Tuesday, March 30, 2010


image Good evening; I hope you all enjoyed your week so far. The weather is finally getting really nice…. so I hope where you live it is the same way… We have had such a harsh winter that we all are looking forward to a Warm Spring…. My daughter Heather is getting her garden ready for planting,,she was so excited when I talked to her today.   I can’t hardly believe that Easter will be here this weekend,,, this year seems to be whizzing by, hope it slows a bit… 

image We are getting ready to leave for back home this Fri. that is way I am doing my Easter post tonight….  I can’ wait to get on the road to spend Easter with our Family…  So to all my Dear and Wonderful Blog Friends, I am Praying that each and every one of you have a very Blessed Easter… Remembering what the Lord gave us on that day,, and Praising him for his Sacrifice for us and the Love he has for us all….    I will be taking some time off this coming week to spend all my time with my family,,, I will miss you all very much….  I might stop by once in awhile just to see what you are all up too…  make sure you are all behaving your selves… lol    take care…

So until next time;;; God Bless;

Hugs;  Alaura

Friday, March 26, 2010


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Hello dear blog friends; My how fast the week has been going,,, it is the weekend again and time for Pink Saturday…. my favorite day of the week…. A perfect way to start the day,,, feet up all cozy in pjs. sipping a nice cup of coffee,, and my laptop ready to do some major Pink Hopping…. Since our wonderful Pink Hostess Beverly started this,,, it has grown so fast with so many wonderful blogs joining in,,, And Beverly is just amazing at how she keeps it all together…. Three Pink Cheers for Beverly……!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are amazing-------------------------------- so dear friends if you wish to see lot’s more gorgeous Pinkness them please stop by and pay Beverly a visit,, you will find all sorts of sweet wonderful ladies who are showing off their Pinkies….. here is where you can find them;  how sweet the sound you won’t be sorry…..

OK for my Pink this fine day,, I will be showing you  the rest of what I found at our local Good Will. I was pretty lucky in finding some great things…. I don’t go that much so when I do they seem to have a lot…. or maybe I am missing a lot…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm will have to think about that…… **************************** maybe later I will get a headache….lol’

 G W and tea pot 025

This is a sweet ginger pot,,, I love the pale Pinks and yellows,, so Spring looking.. don’t you think. It was only a 1.99…. not bad.. she cleaned up quit nicely.

G W and tea pot 026

OH look how gorgeous she is. she is in such great shape too,,, not chips or nicks. you can click on the photo to make it larger to get a closer look if you wish….

G W and tea pot 027

OH MY this is my very pretty Pink flower saucer plate,,, I so wish they had the tea cup to go with…… darn it all…. but any way I just fell in love with her…. She is so delicate, she is so Pink a lishous…..

G W and tea pot 028 

AHHHHHH a close up of her Pretty Pink Petals….. she loves to show them off…. hehe

G W and tea pot 046

I love to see it there is a stamp on the bottoms,, just like to see who made them and where…. so this is what is on the bottom of the saucer plate…. don’t forget to click to make it larger……


I just had to show some Pink Hydrangeas…. how gorgeous they are….. love love them….  don’t ya’ll wish we had scratch and sniff laptop screens??????? then we could just sniff our little hearts out…….. hehehehehe OH all right guess I went too far. just a thought…. 

Well dear Blog Friends I want to thank ya’ll so much for taking the time to stop by my humble blog, and for leaving such sweet and kind comments, I treasure each one…. I am truly Blessed to have you in my life…

So until next time; God Bless;



Thursday, March 25, 2010


image Good evening all; I have been a slacker lately I have been in my sewing room sewing the baby quilt… I want to get the top done before I leave next Fri. I hope I stay on track, but I am taking the day off tomorrow Cindy and I are going to a indoor Flea Market.. It is in a huge building and I so can’t wait to see what kind of pretties I can bring home…..lol  I am on the look out for some Tea cups and saucers…. or some gorgeous plates I can break for some mosaic’s…  So that is what I have been up to…

OK last weekend I went to the G.W. and found some really great things, now some I can’t show you because I am saving them for Pink Saturday. So here we go….

G W and tea pot 033 

I found three silver oval trays they were only a 1.00 each,,, so I had to get them…

G W and tea pot 038

This is the back of the one above,, is it not just gorgeous looking, it only had one handle but I just fell in love with it…

G W and tea pot 039

This one is has a very shinny bottom like a mirror as you can see… I know that they look alike in all these photos but they are all different….. I really need to practice taking some really great photos…

G W and tea pot 037

The detail on them is so gorgeous… I am going to use one of them in the guest bath,, holding some pretty soaps…

G W and tea pot 042

I love this yummy yellow plate,, just a dollar… don’t you just love it when you find a great buy…..

G W and tea pot 043

This is a cute white pot, or small dish what ever you want to call it,,,,,,, I call it--------- pretty…………….

G W and tea pot 044

On each side there is a lion face,,, to to cute…. I really have to think of how I want to use it….. hmmmmmmmmmmm much put on my decorating thinking cap……

G W and tea pot 045

And this is what was stamped on the bottom of it…  I might put some shells in it or buttons, maybe some vintage jewelry,,, just don’t know-------------  OK one more photo,,,,,, and this time I remembered to add it..lol

G W and tea pot 047

My sweet loving thoughtful Mr. Cottage Rose picked this gorgeous White Rose plant… Love it!!!!!!  

G W and tea pot 049

The flowers are so pretty and full… I am on the look out for a great looking pot to plant them in… When we get back from our Easter vacation back home, I am going to start on our patio… I will be bringing some of our out door things from back home to here.. I am so excited about seeing all my Big Kids,, and the grand babies.. which are not babies any more….. they grow up so fast..  My sweet Sister is making the Easter dinner for the whole Family,,, so I don’t have to worry about it… Now how sweet is that I ask…..  Well dear friends; that is all for now,, I will make sure I do some visiting I have not and Will Not forget any of you… I will be by…..  I thank you all for taking the time to stop by my humble blog,,,, and leaving a sweet comment…..

So until next time; God Bless;



Monday, March 22, 2010


OK,,,,, so when my my DH was reading my Pink Post he let me know that I forgot to show you all the Pink and brown ribbons…. I told you all about them and just plain forgot to put them on……. lol lol;

  Since I have already told you all about them and where I bought them,,, I will now show you,,,

G W and tea pot 030

I so love these pretty ribbons,,, I am not sure what I will use them for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but never fear I will find a use for them…..  So I hope you forgive my boo boo,,,,  Wish I could up grade my memory like we can our computers….. hehe  Did you all have a great weekend??  I was rainy here,,, my joints and sinus’s are really painful…. spent most of the time with my heating pad….lol  we are best friends now…… had a little bit of rain today,,, but later in the afternoon the Sun popped out… Well I hope you all had a wonderful Monday…

Until next time;;;; God Bless;



Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Hello Ladies; how are you all doing?? I hope you all had a wonderful week… Well the week sure did fly by don’t you think…. it is hard to believe that Easter is almost upon us.. We have been enjoying some gorgeous days here,, we even hit 73 today I almost wished they had the pool open…..lol

OK enough chitchat….it is Pink Saturday, a day just for nothing but beautiful Pinkness…. so let’s give a huge Pink Shout for our wonderful Pink Hostess Beverly of;How Sweet the Sound now you must stop by and pay her a visit, there you will find so many ladies that will be showing their Pink,,,, so please sit put up you feet get cozy and sip some coffee,, and enjoy your morning..

  I am showing my Beautiful Tea Pot, I found at Ross the other day…  I was going to buy a cute pair of shoes for summer,,,,,,,,,, buuuttttt when I laid my green peepers on the Beautiful Tea Pot,,,,,, welllllllll the shoes were so gone..  I have a ton of black sandals but it is not easy to find a Tea Pot that is only 8.99  not too shabby. So with out further adieu here it is… 

G W and tea pot 022  OH just look at her!!!!!!!!!!!!! is she not gorgeous;;;;;; I am a big lover of Blue Willow,,,, and when I found her in Pink well you know I just had to have it,, she was the only one left, and look so lonely.. I can’t wait to make a pot of Tea with it,,. mmmmmm

G W and tea pot 023

I took the photos out side on our balcony,, 

And guess who wanted to show off her new look,,,,,,,, Isabella,,, she just would not stop until I took some of her for Pink Saturday….  (what a ham)

G W and tea pot 006

OK mommy should I show my cute little Pink Tongue?   Or should I turn my head and show off my new Pink bows… Ok I will turn my head..

G W and tea pot 007

OK how’s this,,,,, can you see my gorgeous Pink bow,,, I just love my pretty pink bows….

G W and tea pot 008

See look how well they stay in,,,,,, even when I shake my head and roll on the floor….

G W and tea pot 009

OOPS;;; got a go,,,,, my daddy is home and I have to show him my gorgeous Pink bows…. bye bye;;;

Isabella’s check up went really great,, she might even get to get off her medicine in a few months… I was so excited to hear such wonderful news…. she did gain some weight she is now almost 19lbs… I call her my chubby wubby….lol


And for my last Pink photo ; I love these yummy ribbons,,, Pink and Brown,, bought them at Hobby Lobby last week,, they were 50% off such a great buy,, I found a few more but will show them later…. I am going to try my hand at making a tassel with them all I need is some really great fringe I have the rest… so wish me luck…. will let you know how it turns out….. maybe,,, if it is bad then I won’t…hehe   Well I hope you  enjoyed my Pink Post,,,, I want to Thank you all for stopping by my humble blog and for leaving me such wonderful comments,,, I treasure each one…. as I treasure you… So until next time; God Bless;



Thursday, March 18, 2010



Good evening friends; I think Spring is finally here. The trees are blooming all over here, the plants are getting their buds and soon will be open… The days have been so nice and warm sunshine.. I am a happy camper now… I hope it is the same where you live… talking with my Sister today it is looking pretty nice back home too.

We are able to make a trip back of Easter this year… I am so excited,,,,, I have been missing my big kids and my babies…. I bet they have changed a lot since I last saw them.. We are able to have a week so that is so great,, and I will be bring back some more of our things,,, we are unable to rent the Uhaul this time around,, so I will have to be creative when packing the truck again….lol  I just might have to tie something on the roof too…………….  (kidding honey)…..  Now I just have to figure out what to bring back…. that is not going to be easy…  I have been out and about these past few day’s  I found some really great things at our GW will be doing a post on them,,, and when I was visiting Cindy we went to Ross and I found a really pretty Tea Pot,, which I will be showing for Pink Saturday…. so this is what I have been working on,,, and need to get finished… 

Ava Joe 001 

Getting ready to cut all the strips for the Quilt I am making for our very sweet and dear friend Shelia,, who by the way is a new Grandma now….. I am so very excited and happy for them all,, what a wonderful Blessing…

Ava Joe 004

Now don’t worry all this mess it nothing to worry about,, it will all turn out great… hmmmmmmmm I hope….

Ava Joe 005

So I spent quit a few hrs… getting them all in order and marked so I don’t forget which one goes with which…  since I did not use the colors the pattern used I forgot what fabrics when where,,,,,, but all is well and it will soon look like a Quilt…..  I think I had better get sewing tomorrow it should go pretty fast,,,,,,,,,,,,, I hope… I have a few other projects I am going to start soon I will be letting you all see what I am working on,,,, I can’t wait…..  So that is about all that I have been up to,,, which is not much….. I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far… 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my humble blog,,, you all mean the world to me,, and I so enjoy reading all of your comments… So until next time;

God Bless;



Friday, March 12, 2010



Hello Dear Friends;  Did you all have a wonderful week? We are getting a nice Thunderstorm as I type this, I love  Thunderstorm’s there is jut something about them you know.  Well it is Pink Saturday,, I just Love Pink Saturday’s they really brighten my day bring in some wonderful Pink Sunshine….so now if you want to see alot more Pink Saturday sunshine pretties, then you must pop on over to our ever sweet Pink Hostess Beverly, at

How Sweet the Sound  you will find a lot of Pink Ladies who are joining in the fun…… you won’t be sorry……

Now last Tuesday my friend Cindy and I found this wonderful little Antique shop in Rock Hill,,, since neither of us have been there before we were excited to see what they had…  it was not a big shop but it had some really wonderful booths, with some lovely things…   in one booth there was this gorgeous set of China,,,, with some Pink Roses on it but the price she had on them I just could not afford…. *sigh* 

Any way I found one booth that had the most beautiful aprons,,, some were vintage and some were handmade… well I found one that just spoke to me,,,,,,,,, have you ever had that when shopping? something speaking to you……… well I do and this did…. sorry off track,,,, my bad..    So I bought her and brought her home,,, and she is perfect for Pink Saturday….. so her she is………………

Ava Joe 006

Is she not the cutest little apron,,,,,,,,,,,, OK maybe one of the cutest…..lol  I just love the lime green and Pink together…. and the black and white polka dot reminds me of the 50’s……

Shopping 008 

Shopping 009

Shopping 010

How cute is the pocket,,,,,,, not sure if I can bring myself to ware it…… she also had some really cute little one’s for girls,,, I think I will have to find a pattern and make a few for my grand daughters,, they would love it…  

Cindy  bought all us girls a small bouquet of  Tulips,,, how sweet is that,,, Cindy you are a doll and we all love you..  (she reads my blog)………………………..

So she let me pick out the color I wanted and I had to pick the Pink ones,,,,, of course…

Shopping 001

Shopping 006

OH they are just so pretty Pink,,,,,,,,,,,,,, brought just a bit of Spring to our home…. just wish they lasted longer…..

Shopping 012

You know I had to take one with my pretty Pink apron and Pink Tulips…….lol  how pretty they look……ahhhhhhh

Now for my last Pinkie it is from my very sweet loving MIL,,,, it is my Birthday card she sent me….. I know my B-day was last month but I had to show it for Pink Saturday….. it is so darn cute………………………………….

Shopping 021

LOL; HaHa….. I so love the look on her face,,,,,,,,,,,,,laughing,,,,,,,,, she is so darn cute,, caught using Mommy's lipstick…. I just might have to get a frame for it…..   Well Ladies that is it for my Pink Post….. I sure hope you all enjoyed it…  Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my humble blog,,,,,, and please leave me a comment so I can pay you a visit too,,,, I so enjoy reading your comments,,, they make my day….  Wishing you all a very Lovely Pink Weekend;  So until next time; God Bless;

Pink Hugs;


Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Good evening; So dear friends how is the weather where you are?? I talked to my daughter yesterday and she said that her Tulips are popping up,,, she was so excited,, she is back in Ind… and today they were getting sunshine and in the 60’s not too bad… Sure hope that this is the last of winter,, we are getting rain here, and maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow and Fri. That I can live with. We have Cherry trees here in the complex,, and they have bloomed so pretty,, they really don’t get cherries.. and some of the other plants are showing some of their color, I will have to take my camera out and take a few photos to share.. We are hoping that we can make a trip back home around Easter,, I can’t wait to see all my babies, hope they have not forgotten us….. and to bring the rest of our things back… I so can’t wait to have them here..

Yesterday I met my friend Cindy in Rock Hill, and we met up with 5 other ladies at Stake and Shake for lunch. It was so nice to get out and meet new friends. They were all just so sweet and kind, then we went to a Nursing Home to host a Tea and Cookie with a game of Trivia. We had such a fun time with them. I was talking with a Gentleman who was 94, and his memory was so amazing, he was telling me about his job with GE, and how they sent him all over the country.. He even spent some time in South America,, and London. I was so amazed at how his memory was, heck mine is not as good as his,,,,,, lol  The Home was so pretty, they are redoing all the rooms making them more nicer for them,,,, how great is that.. There was another  gentleman he  was so funny,, he just cracked us up… It was such a lovely time talking with them,,, serving Tea and Cookies to them… The Girls do this every Tues.. so I have joined with them,, they even pick a day and go and visit a resident and take them for a walk and spend time with them…. they are such a wonderful group of Ladies..

So after spending a few hrs. there we parted, and Cindy and I went to this little Antique shop, I found something that is just perfect for Pink Sat. sorry dear friends but you will have to wait until then….. hehehe  I know I am a stinker……………………………….

Then we went to Tuesday Morning,,,, I love that store, we found lot’s of pretties there, wish I could have gotten them all…. There was so much for the garden and flower beds,,, gorgeous flower pot’s,, I found some pretties there and they begged me to take them home,,, so I just could not refuse them,, and away we all went…. I did take a few photos to share,,, and then I forgot to take photos the the rest of them…. I will have to do another post on those….  So with out further delay,,,,, here they are……

Shopping 013  

I so love this Rooster pot,,, it is so pretty… and I love my rooster’s…

Shopping 014

And I just fell in Love with the adorable Rooster plate… I don’t have a  plate stand for it so I had to prop it up with the the lid to my candle…. hey use what you have on hand I always say….. right ladies?????????????????????????? and it was only 1.99,,, now I wish I bought more of them….

Shopping 015

Shopping 016

Shopping 018

Don’t they make a lovely couple………………. they are the best of friends already….

Shopping 019

So I put my Fur baby’s doggy treats in the bowl,,,, hey she needs a pretty container for her goodies…. she even knows that they are in there already,,,,,such a cleaver doggie…..

Shopping 024

This is the home I found for the rooster plate,,,, it is on my gorgeous iron shelf in the kitchen…. it probably wont stay there long,, I tend to move things around a bit,,,,hehe drives my DH nuts… lol  Well I hope you enjoyed my post and photos,,, I will do another one on the rest of my goodies,,,, and I will make sure I take pictures of them…… silly me.  Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my humble blog…. and leaving sweet comments….. So until next time; God Bless;