Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hello and good evening dear friends. I hope and pray that every one has had a wonderful weekend.  We have been having a bit if freezing rain but nothing really bad. With all the snow gone and the days kind of mild it is making me think of Spring. I am getting a urge to get some planting done, or get started I mean.  Some days it is like Spring is in the air. So I have been looking in some of my garden books and magazines, and thinking of how to plant my front yard. I can't wait to get started on it. I know I am rushing it a bit, but I am itching to get in the dirt. lol; 

Know as I promised I am going to show you all the gift I sewed for my daughter Chas for Christmas. I could not show you before because she looks at my blog sometimes.  If I do say so myself I think they turned out pretty great.  I love the fabric almost kept them for myself. lol

Chas's Pillow shams 017

I am sorry that it is not very clear, but this is with my old camera. In my craft room, I made her two king sized pillow shams and a neck roll.  I love the fabric colors, it is a soft brown with pink and a bit of green in it. She wanted a brown Toile but I looked every where and could not find any. So I found this that reminded me of a toile.

Chas's Pillow shams 018

I did not really know what kind of fabric I wanted for the ruffle, so at Wal Mart I found this pretty floral fabric with some browns and pinks, hoping it would match and look nice.

Chas's Pillow shams 019

I tried to get a good shot of the trim on the neck roll, but since it is a brown it did not show up very well.  I found some very nice tassel trim for around the neck roll, and a light gold color sheer ribbon to tie it with. The match was more then I could hope for.

Chas's Pillow shams 020

Making the ruffle pleats for the shams took quit awhile, I stuck my fingers so much with the pins they were sore for a couple of days. lol;  She really loved them, now I have to make her a quilt for the bed, I told her to wait for about three yrs, then It would be done. lol  I do have fun sewing things for my family and friends.  Over the New Year week I have been sewing a baby quilt for our new Great Nephew, I will do a post on it tomorrow. I had some blue toile left and white chenille, with a matching round pillow.  I can't wait to see our newest member of the family, and give him my gift.  Well ladies that is about it for now, I found a new pattern I am going to start on will show you at a later date. I found a very pretty blue toile fabric for it, so I can't wait to start.  I still have to get started on painting our family room to get it done, so I am going to be busy for a while, and share lots of  photos. 

I want to  Thank You All for you very sweet and kind comments. I know I say this at the end of every post, but it is so so true. When I read all the comments I get such a lift and loving feeling from each one, that is so real and not fake. I Bless you all for that.  And I hope that in turn I do the same for all of you, all my Prayers for any one who is in need, I will keep you in them Our Lord knows who they are and what the need and I lift you up to him at all times.   Have a most wonderful and joyful week. God Bless




Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I'll bet she loved it!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I can imagine with making such a ruffle like that you might pin yourself. That was such a lot of work I'm sure to get them so even. YOu did a great job.
thank you for sharing

Dawn said...

Alaura it is just lovely!!!!!! You do very nice work. I'm trying to decide what I want to make now that I have my new sewing machine.

I started a quilt for my daughter too. It's not finished yet. I started it when she was three...she'll be twenty nine this summer LOL!!!

Have a good night!

take care,

Susan said...

Beautiful! She will treasure them!

Shelia said...

Evening, Alaura! Oh, what a beautiful job you did on the pillow shams and neck roll! I didn't realize you had pleated the ruffle! Wow, I'm so impressed. The fabric is really so lovely! I think I like this better than a brown toile! I'm sure your daughter was thrilled to get these.
Thank you so much, Alaura, for your prayers.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Smilingsal said...

Your daughter is sure to treasure that for many years.

Miss Sandy said...

Thank you for visiting and for your congrats on our joyous news.

Your seamstress skills are exquisite! My Aunt taught me to sew and she makes lovey and complicated things such as the ones you have featured. Your daughter is very blessed to receive such a gift stitched with love.

Have a wonderful week.

Neabear said...

That is a lot of work to pleat the ruffle rather than gather it. You did a great job on it, even all the poking in the fingers you ended up with. Congrat on the beautiful work!

Paula Bauer said...

what a lovely gift, Alaura - the colors look so rich and warm and the prints paired together so nicely!

I would love to sew more, but it will probably have to wait until the Littles are grown.

I appreciate visitors too, and enjoy popping over for a peek at what you are up too!

have a great week!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your pillow shams are lovely....

Jill said...

I love that fabric! You did such a wonderful job. Pleats are such a challenge...I find ruffles challenging also. I also seem to get a flop-over! The bolster is beautimus, I love the floral you chose to go with it!

Shanda said...

You are a pretty good sewing gal I see. Wish you were my neighbor so I could take lessons. I think you were the one asking about the slush I make, I will post about it next time.

Susie Q said...

This is just beautiful Alaura!
You are so talented and I know your daughter will cherish your gift!


Susie Q said...

This is just beautiful Alaura!
You are so talented and I know your daughter will cherish your gift!


disa said...