Monday, September 15, 2008



Good Evening to all my dear friends. I am still here in case any one has missed me..   So has any one missed me?????  Don't be shy speak up....  I have had a not so good weekend, so I took the weekend off  from blogging, I have missed you all a lot. We did get lots of rain this weekend, it was part if Ike.  So our grass is so green and long again. Poor hubby had to so some mowing tonight, I planted my one pot on one side of my garage, I have Coleus in it. It looks pretty good there, I did not take any photos of the fall planting I did either too much rain. But tomorrow is going to be nice. so when I get home from work, I will be clicking away. Today was a half day for me at work, and I have been working on my Halloween Swap, I have been going nuts trying to come up with some really neat things, scrapbooking and such. So I hope my partner likes what I am coming up with.

I have not scraped book in a long time, so I am kind of rusty. lol

I had to get out all my magazines and books to look at. But I am having fun and getting into it again.

Today was such a beautiful day so sunny and cool with the right amount of breeze. I still have to plant my Lavender and Hydrangeas they are going to be so pretty by my side yard in front of the fence.


No this is not my back yard, just a photo I found and thought it was so peaceful looking that I had to share it. It is hard to find that one place that is just so peaceful and quite that one can really hear what the Lord has to say to us. Out lives are so busy with every day life that we tend to forget. Now my quite place is in a warm bubble bath, no one bothers me in there believe it or not.

Oh not to change the subject, but I will. ha ha   while I was looking through my scrap book mag. I found a really neat idea, that some of you might like to do. They are called scrap book trading cards, they are the size of playing cards no  bigger than that. And you trade them with some one else like baseball or football cards. I will take a photo of them a put them on my post tomorrow I would love to start a scrap book trading card. Now we do not sell them just trade them. Just think of how many different and beautiful cards we can collect, from all over. So please let me know what you think about it, I  hope some of you want to join in the fun.  I just bought a cheap box of card and I have lots of card stock to put on the front and back of the card. then decorate them any way you wish.

Well dear friends I am going to sign off now, I  am keeping every one in Texas in my Prayers. I hope my blogs friends are safe and sound.  Have a wonderful week and keep smiling.

God Bless;




Dawn said...

Everyone needs some time off now and then. I hope you are feeling rested. Oh, lucky you to have cool weather. Today was the most humid day I can remember in a long time. It made it just miserable at school.

After school today I mailed your package. You should have it in a couple of days.

take care,

Jill said...

What a cute new puppy you have! I bet she is just wearin' you out! I always dread that first trip to the vet.

I might do the trading card thing...but I sure haven't been good about scrapbooking lately. I can't seem to get motivated to get it all out!

Smilingsal said...

I'm glad that the storm helped some. I love your hydrangea picture.

Cindy said...

I did miss you. I'm glad you took a break and are now back and your perky wonderful self.


Miss Rhea said...

Sounds fun !! Hey, I tagged you !! :)

belladella said...

I have missed you. I was wondering where you were :) Hope you are having a good Monday.

plain*worker*primitives said...

Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment! Love your pictures :)


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Love the picture of the stream. It does look so peaceful!
Have a great day!

IsabellaCloset said...

Hello Alaura, Just wanted to say hello.. glad you took some time off.
My Daughter did the trading card thing on her blog about a year ago. She traded large Heidi Swapp playing cards. Not sure how it all turned out.
Have fun!
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Anonymous said...