Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Princess's On Ice……. loved it……

Good evening all; I hope you are all enjoying your week. We are finally getting some warmer days…. Yeah!!!!!  Well so much for me getting my post’s on my blog more often….. I have been busy, I am going to class at night to brush up on a few things….. so that keeps me busy in the evenings. And during the day I am just puttering around,,, sewing the baby quilt for my daughter’s little bundle of joy,,,,,, she is doing great and Little Guy is really kicking up a storm…. she is loving every minute of it….. and I am too…..wink…… 

  I have also started knitting a blanket too,, three colors, light blue, soft yellow, and off white,, it is looking so pretty…. not a fancy knitter but it does not fall apart….. so that is good….lol;  I still have not been able to do much by the way of decorating my home,,, Yet!  but I will be getting into it soon….

Ok  a few weeks ago my daughter Heather and I took our Princess Madison, (my granddaughter) to see Princess’s on Ice…. I have never ever  been to any thing like this before. so needless to say I was just as excited as Madison was…. Princess Party,, and Libby 122

Queen Mamaw and Princess Madison…. we dressed her like Cinderella who she adores…… she had pink sparkly shoes…. and pink gloves with white fur… but she took off the gloves.. I have never seen so many little Cinderella’s before,,,,, and with a few other Princess’s here and there,,,, but the most popular was Cinderella… of course.  ok ok more photos,,, I did my best to get some good ones from where we were….

Princess Party,, and Libby 012

Oh look Aladdin with the genie…. I was so amazed at how great the skated with all the costumes they had to ware….. the special effects were so wonderful…

Princess Party,, and Libby 024

Cinderella,,,,, sorry this is out of order,, she was the last one to skate….

Princess Party,, and Libby 017

Ok back on track…… when Aladdin came out on his elephant,,,, it was nuts….. not sure how they did it, but the elephant was on skates and doing a darn good job…

Princess Party,, and Libby 022

This is my favorite photo,,,, when Aladdin and Jasmine went on the flying carpet it really looked like they were flying…..gosh I have so many photos,,,, to show, don’t know what to show,,, guess I will have to do a two part post….. but you all can’t wait for that…… **wink**

 Princess Party,, and Libby 053

OH look it is Bell and Beast….. how sweet they were…. so are you still with me????? and are you having fun???

Princess Party,, and Libby 066

Princess Madison with her Mee Mee.. they had a break in the show here, so they could get ready for the final act…. I am trying to find Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. It is hard to see who is who….hehe but I will find them…

Princess Party,, and Libby 019

No these are not the dwarfs,,,, hang on…. ok

Princess Party,, and Libby 028

Getting closer,,, this is Sleeping Beauty and the little fairies… Ok one more photo and I will stop and show you the rest on another post…. and I promise that I won’t take as long…

Princess Party,, and Libby 049

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  look what I found….. hehehehehehe………. I know it took me long enough…. I love these guys…. so so cute…. hmmmmmmmmmmmm don’t see Snow White….. well don’t you worry I will find her…..

Well I hope you enjoyed my Princess show,,,, ok some of them,,not all of them…. it was a night that we will never for get,,, my camera’s battery conked out,,,I was using the video it has on it as well, and sucked up all the juice.  I will be doing some visiting tonight and see what you all have been up too…..

So Until Next Time;  God Bless;


Alaura Red rose

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Remember Me??????

Good afternoon; Yes dear friends it is me,,,,,, the missing Cottage Rose... I have missed you all so much this past few months, so I hope some of you still remember;
With out being a downer post I will keep this short,,, (I hope),,,, Many changes have been made in my life,,,, staring with last summer. I am now a single woman again,, or what the new name is a displaced housewife,,,,, don't like that one much,,, makes me sound like I was lost... any way needless to say it has been a long and ruff journey for me... but with the help of the Lord who is so amazing and his perfect timing as well as loving family, and friends, things are looking up..... yeah! I am back in my home town which is a wonderful thing,, except for all the nasty cold and snowy days, it is nice to be home again.
During a most difficult day last year,,, the Lord with His perfect timing of course,,, I found out in a most touching way that my oldest daughter is having her first baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for so so long for that day, that I never thought it would happen.... last Monday we found out she is having a boy,,, they wanted a girl since they have two boys already,,, but he will be so loved , she is due in July but I think he will show up early,, from all the movement he was doing in the ultrasound he is going to be a real stinker... all is perfect with him Praise the Lord..

Well this did go where I wanted it to go,,,,,, I guess I have to learn my how to's all over again..... but this is his first photo,,,, he is facing down,, this is at two months..... is he handsome or what.......
So I am going to busy sewing up his quilt, planning a Huge baby shower for them....

Now I am still with out a job and looking for one is not as easy as it used to be,,, I am not with out skills,, jobs are just hard to find,,, but I have faith in the Lord and he will bring me the one that is perfect for me.
Now I have to do a lot of catching up with all of you,,, and see what everyone is up too,,,,I have not done much in the way of decorating yet... but with spring starting to sprout finally I am in the mood to redo my family room,,, paint it a lighter color..... and helping my daughter fix up the nursery.... that will be such fun.... will make sure I post photos to share with you all..... next Sat. we are having a baby day of shopping,,,,, can't wait......

Gosh I feel like I have to get to know you all again,,,, and you me,,,,,, but when you think about it,, I am a new Woman..... I really look forward to hearing from you all,,, and look for me in your comments because I will be there......So until next time God Bless;