Thursday, January 29, 2009


Good evening all, I hope you all had a great day.  As you all know I  have been trying get my craft room organized , I am not so sure I like it, but it is way better then what it was before.  I would have loved to be able to do some painting and  some great new book shelves, but since I can't right now, I have to make do with what I have... 

Rooms that I redid 015

I am so embarrassed to show you all this, I have seen so many lovely and very neat craft rooms you have.  It is just when I get busy doing something,,,,,   well neatness goes right out the window.

Rooms that I redid 016 

This is just another shot, my work table and sewing machine area. I love this table it is large enough to sew and paint or what every I am in the mood to do.  Which by the way is sewing now. But as you can see I have now room for that just yet..  lol;

Rooms that I redid 018

Ok Ok  I won't show any more of the before photos, and get to the after.  I should keep these out where I can see them so I don't mess it up again....  So do you think that would work.......  naaaa me either.

Rooms that I redid 042

This is the after I really need more storage, and  this Spring I will have lots of room when I move it out to our garage.....  I will have a whole  long wall just for me and me alone, I don't have to share space with any one and their stuff....  I know that sounds selfish but having space to spread out and have some wonderful room.  ahhh  heaven....

Rooms that I redid 043

And the after of my sewing area,,, not to bad now I can finish my lap quilt that is sitting on the table. I have it all cut just have to start sewing it together.   Now when I am sewing I am in my own world, and no one is aloud in...  Poor Hubby he has learned the hard way,, we used to live in Glendale Az. and I was sewing a bear for a sweet lady where I worked, she has breast cancer. Any way I was having trouble with the nose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   well hubby decided to help with advise...........  WRONG!    I get very upset when I sew and it does not turn out right.  Well what happened next will always be with me until the day the Lord calls me home,,, I took that poor little innocent bear and dropped kicked it across the room.....   I know I did feel bad for doing that, but you should have seen my poor Hubby's face, so when I am sewing he just stays out of my way. ha ha ha     I am such a perfectionist, that when I mess it up, I am not a happy camper. I really have to work on that. Now the Amish have  humility Quilts, they make just one block that is not the same as the rest, to remind them selves that now one is prefect except the Lord.  I think that is a great idea to keep me grounded with any thing I am working on...  I have made at least two Humility Quilts so far, and I am fine with that, knowing that I don't have to be perfect.  But sometimes I slip and hubby takes off for the day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol   Needless to say I have not made a teddy bear in awhile. lol    Gosh I hope I have not let you all with the impression that I am a Wako,  so please keep stopping by and leaving comments, I promise I won't bite.... lol

I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments, and for taking the time to visit. It is so great to have friends like you...  So until next time;  God Bless.





Sew pretty!! I love to see others creative spaces!
I need to get busy on mine it is a never ending clutter bug!!!

Connie said...

I think my lot in life is to get "my craft room ready"! I don't know if it'll ever be as I want it but I keep trying, chickee. That's the important part: keep striving.......

Neabear said...

Looks better for sure. You are right, more shelves would help for sure. Never can have enough. Good luck with the next quilt project you are working on.

Rebecca said...

My Studio/Craft Room is a PIG STYE (sp?) right now...ACK!

I think yours looks FABULOUS!!!!!! Can you please come over and straighten mine up????

Love the BLOG! Rebecca

Sincerely Yours said...

Morning Alaura! I am laughing because I've been known to "drop kick" a few things myself!!! I too am a perfectionist and get that aggrevated!!! Too funny!! Your sewing space looks much better for creating without frustration! No it won't stay that way Trust Me I know; you should see mine right now!!!lol I have a table similar and need to move it up there! Can't wait to see your finished lap quilt; I remember the fabric you posted and bet it will be gorgeous!(so hurry up and sew all weekend!!)lol Have Fun and nice job!!! Jeannette

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Hi Alaura (beautiful name!)...nice to meet you! Your craft room is a heckuva lot neater than mine. ;o)

Pamela sent me your way t ask about where you get pink cotton swabs heer in the states.

Enjoyed my visit to your blog!