When I started my blog, it was just a place to go to  put down my thoughts, and place to get to know other ladies, and make new and dear friends. Which I have done, you are all my treasures and will always keep you close by. I thank you all so much for letting me your family, and being my friends with whom I can share with.  I will let you all know when I will have my give a way, some time this week I will showing what it will be.   God Bless;



Monday, November 3, 2008


Good evening to all my sweet friends. I am so blessed and thankful to have such wonderful friends as you. You have given me much heart felt well wishes, I am over whelmed .  I  thank you all so much  for your friendship.   THANK YOU....

Now I have been working on redoing a small chest dresser in my living room. I am done with it, well actually I finished it the day before I got sick, so I am going to show you all what it looks like now, I think it came out pretty good. I wish I had a before photo but I don't and for some reason I just did not think to take one. oops...  sorry.


I love this old chest, I found it in my father in laws  pole barn just sitting on a big stack of junk. And I said I wanted that it he did not, and he gave it to me.  This was years ago, it had no paint just dirty wood, but I could see the beauty underneath. Hubby was just beside him self, like what are you going to do with it and where are you going to put it...  you know stuff like that, I said don't worry I will find a spot for it, and I did.  Hey ladies  we can always find room for a new treasure, am I right.....   Well any way back then I painted it a dark maroon color, it was like that for years. But I have been wanting to redo it in a creamy white, but never seemed to get to it.  Until  last week.


I glued the scroll wood work on the front, it fit just perfect, and looked like it belonged there.  I sprayed painted the draw pulls a hammered black, they came out great.  I  had to put three coats of paint on this baby to cover up the dark paint,  that for some weird reason I like it.. ewww  shame on me...  Good think I woke up and saw the light....


I am looking for a great stencil to add to the sides of it. Not sure what kind but I think it needs something. So I will just keep looking for the one thing that will say    HELLO IT IS ME YOU WANT.... lol   After I let all three coats dry I did some sanding to distress it,  then I put on some light layers of gel stain in walnut to age it.


I really loved how it turned out. The photos really don't show how great it is very well. Now I am on the look out for just the right pretties to set on top. I did  change the dark green quilt for a lighter one, it looks so much better. I will have to take a photo of the whole thing to show you all how nice it looks. Guess I am going to go visit some garage sales this weekend. YEAAAAA   

And now for my award, Dawn  from Dawns day break gave me this wonderful award. Dawn you are such  a great friend. I love her blog and reading her posts. 


This is the second one from my Dear Friend. I thank you so much for this award Dawn. I am  honored to have such an award such as this.  I have a couple of others I really need to put up, boy when you get sick for a couple of days, things sure do pile up.  

So I am supposed to post the rules. ok here they are.

1. Please put the logo on your blog
2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.


Now I have to pass this along to some others.  But there are so many who are deserving of this and many other awards out there, that I really can't pick. It just makes me feel really rotten to leave some one out or who has never received one. So here is how I am doing this,   now I know that I am not doing it the way it says to but here goes.

To the first seven of you who leave a comment you may take your award with you. Or if any of you who have not even received and award   PLEASE TAKE IT WITH YOU ..... I feel every one of you deserve one.  Don't feel awkward about taking it I am giving it to you,  so grab it and take.  Again thank you Dawn   Love  you...

God Bless;



Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hello every one, I thought while I was still a wake I would give you all a up date on my health.  Yesterday day was a awful day could hardly breath and my head felt like it could POP!. The cold med. I take  makes me sleep most of the day, which hubby says is a good thing, hmmmm  I wonder what he does when I am a sleep...  hmmmm lol    Any way today is just a bit better, I can sort of breath out to two of my nose holes. hahaha   my coughing is getting less and less that is good.

OH and Beverly I am so so sorry I did not put on my Pink Saturday Pretties. I just was not awake enough to do it, and on Friday after all the trick or treaters were done I was done. Put my PJs on and went to sleep. I really feel bad about it.

Well I want to thank everyone for you kind comments, my friends you are the best in the world..... hugs to all of you.  I have to say good bye now, I am getting sleepy again, I hope to catch up with you all soon.   God Bless