Sunday, January 11, 2009



Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 010

Good Evening every one.  I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. I know Miss Isabella did, she had fun out in the snow, I was hopping you could see the snow all over her, but since she is white......................  Well I guess you can't.  Now when Gracie Bell gets done she looks like a little Big Foot with snow all over.

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 011

Ok I can hear you all now,  I don't see any snow all over her,,,,,,,,,

Well  Miss Gracie would not stand still long enough for me to get a good shot of her, little stinker,  oh look you can see my foot oh dear and honey bunny's. lol   My two babies love to out in the snow and run and play until they can hardly walk.  Gracie is getting so big she is not my little baby any more..... :{ boo hoo   sniff..  

Ok I have some photos to share with you all the first one's are of the baby quilt and pillow I made for my grand nephew. Which I have not been able to get to him yet.

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 017

I hope you can see it, I was standing on a chair in my bedroom trying to get a great shot, but now it looks to far away. But not to worry I have some close ups.

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 018

This is the round matching pillow. I just love Toile don't you..... and yes Sheila you can love Toile. lol  Just had to throw that one in.  :}  The ruffle is about two inches wide the pillow is 16 inch round. Now this pillow was not a hard one to make cos it was so round, the time to pin and gather the ruffle was a bit longer.

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 019

The quilt blocks are only five inch squares. I sewed the wrong sides together so I could clip the edges so they would have a fluffy look. I did the out side the same. Then use a dark blue floss to tie it together, then I ran it through the washer and dryer and it came out so soft and nice. I can't wait to see him all cozy and warm in it. It really did not take me a long time to sew it at all, but the clipping all around the edges was just a killer on my hand. whewww!!!   I could hardly move my right hand, but it is fine now. I have made a larger one for my grand daughter Caileigh, a Irish Chain one, and that took me three hrs to clip. wow wee wow....

Now I am starting on a project for my Vintage Valentine Swap Partner, I wish I could show you all, I will make sure I take some photos so I can.  After she receives it.  Speaking of Valentines Day, I can't believe it is almost here, the stores are very full of all sorts of goodies. I really don't decorate for it, but I love to set some things out for the day of Love..... ahhhhh Love.  I love to go and watch the all the men shopping for their Loved one. It is so funny they all look so lost, oh and in the card isle, ha ha ha . They try so hard to pick out just the right gift that says I  Love You.... And some miss the mark by a mile.  Now honey bunny has done pretty well in this regard. Except when he brings home a very large Box of Chocolate, now that is bad, I really don't eat that much chocolate I am really trying to stop too.  No really I am......

I remember one sweet Valentines Day years ago, we did not have a washer and dryer then, so we had to go to the laundry mat.  And our laundry mat was next to a flower shop. Well he slipped out when I was folding clothes.  And then in he came with a huge smile on is face and a Very Large Red Heart Balloon which said I Love You on it.  And  a big beautiful bunch of mixed flowers. Now I was so surprised by this very Romantic act, in a very crowed laundry mat full of women how I am sure were going home to tell their hubby's what happened and why don't they do something like that.... lol   I gave him a big hug and kiss and then smiled at all the women looking and said sorry he is taken.....

That is one I will not  ever forget, oh and ladies he went every weekend to help me with the laundry,  how sweet is that. I think I will keep him..

Ok Ladies do you have a very Romantic Valentine memory that you would want to share, because I would love to hear about them.   I love a good Romantic story.  I hope to hear from a lot of your ladies out there in blog land, so step up and tell us a love story....

Now I have one more Quilt to share, I wish I made this one but I did not. This was a Birthday Gift to my hubby for his 50th..

Corbin and Zach with Maddie   and quilts 015 

This was made by his,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  Dad!!!  yes it is true his Dad made this beautiful Quilt.  Some of the fabric is of fishing and lures.  They are a very huge fishing family. I would love to be able to Quilt like that, some of the ones he has made are designed by him he is so talented.  What makes me burn is he just started doing it a couple of yrs ago, and now he is selling them on Esty. Now I can quilt too but when he comes up with such great patterns I could throw up.........  He is retired and needed a hobby besides gardening, so he took up Quilting.  Ok I am done whining now.   

I hope you all enjoyed my photos and my stories, you can click on the photos to make them bigger to see better if you wish. I also want to  Sincerely Thank You all for being so wonderful and kind during my break, and prayers, They are helping lots and things are getting better. I love reading all you comments as well. So please keep stopping by for a visit, and let me know that you did. I get bored so easy.......................  I really need some thing to do in the evenings. lol lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   God Bless You all.




Tracy said...

Such beautiful quilts ...

TattingChic said...

Your doggy is cute and your quilts are darling! Good to have you back! :)


Love your quilts and you father in law quilts too. Very talented...I wishe I could do it. Thanks for stopping by and praying for my sister friend Karen. thanks for your support. My prayers ware with you and your family. Hope thisns are better. Welcome back...Love the stories about your sweet hubby. My husband went with me too to the laundry mat too. He still help me with the loundry at home. I am blessed! You have a wonderful week. Katherinllen

char72 said...

Love the quilts. I like the way you gave the one you made a fluffy look. I hadn't seen that done before.
Your Hubby is quite the romantic. I'm glad we have a washer and dryer at home. I remember when I was growing up though we did not have these "luxuries." I loved going to the old laundries though with my mom. They only had the old wringer type machines (I am old). and I loved putting the clothes through the wringer. My mom always reminded me to be careful and not get my hand caught. I was very careful.
Have a great week.

Shelia said...

Wow, Alaura, what a great post! Look at that sweet little fuzzy face. I don't blame him for not wanting snow to be all over him! The baby blanket you made is just gorgeous. Yes, I love toile and is that chenille in the other squares? What a sweet hubby you have! Mine's not bad either! lol Lastly, the quilt your hubby's dad made - unbelievable! It's gorgeous! Whew, I'm tired now!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

Carrie said...

what beautiful quilts and what a great valentines story

justabeachkat said...

Awwwwww...what a sweet sweet Valentine's story about the laundry mat.


Susie Q said...

I love that sweet doggie face...Kipper looked at me today, as I was sending him out to go potty, like I was crazy! It was cold and blowing snow and poor fella...but he LOVES it when there is snow on the ground to play in!

Your quilts are just beautiful! What a talent you have.


Neabear said...

I love the little quilt you made. That story about your hubby bringing you a surprise at the laundry is so cute. My hubby helps with laundry all the time now. When we went to laundromats, he always went with me and helped. It was time spent together after all. I am amazed at the quilt your father-in-law made. Awesome!

Joy said...

You and your father in law are so talented! I am a sucker for toile. Especially that beautiful shade of blue. :o)

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Alaura...I can see some little snowflakes on that sweet baby's face. :-) I love your toile...toile is one of my favorite things! I can't believe how cold it is in Indiana! It's been a lot colder here in GA than normal, too...but at least it hasn't gone below zero. I can't even imagine what that must feel like!!! Stay inside and sip that hot is good! :-) Susan