Friday, September 17, 2010


hobby lobby 007

Hello my sweet dear blog family….  I am in much need of all your Prayers,, and  I must take a break from my sweet blog..   My Heart and Joy for blogging is gone for now… But with the help of a wonderful Lady and Our Lord  it will return again,,, I am working on that…  I can’t share with you the reason’s why just yet,, just know that I will miss you all to very much.. You have become like Family to me,, and the joy and sprite each of your bring into my life when I visit and read your words… have helped my in more ways then each of you will ever now,, and for that I Praise the Lord for bringing you all in to m life…  Saying Thank You;  just dose not seem enough to express how I grateful I am.

  I will how ever be stopping by and paying a visit to each and every one of you from time to time,,, I can’t cut myself completely from you all…..  so this will be my last post for awhile,,,,, until my  Joy has returned.

So with that said I will show you all the rest of my Home Town as promised,,,,, I hope you all enjoy the photos,, I do love my town even though threw the yrs. it has changed  but still the same….  Now don’t you all for get about me,,, cause I will be back some day…  so sit back and hopefully  enjoy my Town…..

My Home Town 026

This is our Old Hotel,, from the 30’s it is really not used any more,, it once was so beautiful inside….

My Home Town 028

My Home Town 018

This is our Hardware store,, it has been here since I was born,,,, still has the wooden floors, and his huge Old time Cash register… I love this store….. The next pictures you are going to see are of the Statues' around town,, it is part of the annual  Art around Town… so I will just show you.

My Home Town 029  


My Home Town 032

My Home Town 035

My Home Town 047

Don’t ya just love this one…….

My Home Town 049

My Home Town 058

My Home Town 061

I love this couple,,, and they are really Biggggggggggg

My Home Town 062

Looks like he is trying to steel a kiss…… (for shame) lol

My Home Town 068

I had to show you the back of her pretty dress,,,

My Home Town 084

I am so sorry for all the photos,,, so hang in there,,, please….

My Home Town 085

My Home Town 087

My Home Town 088

This the who the Man taking the photo of… so cute.

My Home Town 041

They turned this empty lot into a gorgeous garden area with tables and benches,,, a lot of people eat their lunches here…

My Home Town 050

My Home Town 039

The ladies of the garden club did a beautiful job on the plants…

My Home Town 043

My Home Town 044

My Home Town 051

My Home Town 052

OK I will stop now,,, don’t want to loose any of you,,,,lol   I hope you enjoyed my Town…. I have way too many  and don’t want to over load you with them.

So I will save them for when I return…..  I will so miss you all…. I will Keep you all in my thoughts and Prayers,, my the Lord send Blessing your way….

So until next time; God Bless;