Sunday, March 6, 2011

Remember Me??????

Good afternoon; Yes dear friends it is me,,,,,, the missing Cottage Rose... I have missed you all so much this past few months, so I hope some of you still remember;
With out being a downer post I will keep this short,,, (I hope),,,, Many changes have been made in my life,,,, staring with last summer. I am now a single woman again,, or what the new name is a displaced housewife,,,,, don't like that one much,,, makes me sound like I was lost... any way needless to say it has been a long and ruff journey for me... but with the help of the Lord who is so amazing and his perfect timing as well as loving family, and friends, things are looking up..... yeah! I am back in my home town which is a wonderful thing,, except for all the nasty cold and snowy days, it is nice to be home again.
During a most difficult day last year,,, the Lord with His perfect timing of course,,, I found out in a most touching way that my oldest daughter is having her first baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for so so long for that day, that I never thought it would happen.... last Monday we found out she is having a boy,,, they wanted a girl since they have two boys already,,, but he will be so loved , she is due in July but I think he will show up early,, from all the movement he was doing in the ultrasound he is going to be a real stinker... all is perfect with him Praise the Lord..

Well this did go where I wanted it to go,,,,,, I guess I have to learn my how to's all over again..... but this is his first photo,,,, he is facing down,, this is at two months..... is he handsome or what.......
So I am going to busy sewing up his quilt, planning a Huge baby shower for them....

Now I am still with out a job and looking for one is not as easy as it used to be,,, I am not with out skills,, jobs are just hard to find,,, but I have faith in the Lord and he will bring me the one that is perfect for me.
Now I have to do a lot of catching up with all of you,,, and see what everyone is up too,,,,I have not done much in the way of decorating yet... but with spring starting to sprout finally I am in the mood to redo my family room,,, paint it a lighter color..... and helping my daughter fix up the nursery.... that will be such fun.... will make sure I post photos to share with you all..... next Sat. we are having a baby day of shopping,,,,, can't wait......

Gosh I feel like I have to get to know you all again,,,, and you me,,,,,, but when you think about it,, I am a new Woman..... I really look forward to hearing from you all,,, and look for me in your comments because I will be there......So until next time God Bless;



My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Congratulations that you will have a brand new grandson! With everything you have been through there are such joys to look forward to. I wondered where you went. Glad you are back blogging.


Shelia said...

Hi Alaura! You're back and I have missed you! I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of this, but you sound happy and I'm proud of you! Yes, God is good and He'll be all you need him to be. Congratulations on being an almost grandma again! :) What a little tiny darling!
I'll be praying you find the perfect job for you! Welcome back sweet beautiful friend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack said...

Oh, congrats to you and your daughter. I know the "wanting a girl" feeling. We have 3 boys :) They all share toys, clothes, etc.. so it works!
I will keep you in my prayers as you search for a job and adjust to your new life. God will provide a way!
Nice to see you back! Take care!
Michelle :)

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Alaura, of cours I remember you!! Welcome back to blogland! Congratulations on having a new grandson!! I am due to have my first daughter in a couple weeks, so I am baby crazy right now too, lol. Sooo fun! With all you have been through, I hope this is a much better year for you!

Rebecca said...

I will never forget you my friend. Never. You blessed us once with your grace and you will bless us again. I can only pray will will be able to do the same thing for you!

God will lead you where you need to be and He is always faithful...

Love to you~Rebecca

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Alaura,
Congratulations on the new bundle of joy on the way! I wanted a girl too during my last pregnancy but when my third baby boy arrived, I forgot all about wanting a girl! He was such a darling child and he was such a joy to raise! I'm certain your daughter will feel the same way.
I'm sorry about all your troubles but I'm glad you have made it through and you're happy again! God is good! Thank you for stoppping by and I hope you have a wonderful day.


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Of course I remember you!!! ; )
Welcome back. You have been missed. Sounds like a lot of changes for you, but I trust things will be more positive as time goes by. How wonderful to have a new little person on the way. Babies are such a joy and a blessing. Have a great week. ; )

Nancy Jo said...

How nice to hear from you. Glad to see that you are back. Sorry to hear you have had some rough times, but as they say, look to the light, some days its just dim.
A new baby is a wonderful thing, congrats to you and the family.
Nancy Jo

Judi said...

Hi Alaura *hugs*
It is so good to see you back. I wondered how things were going with you and here you are again. I hope you are doing alright. It sounds like you are pretty up and its good that you are back at home with family close. And you are having a new grandson too. How exciting. All of that can help you as you transition into a new lifestyle. I hope you will be very very happy...*hugs*

Do come by and visit.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Alaura,
Welcome back! You have been missed..
I am so sorry you had to endure all this sadness this past year. You sound happy to be back home and like you say you are a new Woman...good for you Alaura!
A job will come up for you, it just takes time so in the mean time count your blessings one by one.
Congratulations on becoming a Grandma again how wonderful!!! I still only have the two. Last year was hard on us also. Both our daughters went through and one is still going through a difficult divorce. Also my girls Godparents who were married for 35 years were divorced. A very crazy year. You keep strong and know we are here to support you..
Big hugs for you and I am so happy you are show me some of your beautiful quilts....
XO Elizabeth

Jeanne said...

Hi Alaura, I was so happy to hear from you. You have gone through a lot. I hope all goes well for you with the changes you have made. Congrats on being a grandma again. It is always a special time when a new baby is coming.

Sending you blessings and warm hugs,

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Jillian said...

Hi Alaura,
So sorry to hear you have been going through a rough patch in life but CONGRATULATONS on the news of the baby. How wonderful. God is good!


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Susie Q said...

I am sending you many warm hugs and much love sweet lady. I am so sorry you have had to face so much but the Lord surely did give you a sweet gift. And He is right there beside you...
I will be praying for you dearfriend.