Thursday, October 20, 2011


  Hello dear friends; I am so sorry for not keeping up with my blogging,,,, or paying you all visits… but I have been so busy I have just not had the time too. I did finally get a job,,, and it is on 2nd shift,, a lot of hrs too. So between my new grandbaby and my job I hardly have time to sit……

  I just wanted to drop in to say hello and I do miss you all very much, I hope that this weekend I can make some rounds to visit some of you,,, with fall here I am anxious to see all the fall decorating every one has done….. I was able to get some of mine out,,, a few weeks ago I made the first fire of the season it was so cozy,,,but sadly I had to work that Sat. and could not enjoy it for long….  We went from 80’s to 40’s,,, and lots of rain,,, I have not been able to rake my leaves because of all the rain… I do love this time of year,, it is my favorite time… then spring…. which brings me to my gardening,,,, I have not had the time to do that either,,,, ;(  I am gong to move my huge lavender plants to the side of my garage  they will have more room and it will looks so pretty there,, they would get more sun too… I have not gotten to my Rose garden yet either,,, I have my trellis ready to put up,,, but work gets in the way,,,,, but I am making my own money and paying my own way,,,, and that feels so wonderful,,it is not the job I had hoped for, but a job is a job and I get paid… So I can buy some pretties once in awhile….hehe   

So sweet friends that is about all right now,,, I will try to get to my posting again,,,,, and some decorating photos,,,,, I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful  Autumn with all the beautiful colors, and smell’s………………….  take care and God Bless;