Thursday, January 14, 2010


Good evening Dear Friends. We are excited about our new larger Apt.. but not about all the moving….. again. At least we don’t have as much to move and not far to go…. I will be doing some moving tomorrow morning while Hubby is at work. So I will be off for the weekend. But I will make sure I take lots of photos to show you our new place.. It is a nice size for an Apt.. Lot’s of walls to paint and decorate… I thank you all for your very sweet comments,,, and taking the time to stop by…  My Prayers are with so many in need in Hattie… God Bless them…. and you dear friends. See you on Monday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I hope…




stefanie said...

A new adventure, a new blank canvas, no wonder you are excited!!! Have fun

Kat said...

Hi sweet friend! I've been so busy lately (and out of town too) so I've been a bad blog friend. Sorry. Thanks for your visit tonight. I've had fun catching up with you.

I hope your move goes smoothly.

Hugs from the beach!

Jillian said...

Best of luck on the exciting for you. Hope all goes well!!!!!!

Mimi said...

Moving again is another chance to rid ourselves of clutter!!!! I needed to de-clutter and I did it when putting Christmas decorations away!!!!
I wish you lots of fun times making this new place your HOME SWEET HOME!!!!Home is after all where the heart is!!!!!

Gabriela said...

Good luck!

~ Gabriela ~

KarenHarveyCox said...

Good luck on your move. I love moving. All of your things look brand new in a new place.

Dawn said...

Good luck with the move! It is not one of my favorite things to do. I hope to stay put for a long time to come. Although the thought of more space is a happy thought!

take care,

Carolyn said...

How exciting to have all new decorating possibilities!
Thank you so much for visiting me and your kind comments.
Hope your move goes well and don't work too hard!

Anonymous said...

Hope your move it going well. I have moved many times in my 38 years of marriage. It's hard work but it is always exciting to move into new space and make it your own! Can't wait to see pictures.

Naturegirl said...

Dearest Alaura: Thank you for not giving up on me while I healed from my chemo and surgery. I just did not have the desire at that time to visit blogs..I had only enough energy to post on my blog the odd time and my hubby would read me the comments.You my dear have been by my side cheering me on the whole journey and I thank you for that. I am so pleased that I got my writing voice back in time to tell everyone about my dear "Dec. rose mother"..I appreciate your sweet comment and your friendship. Blessings to you and hubby as you move once again into a new home. love and light aNNa xo