Sunday, January 25, 2009



Quilt Projects 003

Good Morning every one. Today is the day for those of us who were entered in the Vintage Valentine Swap, we are showing out goodies boxes. I have done a post on this two days ago, so for those of you who want to see it just scroll down a little and you will see it.  I hope you all enjoy looking at all the wonderful Valentines goodies Michele has sent me. I so love each and every one. So please take a moment to look if you will.  And then go to Heidi our hostess for the wonderful Swap she hosted to see more great Swaps to see.  foxgloves, fabric and folly. She has a very wonderful blog and great posts to read. 

thank you all so much for stopping by to take a look see....... again;;lol.....

have a great Sunday. God Bless





Wonderful Valentine goodies!!!

Darlene said...

Hi Alaura,

It looks like you received some wonderful goodies from your Valentine partner!♥

Anne Fannie said...

What great swap items you got! I love that pin she made!

Connie said...

Wonderful, honey! Don't ya just love these swaps, chick?!?!

Pink Slippers said...

Oh how fun and a great start for Valentine's.

miss gracies house said...

Very pretty and I just *love* that bowl in the Pink Saturday post!

jeanne said...

l the Pinkies yesterday and I loved your pink Sat. post. I just scrolled down for a look. Your valentine gift exchange is so sweet. Such lovely items to share and receive.

Thank you for your visit and sweet comments on pink Sat. and today. I appreciate it very much.

Have a wonderful week.


gina said...

Hi found your blog and enjoyed it. I also noticed you have 4 kids so do I. I also thought you might like to visit another bloggers site that I enjoy that has 4 kids and 11 grandchildren. Mine are not old enough to have kids but I do enjoy knowing there are many others out there with 4 children. please stop by and visit my 2 blogs thanks.

Pat said...

Thanks for your visit glad you are enjoying my posts. I'm enjoying your comments and wish you a great new week! Pat

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Good morning Alaura,
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your get well wishes!
We are all feeling much better today! Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
I love all of your Valentines swap presies and that pin... WOW!
By the way... you are such a stunner!
I went back and read a few of your past photos and saw you... and by the way your hubby is a hottie too! Lol
Once again, I can`t thank you enough for your visit and please do stop by again and vice-versa.
Much Love,
Debbie Moss


kathy said...

ALaura , Great swap - so pretty -
I would love to do a swap with you let me know what you have in mind -- Kathy - ga

* you can e mail me if you want - be sure to put your name in the title - so i will open it -

Lorri said...

Sounds like you got alot of really nice things. Have a great day.

Dawn said...

What a nice collection of goodies you have there! I think you must really be enjoying these swaps ☺

take care,

Anonymous said...

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