Friday, September 19, 2008


Good evening everyone! I am sooooooo excited about tomorrow, and I have been a very GOOD GIRL.  It is the Johnny Apple Seed Festival.   It has been such a long year to wait for this huge show. It is in honor of  Johnny Apple Seed himself, his grave site is in the park too, very pretty one with a small apple tree at the head of  his grave. I will make sure I get some photos of it. The park is huge and you can camp in there too.  Every thing in the craft show is all hand made, this one vender spins her own yarn and they have a man who make his own iron work, it is so amazing to watch them work. They all dress up too, and the FOOD IS TO DIE FOR  OHHHHHHHHHHHH MY..

I am going to have so many photos that I will have to split them  up and do one each night, oh and then the fair photos, I am going to have lots to talk about and share.  That is a good thing, I won't have to think. lol;   OK enough of  all this talk I have some photos to show. I put new batteries in my camera and took photos of my very pretty wash cloth and dish soap. And  of the plants I  planted  this morning.


This is on the right side of my garage I planted some pansies and fancy kale, at least I think that is what it is. They really look so great there. Sorry about my trash can in the back.



Just some close ups of my pretties . I am going nuts on planting this year, if I had it my way I would rent a huge bulldozer and just go at it.  ha ha 




No this is not one plant you are seeing two of them I finally bought my Hydrangea's hubby helped me plant them tonight, he is such a doll.  They are on the left side of  the house in front of the back yard fence where my veggie garden is. They will look so great when they are bigger, it will hide the fence which is not very pretty to look at. I am  going to get a lilac tree next year to plant on the side by our bedroom window, how wonderful the smell will be then. I have so many plans for my front yard it will take me forever to get it done.  Listen to me it is fall and I am thinking about next spring. lol  But I can do some fall planting for next spring so I guess that is ok. Don't you think....

I can't help it I love to garden it is my passion. I love to get in the dirt and get dirty. lol;; 

Oh by the way my dear friends, I will be taking a week off  of posting, I am going to be very busy next week, with the Fair and setting up the booth. In case I did not mention it where I work which is for Allstate Ins. we are having a booth in the Industrial tent. It is a huge tent with lots of  booths, all kinds of booths, mostly businesses. It get so crowed in there you can hardly move. I don't do well in places like that, I am very claustrophobic so I hope I do well in there.  We are having a drawing for a bike, how great is that of my boss to do. And we have bags of goodies for the kiddies. It will be lots of fun to hand them out and balloons. I guess I had better get off now, I have to post again later for Pink Saturday.

As always I want to Thank each and every one of my Sweet Friends for your very wonderful comments  My Hubby says thank you to you all. When he gets his certificate I will make sure I show it off.. hehehe..  I hope everyone has a wonderful and bright lazy weekend.  God Bless









Smilingsal said...

Have a great time. See you when you return.

Smilingsal said...


Check out Carol at:

She does a thing with apple orchards. You might be able to join in the fun.

Darlene said...

I would love to go to the craft show with you...if only I lived a little closer!! Have a blast!

I posted my tag today.