Friday, January 29, 2010



Hello Ladies; well it is that time again… I love Pink Saturday, so many lovely Pink Pretties out there to gaze my little peeps on.  And if you wish to see more Pink Pretties they you must hop on over to our Pretty Pink Hostess  Beverly of here you will find the most beautiful blogs to visit on this fine  Pink Saturday… …….             Don’t you just love Valentines Day,,,,,,,,,  I do; so much romance and candy and love and candy,,,, oh an then don’t forget the candy……  hmmm did I say candy already?? I did hahaha sorry…. 

  My sweet DH  bought me my Wii today, and it is so fun to play, boy you sure do get a work out playing it… I am going to find one of the work out games to play,,maybe I will loose a little weight then….. hehe  oh and if I stop eating all the candy I just might..  We have been getting some Snow this evening,, I could not believe my little eyes when I saw all those big flakes floating down.. Izzie  was having fun with all the snow falling down,,, me I wanted back in the house…lol   OK on to Pink cuteness… 

Paint colors and Pink S 020 

When I saw these Pretty Sweet Pink Marshmallow Hearts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well I just had to buy them… I love Marshmallow’s and since they were Pink and Heart shaped,, I thought   hey great for Pink Saturday…..  Now was not that a cleaver idea I had?????????   I knew you would. 

Paint colors and Pink S 021 

Paint colors and Pink S 022

Aren’t they just the cutest little things ever;  

Paint colors and Pink S 023

And my Pretty Pink bowl is just perfect for them to set in… I just love this bowl, the faded Pink leaves around the rim,,, just too too cute…. found this lovely back home in Ind. at a garage sale,, for a 1.00….

Paint colors and Pink S 024  Close up of the Sweet Pink marshmallow’s and Pretty bowl….   Well I hope you all enjoyed my Pink Post for this Saturday….so sit back put you piggies up and sip some thing warm,,, and do some Pink Gazing. I know I will…………………… 

I thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by for a visit, and leaving such sweet comments…  So until next time; God Bless;



Thursday, January 28, 2010



Good Morning Dear Friends;  I hope you are all having a beautiful day.  Last night we went to WM, for a few things, and thought I would go and look at some paint colors.. I found some really nice one’s.. DH was not too happy about the painting part,, he is not a painter.. but I am.. I love to paint and decorate… So any way I thought I would share them with you, and see if I did good….. Now I am only painting four rooms since the kitchen and dinning and living room is all open, I am not going to paint them… I do love the light tan color, we do have a tray ceiling and I think I will paint the inside of it.. not sure yet…  So here are my choices…..

Paint colors and Pink S 016

It is so hard to get a good photo of the paint cards.. So I hope you can see them, I took some out side too.

Paint colors and Pink S 015

The top one is so much better,, from left to right the Lavender is going in the guest bath,, love that color.. it is called Luscious Lilac..  OOPS; hehe they are out of order,,, not a surprise there,,, the second one is for our master bath,,, Golden Sunbeam.. such pretty names….  The third color is for our bedroom,, l love a Sage Green color,, this is called Ducketymud,,, ok this is not such a pretty name,, but I do love the shade of it…..  and the last one is for my Studio and guest room… Honey Caramel…. mmmmmm sounds yummy….   and it looks really pretty with my curtains…  Starting on our bed room first and work my way out…. I will make sure I take photos along the way to show you how it is going.. Not sure when I will be starting, but as soon as I can..

Now I have a few photos to share with you, I took some today while Isabella and I were setting out side on the patio… it is so pretty out today…

Paint colors and Pink S 001

OK this is not the front part of our home,, this is the back side, we have a great view of Charlotte sky line,, some days it is really clear.. I used my zoom on it at night it is really pretty…

Paint colors and Pink S 005

The pool area,,, love the Sun shine,, we have not seen much of it lately,,, this weekend we are getting some freezing rain and snow,,, boo,, but up in the Mountain’s they are getting Snow… so I won’t complain…(wink)

Paint colors and Pink S 006  The Pansies' are looking so pretty,,, so nice to see some blooming… this is from our patio using my zoom…

Paint colors and Pink S 010  Izzie loves it out side,, she just sits and looks at everything and every one…. not sure what she is staring at here,,, but she sure is being nosey….. lol;

Paint colors and Pink S 012

What a sweet face,,,, it is so hard to get her to look at me for a photo,, I think she is mad at me for putting in her hair bow.. but she looks so darn cute…….. smile baby girl….. say doggie treat!!!!!!!!!!!

Paint colors and Pink S 013

Is this not a gorgeous Blue Sky,,,, or what… love it…

Ok a few more photos to show you,,, this morning I had a knock at the door,,,, and what to my wondering eye’s did appear……  why the flower man,,, he brought me the most gorgeous flowers,,,,,

Paint colors and Pink S 025

Just look how gorgeous they are,,,, OH sorry they were not from him,,,,,, he just delivered them too me….. they were form my sweet daughter Heather and Dustin,,,,for my Birthday,,,, how sweet they were so send them too me…. Love you all so much,,,, kisses…..

Paint colors and Pink S 026  Paint colors and Pink S 027

OH don’t you jus the love the pretty colors,,,, Daisy’s are my Favorite flower of all time,, they always have been,,, how sweet of the to remember….  Oh I wish you smell them,, they have such a fresh sent too them…. mmmmmmm….. sniff sniff….. oooooooooooo

Well that is it for not dear friends….. I hope you enjoyed my photos and post….  I want to Thank you all for taking the time to stop by for a visit, and for all you sweet comments…. I dearly love to read them…. Hope you all have a Beautiful Day!… God Bless;



Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello there Friends;  hope you all had a great weekend. It is very windy here,,,, very windy…  I am not use but I thought I saw Dorothy and Toto fly by…. I gave them a wave… she was to busy to visit…. maybe next time….

Well I was doing some work over the weekend in my sewing room,,,,,,, oh i love that word,,,,,, my room… sigh………..   any way I can see my floor now,,,,, yeah… I love this room there is so much of it.. I took a few photos to show you the little that I did do….   OK remember I said, I did a little to it……

New Apt 001

No this is not the after photo,,,,,,  this is the before,, remember this one,,,, it is like a craft store blew up…. lol

Apt. New 007

Ok so you really can’t see the floor but trust me it is clear…. I had these curtains for years so I used them in my room. In the window on the left it has a lace valance on the bottom half,, I still have to put up the other one… I love these curtains, but they are too short, I will look for longer ones later….. but for now they work great….

Apt. New 008

Apt. New 009

My desk and creative area,, like sewing, painting, scrap booking,,,cutting out my patterns…. I still need to get a office chair….

Apt. New 010

Love my walk in closet,,,,,, I am going to find some great storage things to make it more organized… I bought a over the door shoe bag for my paints brushes and things… it works great….

Apt. New 012

This is on a wall in the kitchen,,,, the iron shelf I found a GW  and it is really heavy…  I put my Rooster small lamp tray that Vanessa sent me in a swap… my sweet little Fairy watches over it all…. oh am my Angle found her at the GW too….  I really need to make a trip back again…

Apt. New 013

Apt. New 018

I hung this print over by the fridge.. I really love this one,,, it reminds me of Italy…. I bought this at Hancock's  Fabrics back home….. it is a good size…

Apt. New 019 

My little area for my all my Favorite Teas…  I have just a few more to show you,, so hang in there I am almost done….

Apt. New 020

This is our bedroom… love how big it is,, the door to the right is the master bath…. We did not put up the bed frame yet we are in bad need of a new mattress and box springs,,, and I want to paint in here first, and don’t want to have to move all that stuff….

Apt. New 021

This is going to be a cozy setting area for reading, sewing, knitting,, or my laptop… what ever… I need curtains too….

Apt. New 022

The other side of the bedroom,, the huge walk in closet is to the left… oh and don’t worry,,, the TV and wires will be finding a new home to hide in….. (sorry honey)  hehe

Apt. New 024

This is Hubby’s Great Grandmas painting,,, the frame was made years ago by hubs  Dad… it is a large painting,, and in the dinning room there is a wonderful spot for it and my vintage fire place mantle.. it will look so great along that wall…. can’t wait to bring it out here…..  Well that is all for now,,, I want to go and look for some paint color for the bed room so I can start painting it….. I am so excited that they will let me paint the walls here….  I am leaving the living room and dinning room the color it is now, a light creamy beige… with white trim, just like the kitchen… since it is all open and so many walls,, that it would be too much for me to do right now… So I am happy just to be able to paint the two bed rooms and bath rooms….      Well I want to thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read my little blog,,, and for you sweet comments…. I hate to say it,,, but tomorrow is myyyyyyyyyyy,,,, errrr  52nd birthday……. ewwww  there I said it…. Hubby is taking me out to dinner tomorrow night,, so that will be fun….. I will let you know where we went and what I ate…. lol    So until next time; God Bless;



Saturday, January 23, 2010








Have a Blessed Day;



Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello sweet friends; Well we are getting settled in… I have taken a few days to recoup lol my old body is not what it used to be. Today I have done a few things nothing big, hung my curtains which by the way I don’t have enough we have a lot of windows now,,, yeah!!! so I have to go and get some more… I hung a few pretties on the walls.. Lot’s of laundry tons of laundry…..

Now these photos you are about to see, are not pretty, so if some of you don’t have a strong tummy then don’t look…………….  it is a messy sight to see.  we just brought things in and set it any where and every where….  OK  here we go.

New Apt 001

This is my new Sewing and Craft room,, and when we have a guest this is where they will sleep… It is a nice size room with a large walk in closet… Love that… I can’t wait to get started on painting it and making it my own. I have not found a color I like yet, this is going to be the last room I will decorate,,, I am going to start on our Bedroom first.

New Apt 003

This is the other side of my room… That is my Mom’s first sewing machine.. I remember when she bought it form Sears in the 60’s,,, it still works too,,, it just need some tender loving care.. I used to sew on it all the time, the feed dogs need work and some other things.. I want to get it running it is a great machine to sew with, it has some cams with different sewing styles love the cams.. and it make a mean button hole….

New Apt 006

I am standing in the dinning room so we are looking in the kitchen,,, it is not big but it is just right for me… Love the lay out of it…

New Apt 008

OH dear  dirty dishes… oh please don’t look… 

New Apt 009

This is my laundry room…. ooooooooooooohhhhhhh no look at all that laundry,,,, I warned you that it was not going to be pretty……  sorry…… are you all right. hope so….  I am going to paint this little room too and make it pretty…   Can you see my Ironing board??? in between the washer and dryer???????  that was my Mom’s too,, I have not idea how old it is,, but I remember when I was little watching her iron our clothes on it….. and that was so so so so so so many yrs ago….lol

New Apt 010

Looking into the dinning room and living room area’s oh look Isabella is looking at me as if to say,,,,, “ Mommy you are really not going to show every one this mess”  the room is much larger then it looks… love it… so much space…. yippy yippy…

New Apt 013

This door leads out to our balcony, love being able to be out side again… where we were we did not have a place to sit out side, unless we walked to the club house…..

New Apt 014  another part of the balcony.  it was just a beautiful day that day…

New Apt 015

Our view as we sit on our balcony…. can’t wait till the Magnolia's bloom and they plant gorgeous flowers again, and the trees get their leaves some are flowering ones…. so the view is not too bad… I so can’t wait to get started on fixing up my patio… I have so many ideas running around in my head.. I can just see where all our things are going to go when we bring back the rest of our things….. Well I hope you did not get scared too much with my messy photos….. I would feel so bad if any of you did….  I will keep you all up dated as I go.. I am thinking of a sage green for our bed room, I love that color… the trim is all ready painted a creamy white so I won’t have to paint that….. not sure about the master bath yet….. so many things to think about.. but I do love it…..  

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and pay me a visit.. and for you very sweet comments…. now I am off to see what you all have been up too… So until next time;  God Bless;



Monday, January 18, 2010

OH SO TIRED;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Well we are all moved in finally…… But we are really really sore,,, I did not know how much we had in our one bedroom apt… Wow and that is not even all of it,, we still have our things back home to bring out… But we are not ready to haul it back here yet….. Moving is hard enough, but having to carry every thing up 4 flights of stairs is not fun… But the good thing is my legs, hips thighs and bottom are getting a great work out…

If that keeps up I will be able to crack a walnut with my *&%$&,,, know what I mean…. lol;  So I am getting some much needed rest, and unpacking a little bit at a time… We are loving it here in our new home… I took some photos of the chaos, to show you how much room we have… I am still thinking of paint colors for the bed rooms and bathrooms…. I will be doing a post on the before photos in a few days… and hopefully have some colors to share with you, I might need some help in picking one…..  So until next time God Bless;



Thursday, January 14, 2010


Good evening Dear Friends. We are excited about our new larger Apt.. but not about all the moving….. again. At least we don’t have as much to move and not far to go…. I will be doing some moving tomorrow morning while Hubby is at work. So I will be off for the weekend. But I will make sure I take lots of photos to show you our new place.. It is a nice size for an Apt.. Lot’s of walls to paint and decorate… I thank you all for your very sweet comments,,, and taking the time to stop by…  My Prayers are with so many in need in Hattie… God Bless them…. and you dear friends. See you on Monday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I hope…



Monday, January 11, 2010


baby quilt Sheila 008

Good evening dear friends. I hope you all have a great weekend and staying warm… Yesterday evening I finally finished the Baby Quilt I was working on for a dear friend…. So I can show you the step by step photos I took along the way… The above photo is of the fabric’s I choose to use… Some are cotton and flannel it is a very soft quilt….

baby quilt # 2 003  I am getting ready to cut every think out.. so many strips and squares. Then all the teddy bears had to be traced onto wonder under a fusible web.

baby quilt # 2 005 

baby quilt # 2 012

Cutting the long strips that I sewed together too make my blocks.. about 48 of them…. my back was really sore had to do it on my floor…. but it was well worth it.

baby quilt # 2 014

Sewing 48 triangles together for the blocks…  Oh look Isabella is sleeping on the floor,,, shhhh don’t wake her,, she is not a happy camper when she does not get her nap out….

Bear Quilt 002

Ready to iron on the Teddy Bear’s and the bibs to the fabric, and then cut them all out… See the black fabric,,,, well those are the eye’s and nose’s, they were not very big and hard to cut and hand sew on…

Bear Quilt 003

These are the two finished block’s, I sewed them together to make one large block…

Bear Quilt 005

The Teddy Bears ironed on the blocks, with their bibs and Momma Bear’s outfit… how cute they are…

Bear Quilt 011

Bear Quilt 014

Close up of them..

Bear Quilt 030

The Bears sewed to one block set………  So are you all still with me????????  I know so many photos,, but it is almost over so hang in there.. OK.

Bear Quilt 032

Quilt top all put together before the borders were sewn on…

Bear Quilt 034

Borders are all on now,, it is really looking like a Quilt now… I love how the fabrics look together,, I was a little worried that they would not look good side by side,, but not to worry they are just fine….

Bear Quilt 037

Close up of the borders on the Quilt…  OK not don’t worry I am almost done,,, I know I have said that before but I really mean it… Just so many photos to show with out boring you all to death….lol

clothes 008

Quilting all three layers together,, not fun trying to stuff all that fabric three layers thick into the little hole of the sewing machine… but I did it… boy I miss having my big table to sew on,,,, but I will soon….. yeah!

clothes 009 Do you see my gloves????  I LOVE those gloves,, they are my sewing gloves.. They have little bumps of rubber on them to grip the fabric while I sew… that way I don’t loose my hold on it…

clothes 010

clothes 011

clothes 012 I did an out line stitch in the ditch to quilt it.. I used a small zig zag stitch just to add a bit of somin somin to it… And I did a button hole stitch around each bear and the out fits.. eye’s and nose… that took the longest to do,, I had such sore fingers, and sticking them all the time,, I was so afraid I would get blood on it,,, but no worries all was good…. The backing is a very soft white flannel.. so the Little one would be so comfy and cozy when using it…

baby quilt 001  TaDa!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here it is all done and ready to go… it turned out really nice I think… I used the Aqua color for the binding to bring the color out to the edge.. and it looks so pretty against the white backing..

baby quilt 002

baby quilt 004

This one is sort of blurry sorry about that,, I was trying to show you the button hole stitch…  OK last one coming up…..  NO really this time I mean it……  oh did I hear some one say…. Yea Right….. lol’

baby quilt 005

If you look close or click on the photo to get a good look you can see the quilting I did…. I had so much fun making this Baby Quilt.. I have said Prayers as I went along sewing this,, so the Lord would watch over this new little Angle soon to arrive in the Spring… and keep him or her safe and Blessed….

OK now I am done;  You can sign off my post now… OH but don’t forget to leave me a comment…. lol;  I will be doing some packing this week as we are moving to our larger Apt. this weekend.. I can’t wait,, more closet space.. and a larger bed room two bath rooms,,, dinning room… patio,,,,, And Most of All MY Own room to sew and craft in…. That is the best part….. so after we get settled, I will be doing some painting and decorating,, which I will be sharing with you…  And if the weather is doing fine by the end of Feb.. we will be making a trip back home to bring back the rest of our things…. So please Pray that our move is a smooth one,, we will have three flights to carry our things up,,,

Thank you all for taking the time to visit and for your prayers….  You all mean so much to me,, it is hard to put into words… I Pray for each an every one of you daily… So until next time; God Bless;