Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey it;s Monday again!!!!


    Gardening Bears

Well here it is Monday and  I did not get done the things I wanted too. But the things I did not want to do I did, like laundry. But it is all done. I wanted to work on my Mosaic today but had to take my baby sissybell to get her hair done, not I did not name my daughter sissybell. She is my doggie, she is a shepom, and very tiny. She also has a sister Isobella, I will get photos of my babies to you soon. My grandson Lyosha is visiting us this week. My daughter and son in law  adopted him for Russia 2yrs ago. He is such a ball of fire and fun. He is speaking English very well. My Russian was not very good, but we sort of understood each other. So we are having some fun with him. He is 14 and getting tall. Some day I will post photos of all my grand kids We have 11 of them. So it will be in shifts is think. lol; Now back to my not so useful day. I have a book called blogging for dummies, it is very helpful. And easy to understand which for me is a good thing. I really must get out there and weed my veggie garden seems like the more I pull the that grows. But I get exercise   when I do it.

I am learning how to dress up my sidebars a little not too much cos I don't want to over load it. Oh sorry I changed the subject, I do that alot. So the dummies book is telling me how. Hope all goes well with it and I don't make myself disappear out in web land, never to be heard of again. 




Christmas at Millers 013

This is my daughter and Me on her way to Russia, I was a mess until she came back a week later with my new grandson.



And this is my grandson Lyosha, his real name is Nicholas Lyosha is just a nickname he had in Russia not sure what is means.

See I changed the subject again but I just had to show you all my Lyosha. He does not like his photo taken. But I do it any way. He has an older brother Paul the III They look so alike it is like he was born into the family.

Well my new dear friends I will say good bye and good nite, everyone have a great week. talk to you all later.





Robbin with 2 B's! said...

First of all Alaura, thank you for the sweet email. And next, your grandson is a cutie for sure. And did you say 11 grandkids? My goodness. I only have two, how lucky are you?
And you blog like me, just like you think and talk and if the dummies book says don't do that, it is WRONG!
Can't wait to see pictures of your Sissybell and Isobella, what cute names.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Alaura!! Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving such a sweet comment...I see you are new to Blogging...WELCOME!! Blogland is such a wonderful community full of talented and inspirational women....I think you're gonna love it!! I am going to add you to my Blogroll and if you need anything I hope I can help!!

Beverly said...

Wow, eleven grandchildren. That is wonderful.

I have one, and I think he is terrific.