Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Afternoon Friends.



Well it seems that I am behind on my blog visits shame on me….. My days are busy these days,, and my evening are spent going to classes for three hrs….for 4 nights a week… never thought I would love to go back to School, but I do… I find it is easier learning now then it was when I was younger..oh and I can even remember it all too,,

  The weather here is getting warmer but we have been getting lots of rain, so my yard work has been put on hold… I do have some bulbs popping up and my Weeping Pea Tree is going to flower soon,,, I can’t wait to see it.. When it is in full bloom it looks like white cotton on the limbs….  This year I am going to put all my energy in my front yard,, it needs a lot of help… So I will be digging and hauling bags of dirt,,,, and hopefully plant some gorgeous plants…. and pray they live….*wink*  And since I don’t’ have the time like I used to have, my veggie garden is going to be my Rose garden, I have always wanted one and it is the perfect spot to put it.  OH and my pool is going to have to taken down, booooo it decided to split and collapse on one side,, well it is more saggy then collapsed,,, but it does have to come down most of the water is out, so my Son and some of his friends from work are going to take it all down for me…..hopefully by May 7th which is our clean up week, and they will haul it away for me for free,,,,,, pretty cool….

So now that my pool has to be gone my deck has to taken down, it is really not useful with out the pool, so my Daughter suggested I put a fire pit there with some seating,, so that is what I am going to do… So many things and so little time,and money to get them done….. so just going to take one project at a time… and move on to the next….

My Daughter is almost 7months now, but she only looks like 5 months… she is doing great. I am in the planning stages of her baby shower, we have be going to some stores to register that is so fun….. They are working on the nursery painting it and new carpet,,, I will make I take photos to share with you,,,, still sewing on the baby quilt,, I will be showing you all the progress soon, it is turning out pretty cute…. and all the colors match the babies room….

Well ladies; that is about it for now, not much going on in my life right now, which is good..  so I am wishing you all a wonderful and sunny weekend…. Until next time;  God Bless;