Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am so late in posting this award I feel so bad about it, but this has been a very busy past week for me. I am so thrilled and honored to receive this wonderful award.



Schotzy  of Wings of Eagles  has bestowed this award  on me. I am fairly new to her blog and reading her posts. But I also think of her as a very dear and new blog friend. I love reading her uplifting posts, her Love of God is so deep and special that is shows in her writing of our Lord. Thank you so much for this award, I am very humbled by it. And this makes two for me now, can you believe it!!!!    I have two now, I am so happy I could peee my pants!!  :}  but don't worry I won't.  smiling and laughing........ 

There are just 3 rules attached to this award!
1. There are only five people allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be a new follower of your blog, or live in another part of the world.

It is so hard to pick someone for awards, because I don't want to leave any one out, or make them feel bad. I don't like doing that, cos I love all of you dear friends very much. But I have to follow the rules I guess. So here goes.

Dawn; Dawns Day Break.  Love her blog and she never fails to make a visit. She brightens my days. With her stories of family.

Vanessa;  Lavender Vanilla   She was my first Pay it Forward I sent a goodie box too. She is very sweet.

Ann;  Nature Trails;  She won my first give away, and  was so kind and sweet to send me a photo of Honey bunny's new home and family,  Thank you Ann

Connie;  Living Beautifully. I love reading her posts, and her comments she never fails to make me laugh even when I don't feel like it. Bless you for that.

Lisa;  Vintage Sweet Peas.  I am new to her blog also, she is my partner for the Halloween Swap. I think of her as new and great friend. She has sent me the most lovely goodie box. I will be posting it soon. Thank you Lisa.

So there you have it, now these Ladies are not by far the only ones I treasure, I have so many I hold dear to my Heart. I am so thankful to know so many wonderful and talented Women. So thank you again Schotzy  for my Award, you are a wonderful and inspiring Lady.

God Bless you all




Johnny Apple Seed Hello every one, I hope you all have a very wonderful weekend.

Mine was not too bad, though I found out I am not in the working class any more, which I am sad about but then again, the Lord has other plans for me. I don't know what those plans might be, but I have faith in Him and what ever He wants of me I will obey.

I have so many photos of the Johnny Apple Seed Festival that I can not possibly show them all.  So I have put them in all in one place using a photo for matt. Here is the link so you can see all 65 or so of them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved taking them for you all .

Today was supposed to be the Birthday Party of my youngest Grand daughter Madison, but she is real sick today. My son called and told me they might have to take her to the ER. I am  praying she will be ok, she is having a hard time breathing. My poor baby. Please keep her in your prayers I would so appreciate it. You are all such Prayer Worriers  that I have deep Faith that the Lord will hear them and if it is his will ,   he will heal her.  I am so blessed and thankful to be able to turn to our Loving Lord for strength and wisdom. Praise the Lord in all his Glory.  I also ask for Blessing on each of my wonderful Blogging Sisters who are so wonderful.  No enough of that, I am going to another Festival next Saturday, it is Call Apple Festival, this one is on the same lines as the last one I went to , and I will be taking lots of photos too.

I will be back on track Monday for my blogging and doing my visiting again. Which I am glad for. I have so missed it, and all of you too. Well I have some things that need taking care of, and then I am off to enjoy my beautiful day by working some this afternoon out side. The days are finally getting nice and crisp out now, love it love it.  I need more Mums to plant too. Love my Mums..... lol;  

Oh and next Wed. I am posting my Halloween Swap goodie box my new and dear friend Lisa Brown sent me. She has a blog site called  Lisa Brown   oops set it up wrong but you can get to it by clicking on her name.. ha ha  he site is called  Vintage Sweet Peas. and if you have not been to visit her I strongly suggest that you do, it is a wonderful site, she is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor and a love for all things. So stop by for a look see you  won't be sorry you did.  She sent me the most wonderful goodie box of Halloween pretties I have ever seen. She really out did her self.  So Thank you Lisa from  the bottom of my Heart. I can't wait to show it off.  So please stop back soon to see my goodies.   Have a beautiful and peaceful Sunday with the Lord.

God Bless.

And thank you for all your wonderful and kind comments Ladies you are the Best......



Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have been a busy girl this week, what with work and the booth we have set up in the fair tent.  I am getting very tired of the fair, which I usually like going to. But this year I am not enjoying it this year. I was hoping for a restful Sunday afternoon, but I am hosting the first birthday of my Grand daughter Maddy Lee I can't believe how fast the year went. She is the youngest grand child, out of 11. So I will not be having a relaxing Sunday. I have to work on the booth Saturday. I am so sorry that I have not been able to visit any of you much, I miss you all so much. I love being able to visit each of your blogs and posts.

Every one of you are so wonderful and helpful and up lifting. I could go on and on. I hope next week I can get back on track again.  lol  I will be posting more photos of the festival I went to, I took so many photos that I am going to put them all together that way you can look at them all at once.

I am sorry for making this a short post and with no photo, but I have lots to do before work tomorrow. I want to Thank you all for leaving such wonderful comments. I so love receiving and reading them. So thank you all.  God Bless



PS; I will be back;; 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Hello everyone I have to tell you all that I am missing you all very much. I have been having a very busy weekend and week so far. So since I don't have to work tomorrow or be at our fair booth tonight or tomorrow I thought I would take some time a do a post on my craft show trip. I am going to do it in two parts cos it is too long to do in one post. lol. The photo above is where we were going to park, or maybe I should say find some place to park.. smiling alot..   there were cars every where.


Just another view of the parking lot, but we did fine a good spot to park not to far to walk, which is a good thing.  I could not wait to get in side to feast my eyes on everything. It was not too bad out weather wise, but it did get hot later in the afternoon. So I did have to sit a bit and rest my poor old bones. I know you are all waiting on photos so I won't let you wait any longer.




Don't you just love they way they dress, all the artists and craft show booths they all wore period clothing.  Some were so wonderful looking.


At this one they did some iron work, and wood working. They had some really great looking things.



This gentlemen did some amazing wood work with his hands. I had some really wonderful items. Love the little old lady in the rocker she was so cute.


And at this one they were making hammered copper bowls and pots and such. The sound they made while hitting the metal echoed all over the park. They used little hammers too. Love all the copper goodies. Did not buy any thing, I should have.


And these soldiers were marching all over the park and shooting off their black powder guns, which were very loud. The little kids just loved watching them. They were very good too, in step all the time never missed. I would not have been able to make it in those heavy outfits in the heat.


And then they were off to march on to another show some where in the park. They had flutes and drums that was it, and boy could they play, wish I could have taped it  so you could hear them.


Now at this booth they had the most wonderful bird houses, and signs very funny sayings one then.  I did buy a bird house here, I did have a very hard time picking one out. They were all so pretty and different.



Here is my cute little bird house, I just love it. It sits on a table by my font door, I will have to take a photo of  it to show off it's new home.


Don't you just love the little windows. I love bird houses, I want to find some for my back yard. Maybe I should try to make some.


And just look at all the beautiful Mums so many colors and so pretty, it is like a sea of flowers. This is the other side of the park where all the vendors sell dried flowers and fresh ones. They have fresh fruit and veggies and home made honey bees wax candles.


I was so loving all the plants and dried pretties, I never seem to have enough money for shows like this one.  I mean they had so many wonderful and interesting things. So much talent in one area.  I hope you are enjoying the photos of the craft show, I am going to save the rest for tomorrow ladies. I am so sorry but I am getting tired and I can't seem to think of what I want to say.

Now that is pretty bad when I can't focus when I am tired. I use to be able to stay up past my bed time and get up early and go to work, then home to play. Now look at me,,,,,   ok don't look at me. lol.  But really I am not making any sense any more, so I will put you out of your misery So tomorrow I will be showing more photos of the craft show. I will be able to write better also. 

I want to thank all of you for your lovely comments  you are the best friends I could hope for.  I will be taking photos of our Free Fall Fair too, so be on the look out for them.  I am sorry for not being able to visit alot of of you and leave you comments lately. I have so many great blogs to visit and read that sometimes I can't make it to every one. But I do try to make a visit to every one every other night. Except this week, but next week I will be back on track, at least I hope so. lol  So to all have a great night.  And a wonderful Wednesday.    God Bless;



Saturday, September 20, 2008


Good morning all, I hope  that everyone is have a great Pink Saturday morning. I am getting ready to go to the craft show, which I am  sooooooooo exxccciiiittteeddd about   can anyone tell......  yippy.    smiling right now. 

So a huge thank you to our hostess Beverly of  How Sweet the Sound  I love doing the Pink Saturday as well as so many others.

And it you want ot see lots more Pink pretties  go and visit Beverly and see what they all are showing this morning, everyone has such wonderful   Pink Pretties.  So don't delay go now and see Beverly.    Well  don't leave too fast   ok  please stay and visit me and then go...    lol....   Here we go, I  don't have too many to show this morning but I do have a few.


Now this is my pretty pink dish cloth that I won in a drawing from Dawn at  Dawns Day Break.  I am going to have to force myself to use it. I think it is way too pretty to use.   She also semt me some wonderful dish soap  called  what else,,,,,,,,,  Dawn


Close up of the dish cloth she is a wiz at knitting. I love the pattern.


e bay stuff and dad 005

This is a pillow I made for my new Grand baby, it is a very cute Toile pink with children playing and a 3in ruffle.  It is so cute..

e bay stuff and dad 008

On  the back I found this great fabric I just love all the pastel colors  it was perfect for the backing.  OH  how sweet it is..

Well  dear friends that is all I have for now, So I am hoping each and every one of you out there have a great weekend.

I will be back some time next week,  I  thank you all for you comments you leave me, and for taking the time to visit me and read my silly talking......   God Bless;



Friday, September 19, 2008


Good evening everyone! I am sooooooo excited about tomorrow, and I have been a very GOOD GIRL.  It is the Johnny Apple Seed Festival.   It has been such a long year to wait for this huge show. It is in honor of  Johnny Apple Seed himself, his grave site is in the park too, very pretty one with a small apple tree at the head of  his grave. I will make sure I get some photos of it. The park is huge and you can camp in there too.  Every thing in the craft show is all hand made, this one vender spins her own yarn and they have a man who make his own iron work, it is so amazing to watch them work. They all dress up too, and the FOOD IS TO DIE FOR  OHHHHHHHHHHHH MY..

I am going to have so many photos that I will have to split them  up and do one each night, oh and then the fair photos, I am going to have lots to talk about and share.  That is a good thing, I won't have to think. lol;   OK enough of  all this talk I have some photos to show. I put new batteries in my camera and took photos of my very pretty wash cloth and dish soap. And  of the plants I  planted  this morning.


This is on the right side of my garage I planted some pansies and fancy kale, at least I think that is what it is. They really look so great there. Sorry about my trash can in the back.



Just some close ups of my pretties . I am going nuts on planting this year, if I had it my way I would rent a huge bulldozer and just go at it.  ha ha 




No this is not one plant you are seeing two of them I finally bought my Hydrangea's hubby helped me plant them tonight, he is such a doll.  They are on the left side of  the house in front of the back yard fence where my veggie garden is. They will look so great when they are bigger, it will hide the fence which is not very pretty to look at. I am  going to get a lilac tree next year to plant on the side by our bedroom window, how wonderful the smell will be then. I have so many plans for my front yard it will take me forever to get it done.  Listen to me it is fall and I am thinking about next spring. lol  But I can do some fall planting for next spring so I guess that is ok. Don't you think....

I can't help it I love to garden it is my passion. I love to get in the dirt and get dirty. lol;; 

Oh by the way my dear friends, I will be taking a week off  of posting, I am going to be very busy next week, with the Fair and setting up the booth. In case I did not mention it where I work which is for Allstate Ins. we are having a booth in the Industrial tent. It is a huge tent with lots of  booths, all kinds of booths, mostly businesses. It get so crowed in there you can hardly move. I don't do well in places like that, I am very claustrophobic so I hope I do well in there.  We are having a drawing for a bike, how great is that of my boss to do. And we have bags of goodies for the kiddies. It will be lots of fun to hand them out and balloons. I guess I had better get off now, I have to post again later for Pink Saturday.

As always I want to Thank each and every one of my Sweet Friends for your very wonderful comments  My Hubby says thank you to you all. When he gets his certificate I will make sure I show it off.. hehehe..  I hope everyone has a wonderful and bright lazy weekend.  God Bless








Thursday, September 18, 2008



More Mount Dora 2005 007

This is a old photo when we went to Fl. So any way I am so proud of my Hubby, he has been studying for a couple of weeks for this test. The company he works for wanted him to take it so they could partner up with Microsoft, and he  Passed!!!!!!  He was so nervous he said that when he got there they would not let me take any thing in with him, only his drivers licence. It was a on line test, so they were all in a sound proof room can you believe it..

You would think it was for the C I A or F B I.  lol   He did say it was a very hard test and did not think he would pass it. So I took him out to dinner after work. We went to Apple Bs   I love their food, I had a California Shrimp salad, it was so goooooodd...  The we brought home some chocolate cake with ice cream... Now that is a great way to end the day.  He has one more class to take, so it is not over yet, but I know he will do great.

I was told to day at work that I have to take a couple of on line classes, one on Billing and one he did not tell me yet, guess he wants to surprise me.... ha ha ha .  I am not good with tests I hate them. So tomorrow I am signing up for my first one, wish me luck..    We have been having such wonderful weather this past week, I am almost afraid to comment on it, it might be a dream and go away.  My flowers are doing pretty good, tomorrow I have to plant the rest of them, do some mowing and weeding. Then into my studio to try and get the rest of my Halloween Swap box done so I can send it out.  Speaking of swapping,   I still want to try the scrap book card swap, I think it would be a nice idea to share with others who love to scrapbook or those who just love the look of them.  So I am going to keep putting this idea out for all until everyone tells me to Shut up...   lol;  I am going to start making my cards this weekend, and when I get some done I will post them, and any one who wants one I will send it to them.  They are small and won't cost to much to mail. So please just think about it.

I sound like I am begging,,,,   he he he...... :}   Well I am done now, I bet some of you are going ,,,   its about time...    any way I want Thank every one for such wonderful comments. You all really make my day.  You are very special friends. Hope every one has a great Friday..   God Bless



Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hello to all my Sweet and Dear Friends. I hope every one out in blog land is having a great week. Our weather is not to bad here, after all the rain, everything is growing pretty well again. The nights have been cool, which is nice for leaving open the window. So next Monday is the first day of our Free Fall Fair, I am still trying to figure out why they call it  Free, when you have to pay for everything, I guess it is only free to walk around the court square. lol;  I am taking my camera for photos, we get some really strange looking people during fair time. ha ha Where I work we are setting up a booth in a huge tent called the Industrial Tent, lots of businesses have booths in there and hand out all kinds of  free advertisements and such. So I am going to have to sit at our booth until  9 pm every night. yipppppyyyy.  :{  My co boss is going with me so I don't have to be alone, so that is good. We are putting together bags to hand out the kids with some neat goodies inside, that will be fun, oh and helium balloons. It is going to be a very long week. 

  Now on this Saturday I am going to the Johnny Apple Seed Festival. I am not letting any thing stop me this time. I will have my trusty camera with me too.  Oh and speaking of photos, I did take some of the fall plants I bought  not too many, I still have to plant my Lavender and Hydrangeas.


This is my big flower pot at the front of our house I love the blue green of it.  I have three mum plants and two kale and the plant in the back that looks like corn, I can't remember what it is. So if any one knows what it is please let me know...   lol;


Now this is the Mums we call April's Mum. It is on the left side of the garage, they really brighten up the corner of the house.


This little cutie  I found at the Dollar Tree, are they not the cutest things. Just love them.  My little garden angles are protecting Aprils Mum.


My Coleus I planted on the right side of the garage, I bought some spray paint  called hammered black, to paint the pot. It is a great color I can't wait to use it.


And my flower bed after I trimmed them all back, but I have some new growth starting I was surprised to see that. My cone flowers and yarrow and Shasta daisy's  and Phlox.  Oh and look who had to get in the photo, my two babies, Izzy and Gracie.


This one is hard to see, it blends in with the mulch pretty good.

And as usual I don't know what kind of plant it is, but it is very pretty with long stems with tiny pink flowers. I had this in the pot that the mums and kale is now in.

Well that is it for now, I do have some new plants I bought at Wal Mart this afternoon they were on sale for only a  dollar. I bought two deep purple pansies and some more kale, I am going to plant them around the coleus Pot. they will look very pretty there. When I get the others planted I will take photos and show them.

Now for my goodie box, When I opened my front door and saw a goodie box sitting  there my heart jumped a beat.  It was from my Sweet Friend Dawn from Dawn's Day Break.  I was a second runner up in her give a way, her Cutie pie of a Son Tim drew out my name.   Oh I should call him Handsome his is to big to call a Cutie Pie.  Sorry about that big guy.  She has a way with knitting needles, she sent me a very pretty dish cloth and a bottle of dish soap,  Dawn,,,,,   now I wonder why she picked that one....... hmmmm. :}   It is too pretty to use on dirty dishes, I will have to use it after they are clean.... he he  and she wrote me a very cute note,  I would have taken a photo but my batteries are dead, but when I get new ones I will post the photo of it. If  you have not been by her blog you should stop and take a look see. I love reading  about her son Tim and her every day life, she is very witty and funny.  You won't be disappointed.

Now I have been tagged, by  Miss Rhea  from Miss Rhea's.  So I am going to try my best to give some very interesting answers, that don't make me sound like I really am......    Get it.......    So here are the rules.


If you have been tagged, here is what is requested:
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird...
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a post on their blog. So here we go......

1;  I am a neat freak  if there is something out of place or crooked it drives me nuts till I fix it.  Not just at home either. 

2'  My money has to be in the order of largest to smallest, and all the heads have to go the same way.

3;  I don't like going shopping for food, not sure why but I don't, I go but I don't if I don't have to.  Poor Hubby does most of the shopping for food..

4;  My third toe on my right foot has a slanted toe nail, it does not go straight across. My grandson has the same toe... It is very hard to paint.

5;   When I clean my house I put on my I pod and sings loud and dance around the house, it makes the hum drum cleaning faster and more fun.

6;   I have a huge love affair with shoes,, I can't help it, when I see a pair I have to buy them if I can. I have so many that it is hard to wear them all.  When I am have a bad day or week  hubby says is it time for a new pair of shoes.  When I go to the GW I am always finding a pair to bring home.

7;  I start more projects then I will ever get done. My bad habit, I will have good intentions when I start one, then I get another idea and start that one. So I have lots of  unfinished projects. Some day I will get some done.  

Well I hope  I have not disappointed or offended any one.  I know  some of you have put me up on a pedestal, and now I think I just fell off....   ha ha   hope you are laughing cos it is a joke...  Really though I hope you enjoyed  my seven things random or

wearied.   My whole life is weird.  I could write a book on it.  Hey maybe I should.  I could be one  of Opera's  book of the month now how cool would that be...   Or a very scary movie,  oh well, one can dream...   Not sure if any of that made sense.

I wish to thank every one for you sweet comments and taking the time to visit my blog and read about my little every day life. You are all so special to me more then you will ever know.  I am surely Blessed to have such caring and up lifting friends.

God Bless


OOPS!  I forgot, to tag  someone else....   So I am tagging;;;;;;;

I try to pick someone who I don't think has been tagged before.

Darlene;  Darlene's Days

Libby; My Thrifty Victorian Home

Lea;  Shabby Olde Potting Shed

Michele;;  Country Vintage

Kim;  Daisy Cottage

Lori;  Katie's Rose Cottage

Katherine;  Yellow Rose Arbor.

So have fun you all, can't wait  to read what your seven things are. I love the tags great way to know every one a little better.



Monday, September 15, 2008



Good Evening to all my dear friends. I am still here in case any one has missed me..   So has any one missed me?????  Don't be shy speak up....  I have had a not so good weekend, so I took the weekend off  from blogging, I have missed you all a lot. We did get lots of rain this weekend, it was part if Ike.  So our grass is so green and long again. Poor hubby had to so some mowing tonight, I planted my one pot on one side of my garage, I have Coleus in it. It looks pretty good there, I did not take any photos of the fall planting I did either too much rain. But tomorrow is going to be nice. so when I get home from work, I will be clicking away. Today was a half day for me at work, and I have been working on my Halloween Swap, I have been going nuts trying to come up with some really neat things, scrapbooking and such. So I hope my partner likes what I am coming up with.

I have not scraped book in a long time, so I am kind of rusty. lol

I had to get out all my magazines and books to look at. But I am having fun and getting into it again.

Today was such a beautiful day so sunny and cool with the right amount of breeze. I still have to plant my Lavender and Hydrangeas they are going to be so pretty by my side yard in front of the fence.


No this is not my back yard, just a photo I found and thought it was so peaceful looking that I had to share it. It is hard to find that one place that is just so peaceful and quite that one can really hear what the Lord has to say to us. Out lives are so busy with every day life that we tend to forget. Now my quite place is in a warm bubble bath, no one bothers me in there believe it or not.

Oh not to change the subject, but I will. ha ha   while I was looking through my scrap book mag. I found a really neat idea, that some of you might like to do. They are called scrap book trading cards, they are the size of playing cards no  bigger than that. And you trade them with some one else like baseball or football cards. I will take a photo of them a put them on my post tomorrow I would love to start a scrap book trading card. Now we do not sell them just trade them. Just think of how many different and beautiful cards we can collect, from all over. So please let me know what you think about it, I  hope some of you want to join in the fun.  I just bought a cheap box of card and I have lots of card stock to put on the front and back of the card. then decorate them any way you wish.

Well dear friends I am going to sign off now, I  am keeping every one in Texas in my Prayers. I hope my blogs friends are safe and sound.  Have a wonderful week and keep smiling.

God Bless;



Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Poor Gracie Bell, she had a Vet appt. today, she did very well. Every thing is ok with her she is slow on getting her baby teeth, and her nose cannel is very narrow so she is having some trouble breathing. But the Dr. said it is nothing to worry about she is getting air, I was a little worried about that, she should out grow it by the time she is one yr. old. So she has a clean bill of health, and I might add that it was a big bill too. ha ha  she is worth every penny of it. We are just loving her so much. We are not a complete family. :}

Ok now for today; wow we are having such wonderful cooler weather. I had the day off work, so this morning I was up and out at our Home Depot, buy some fall flowers and plants. They are all on sale, so I went nuts. I replanted my front yard pot with some Mums and Kale and something else that is tall for the back It reminds me of  corn. It is really pretty, I did not take photos yet but I will.  I also bought some Lavender, two Hydrangea bushes. they are so pretty. We have a Mum called Aprils Mum, after our daughter who is with our Lord. I planted that one out front on the side of our garage. She looks so pretty there, some day when I have a while I will explain about Aprils Mum. It is a long story but a wonderful one.

Gold Petals

So any way I have had a very busy day off, but it was a fun day. Honey had to mow the yard tonight, it finally turned green again.  It is so nice to have cooler days, tomorrow it is going to be in the low 80's so that is not too bad I guess.

We are getting ready for our Free Fall Fair in two weeks, it is going to be crazy around here again. I don't do rides never have I just eat the food and walk around. lol.  Next weekend is the Johnny Apple Seed Festival, they have such wonderful booths and shows. I will make sure I can go and take photos this time for you all. ha ha   smiling;;;  

Well dear friends I wish to thank each of you for you sweet and welcoming comments to my Gracie Bell. She wants me to thank yo too.  Arf Arf;;;;     I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoying life.     

God Bless



Monday, September 8, 2008



Hello every one my name is Gracie Bell. I have a new Mommy and Daddy and big Sister Isobella.  I am 4 months old and I am very happy to have a new home.  I just love to run and play with my big sister.


My new back yard has a very huge fence so I can't run out in the street or get lost, so I just run and jump and play all over the yard. There are so many new things to smell and look at too.


My big sister is showing my Mommy's new Flowers, but we have to be careful not to dig or eat them, or we will get in to trouble.

But even if we did all we would have to do is give Mommy a sad look and she will forgive us.




Mommy we are so sorry we dug in your pretty flowers and won't do it again......   Love you.....


So when we get tired we can jump up on the chair and take a nap. Yes life is good, we run eat potty and nap what could one want more than that..... 


Ok nap time is over play time. Just cos I am small does not mean I can't take you down Sista......   So look out.


I am so glad to have met all of you, my mommy says you are her bestest friends in the whole world, so I like you too, and hope you like me too.  Now  mommy wants to talk now, bye bye.


Thank you Gracie Bell you did a very good job, Oh and you too Isobella I can't for get about you ..

We are having a ball with Gracie she has brought such extra joy in our lives. We are a very Blessed.  My Mums are looking pretty good very pretty colors. I still need to get more and more digging to do too.



I just love the yellow ones, and the deep purple.  I guess I love then all.


These are my light purple mums but then you can see that. lol

I worked  today until noon which was not too bad, got a lot caught up on. Later this afternoon I had to cut back all my dead cone flowers and black eyed Susan's, when I got down to the bottom they had some new growth starting. So I might get some more before our first frost.

I want to thank every one for you sweet comments, and for taking the time our of your busy lives to visit me. I hope you enjoyed meeting our new baby Gracie. Have a wonderful week.

God Bless;



Sunday, September 7, 2008


My Little Angel


Well I guess I should explain. Hubby and I have a new fur babie, she is the cutest little thing... Squelllllllllll  with delight .

I don't have any photos yet she is very scared right now so I am having to hold her a lot, which I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Her name is Gracie Bell, she came to our home this afternoon and she is 4 months old. Isobella is pretty excited to have a baby sister again. I was a little worried about that, but Isobella did real great.

So we have filled the void in our hearts left by loosing Sissybell, with our very own Gracie Bell.  Tomorrow I will be taking lots and lots of photos of her for all to see. Our daughter's friend had her and they already had two, which were Gracie's mommy and daddy. So when she heard about us loosing Sissy she said if we wanted we could adopt her.  How sweet was that,,, It is a sad story about her ,  she was the only pup to survive the litter. But she is in good shape, Mommy is going to call the Vet and make a apt. for her, just to make sure every thing is ship shape, and get her shots and nails clipped, they are very long.  Her color is a very light tan and white with big brown eyes, she is so loving.

Our little family is starting to feel whole again. And our Izzie is just in love with her. So things are going well.

This morning I was out digging again and planting my Mums we bought yesterday. I will take photos tomorrow to show you, they are so pretty. I hope to plant them all around my patio for great shot of fall color. I am going to get out my pots and put some around the front yard too. My front yard sure needs some color out there. Well dear Friends I must go my baby is calling for her mommie... hehehe   Have a great week everyone.

Thank you all for such wonderful comments you left me. I get such a lift in my sprite from all of you.

God Bless;



Friday, September 5, 2008


Good evening every one, and Good morning to all!!  Not sure when some of you will be stopping by, so I wanted to make sure I got every one. lol

So I am so sorry that I don't have too much pink to show off , I am going to have to start looking for pink. I have all ready shown all I have and now I am looking for some Pink outside my box, ha ha get it.......  I know it was not that funny..   So here is my Pink for this Saturday.

Pink Daisy 

I found this pretty Pink Posy in my craft cd. I love the black back ground, really makes the Pink Pop.

Shelby and goodie box 017

And my pretty pink netting that was in the box of goodies that Vanessa sent me. I looks like cotton candy. yummmmm

I promise next Saturday I will do better. Have a great Pink Saturday...

And don't forget to stop by our Hostess  for this fun day, Beverly at How Sweet The Sound, to see all the amazing Pinkness from others. I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments I just love reading them. OH and thank you for letting me know the teapot is not a teapot, but a Chocolate Pot, I did not know that, now that sounds good  Chocolate Pot. yummmmyyyy 

God Bless



Thursday, September 4, 2008


OK ladies I am going to talk about the Antique show I did make, and had to sneak the photos. I felt like Jane Bond. ha ha

This was the first time I went to this show, I did not know about this one, I used to go to the Tri Kappa one. To tell you the truth they are very expensive but the other one was not too bad. They did have some very high price tags on the most amazing beautiful things. So many Cut Crystal dishes bowls and glass wear. Oh and the China sets wow so pretty, made me wish I had lots of money.

Ok now for some photos, I could only take three of them every one was watching me like a hawk. lol Good thing they did not catch me....


Don't you just love this Tea Set... I fell in love with it,but a lass I could not afford it. Oh well.  So I did the next best thing, snapped a photo of it. This booth had so many China sets that were so beautiful I wonder where they found them.


I am sorry this one is so blurry, I was in a hurry to take it, the owner of this booth was watching us. He has lots of wonderful lamps. I found one that I loved but again too much $$$$ for it. I was getting a little down in the mouth, that I would not be able to find some thing I could afford to buy.........


I love doing different colors of fonts  on my posts. Sorry if it bothers you. Just trying to make it interesting. ha ha

The owner of this booth was so nice she let me take a photo of her booth, but I did have to make her feel at ease about. Then she said yes go ahead. I did find something in this one. She had the most beautiful collection of old tags and label's and post cards, I have seen in a long time. I found some very well priced tags and candy box label's. Yes I did take pictures of them to show you all. I think I was there talking to her for about 1/2 hr. She was telling me how she came across her large selection of tags and post cards and label's.  The dealer she worked with was a elderly woman, and when she died the estate called her and gave her first dibs at any thing she wanted. So she said she bought three huge dressers filled with all the post cards and labels.

So now  I will show you what I found. Ok Ready.. Here we go.

Shelby and goodie box 044 

And here are my pretty vintage tag's and sticky label's. The rose ones are from the 18oo's they used then on candy boxes. How sweet are they. I found some valentine tags too .

Shelby and goodie box 046 

Don't you just love this one, so rosy...

Shelby and goodie box 048

This is a valentine love the two little girls one them, I know it looks like a Christmas one but it is not....

Shelby and goodie box 050 

Hey look out here comes Cupid....

Shelby and goodie box 051

I must say that this one is my favorite one. I bought four of them for 5.00  each. The others were about 4.50. She had so many I was having a hard time choosing. lol  Poor Honey Bunny he just stood their waiting for me to get done.   Then in another booth I found some teacups, they are so beautiful, and colorful and at a great price of 10.00 each.  Hang on I will show you........ 

Shelby and goodie box 052

The blue flowers are so pretty, it looks so pretty in my china hutch.

Shelby and goodie box 054

And this little beauty has such wonderful pink flowers, they remind me of a pink Poinsettia don't you think....  And now for my find of the day, I was so excited I could not breath very well.

I have always loved Flow Blue ward for ever it seems. But when I found some they were always out of reach price wise. So when I saw these beautiful ones, and the price was too good not to buy.

Shelby and goodie box 059 

Now they are not big plates, they are small butter pats. But just the same they are Flow Blue, and only 5.00 each!!!!!!!!!

He had lots of them but at higher prices. The dealer sold them cheap because they had small nick's on the side of them.You can hardly see them. So I did not argue with him on that matter. They are perfect to me, now my dream of owing some flow blue has come true.  Now I am on the look out for more at a price I can afford. ha ha Maybe something a little bigger. Guess I should save my Pin Money..

Well ladies that is all for now, tomorrow I will be posting about what I found at the  G W store. I found lot's of goodies there. I am making my niece Brandee's office look a little homier. I will be taking photos of her office  before and after. She is so excited about it. Then I have to do my front office where I sit. Not too much space but I can make it work. 

I want to thank everyone for your sweet and kind comments. As always dear friends you are the bestest....    I hope every one has a very wonderful Friday.   God Bless;