Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Good evening; I just thought I would pop in and let you all know that I am still around…. Seems like Summer is just a busy time,,, doing yard work,,,, cook outs, picnics,,,Vacation’s,, Minnie Vacations,,, and just so much more…. that blogging time takes a back seat at times,,  so my reason for being MIA……  I hope to get back to blogging on a  more regular base’s soon.. I have been wanting to take a walk around our small town and take some photos to share with you all… Auburn is so beautiful in the Summer,, the Court Square is just amazing with so many lovely flowers planted,, and a small garden square with a water fall and seating,, and beautiful flowers… and each year they show case some type of Art around the town.. this year it is Statue’s around the town,, and they are amazing.. they have them set up all over town and at one end they have a very HUGE couple dancing in  Victorian clothing,,,,, and they are HUGE; lol 

But with the weather being so darn hot hot hot,,, I have not been able to get out and do that… so I am Praying that this weekend it will cool a bit and I can get up there to do that….. I am not sure how long I will be here in my home town,,, so I had better hurry….. We did get some much needed rain this evening,, it was a nice hard rain so my few plants were very happy…..  oh and all those weeds were singing too……  I hope you are all having a wonderful week, and the weather is pleasant for you where you live……  So that is it for now,,, I hope to be back with some lovely home town photos….

So until next time; God Bless;



Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hello there,, I hope all of you are having a wonderful week so far…. it has been so hot here,,,, and because of that it is keeping me from yard work,,, but the on the other hand I have been spending the days at my Sister’s house laying in her pool….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the water is so great…… any way I have done a lot of weeding and ,,,,,,,,,  surprise surprise,, I found my yard again.. yeah!!!  I still have some nasty weeds that I have to take care of but they can wait…….  the pool calls…lol

  As I posted about a few days ago my three grand daughters are in Cheer Leading,, and I went to watch them practice and just had to take some photos,,, now some are  not too clear,, but a few are.. so I hope you can see them…. My daughter Heather is a coach to the youngest ones,,, and she is so loving it,, not to mention she is a really good one….  so on to the photos…

Cheering Leadering Pratice 003 

Now this little one is my youngest,, Madison Lee,,, this is her first year,, and she is some what shy,,, but she loves her pom poms….lol

Cheering Leadering Pratice 039

And this little cutie pie is Regan,,,,, she just loves cheering,, I think she is the loudest one,,,, I call her my little Monkey because she love’s to climb on any thing,, which gives me a heart attack….lol  Heather is in the back ground wearing a red shirt…. with little Maddy to her right…. this is a Potty break that is what they are all running……  lol

Cheering Leadering Pratice 031

You see the little one all in red,,,,,,,, well that is my little Munchkin Liberty,,, she just turned 8,,my how time flies….. she is in the  Pom squad this year and boy can she dance… that girl has talent,,,,,, just like me…hehe  so now that you have seen them,,, I will show a few photos that are of most of all the girls,, it is a huge squad, My nice Jenny started it up a few yrs ago,, and it has taken off… she has different age groups and they are all so amazing….. they are called the Junior Patriot's… the JV squad has won awards all ready.  oops! am I bragging,,, sorry,,,,, can’t help it….

 Cheering Leadering Pratice 005 

Cheering Leadering Pratice 018

Heather teaching her young gals,,,, they are so darn cute,,,,, the age range is two to four…. so so sweet…

Cheering Leadering Pratice 035

Cheering Leadering Pratice 040

This is my Libby doing her back flip,,, wow to be young again….

Cheering Leadering Pratice 043

And Libby doing her cart wheel,,,, not too bad… can’t believe I caught this shot…. blurry but got it…..

Cheering Leadering Pratice 045

Regan just finished her summer salt's she did great.. excuse the bald head,,,,, no it is not mine,,,,,,, just a proud daddy watching……

Cheering Leadering Pratice 048

Madison;;; this is just what she does most of the time,,, runs around the field…. love it… she is only 2 but she will get with it,,, I hope….lol

Cheering Leadering Pratice 038

Cheering Leadering Pratice 006

Cheering Leadering Pratice 032

OK I will stop now,,,, I have more but I won’t bore you with the rest……. I hope you enjoyed my sweet little girls,, I love it that I can go and watch them each Thursday night.. they have done all the 4th of July shows in the area,, and some compaction's and in Sept.. the are in the Parade at our town fair… so they are a busy bunch…. 

Thank you all for stopping by to pay me a visit,, and leaving such wonderful kind comments,,, I Pray that you all have a great week and hope you are all staying cool with all this hot hot weather,,,

So until next time; God Bless;



Thursday, July 15, 2010


Good evening dear friends;  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Thursday.  Here in Indiana it has been very warm,,, and humid in the mid 90’s I thought I left that back in N.C. guess I packed it by mistake….lol; We did have a nice thunderstorm this afternoon,,,, I was out trimming the front yard trees,,, listening to the thunder roll in,,,,, loved it,,then the wind picked up and that was even better…. I did get my three trees trimmed done before the lighten paid a visit.  So I decided to sit on our covered patio and watch the rain fall and the thunder roll…. loved it…  Ok that was my day,,,, so let’s go back in the future a bit and see what I was working on shall we***********  so please step in side the way back machine,,,,,,,,,,,,,, please keep your arms and legs in at all times,,,, we would not want to leave any thing behind,,,,,,lol  OK here goooooooooooo

Libby Pompoms 001 

I bought this white Styrofoam ball a rather large one,,, and was not sure what I was going to do with it,,,,, until I found a huge bag of shells at  where else Marshalls,,,, all through blog land and in magazines I have seen these shell balls,, and I thought to myself,,,,,, self,,, you can do this… So I gathered all my goodies together and got out my glue gun and started gluing,,,, oh and yes I did burn my little fingers,,,, but that is the price one pays for creativity…… Am I right girls*******    so in the photo above is the start of it all. I set it on a flower bowl to keep it still,,,,,,

 Libby Pompoms 003 

I went and brought out my boxes of pretties to put in here and there for a little different look,,, can you see my little silver bell……. jingle,,, jingle……. hehehe

Libby Pompoms 002

photo (8)

And this is the finished project……. now when I started this I did not realize just how big this ball was,,,,, until I finished gluing all the shells and things on……. wow it is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It is like when you get a fresh Christmas tree from a tree farm,, and you say  boy it looks kind of small,,,,,,,, thennnnnnnnnnnn you take it home an it explodes all over your living room……. well that is my shell ball….. I have it sitting in a med. sized flower pot… but I think it turned out pretty…. and it did not cost me a large kidney.hehehe  I see them for sale an some do cost a lot….. I plan on making some babies for it soon….

OK on the next thing I made,,,,,,,, that is right girls,,, I was being very creative,,, I know it is a shocker  so close up you mouths now……. and lets get on with the rest of my story___________________________

photo (4)

Now I have also seem these sweet pretty tea cup pin cushions all over as well,,, so I said to myself,,,,,, self  you can do this too,,,,, so I found a lonely tea cup and told her I was going to make her look so beautiful,, she was so excited,,,,, she felt so sad that she was the only one with out a saucer,,,,, I told her not to worry,, that when I was done,,, they would all be green with envoy…..

photo (5)

I made the pins that are in it,,, with left over pearl and blings,,,,,, and I used a small round off white doily on top,,,,, andddddddddddddddddddd  yessssssssssssss I made the yellow rose flower,,,,,,,,, yeahhhhhhhhh I was so excited when I finally got it to look like one,,, ya’ll make it look so easy,,, but with my fingers   it is any thing but easy,,,, I am proud of me,,,,,, hehehe

photo (6)

I had some left over wire Pink wire ribbon and some pink and blue ribbon,,, made some bows for the back so she would look beautiful from any why you look at her.. If you look close you can see a black and rhinestone pretty I glued on top of the first bow,,,,, just a little somin somin,,,,,,

photo (7) 

I also had some light peach braded trim I glued around the inside of the cup before I put in the Pink stuffed fabric…. I think she turned out really Pretty for my first time….. Whatch think??????????   how’d I do….

Well that is it now,,, so ladies we are heading back in the way back machine to head back to Indiana,,,, so please as before keep your hands and legs in at all times,, so all of you make it back….. I am not responsible for body parts left behind……  ewwwwww that sounded nasty,,, didn’t it….. sorry…… 

Ok we are back home in Ind. again,,, I want to thank you all for taking the trip with me…. it was fun… I hope you all enjoyed yourselves,, I did…. I thank you all for taking the time to stop by for a visit and for all the kind and sweet comments you leave……

So until next time; God Bless;

Hugs;     Alaura

Monday, July 12, 2010



Sorry for being a bad blogger,,, but sometimes live and summer just gets in the way of blogging….. I am back in Indiana for a little vacation,,, getting some family time,, while my DH is holding down the fort back home in N.C.  not sure how long I will be here,,, but I do have so much to keep my busy,,,,, our Son rents the house from us,,, but he really needs to learn how to pull weeds,,, he is good at keeping the yard mowed,,, but the weeds……  WOW WEEEEEEEEEE!!!  they took over… I was so not happy when we pulled in to our drive way…. it is going to take me forever to get it all back to where I had it in the earl Spring…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh  boys,,, what can ya do with’em….  beat him with a stick!!!    ( ok maybe not that)… but I could….lol

  I have been doing a little bit each day,,, it is pretty hot and humid back here too,, so I don’t stay out side too much…   Our grandbabies are getting so big,, I can’t believe how fast they are growing….  and four of our grand girls are in cheer leading,,, they are so darn cute,,, oh and one is in the Pom Pom Squad,, they are so loving it.. I was able to go to one of the practice's  they are all so good,,,, well except for our youngest Maddy,,,, she is still shy and does not do much but she is fun and cute to watch…….  I took some photos and will get them on here for you all to see,   

A few weeks ago I was having a awful time with my computer,,,, I could not do any posts at all,, it was driving me nuts,,, so that is one of the other reasons I have not posted,,,,,, darn thing…. but finally Hubby got me all fixed up…. yeah…..  he is so darn handy to have around.   I do have a few photos to show you all,,, they are of our home back in Charlotte. I went shopping at Marshalls, and found some really get pretties for the dinning area…. so here they are..

Marchells 008 

I found these napkins and fell in love with them,, I love love the colors,,,, I like to put two different ones together,,,,, the colors are so yummy…….

Marchells 009 

Such pretty detail on the edge of the off white ones,,,,. don’t love it………………………………..

Marchells 010

close up of the floral ones,,,, so so lovely…..

Marchells 011

Then I spied these little lovelies…. off white oval place mats,,, the quilting is do amazing,,,, I only bought two,,,,,,   I don’t know why I only bought two,,,,,, but I have to go and get two more,,,,, hope they have them…..

Marchells 013

Wish I could quilt like that,,, so tiny and what a pretty pattern….

Marchells 014

OH my My Beautiful round table cloth,,,,, OH this I was just so in love with,,,, I went nuts in that store,,,,,, I almost hyperventilated right then and there,,,, poor honey,, good thing he had a paper bag with him…..

Marchells 015 

Love the Roses**********************************

Marchells 016

I then spied this little pretty,,,,,, it is a cut work square table cloth,,, in off white,,, oh be still my Heart……..  this is just perfect for my round end table,,,, oh I can’t wait to get it on the table…… she will be just so beautiful…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Marchells 017

OH just take a look at the sweet little corners  with all the pretty cut work…. ooooooooooooooooooooooo  I am just so excited…….   can you tell?????????

Marchells 022

OK here is our little dinning area,,, how pretty and cozy it is….. and the new cloth colors match my salt and pepper shakers I won in a give away….. and the bird cadge…….

Marchells 023

Marchells 024

OH look!!!!  they were meant for each other,,,,,,,, just amazing……

Marchells 030

Since I did not have any napkin rings,, I had some seam binding,,,, so  I  used it and made tiny little bows to hold them together… I think it looks pretty good,,, don’t ya think……  use what ya do have…… that is what I say……………….. OH you too………………..

Marchells 031

They look to pretty too use,,,,, hehehehehe.. I just love how it all turned out… I love love that store,, I could go nuts in there…… I really could….   OK I already did,,,, good thing Hubby was there to keep and eye on me and stuff that bag over my mouth when I needed it….lol

Marchells 025

And last but not least,,,,,,, my round table,, with her new table cloth… how pretty she looks…… she was so happy to have a new dress…… it had been a while since she had one…. poor thing……

Marchells 026

It is just the perfect size for her too,,,,, you should see her twirl…. wow……  oops,,,, have I gone too far………  heheh sorry,,, It has been awhile since I posted I am getting carried away….  I really have missed you all very much,,,, your stopping by and leaving me such wonderful comments,,, I hope I can get my blogging back in line again.. I have been popping by yours to see what you all have been doing,,,,,,,  I hope you enjoyed my post,,,,,,, and my photos,,,, I want to thank you for not forgetting me,,, first of all….hehehe and second for taking the time to stop by and read my post….and leave me with such lovely comments… You are all just the best…  So until next time;   God Bless;



Sunday, July 4, 2010


Just popped in to wish you all a very Happy 4th of July; I am still here,,, I will be posting again soon,,, I have missed you all very much…  so take care and enjoy your long weekend with your family and friends,,, eat lots of food,, and play like a young one again,,,,,  God Bless you all…