Friday, June 27, 2008


More Mount Dora 2005 007

Hello everyone! Yeeeeaaaa RAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh it is Friday. and it's the weekend. First of all sorry I missed Thursday's blgo, but I was not feeling well. So today is better, I want to thank all my new dear friends for the lovely comments you let me. oh and this photo is of me and my Honey bunny. We are in Fl. at a all you can eat lobster. Whole lobster. yummmmmy!!!  It is called Angles, I think. We went to Mount Dora Fl. I found this lovely little town in a old issue of Romantic Home's mag. It is full of Victorian shops and a great Tea house. WE had such fun so if any of you ever get a chance to go you won't be sorry. It is not to far from Orlando just south of it. So here are some photos of out trip.




Mount Dora 2005 003

This is a great Victorian shop, The blonde with the white blouse is my sweet sister. The clothes in the shop are to die for.


Mount Dora 2005 005 

This is my sister and her husband it a lovely little park.

Mount Dora 2005 009

Hubby and I having tea in this great  tea room, it was so English, the people who own it are for England. They were so nice. And Great tea and little snacks.


Mount Dora 2005 010 

This is and area of a nature walk, It was a very long walk.


Mount Dora 2005 001

Hubby hoping I don't spend to much money, Yea Right. lol;


Well I just thought I would share one of out vacation's to fl. with you all. When I read the article in the mag. I just had to go and see it for my self. I am so glad we went. It has a great history about how the town was named. The Man who settled there want to name it after his three daughters, but that did not do well. And there was a Woman named Dora, and she would let workers stay on her land, and she would take care of them and feed them. She was a very gracious Lady. So they named it after her Mount Dora. I don't remember the whole story, sorry about that but it was a great way to name a town. The town is on this huge lake I mean huge. They have and old train you can take a ride on and have lunch. We did not get to take the train, but we did get to see it. Beautiful. You can take  a walk by the water or rent a bike, you can even fish. Well I guess I am done with my trip to share. I hope I did not bore you too much.

I finally found my Romantic Country, and wow what a mag. this month. I loved every bit of it, I wish it came once a month though. I can't wait to next Sept. for the next one.

    Up date on my mail order flower's they are finally growing and popping up their little heads from the earth. The one's I planted out front by my yard light. I will be taking a photo to show you that there were flowers in there.hahaha

My veggie garden is doing great, every thing is getting sooo big, I need to either make it bigger next year or plant less. haha

I have been picking my lettuce and spinach it very rewarding to grow and pick your own veggies. They seem to taste better you know. I have soooooo many tomatoes popping out too I am not sure if I will be able to eat them all. But I sure will try....

Not much going on this weekend, except going to see Get Smart. Looks like a funny movie and then work on my mirror. It is going to rain all weekend here so what better way to spend my time, enjoying a movie with my honey, then work on my craft.

I am posting my pink Saturday photo, I did remember this time. Which is rare for me. So until next time my sweet new family, I pray all of you have a great and sunny weekend. Sit back and smell the wonder summer smells and relax, read and good book or mag. watch the birds and clouds roll by. And let the stress of the week drift away with the wind... Blessing's to all.





Connie said...

Alaura, you and your sis look so much alike I thought it was you and had to keep checking to make sure I read it right!! You're a cutie, my little pink cheeked dove!!! Looks like fun but I'd be there for the FOOD for sure!! Oh, look for my pink saturday, sunday posts; I think you'll enjoy them!! ;-)

justabeachkat said...


Loved seeing your photos and reading about your trip. You won't believe this, but just yesterday we were in our favorite bike shop buying a bike rack for our car. The owner was telling us his favorite place to go bike riding was Mount Dora near Orlando. Amazing! I had planned to google it to check it out. Your post makes me want to go.


Rosehaven Cottage said...


Thanks for dropping by Rosehaven Cottage so I could come by your blog and "meet" you. I love the photos of you and your sweetie! And your pink post for today made me crave something pink. hee hee

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

At Home in the Country said...

Looks like great fun. I love vintage clothes and tea rooms...doesn't get better than that!

Jan & Tom's Place said...

Hi, I just popped in from Note Song's blog! Such lovely photos of you and your sweetie...and the Tea room seems very special.

On Tuesday, we're doing a TEA on our Blog...check it out and see if you can join us.