Thursday, November 20, 2008

I' M BACK!!!!!!!

Hello there all;  Did you miss me????   Awwww  how sweet you did miss me.. lol   I sure missed all of you.  I have been busy trying to get things done for my Christmas Swap coming up.  First of  all I had to  CLEAN my sewing craft room, boy what a mess that was, that took the most of  my time.  Then I finally got started on my sewing,  I sure wish I could show you all what I have been sewing, but........  then my swap partners would see it too and that would not do. Sorry....   It has been awhile sewing,  I have not used my machine for quit some time, but it is like riding a bike.. lol.

I have been painting and printing gluing , you name it I have been doing it, welllllllll     except for my laundry,, I really need to do it the pile is really big. And the ironing is out of hand too. But then when I get evolved in my projects, that is what happens.  So you can understand right Ladies..   I dug out my two Quilt books to look for some patterns to make, these are the small doll ones. They have some really cute ones, but then I am also going to do a lap sized one also. Being back on my sewing machine really makes me want to do some quilting.  On Saturday my Sweet Hubby is taking me to Joann fabrics to look for some fabric, I can't wait, I love looking for new a wonderful fabric.  Sweet Hubby is so great when I get going in my craft room, he is very encouraging  and my biggest fan, I am one lucky woman....  Thanks Honey..

Tomorrow is Grandparents Day at the School where my two grand daughters attend. So  I am excited to go and have them show me where they sit, and what they have been doing and learning.  One is in Kindergarten, and  the other is in Third grade. So It is nice that they both go to the same school so I can run between them both..   I will be taking my camera  [hope it works ok]  so I will have some photos to share.  My two pillow shams are almost done, I can't wait to show them off when they are done, they are turning out pretty good.  I also started knitting a throw for my Niece Brandee, so I will be able to work on that more. 

Well   that is about all for now, that has been my week so far. I hope no one has forgotten me....  :{    I want to Thank You all for you wonderful comments on my last post, I am so blessed to be apart of such a great family. God Bless




Shelia said...

Hi Alaura!! My, you've been a busy bee. I hope you can show us what you've been making after the exchange. I'm glad you're my blog friend. Have a beautiful weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jan and Tom's Place said...

How busy you've been!!! WOW!!!

Thanks for signing up for the christmas card swap...just send your information to me. What I need is listed in the post and my email is there too!


Vanilla Lavender said...

You've been busy girl! I hope you have a wonderful time with your granddaughters tomorrow!!! Thanks again for all the lovely things!!! Hugs!! Vanessa

Connie said...

Ohmygosh, you've just reminded me of what I've NOT done the past 10 days, sweetpea!! Here I thought I was getting ahead!! Yikes,

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Happy Grandparents Day! I'm a Grammy too, but my grandaugher is not in school yet.
Have a great weekend!

Smilingsal said...

Enjoy your grandparents day treats.

Darlene said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Hope you have a happy Grandparents Day!!

Neabear said...

Have fun at the Grandparents Day at the school. Wish I lived close enough to do that kind of stuff with my granddaughter. But then she is not in school yet. I can't wait to see what all you have been making.

Debbie @ said...

Hi Alaura, you won my giveaway! Please email me your address and I will put your little planner in the mail! Yipppeee for you!

Mo said...

Alaura-You are too funny! No worries. Emily has a great blog!

Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Alaura...first of all you ARE such a cutie patootie, and the Halloween costume was adorable! Secondly, thank you for being so supportive on my blog~I appreciate it. And lastly...have fun creating and swapping! ~XO~Janet

Vanilla Lavender said...

Alaura dear! How are you doing this weekend? I just posted about the wwonderful goodies you've sent to me! Hope you like the post! Big hugs! Vanessa