Monday, August 8, 2011


Room redo 001

Hello and good afternoon to all my sweet blog friends. I hope you are having a great week so far… We are still having some hot and very humid days… so working out side is not in the cards for me… and for that reason I bring you this post…. In the above photo is the bifold doors they lead to a soon to become pantry for me… the door next to it is the one that leads to my garage.. I have been wanting to redo this area for quit some time but never got around to it,,,,, until now, so this is the before photo. OK I have lots of before photos, it is still a work in progress.

Room redo 002

Since there are a lot of slats I decided to use my grey spray paint primer on it… I did some sanding before I used the spray paint,,wanted to make sure the new paint would stick..

Room redo 004

First coat of paint…

Room redo 005

So far so good…. I had to put three coats on so the dark stain would not show through.

Room redo 008

OK this is with all three coats of my creamy white paint, it is called muslin. from wal mart. as you can see I still have the trim to paint and the garage door will be painted the same color.

Well after I woke up on Sat. I was standing there looking at my work, and I thought Hey why not take the ugly old wall paper down……  at the time I thought it was a good idea…..

Room redo 012

Oh this is a dark brown stain color peg shelf… which I will be painting the same white, but she will be going in my dinning room… so this is for a later post.  So on with the ripping of the wall paper.

Room redo 009

Room redo 010

I was so excited when it was coming off really easy……………… buttttttttttt that feeling did not last too long….

Room redo 011

as I was peeling, I found out that the backing was not coming off… the one with the glue on it…… Bummer…..

Room redo 014

The yellow color is the back of the wall paper… it was not coming off with out a fight…. then when I was able to get a few spots off, the wall behind it was not in good shape,,, and I would have to have tore that off, and put drywall,, which I don’t have the money for… so I decided to leave the nasty yellow backing on,,, As I sat and looked at the mess I made,,,,and I do mean mess.

Room redo 015 

Room redo 016

Room redo 017

I am so sorry for the dirty photos,, I hope I have not shocked any of you…..  for such a small space I sure made a mess.   So  while sitting there staring at the mess I knew that I really didn’t want to paint it, or use wall paper again… which would cost money,, and I had to use what I already had here…. so this is what I came up with….. so far. anyway.

Room redo 019

I went through all my pretty papers and found some that would go with what I had in mind…..

Room redo 018

I be ya’ll know where I am headed here… am I right??? 

Yup…. I am going to use these for my wall…. I am not sure if I have enough but I am going to go look for some old books and see what they have inside I can use… 

So my dear talented lady friends,, what do you think of my idea???  I would so love to hear what you all think,,, please feel free to disagree too, and share some ideas of your own… I welcome all ideas…. as I said this is a on going project,,, I will be taking photos as I go to share my progress…. 

Room redo 021

OH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. now did you really think I would let you all off the hook and not show off my new grandson. Rylan…   this was on Saturday late afternoon, that is my baby boy Dustin holding he brand new nephew,, with his two cuties Zachary and Madison,,, and new Mommy not far away…… oh and Shelby,,, my baby girls dag,, which the call Nanny Shelby.. she is never too far away from her baby brother…. making sure he is safe and sound… she is such a great big sister….  Room redo 024

Zachary holding his sweet little cousin, which is getting hungry,,, by the look on his face….lol

Room redo 026 

OK I am a happy boy now,, I am fed and have a dry diaper, so I will take my nap now….. good night all.

Room redo 027 

So that is all for now dear friends,,, I am so happy that you have taken the time to stop by and pay me a visit,, I treasure each one of you very much… and your sweet comments make my Heart sing with joy…… God Bless;