Friday, January 30, 2009


Good morning everyone,,,, well it is Pink Saturday again, boy the days just seem to fly by faster and faster. I am trying to keep up with it, some days I feel left behind.... lol

I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday . so just grab your coffee or tea and put up your feet and take in all the beautiful Pinkness in blog world..  I want to Thank our sweet hostess Beverly at  how sweet the  sound. So stop by so you see so much more of Pink pretties.

Rooms that I redid 025

I love this table cloth, I found this pretty at  a antique  shop, I love vintage linens. This has the Pink roses at each corner, with some blue and yellow. 

Rooms that I redid 026  This is my tart warmer, lol now that sounds funny.  But it is the sent melts that you melt with a tea light.  you silly

It is so pretty it reminds me  of Toile. My sweet sister gave this to me... I just love it.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my Pinkness today. Sorry this is so short, but my Pain pills are really making me sleepy, and I am finding it hard to type...  or even make any sense. lol  

I want to thank you all for taking time to visit me, and to leave such great comments. I just love reading what you all are thinking and your ideas...   I will be doing some blog surfing a little later, when my head is not too fuzzy..... lol    So until next time. God Bless;



Thursday, January 29, 2009


Good evening all, I hope you all had a great day.  As you all know I  have been trying get my craft room organized , I am not so sure I like it, but it is way better then what it was before.  I would have loved to be able to do some painting and  some great new book shelves, but since I can't right now, I have to make do with what I have... 

Rooms that I redid 015

I am so embarrassed to show you all this, I have seen so many lovely and very neat craft rooms you have.  It is just when I get busy doing something,,,,,   well neatness goes right out the window.

Rooms that I redid 016 

This is just another shot, my work table and sewing machine area. I love this table it is large enough to sew and paint or what every I am in the mood to do.  Which by the way is sewing now. But as you can see I have now room for that just yet..  lol;

Rooms that I redid 018

Ok Ok  I won't show any more of the before photos, and get to the after.  I should keep these out where I can see them so I don't mess it up again....  So do you think that would work.......  naaaa me either.

Rooms that I redid 042

This is the after I really need more storage, and  this Spring I will have lots of room when I move it out to our garage.....  I will have a whole  long wall just for me and me alone, I don't have to share space with any one and their stuff....  I know that sounds selfish but having space to spread out and have some wonderful room.  ahhh  heaven....

Rooms that I redid 043

And the after of my sewing area,,, not to bad now I can finish my lap quilt that is sitting on the table. I have it all cut just have to start sewing it together.   Now when I am sewing I am in my own world, and no one is aloud in...  Poor Hubby he has learned the hard way,, we used to live in Glendale Az. and I was sewing a bear for a sweet lady where I worked, she has breast cancer. Any way I was having trouble with the nose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   well hubby decided to help with advise...........  WRONG!    I get very upset when I sew and it does not turn out right.  Well what happened next will always be with me until the day the Lord calls me home,,, I took that poor little innocent bear and dropped kicked it across the room.....   I know I did feel bad for doing that, but you should have seen my poor Hubby's face, so when I am sewing he just stays out of my way. ha ha ha     I am such a perfectionist, that when I mess it up, I am not a happy camper. I really have to work on that. Now the Amish have  humility Quilts, they make just one block that is not the same as the rest, to remind them selves that now one is prefect except the Lord.  I think that is a great idea to keep me grounded with any thing I am working on...  I have made at least two Humility Quilts so far, and I am fine with that, knowing that I don't have to be perfect.  But sometimes I slip and hubby takes off for the day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol   Needless to say I have not made a teddy bear in awhile. lol    Gosh I hope I have not let you all with the impression that I am a Wako,  so please keep stopping by and leaving comments, I promise I won't bite.... lol

I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments, and for taking the time to visit. It is so great to have friends like you...  So until next time;  God Bless.



Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Good afternoon to all my dear friends. I hope you all are having a good day. I have been listening to the weather reports, and I know that some of my Blogging friends live in these  area's, I pray that you all  doing ok and keep warm. Hubby is out trying to clear our drive way, and front walk. As of  1;00 pm. we had a total of 6ins of new snow on top of what we already had. 

It has been such a long time since we had such a bad winter, with this much snow and very cold temps.  I remember one year in the late 70's I was  Seven Months Pregnant with my first child. It was in Nov. Thanksgiving, we had such a show storm that no one could get out I could hardly walk or waddle in all the deep snow.  Then in '77  Heather was a year old, we had another very bad snow storm, this time it shut down the whole town.  No one was aloud to even attempt to go out on the streets,  now this was in Jan, the weekend of  my birthday, so it took 4 days to get  the town out of  this mess. Now that is one birthday I will never forget. lol  Good thing we had telephones  that way I could at least talk to someone.  So I am so ready for Spring to get here, I have been doing some spring cleaning  the past couple of days.  I am in my  craft room now, trying to get things organized, or at least making it look better.  I am taking before and after photos so I can show you.  But some how I feel  I am getting no where fast,  just moving on mess for another mess.  I have been going to through some things that I really won't use or need.  You know the ones I mean,  Oh look at that  I could take that and make this for that, and some how it never happens and it just takes up much needed space. 

Now it is very hard for me sometimes to let go of certain items, but I have a rule that I must stick to.  If I have not used it or needed  for the past year, then out it goes.   Now if I could just stop my self from buying things that I know I would not

Hubby took some photos of the Snow so I will show you some of them...


This is out our front door.  the Snow Plows have been by so the street looks pretty good now.


Out our back patio, poor Gracie she is not very tall and the snow is up to her neck, lol she is having a hard time getting around. She looks like a Snow Doggie when she comes in.....

Well I really should go now I have to get my room done so I can finish the lap quilt I am working on. Then be able to post about it. So wish me Luck!!!   

Oh yes;  I want to thank you all for the wonderful Birthday Wishes you were so kind to leave me, you have all made my day so wonderful.  So I thank you all for that...   Stay safe and warm. 

God Bless;



Tuesday, January 27, 2009





Good Morning every one; I hope you all had a very wonderful weekend. Ok;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   yes yesterday was my Birthday,  my Darling Hubby took me out to dinner at Apple B's  so I did not have to cook. How sweet was that..  On Saturday he bought me my first of two gifts, I have wanted one of these for a long time. It is one of the chair pads you set one and it has built in massage with heat.  OH my Goodness.........  it is so great on my back, for my arthritis in my spine and my Fibro.  So this coming weekend, he is buying me a set of  Paula Dean's cooking pan set in red, I love this set it is gorgeous so I can't wait..............    squeelllllllllllllllllllll

You know I remember past Birthday's when I would want a great piece of Jewelry or out fit  shoes Perfume or a great weekend away.

And now at the age I am,,,,,   I would rather have a chair Pad the will massage my poor back..................    I wonder how that happened...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm    lol   Guess that is like, I really need to get back there......  When I turned Fifty I started counting back wards by Ten yrs...  lol              But is is just a number it is not how I feel inside, I do feel younger,  now I can't do what I use to do, but something I still can do....  Like  walking .............

Yesterday I spent most of the day painting my fire Place, it turned out pretty great. I did take lost of photos of the progress. I will doing a post on it for a Monday Make Over.  I hope you like how I did it.  As for today I am going to redo my craft/ sewing room, it really needs help bad, I am taking  photos of each step to do a post later on in the week. 




So please take a seat and get comfy and have some of my Birthday Cake... with me



And have a nice up of Tea; and we can just sit and talk about nothing, sharing our friendship, with I Treasure very much.

I  really want to thank you all for your wonderful comments you have left me.  And how you all take the time to visit. I means so  so much too me..   

I pray that each and every one of you have a Blessed Week,,,,,,,,  We are getting quite a bit of Snow here again  today, with some cold days... booo boooo   I am going to wish for Spring soon.... when I blow out my candles..... lol     God Bless;



Sunday, January 25, 2009



Quilt Projects 003

Good Morning every one. Today is the day for those of us who were entered in the Vintage Valentine Swap, we are showing out goodies boxes. I have done a post on this two days ago, so for those of you who want to see it just scroll down a little and you will see it.  I hope you all enjoy looking at all the wonderful Valentines goodies Michele has sent me. I so love each and every one. So please take a moment to look if you will.  And then go to Heidi our hostess for the wonderful Swap she hosted to see more great Swaps to see.  foxgloves, fabric and folly. She has a very wonderful blog and great posts to read. 

thank you all so much for stopping by to take a look see....... again;;lol.....

have a great Sunday. God Bless



Friday, January 23, 2009


Hello there everyone, Happy Pink Saturday. I am so happy to be back posting on Pink Saturday. I have been out of the loop for a while but now I am back and loving it. I have missed it lots.

So for my Pink Saturday I am showing a very pretty bowl  I found at a garage sale.

post for saturday 004

I just love this bowl, it is the size of a cereal bowl, love the Roses in the center.  So So sweet.

post for saturday 005

A closer look at the bowl. if you want a closer closer look just click on the photo.

post for saturday 006

I love to collect fans, they are just so beautiful looking. There are so many wonderful styles out there, the Victorian style is my favorite. The lace around the top is black lace, I don't use it, it is still in the box. lol I have to find some place to put it.

post for saturday 007

The detail on the Roses is so amazing, sure wish I could paint like that.. I bought this fan in Savanna Ga. at a great little shop in and old train station, it was a beautiful little shop. They had lots of  fans so hard to choose, but I saw this and fell in love with it.

So if you would like to see more Pretty Pink, then stop by our Hostess of Pink Saturday, Beverly at  How Sweet the Sound to see more.  I hope you enjoyed my addition to Pink Saturday.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I thank you all for your visit and wonderful comments.  I so enjoy hearing from you all. Until next time;  God Bless;



Thursday, January 22, 2009


Quilt Projects 001 

Hello there every one; I hope you are all having a great evening.  OK  I have had my goodie box for a week, but wanted to wait to show every one until my Sweet Partner had received hers, and she posted about yesterday. My Valentine partner was Michele from Treasures Teacups & Tumbling Rose Cottage.  

Michele sent me such a wonderful box of beautiful things. They were all wrapped to sweet  she took such care to pick each thing out just for ME!  How luck I felt when I opened the box.  Now if you have not been to her blog you really should. I  so enjoy reading her posts about her family life, her decorating style is so wonderful.  She does posts on  Tea and what you fix with it.  I have mad such a great friend in her, Michele has a very kind heart, and it shines through in her Blog. So go and visit her and read some of her amazing post, and great photos you won't be disappointed.

Ok now on to the gifts..................................

Quilt Projects 003

Don't you just love how she wrapped each lovely gift......

Quilt Projects 005

Sorry this is a little blurry, but it is the most beautiful pin, she made this one, I just love wearing pins I have quite a collection.

Quilt Projects 006

I adore this Vintage looking Heart, I have it hanging on my Teacup Shelf, on a peg it looks so pretty there. Like it belongs there.....

Quilt Projects 007

I also collect old Hankies, and she sent me this sweet  blue and white one, with some tags and  a very sweet note she wrote me..

Quilt Projects 008

Also in the box was two kinds of tea and a very Lovely  tall Teacup, which I have used a lot, Love the teas..  I am a Tea nut the green ribbon has gold letters saying Tea all around it, how cute is that.

Quilt Projects 009

Now inside this gorgeous box which she made, were two rose floating candles, and two floating heart candles.  Guess when I am going to use this babies.......   that's right  Valentine's Day... an that is all I am going to let you know.......   sorry.  lol

I have the pretty pink box sitting on my side table in the dinning room, looks so pretty there.

Quilt Projects 010

And last but by no means least, this packet of beautiful rose napkins. I just love them, I have a great use for them,  I have a tray that I use when I make my Tea, and it is really not very pretty, so I am going to use some of these napkins to decoupage on it, then do a good seal so it will last. I can't wait to get started on it, I will do a before and after for you all. 

Quilt Projects 011  And this is what they all look like together. Is it not just the most  beautiful  collection, for the Vintage Valentine Swap. I so love it all.   Michele  I thank you so much for the gifts and the time  you took to make and pick out each one for me.  I am so honored to have met you and now I have a great new Friend .  You know that it is not just the gifts from Swaps that I sign up for, but the I get the most out of giving to some one , and then the best part is getting to Meet a new Friend.  It is a wonderful way to get to meet someone you have not met yet and their blog. I am getting so many blogs on my Favorites that it takes me so long to visit you all, but I do try to get to you all. 

I also want to Thank  Heidi from foxgloves  fabric and folly.  She has done such great job on Hosting the Swaps, this is her  third one, and I  have joined for her fourth one. So you should stop by and check it out, and join in the fun. At the top of my blog is a tag of the swap and then go check it out at Heidi's blog to see what it is all about.  You will love it and her blog............

Well I  had better stop now, this is getting real long...  Gosh I hope you all are still reading this, and did not give up before the    I want to Thank you all for your visits and the kind comments you left me, I hope you enjoyed reading my post and my photos until next time.....   God Bless;



Wednesday, January 21, 2009




                                    Good evening to you all. I have a Secret  Admire Award for a Sweet friend Donna from Party Wishes. I love her blog, I had the pleasure of being her partner in a  Christmas Swap. She is the kindest and sweetest lady. Her blog is so fun, she has the best Party ideas I have ever seen, I get some really get ideas from her posts. Donna is a great friend she always makes sure she visits and leaves a kind comment, even after the Swap was over we still keep in touch which is so great.  So Donna I thank you so much for this award you have honored me with.   So now I have to post the rules and then do some picking.......


1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this
award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person
from whom you received the award    

So now I must pick 10 of the blogs I have a secret longing for.

 1;  Pink Slippers

2;  Vanilla  Lavender

3;  Dawns Day Break

4;  The Stone Rabbit

5;  Note Songs

6;  Nature Trail

7;  Momma Holly

8;   At Home With The Farmers Wife

9;  Michele's  Treasure's Teacups, & Tumbling Rose Cottage

10; Heather's Heartfelt Stitches

I thank you all dear friends for all the wonderful and creative ideas and such lovely and funny stories about your life and home. I also thank you for your friendship....

This award really means a lot to me as do the other awards I have received  I never get tired of it......   Do I sound sappy????  lol

I have gotten my strips cut today for my first quilt which I am going to sew tomorrow  I will be posting some photos tomorrow as well kind of like before and after....  I hope I do really well one them.....   Thank you for all the comments and the visits I just so appreciate  each and every one.....  God Bless;



Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Good evening;  I hope that all my dear friends  had a wonderful day.  I spent most of the day watching TV, the Inauguration, it was quit something to see.  And then my Son called and Mom had to go and give him a hand with the kids cos he was not feeling well, and  then had to go to the store for him, chicken soup and other Mommy feel good goodies... lol  Poor baby, I felt so bad for him, but I am sure he will be feeling better tomorrow.  I hope.

Then I made it home to get my fabric's out for my two quilting projects.  I have some time in between Swaps to get some sewing done.  The first one is a lap quilt,  now the colors are not what I would usually pick, but some how they just jumped out at me and said pick me!!!  So I did.

Quilt Projects 012

Now you can't tell but the green is a dark lime green, I just love all the colors and how they flow together.

Quilt Projects 013

The  fabric on the far left it the backing, it is not going to be anything fancy for the pattern, just different width of strips. So it will be  not take a while to finish it which is good.  But the quilting of all three layers will take a bit, I like to quilt by hand, just could not get the handle on machine quilting.  Now the next quilt I will do after this one is going to be a lot of cutting with scissors.

Quilt Projects 014

You might have to click on the photo to see it better, I love love love this one. I have the prefect blues and red of this. It has just a touch of red on the bird's wings and two different blues.  It is all fusible  iron on and then a blanket stitch around all the pieces, then  I have to trace the embroidery lines and  stitch them in a blue embroidery thread. 

Quilt Projects 023 

The blue rose fabric is a wonderful Toile I found at Joann's which is the main pattern and the other blue with some gold is just going to be a bit of it, and the red is just for the wings. I just love this book, so many wonderful patterns in it. This will be my second one of this book, the first one was called Just My Doodles, I did it in reds and greens, I use it for Christmas.  I will be taking some photos as I go along to do future posts.  So tomorrow I am going to start on the first one I can't wait. 

Well today was a great day out side for a change, the Sun was out all day no snow but still cold still in the teens but nothing like the past few weeks. And I have notice that the days are getting longer, usually by five it is dark now it is light. Yea!!!!!!!  I feel Spring in the air....   Ok maybe not yet, but I can dream. Right Ladies.... lol  Well that is it for now, I hope you have enjoyed my ramble. Idol is on now and I have to pay attention so I don't miss all the fun.....

I want to thank you all for the comments and taking the time to visit my humble blog to read bits and piece's of my Daily life.  Have a great week every one... God Bless;



Sunday, January 18, 2009



Good evening my Dear Friends;  I hope you all are having a very wonderful weekend. The Sun came out today for a bit, I almost cried.....  lol  This coming week is supposed to be lots better weather wise, still going to be cold but not as cold as it has been. I am so happy about that, tomorrow I am going to break out of my home, shhhhhh  don't let any one know.  This time I know I can escape out into the wide open spaces...  YEA!!!!  I am going to be FREE    FREE for a  day at least.   Can you tell I have been cooped up all week..........   Sorry but my brain just goes off to it's own little world, and my body just flows with it..  So tomorrow my Sweet Sister and I are going to go the  MALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am so excited about that  I know it is the little things in life. lol

Ok ladies I am trying to think of something really Romantic for Valentines Day for my Valentine.  I can feel the Romance floating in the air, and in every thing I have been reading.  Now if you ask  ten different people they will have a wide version of what Romance is to them. That is what is so great, so many ideas to glean from.


So I am on a mission to find the perfect Valentines Day, for my Sweet Heart. I will be doing lots of surfing lots of reading, then I will check out some great cook books,  and thennnnnnn   call for take out..... lol   kidding;  I think he can take me out, and let some one else do the cooking and washing of dishes. That way I will not be tired later on..... [blushing]    I never know what to get him, he is very hard to buy for.  Me I am easy just let me in a Shoe store and let me go, I have  whole other relationship with shoes. I can't help my self,  now  poor hubby can't seem to understand why I need to have more then one pair of Black Shoes... How silly of him.    Yes ladies I have lots of shoes and I do wear them all, at least I try to...... he he   Now  while I am out tomorrow I am going to be on the look out for a killer dress to wear, it will be either Black or Red,  so I am going to take my camera and do some snapping to do a post on. I hope I don't get kicked out of some of the stores  so if you don't see a new post for awhile you know what happened,  and if it does Please send me a cake with a file in it....


Well my day was not very exciting, I did get a lot of laundry done, all my quilts and sheets the slip cover on my sofa.   The other day I did receive my Vintage Valentine box in the mail, now sure if I told you all before, if I did,  well you are going to hear about it again,,, sorry,    I am going to do a post on it all next week, some time. I have had a fun time putting together my box for my partner which I am  putting in the drop box tomorrow, which won't go out until Tuesday, so it will  get to her some time in the week. I want to wait till she receives her's.  AWWWWW  how sweet am I......  to wait.  I can't wait to show off all the beautiful  eye candy she sent me.   Ok I guess that is it for now, I have to do some visiting before bed.

I want to Thank You all for the sweet and some funny comments, and taking the time to visit.  So until next time dear friends, have a great night.  God Bless;



Saturday, January 17, 2009




Good evening to all my dear Friends.  I have been hold up in my home for this past week. It is so cold out side that the moment you set your foot out the door, it turns blue even in shoes. brr brr.

Thursday night it went down to -30 below. My poor fur babies we I felt so bad to have to send them out to do their business, I had to wipe and warm their little paws for them. I really need to get them some cute little booties....  At least they don't mess around too long..        Well today is not to bad out, it is above 0, so that is good.   So hubby and I have been watching some movies, with a fire going,  getting ready to eat a cheese pizza. Then I am make me some hot tea to sip.   I have my Vintage Valentine Swap Box already and ready to send. But with the weather being so cold and the cars not like it, I was not able to get to the mail. I feel so so bad for my partner, but she has been really great about it. 

It has been such a long time since we have had a Winter like this.  Oh I did color my hair today, it came out pretty good for doing it myself. I did a Med. Blonde, but because I have some red to my hair it looks like a  light strawberry blonde, funny how that works. Well at least it did not turn out green or purple. lol   Al though I have seen lots  of that color lately on Idol. lol   I am having fun watching  Idol how about you, are any of you into Idol????  Hubby and I are hooked on it.  

As for redoing my home  I was hoping to be able to get some paint to start on my family room walls, but just did not make it out. Maybe next week it is going to be in the 20's so  that I can handle. I am getting really tired of looking at my walls, so I am really really ready to get some great sage green on them, with the bottom a creamy off white  on bead board and chair rail.  I have been looking on Ebay for lots of fabric  to make curtains for our patio door. I am thinking of a  silk for raw silk. Something that will flow really pretty and puddle on the floor. Not sure of the color though, but no pattern to to, just plain. So when I find it I will make sure I post about it. Which could be a while, I am a very picky person, until I find what I want nothing else gets done until I find it.  Not sure why but that is how I am.  I have my own way of cleaning and even putting in the trash bag..  Now  is that normal?? Please tell me that some one else out there  is the same way..... 

Well ladies  I smell my Pizza, and  I am getting hungry now, lol So I thank you all for all the comments and the visits, even though I have not posted in a couple of days.  Sorry about that.  I hope you all who are getting all this very COLD WEATHER  are staying warm inside.

Have a great weekend; and please keep stopping by, I love your comments. Gives me something to look forward to during the long cold days.......   You are the best.....................  God Bless;



Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Snow Trees

Good Evening;  Oh My Gosh!!!  It is really getting cold here in Indiana.  We are dipping below 0 this week not counting the wind chill. [shiver]   We were supposed to be getting some snow and a blizzard, but that is not going to happen, but the very cold days is here. So I am not going out if I can help it, except tomorrow I have to take my fur baby Gracie to the puppy parlor. Then I am not going out side until the days get warmer..........I am so excited about the Vintage Valentine Swap, I have been working on the gift box for my Partner, she is very very sweet I just love to meet new friends through the Swaps. 

  So not much has been going on here, trying to stay warm and healthily so far so good. And giving some of my room a fresh look, by rearranging and changing some pretties to different areas. It seems to be going well, I have to take some photos  so I can show them for you all.  I spent most of the day yesterday on my bathroom, I really want to get it painted and a new tub and sink, but that will have to be on hold for a bit, so until then I will just put up some new pretties.  Well ladies I guess that is about it, my life this week is not very exciting or  productive sorry about that, I really don't like it when I have a not so exciting post, like the ones I have been reading and all the great photos.  So I am going to have to kick it up a notch to keep you coming; 

I want to thank you all for stopping by for a visit and the kind comments you leave.  I hope you all have a great and warm week..... Enjoy Life;    God Bless;



Sunday, January 11, 2009



Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 010

Good Evening every one.  I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. I know Miss Isabella did, she had fun out in the snow, I was hopping you could see the snow all over her, but since she is white......................  Well I guess you can't.  Now when Gracie Bell gets done she looks like a little Big Foot with snow all over.

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 011

Ok I can hear you all now,  I don't see any snow all over her,,,,,,,,,

Well  Miss Gracie would not stand still long enough for me to get a good shot of her, little stinker,  oh look you can see my foot oh dear and honey bunny's. lol   My two babies love to out in the snow and run and play until they can hardly walk.  Gracie is getting so big she is not my little baby any more..... :{ boo hoo   sniff..  

Ok I have some photos to share with you all the first one's are of the baby quilt and pillow I made for my grand nephew. Which I have not been able to get to him yet.

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 017

I hope you can see it, I was standing on a chair in my bedroom trying to get a great shot, but now it looks to far away. But not to worry I have some close ups.

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 018

This is the round matching pillow. I just love Toile don't you..... and yes Sheila you can love Toile. lol  Just had to throw that one in.  :}  The ruffle is about two inches wide the pillow is 16 inch round. Now this pillow was not a hard one to make cos it was so round, the time to pin and gather the ruffle was a bit longer.

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 019

The quilt blocks are only five inch squares. I sewed the wrong sides together so I could clip the edges so they would have a fluffy look. I did the out side the same. Then use a dark blue floss to tie it together, then I ran it through the washer and dryer and it came out so soft and nice. I can't wait to see him all cozy and warm in it. It really did not take me a long time to sew it at all, but the clipping all around the edges was just a killer on my hand. whewww!!!   I could hardly move my right hand, but it is fine now. I have made a larger one for my grand daughter Caileigh, a Irish Chain one, and that took me three hrs to clip. wow wee wow....

Now I am starting on a project for my Vintage Valentine Swap Partner, I wish I could show you all, I will make sure I take some photos so I can.  After she receives it.  Speaking of Valentines Day, I can't believe it is almost here, the stores are very full of all sorts of goodies. I really don't decorate for it, but I love to set some things out for the day of Love..... ahhhhh Love.  I love to go and watch the all the men shopping for their Loved one. It is so funny they all look so lost, oh and in the card isle, ha ha ha . They try so hard to pick out just the right gift that says I  Love You.... And some miss the mark by a mile.  Now honey bunny has done pretty well in this regard. Except when he brings home a very large Box of Chocolate, now that is bad, I really don't eat that much chocolate I am really trying to stop too.  No really I am......

I remember one sweet Valentines Day years ago, we did not have a washer and dryer then, so we had to go to the laundry mat.  And our laundry mat was next to a flower shop. Well he slipped out when I was folding clothes.  And then in he came with a huge smile on is face and a Very Large Red Heart Balloon which said I Love You on it.  And  a big beautiful bunch of mixed flowers. Now I was so surprised by this very Romantic act, in a very crowed laundry mat full of women how I am sure were going home to tell their hubby's what happened and why don't they do something like that.... lol   I gave him a big hug and kiss and then smiled at all the women looking and said sorry he is taken.....

That is one I will not  ever forget, oh and ladies he went every weekend to help me with the laundry,  how sweet is that. I think I will keep him..

Ok Ladies do you have a very Romantic Valentine memory that you would want to share, because I would love to hear about them.   I love a good Romantic story.  I hope to hear from a lot of your ladies out there in blog land, so step up and tell us a love story....

Now I have one more Quilt to share, I wish I made this one but I did not. This was a Birthday Gift to my hubby for his 50th..

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 015 

This was made by his,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  Dad!!!  yes it is true his Dad made this beautiful Quilt.  Some of the fabric is of fishing and lures.  They are a very huge fishing family. I would love to be able to Quilt like that, some of the ones he has made are designed by him he is so talented.  What makes me burn is he just started doing it a couple of yrs ago, and now he is selling them on Esty. Now I can quilt too but when he comes up with such great patterns I could throw up.........  He is retired and needed a hobby besides gardening, so he took up Quilting.  Ok I am done whining now.   

I hope you all enjoyed my photos and my stories, you can click on the photos to make them bigger to see better if you wish. I also want to  Sincerely Thank You all for being so wonderful and kind during my break, and prayers, They are helping lots and things are getting better. I love reading all you comments as well. So please keep stopping by for a visit, and let me know that you did. I get bored so easy.......................  I really need some thing to do in the evenings. lol lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   God Bless You all.



Thursday, January 8, 2009


Photo Sample_8

Good evening; to all my dear friends. I am sorry for staying away so long with out a new post or paying you all a visit. But I had some family troubles and had to take some time off . My mind and heart was just not in the mood for posting and visiting, at the time. So I am praying that things will get better and I know the Lord is with us all in this and we will be triumphant!.

Now enough of that, I wish to Thank you all for your sweet and kind comments on my Pillow Shams and Neck Roll, I so appreciate each and every word. You all mean so much to me and your visits.  As I love to visit you all, it might take me awhile but I will get to you soon.  I just love the butterfly on the Rose bud so pretty I had it in my file, so if any of you like it a lot you can copy it for your personal use..

I still have not be able to take photos of the baby quilt and pillow I made, but hang in there I will.  We are getting lots of very cold weather here, and now more snow. I ventured out today and the cold and wind cut threw to the bone. brrr brrrr.    My Sweet Sister dropped off a new book for me to read, she said it was a great book and I should read it when she is done.  Ok now if any of you new my Sister at all, you would know she really does not read much, in fact she falls a sleep before the first page is done. lol  But this one she fought off the urge to sleep through this one. So I figured it must be a really great book.   I don't have a photo of it but the name of it is The Christmas Sweater;  written by  Glenn Beck.   It is based on a personal true story. So I am so excited to read it, I have read some of the first chapter and it is going to be the kind you can't put down.

Well ladies that is about it, have not been able to get my family room and other projects started or finished, so this is a very boring post and for that I apologize.  I hope you all are having a great week stay safe and stay warm Love to all.  God Bless;



Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hello and good evening dear friends. I hope and pray that every one has had a wonderful weekend.  We have been having a bit if freezing rain but nothing really bad. With all the snow gone and the days kind of mild it is making me think of Spring. I am getting a urge to get some planting done, or get started I mean.  Some days it is like Spring is in the air. So I have been looking in some of my garden books and magazines, and thinking of how to plant my front yard. I can't wait to get started on it. I know I am rushing it a bit, but I am itching to get in the dirt. lol; 

Know as I promised I am going to show you all the gift I sewed for my daughter Chas for Christmas. I could not show you before because she looks at my blog sometimes.  If I do say so myself I think they turned out pretty great.  I love the fabric almost kept them for myself. lol

Chas's Pillow shams 017

I am sorry that it is not very clear, but this is with my old camera. In my craft room, I made her two king sized pillow shams and a neck roll.  I love the fabric colors, it is a soft brown with pink and a bit of green in it. She wanted a brown Toile but I looked every where and could not find any. So I found this that reminded me of a toile.

Chas's Pillow shams 018

I did not really know what kind of fabric I wanted for the ruffle, so at Wal Mart I found this pretty floral fabric with some browns and pinks, hoping it would match and look nice.

Chas's Pillow shams 019

I tried to get a good shot of the trim on the neck roll, but since it is a brown it did not show up very well.  I found some very nice tassel trim for around the neck roll, and a light gold color sheer ribbon to tie it with. The match was more then I could hope for.

Chas's Pillow shams 020

Making the ruffle pleats for the shams took quit awhile, I stuck my fingers so much with the pins they were sore for a couple of days. lol;  She really loved them, now I have to make her a quilt for the bed, I told her to wait for about three yrs, then It would be done. lol  I do have fun sewing things for my family and friends.  Over the New Year week I have been sewing a baby quilt for our new Great Nephew, I will do a post on it tomorrow. I had some blue toile left and white chenille, with a matching round pillow.  I can't wait to see our newest member of the family, and give him my gift.  Well ladies that is about it for now, I found a new pattern I am going to start on will show you at a later date. I found a very pretty blue toile fabric for it, so I can't wait to start.  I still have to get started on painting our family room to get it done, so I am going to be busy for a while, and share lots of  photos. 

I want to  Thank You All for you very sweet and kind comments. I know I say this at the end of every post, but it is so so true. When I read all the comments I get such a lift and loving feeling from each one, that is so real and not fake. I Bless you all for that.  And I hope that in turn I do the same for all of you, all my Prayers for any one who is in need, I will keep you in them Our Lord knows who they are and what the need and I lift you up to him at all times.   Have a most wonderful and joyful week. God Bless



Friday, January 2, 2009



Hello every one; how great it is to have a  Pink Saturday of the New Year.  So far so good for the first few days of the New Year. I almost forgot about it being  Pink Saturday tomorrow, my days are all messed up because of  Hubby being off work. lol  So I am make a short and sweet one this time.  I know  I hear you all  saying,,,,  well it is about time she is making a short one...  So just for that on   Sundays post  I will make a very long one.....  See what happens when you  get sassy  ladies....  lol;   kidding... 

Etsy Photos 018

This is a small clay pot I painted Pink and did a green pink mosaic around the rim, and then glued  a strand of vintage pearls under the rim. I painted the inside a creamy white.  I think it turned out pretty good. 

I hope you enjoyed my Pink  offering for this post. I also want to thank you all for the sweet and some funny comments.  So please keep stopping by and leaving comments, I so enjoy reading each and every one.   Gosh I sound like I am begging now........  he he

Hope you all have a very wonderful Pink weekend... God bless



Thursday, January 1, 2009


no more christmas and decorating my home 001

Hey some one took the top off of my tree!!  Boy some one is in bad trouble...   OH hey wait a minute   it was meeeeeeeeee    lol   my how quickly I forget things.  It this is how I am going to start the new year then wow I am in big  Trouble.....  lol 

Ok I am back now don't worry I just forgot to take my pills, so I took them now and here I am...... he  he he      I hope I did not scare any one, I would feel really bad about that  I mean I would be so upset that I would probably need more pills...   lol      Ok I will stop, I don't want you all to think I am off my nut, cos I am not,,,,,,,,,,,   ok I heard that;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   but I am not off my nut I am normal just like all of you.....;}   So you are asking what all of this has to do with taking down my Christmas decorations,,,,,,,   nothing  I just thought I would throw that in for fun.  lol  sooorrrryyyy.................   so did you have fun?????????   

  no more christmas and decorating my home 002

OH look here is the top of the tree, already in its bed waiting for the rest of its limbs.  Poor baby it looks so sad now, I don't think it was ready to be stuck in that little plastic bin for a whole year. 

no more christmas and decorating my home 003

And this is  where the rest of the decorations went this is a waiting room for them until Hubby takes them up to their loft living space. It is quit spacious looking for them. They seem to like it, I never hear any fighting or hitting.  So that is a good thing.  Now my sweet Snow Man is in charge of them all, he does a great job on keep them all in line, except one year, I am not really sure what happened  because no one was talking, but the poor man came down with out he head.  Hubby did find it and I glued it back on for him. I asked him what happened but he was just not going to tell me or give up the one who did it.  It anything Snowman is very loyal.   But mark my words I will get to the bottom of it and some one will pay for doing that to him.........

Ok after every thing was down and put away in the waiting room, I decided to do some rearranging . 

no more christmas and decorating my home 006

I have been thinking of moving my chest of drawers over by the patio doors. It looks pretty good there, I still have some tweaking to do but it looks good. 

no more christmas and decorating my home 007

I am not sure I like the arrangement but I will keep messing around until I like what I see.  I like to take photos when I get done putting things together, so I an really see what and how they look, it works pretty good for me. It is like looking at it from a different eye.  So this photo tells me that it really needs some more playing with. So I have to do some shopping around my house and maybe make something for it.   Now where the chest used to set I have put a large round table, it is too high so hubby is going to cut the legs off about 2ins. it will be just the right size then, I am going to sew up a table cover for it. in two different colors and floral patterns, maybe a large check too. some fringe or beading for the edging.  Any way I will keep you all posted and with photos when I am happy with the look. Well this is getting kind of long, so I will stop now. I am going to make me a pot of tea and do some visiting.  So I hope every one Had a very wonderful New Years Eve, and are having a very lovely New Year Day.

I want to thank you all for your stopping by for a visit, and all the sweet and kind comments.  They make my days, reading them.

I do try to visit each and every one of you, sometimes it takes me two days just to visit. I have lots of  friends on my list, and now I am finding new friends so please bare with me if I have not visited you for a while it is not because I am snubbing you, because I would never do a thing like that to my dear friends, it is just taking me longer to get to you. So hang in there I will be by...   I bet you can't wait to hear from me.... lol  kidding......    God Bless;