Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't Turn Your Back!


Good evening my dear friends. Now you all must be wondering what I am talking about by my Blog title. So please don't worry it is nothing real bad. By don't turn your back, is because every time I turn around I have more WEEDS! I don't know where they come from, oh how deep their roots are. I mean do they all go way down to China or what. I can dig and dig, and pull them up by the roots, and still they come back. Do you think maybe that they miss me. Well if they do I really don't miss them.

I spent most of my morning digging the little brats up, under my new weeping cherry tree. Wow I am so tired, oh and the ones I planted around my yard light, I said some were starting to grow. Welllllllllllll.....  To my not so surprise they were WEEDS. But some are growing, so I did feel better. So tomorrow I will be doing more WEEDING out in my back yard. I was looking on line for some kind of WEED chant and dance to keep them out, but to no avail I did not find one. Maybe I should make one up. What do you think about that?

Well my dear friends; I must go now, I must prepare myself for the battle of the WEEDS........  I hope you all have a great and weed free week.

Hey I just had a thought, maybe I should grow weeds and dig up the flowers..........  NOT!




Friday, June 27, 2008


Well this is my first pink Saturday, and I am so excited about it. I am putting on my blog post, so Beverly I hope I did it the right way. I remember you telling me in and email to post it on here. So here it is.

Pink Saturday 021

These a from Russia, my Daughter brought this back for me, is she not the prettiest thing. There are more dolls in side that go all the way to real tiny.



Pink Saturday 025

This is my pink and white creamer and sugar set. I found this little pretties at a local antique shop. You can just see a pink rose in side both. I just love them.


Thanks for stopping and looking at my pretty pink things.


More Mount Dora 2005 007

Hello everyone! Yeeeeaaaa RAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh it is Friday. and it's the weekend. First of all sorry I missed Thursday's blgo, but I was not feeling well. So today is better, I want to thank all my new dear friends for the lovely comments you let me. oh and this photo is of me and my Honey bunny. We are in Fl. at a all you can eat lobster. Whole lobster. yummmmmy!!!  It is called Angles, I think. We went to Mount Dora Fl. I found this lovely little town in a old issue of Romantic Home's mag. It is full of Victorian shops and a great Tea house. WE had such fun so if any of you ever get a chance to go you won't be sorry. It is not to far from Orlando just south of it. So here are some photos of out trip.




Mount Dora 2005 003

This is a great Victorian shop, The blonde with the white blouse is my sweet sister. The clothes in the shop are to die for.


Mount Dora 2005 005 

This is my sister and her husband it a lovely little park.

Mount Dora 2005 009

Hubby and I having tea in this great  tea room, it was so English, the people who own it are for England. They were so nice. And Great tea and little snacks.


Mount Dora 2005 010 

This is and area of a nature walk, It was a very long walk.


Mount Dora 2005 001

Hubby hoping I don't spend to much money, Yea Right. lol;


Well I just thought I would share one of out vacation's to fl. with you all. When I read the article in the mag. I just had to go and see it for my self. I am so glad we went. It has a great history about how the town was named. The Man who settled there want to name it after his three daughters, but that did not do well. And there was a Woman named Dora, and she would let workers stay on her land, and she would take care of them and feed them. She was a very gracious Lady. So they named it after her Mount Dora. I don't remember the whole story, sorry about that but it was a great way to name a town. The town is on this huge lake I mean huge. They have and old train you can take a ride on and have lunch. We did not get to take the train, but we did get to see it. Beautiful. You can take  a walk by the water or rent a bike, you can even fish. Well I guess I am done with my trip to share. I hope I did not bore you too much.

I finally found my Romantic Country, and wow what a mag. this month. I loved every bit of it, I wish it came once a month though. I can't wait to next Sept. for the next one.

    Up date on my mail order flower's they are finally growing and popping up their little heads from the earth. The one's I planted out front by my yard light. I will be taking a photo to show you that there were flowers in there.hahaha

My veggie garden is doing great, every thing is getting sooo big, I need to either make it bigger next year or plant less. haha

I have been picking my lettuce and spinach it very rewarding to grow and pick your own veggies. They seem to taste better you know. I have soooooo many tomatoes popping out too I am not sure if I will be able to eat them all. But I sure will try....

Not much going on this weekend, except going to see Get Smart. Looks like a funny movie and then work on my mirror. It is going to rain all weekend here so what better way to spend my time, enjoying a movie with my honey, then work on my craft.

I am posting my pink Saturday photo, I did remember this time. Which is rare for me. So until next time my sweet new family, I pray all of you have a great and sunny weekend. Sit back and smell the wonder summer smells and relax, read and good book or mag. watch the birds and clouds roll by. And let the stress of the week drift away with the wind... Blessing's to all.




Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time For Teapots!

Birdie Cottage Teapot

Well here we are it is already Wednesday; We are getting some rain here but I don't mind my garden is just loving it. My flowers i planted out front by my yard light, well some are peeking out. I was so happy to see them. Well on to my teapots. I hope you like them as much as I do. I love sharing with all my new friends.


Pink Saturday 014 

This a teapot and cup for one, It is so sweet. I am sorry this photo did not come out very well.


Pink Saturday 019

This is my first one I found it on E-bay. I love it lots. I do use my teapots too.


Pink Saturday 026


This one is from my sweet dear Sister, she gave it to me for my Birthday. It is my favorite one because she took time and thought to find me just the right one. Thanks Sis;


OOPS! I do have two more but I guess I forgot to take their photos. well I will just have to put them on some other time.

Today was kind of a lazy day for me, I guess it was because of the rain, but in the afternoon I sure had energy. I cleaned my two bathrooms, swept my whole house did my kitchen floor, went to Wallie World, the home to fix supper. And then I could not wait to get on line to visit my friends. And take a small peek into their lives that they so kindly share.

Having some place to spread ideas out to and thoughts to share with so many great and wonderful people, I have to tell you that I hold you all so close to heart. And I thank you for letting me in for a visit, and returning the favor. My life is so full of joy and happiness that it must be shared with other's.

So to end my post I raise my cup tea to you all, Bless you with a very wonderful week.




Tuesday, June 24, 2008




I just love to collect teapots and teacups, and having tea. There is something so peaceful about sitting down with a cup of tea, and a good book comfy chair. So I am sharing some of my teapots and teacups with all of you dear friends.



Pink Saturday 003

This is my shelf that I put some of my teacups out on. On top I found the rose vase at Joann Fabrics, the print is from a craft show a few years ago. The shelf used to this dark green, so I just had to paint it a creamy white.


Pink Saturday 004

Now this is a close up of one of my teacups, this one is from my sweet niece Jenny she brought it back from Russia. She went to adopt her daughter about two yrs ago.The rest of the photos will be close ups of the teacups so you can see them better.


Pink Saturday 005

This one is from an antique show it has such detail on it.



Pink Saturday 006 

Also from and antique show love the purple flowers and it says

February on the inside.


Pink Saturday 007 

This one is a little plain but I love the simplicity of it.

it said buy me...... and I did.




Pink Saturday 009 


More little purple flowers.


Pink Saturday 012

I am sorry this one did not turn out very well, it is such a pretty teacup. It has little feet on it. It had a twin sister so I gave the other one to my Daughter. She loved it. This one came from a town that is nothing but antique shops and big barns. It is called Allen Mi.


Pink Saturday 028

And the last but not least is this little one, This one came from my secret sister at my church. I just love it with the little spoon.

Our church hosted a tea party for a women's meeting all from the northeast of Ind. It was so much fun to do my own table. And I used my teacups. I am not sure if I took any pictures, I will have to look and if I did I will post it for all to see.

Tomorrow I will show some of my teapots, I don't have to many yet but I am working on it.


So when you are tired and weary sit a spell have a good cup of tea,and just let you thoughts flow where they may. Every day is a great Blessing of our Lord. So I pray every one of my new friends to have a great week. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives and visit awhile.




Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey it;s Monday again!!!!


    Gardening Bears

Well here it is Monday and  I did not get done the things I wanted too. But the things I did not want to do I did, like laundry. But it is all done. I wanted to work on my Mosaic today but had to take my baby sissybell to get her hair done, not I did not name my daughter sissybell. She is my doggie, she is a shepom, and very tiny. She also has a sister Isobella, I will get photos of my babies to you soon. My grandson Lyosha is visiting us this week. My daughter and son in law  adopted him for Russia 2yrs ago. He is such a ball of fire and fun. He is speaking English very well. My Russian was not very good, but we sort of understood each other. So we are having some fun with him. He is 14 and getting tall. Some day I will post photos of all my grand kids We have 11 of them. So it will be in shifts is think. lol; Now back to my not so useful day. I have a book called blogging for dummies, it is very helpful. And easy to understand which for me is a good thing. I really must get out there and weed my veggie garden seems like the more I pull the that grows. But I get exercise   when I do it.

I am learning how to dress up my sidebars a little not too much cos I don't want to over load it. Oh sorry I changed the subject, I do that alot. So the dummies book is telling me how. Hope all goes well with it and I don't make myself disappear out in web land, never to be heard of again. 




Christmas at Millers 013

This is my daughter and Me on her way to Russia, I was a mess until she came back a week later with my new grandson.



And this is my grandson Lyosha, his real name is Nicholas Lyosha is just a nickname he had in Russia not sure what is means.

See I changed the subject again but I just had to show you all my Lyosha. He does not like his photo taken. But I do it any way. He has an older brother Paul the III They look so alike it is like he was born into the family.

Well my new dear friends I will say good bye and good nite, everyone have a great week. talk to you all later.




Sunday, June 22, 2008

How does my Garden grow.

Well as I promised I am posting my garden pictures. I hope all who stop by like what I am trying to do.


This is a photo of my front yard light poll. Now I know what you are thinking where are the flowers, well they are in there really they are. I ordered them from a garden web site and that is how they showed up. I hope they grow, there are day lilies, clematis  a blue one, and I can't remember the rest. shame on meDSCF0025

This is my weeping cherry tree. I just love not sure what to plant around it, any ideas out there, please send them. This is the front of my house.DSCF0026

And this is the side yard to my back yard, my dear sweet aunt Brynn dug this up for me two years ago, I have Shasta daisy's Purple cone flower's Yarrow, and one other she did not tell me what is was, or I forgot, which is probably what happened.



I found this at a shop called Victorian Rose, she has the most pretty things.



This is a large pot out front of my house that I planted with lots of stuff, Gerber daisy's and others. I like to plant different flowers each year.



My yellow rose bush I named April dawn, in honor of our daughter who we lost at the age of 17, she loved yellow rose's. Then I planted Russian Sage. love the smell.



close up of  April Dawn



And my first ever veggie garden. It is sooooooo much larger now then when this was taken. I have yellow squash, lots of tomatoes,purple onion, green red and yellow bell peppers. Lettuce, spinach. I can't wait to get some goodies from it.yummy.


Well that is just about all for now, when my front yard starts blooming I will post them so you can see that I do have flowers in my planter. I hope you enjoyed my photos, thank you for stopping by. have a blessed day and wonderful week. Until next time





This is a test blog entry for me using windows live writer on this blog.wallpaper_08 I'm not sure how this will work but let's see if it does or not. I will just keep putting words here for now until I am ready and have enough to see how it looks.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy fathers day to all the Daddy's . This is the second fathers day with my sweet loving daddy. He went home to be with our Lord Oct. 2006. I miss him so much, my Mom went home to be with the Lord in 1988. She was a great mom, but my Daddy was my best friend. He was always there for me. I was daddy's little girl and spoiled, but not to spoiled. Mom saw to that. And to my dear sweet husband the love of my life, he is just the best dad to our kids. He is always there for them for what ever reason. Fathers day is always a bitter sweet day for him, 7yrs ago we lost our daughter April and she was daddys little girl. We miss her so much, she left us with a granddaughter who is 9 now. She looks just like her mother, so having Caileigh is like having April with us. We have three other children also, the are married with kids of their own. My son is a good daddy to his children, he has a boy and a daddys little girl. So too my hubby and son and son's-in law A Happy Fathers Day. So on my hubby's day he planted some Russian Sage, and helped with some yard work. What a guy. Now we are getting a great thunderstorm which I love. Yesterday I broke up some floral plates for a mosaic mirror I am going to try to make. My first time so I hope it turns out pretty, if it does I will post a picture of it for all too see, at least I hope some one stops by to check it out. Well everyone have a goodnight and blessed week.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back from romantic getaway

Hello to all; We had a great little getaway so romantic. It was like we were newlyweds again. We stayed at a great little cabin call Tree Top, in Brown County In. It was so peaceful and quite just the birds and some deer, OH! and the sunsets can't even describe. But all good things must come to and end, had to get back home to my little doggies and garden. Which is growing by leaps and bounds. Can't wait to harvest some goodies. I also am getting ready to put together my online shop, and figure out how to make my blog page look beautiful like everyone else has. Any advice as to how???? Any one Please, I can't seem to figure out how to go about it. So any help would be great.
I hope it is being seen by someone, not sure if I even can tell. Now how silly is that. I am all thumbs with this kind of stuff. Well i guess this is it for now, So everyone out there have a great weekend.
Until next time God Bless


Saturday, June 7, 2008

My First Time.

Well here I am my first posting on my very own blog. I wanted to give it a try, to have a place to put down my thoughts and share my hobbies, maybe get advice once in awhile. Forge new friendships that last. Today was a slow day, very warm to even enjoy my patio. So I stayed in and looked through my garden books for ideas for my yard. I love plants an flowers, i am going to start an herb bed soon. So i have been looking at all the herbs that are out there. I had one at the old house we lived in before we moved here. I miss it. This yard is a blank slate so to speak. So I am having some trouble with the lay out. We are going on vacation next week. Yippy!! So to all have a great week. Until the next time, i hope to make my blog look better. So you all won't get bored with me.