Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Good morning every one; I hope you all had a lovely weekend.... I have been under the weather this past few days,,, my arthritis has been bothering me and so has my Fibromyalgia,, can't seem to have one with out the other I guess... I have spent most of my days with my heating pad.... lol;  This morning is a beautiful breezy sunny Fall day,,, my walk with my Isabella was just great... I hope it lasts.  I have my window open to let the fresh air in,,, I just love that too......

IMG_0055   I have decided to post so of my Fall decoration's from last year... as you can see we had some early snow.. this is a little more then frost on the pumpkin,,,lol; 


This is a beautiful trail in a state park back home, this was taken last year in Oct.. it was a lovely day for a walk...


This is another great trail,,, we did not have a plan just followed the path,, we had such fun that day.. even had a little picnic.. The trees have not really started to turn yet here,,, I can't wait though I am so ready for the cool fall days... UP in the mountains they are having some really lovely cool days and the trees are turning color,, we are making a trip up to Blowing Rock this Sat... I can't wait to go,, I will make sure I take lots of photos to share...  Outside my window I can hear all the birds singing welcoming the coming of Autumn...;  I miss having a patio to go out and sit and enjoy the day, reading or doing some sewing sipping a nice cup of Tea.... But I can sit by my large window and feel the breeze and hear the birds and it will almost feel as if I am out side.... that will work.. don't you think.......

I a still working on my Quilt for Lucy,, I have the top all done, just have to get the layers together I have been taking photos during the making, and will show you when it is all done..... Well Ladies that is about it for now,,, I have to get out my old friend the heating pad,,,,lol we have become very close.... I will be doing a lot of catching up on all the blogs I have not visited.. I a so sorry if I have not been by for a while,,, but I will get to you there are so many lovely Fall Posts out there, and I don't want to miss them... So until next time;  God Bless;



Thursday, September 24, 2009



Hello there dear friends; We I finally cut the fabric I have for my Great Great Niece Lucy,,, so to be here around the end of Oct. or the firs of Nov.... So toady I will doing some sewing,,,, I have taken photos of the fabric to show you all.... and during the process of making it....

Lucy's baby Quilt 001 

In case you can't tell; I am going to be using some Pink fabrics...... :)  and some white Chenille, and a bit of light green yellow pink mix... I cut the fabrics in 5ins squares, the backing will be a white old Chenille bed spread... So it will be soft and warm for my little Niece,,, nothing but the best for my Lucy....

Lucy's baby Quilt 002 

Lucy's baby Quilt 003

I love how the colors all flow together,, even the tone on tone pink,,, I can't wait to get started....

Lucy's baby Quilt 004

The fabric on the right looks like flannel, but it is not... they are all so soft... I might have to make me one...lol'

Lucy's baby Quilt 005

Don't you just Love Pink!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can just see her little Pink face peeking out of this Pink Quilt,,,, greeting the world...  oh I can't wait to meet her.

Lucy's baby Quilt 006

The white Chenille has such wonderful texture to it, I love to mix and match textures,, you get such a lovely feel to it...  I am planning on making a decorative pillow for the babies room... and maybe a few other things for her room..... I love to make baby items for the Nursery....  Well ladies I hope you enjoyed my photos of the beginning of little Lucy's Quilt.... I will make sure I do up dates on it... I am also knitting a baby blanket for the Knit A Square to send to Africa, it is a wonderful Charity I have some 8x8 squares to send out,,, with them they make a whole blanket and give to a baby or small child who is sick or has no family... I just love being apart of this.... I will do a post on it in the future,, and have a link you any one who wants to know more about it, I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by for a visit,, I love all your comments.... So until next time... God Bless;



Monday, September 21, 2009


Good evening; I hope every one had a wonderful weekend... I finally found where there was a Hobby Lobby near by... I was excited that it was not far at all just about 15.minutes down the road in South Carolina Rock Hill.... It was a really nice one.. looked pretty new... So on Saturday afternoon off we went to check it out... I love road trips,,, don't you;;;;;  I was in craft heaven,,, they had all of their silk flowers and greenery, at 50% off,, boy that was all I needed to see..... I was on the hunt for some beautiful fall flowers to make a wreath for my front door.. They always have such a huge selection of beautiful flowers,, the fall colors were just amazing.. I will show you what I found!!!!!!!!!!!

hobby lobby 001  This was my floor this morning.. now I know they don't look like much, but when I put them all together  they really looked beautiful together,, if I do say so my self.... he he....  I even found a beautiful fall ribbon to make a pretty bow...

hobby lobby 002 All the floral picks were only 3$ after the mark off,, not bad huh......  I love this one with the pumpkin, and berries and the gourd....

hobby lobby 003

Hmmmmm this one did not turn out so good,,,, but the fall leaves  had such great colors of light yellow and brown with some deep red... and they were the soft ones not plastic.... I used just a few of these...

hobby lobby 004

Well don't ya know I just had to have some sparkle in my fall wreath too..... I thought this would just add the somein somein... to my fall decor..... gotta have bling.....

hobby lobby 005

I loved this berries, they were so light weight, they I thought they would drape the grapevine so pretty, and i was so right..... he he   I so smarttttttt....lol;

hobby lobby 006

OK this is my fall Wreath;  What do you think??????  I had so much fun making it,, and putting it all together,,, even Isabella was wanting to help me out,, by eating all the left over's...  don't worry I kept her little tongue off the floor cloth...

hobby lobby 007 And here it is hanging on our front door,, it really stands out with the door being black... I just love it,,, can you love a fall wreath????????  you bet your sweet little pumpkin.... :) 

hobby lobby 008 

hobby lobby 009

hobby lobby 010

Just a few close ups of my creation.... can you tell I am proud of myself....... lol;  see the sparkle on the berries,,, ooooooo ahhhhh   love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hobby lobby 011

I just knew that those berries would drape so pretty on the wreath,,, I just hope some birdies don't find them yummy.... or make a nest in it... how would we get out of our home..... it is the only door..... guess I would have honey bunny jump out the window down on the car below, then,,,,,, oops! sorry I always get carried away,,  Now focus....... 

hobby lobby 012

Sorry for so many photos, but it has been a while since I have made a wreath... I have some that I made back home,, but they could not make the trip..... :(  but on the other hand I can make new ones...:)  so that is OK... Well ladies that is all of the photos I have of my Beautiful Fall Wreath..... I know,,,, don't feel too sad,, I can show more photos of something else next time.... Gosh I hope that won't keep you all from coming back,,,, maybe I shouldn't have said that.... hmmmm. oh well... I have been starting some small projects so I can open my Etsy shop again,, I have some other craft things I have made, just have to get some great photos of them.... I will do a post on them when I get them all done and ready to show,, and let you know my site... so if you want to check it out you can...... I would love to know what you all think of it... your comments really mean so much too me.... you all can be so helpful with things I really don't know much about.... Well I will just say good night now,,,,, I hope you enjoyed my post, and thank you all for stopping by and leaving me such lovely comments....   So Until Next Time; God Bless;



Friday, September 18, 2009



Hello there dear Friends;  I hope you are all planning to have a wonderful weekend.... Don't you just want to jump into a car and take a drive down this road..... and see where it goes.... (sigh)....  Any way I found where they have a Hobby lobby and that is where I am going tomorrow... The wall mart here doesn't have a very good craft area, they don't even have any fabric.... So I was so happy to see that there is a Hobby Lobby near by.... I can't wait to go.... I am going to be starting my Esty store up again,,, hopping I do better this time,,, but it won't be up right away, I am still making things for it, and when I have enough I will let you all know......  Now I have a few photos of our new home,, with some things we were able to bring back,, which was not much... But it is starting to look more like home...

home decor 002 This you have all seen before, but I did not have the curtains up then... I did not have a curtain rod to fit so I used what I had ,,, which was some twine,,, I did not get it tight, so it sags some in the middle... But at least I have some up... I should have closed the blinds....

home decor 005

This picture I hung up above the commode in the bath room, I looks pretty good there...

home decor 006 In our bed room, I hung up the curtains we had in our old bedroom... Love them,, they look really nice... again I should have closed the blinds.. so I hope you can see them ok,,, they are a white not too shear fabric,, it gives our bed room such a light and airy feel...

home decor 008 I also have my four poster bed up again..... I have missed it so much... and I hung up my beautiful Quilt behind it, where it belongs... it is starting to look like a real comfy bed room again....

home decor 010 This Painting is hung across the bed; It belonged to Honey bunnys G G ma Rods dad made the frame... I just love it... his dad gave it to us when we all had to help move grandma to a nursing home... beautiful fall colors in it....

home decor 012 Now this print I just moved from the hall way to the kitchen area,, it fits better there....


home decor 024 This one is over by the top of the stairs, I wish I could walk in their and sit and have tea..... love this print, such a beautiful garden setting...

home decor 022 And my little lamp,, I still have to finish spray painting the curtain rod that I am hanging the Quilt hubbys Dad made.. when done it will look so great together.... will make sure I take some photos of it when done.....  Well I hope you enjoyed just a few more photos of my new  home decor.... I have most of my craft things here, so I have started working some things... I have so much going on,,, making a baby quilt,, for my great niece, and and two more for a wonderful friend and her daughter.... knitting for Knit a Square charity, making a whole knitted blanket using 8x8ins squares in three beautiful fall colors.....  OH I even found a really great table to redo,,, in the dumpster area,,, I was walking Isabella,and got a peek at this table so I had to go take a better look,,, don't love the color,,, blue not a pretty one either,,, other wise in great shape... just needs the legs tighten up,, I am going to paint it and then do a Mosaic on the top and bottom shelf... I will have to take photos along the way to show you all my progress... now I just have to find the prefect plates for it,, I love the hunt...... Well sweet friends... I thank you for stopping by for a visit, I love reading your comments....  Have a wonderful weekend.....  So until next time; God Bless;



Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Good morning all; I hope your week so far is going well. We are still having a bit of warm days here still. But I hope for some more cooler and crisp days soon, Fall or Autumn is my favorite time of season... just the sky seems to be more blue, the days with the clear crisp mornings just begging you too get out and take a walk, smell all the lovely scents fall. Listening to the leaves crunch underneath you feet as you take that walk... There is just something about Autumn watching all the beautiful leaves turn bright colors, flowers and plants getting ready for their long sleep. And then all the Holidays are just around the corner, with all of their changes too come; Now don't get me wrong, I do love Spring, and Summer,,, with all the awakening of all those sleepy flowers, plants, and trees to show off all their beauty. But there is just something about Fall; (sigh),,

OK now that you know how much I love Fall; I have take a few photos around my home so share... Now those of you who follow me know that we have moved to a new state, and most of our things are still back home, we have been do a little bit at a time.. I was not able to bring all my Fall decor with us this last trip... so what was a I to do????????   YES GO SHOPPING!!!  so that is what I did.... I don't know about you but I do love the dollar store,,, they do have some very pretty fall things. and then their was wall mart,,,, so on to my photos......................   I know you are saying  it's about time.... lol

home decor 013

This in by our fridge I had the orange pumpkin I put candy in it,,, I also had the metal tray,,, so at the dollar store I found some white pumpkins and a pretty fall leaf vine and wrapped it around them all. The stand is mine I made that, and the cloche on top is mine too... I love how the colors go with the counter top.....

home decor 014 Close up;

home decor 015

The pinecone I found on one of my walks with Isabella.. I hope to find more.... love pinecones.....

home decor 016

I am going to find some ribbon to tie around the handle of the cloche.   OK I have a few more photos,,, oh if some are cut off just click on them to get the whole photo, I would hate for you to miss any of them...

more fall 005 Sorry about the corner of the TV, but the small iron bird feeder was mine,, but the beautiful light tan pumpkins I found at dollar tree, I just love them and want to get some more.. the  Mulled Cider candle was a wall mart find.. mmmmmm can you smell it????

more fall 007 I just adore those colors on these pumpkins,,, I really must go and find lots more....... I just might have to leave them out all year long......

more fall 002 Now the pitcher and bowl is mine, but I bought the Sunflowers and fall leaves picks at wall mart.. so I sat on the floor and took them apart so I could make them look much better in the pitcher..... sorry about the love seat,, had to wash my quilt cover and did not get it on.. Monday's I clean...

more fall 003

more fall 004 We dear friends that is my small bit of Fall in my home; I hope you enjoyed my photos. I will be getting more as time goes on, and I will make sure I show them to you.... I also have take some more photos of our home, I have added more of some things we brought back over Labor Day... so stay tuned I will be showing them..... thank you all for you very sweet comments you left me I treasure each one... I hope you stop by again for a visit.... So until next time; God Bless;



Friday, September 11, 2009



Hello there! and a very HAPPY PINK SATURDAY! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend....  I have just noticed that my Blog Anniversary for one year has come and gone......  So I am going to make a day and celebrate it with a give a way... so keep your eyes our for my announcement on when and what it is...  I can't believe it has been over a year already wow time sure has a way of creeping up on you when you are not looking..... (sigh)  OK now on to  the Lovely Pink Saturday......  And a huge shout out to our Lovely Pink Hostess, Beverly of    http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/ to see some lots more Lovely Pink Post's by some lovely ladies who love Pink....  So sit back in your comfy chair and sip some thing really yummy and enjoy your morning full of  beautiful Pink.

Now for my Pink post I am going to back in my files and find something that I did a post on when I first started, and a few new ones..  So I hope you don't mind........

grand babies and family labor day 007 

My cutie pie in pink Madison Lee; our youngest grand baby... she loves to sit in her own little chair and eat a cup of ice.. I was getting such a giggle watching her getting all settled in to enjoy her up of ice...... she is so darn Pretty In Pink;;;;;;;;;  right down too her little pink toe nails....... awwwwwww..

grand babies and family labor day 001 Now Liberty is a girl after my own heart;; she is the one on the left of the photo... Libby is our true Pink girl, she was getting a new pair of glasses and she just had to have Pink one's  so if you click on the photo you can get a better look at them,,, then even have some bling on them..... THAT'S MY GIRL!  oh and she really really loves shoes,,, just like me... see I said she was a girl after my own heart...... :)


The Gorgeous Pink and White Quilt I won in a give a way from Heidi at fabric foxgloves and folly  I was so excited when I found out I won this beauty... Heidi is such a lovely lady and her blog is just full of beautiful decorating ideas the lovely pillows she makes and her lovely sense of humor to boot.. Thanks again Heidi;;;;;;

Pink Saturday 024

This is my sweet Pink and Rose creamer and sugar set,, I found these babies on EBay;  I just love them... I used them once at our Church, we were hosting a Tea for a meeting of the Ladies of the Pastors of Churches , I was so excited to set up my own table,,, and I sure wish back then I took some photos of it..... ahhhhh  oh well..

Pink Saturday 020

And I will end my Pink post with my sweet little Russian Ladies,, that my Daughter brought back when her and SIL went to bring home their Son my grand son... I just love these little things... inside there are different sizes and I can't remember what they call them..... now if any of the photos are cut off please click on them to see the whole photo;;; 

Well I hope you all enjoyed my Pink Saturday Post,,,,, I love Pink Saturday  grab my coffee and sit and surf for some lovely Pinkness in blog land....There are so many that are in this that it is so hard to get to you all, but I do try to make it to your blog... I like to go to the ones I  have never visited before... and work my way from there..... OK with that said,,, I want to THANK YOU ALL FOR STOPPING BY MY PINK POST..... please leave me a comment so I can return the visit and say thank you... I so love to read your thoughts.... So until next time God Bless;



Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Good morning ya'll; I hope all my friends are having a great week so far... It is finally feeling a little like fall here the days are not so humid and hot... whewwww!  I am glad to be home again, it is really not  a long trip back home, but it seems like it... my bucket was getting numb.... lol;  Isabella did so great she slept most of the way back, then woke up only to go potty, she was such a good little girl.....  We arrived at our home at around 10:30pm,, un packed the tuck, checked out the house to make sure our Son was keeping it up,,,,, so what do you think?????  NOT!  I was not a happy camper, but was too tired to yell at him. :) so I went to bed when we got all settled in... But he next day was total different let me tell you....... grrrrrr;  You can tell that he is a bachelor,, I had to introduce him to the vacuum, and bath room cleaning things... need I say more???????????  lol;   But my treasures were still in tacked, so he did get a huge plus for that... Our Saturday was spent with family all day,,, now packing or anything, I just wanted one whole day with them.. and we had so much fun,,, I have some photos to share, not I did make a  promise to my two daughter's and my Niece and her daughter that I would not show them on my blog............  now did they really think I would keep that promise;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  NOT!   OK OK shame on me but I can't help it, a Blogger must always share their photos,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  only the ones that are legal; hahaha 

grand babies and family labor day 002 Now I don't know about any of you other Grand Goddess's out there, but my grand babies love to lay in G ma's bed and watch TV. So I had to take some photos of them, they were watching Sponge Bob... what else...  left to right.... Liberty Dawn;  Regan Elisabeth; Haylee May;  and Zachary Thomas;  Just too too cute.... love you my babies....... :)

grand babies and family labor day 001  My three little angles; don't you just love those faces.....  I do.... Liberty was not feeling too well that day so she was not in the mood to smile alot... I am using some of my photos for Pink Saturday,, so if you remember them from this post, sorry........

grand babies and family labor day 011  My sweet sweet great niece Britt and her hubby Ben they are expecting their first baby in Nov... I sure hope I can be there when she has her... Yes they are having a little Girl... her name will be Lucy Claire  now is not that a sweet name..... I was there when my niece Jenny gave birth to Britt, and I so want to be there when she gives birth to my G-G Niece.... Wow am I getting old!!!!

grand babies and family labor day 012 Now this handsome couple are my Father in love and Mother in Love.... I just love them to death... there is not one thing that they would not do for any one.... We were so excited that they could make it up that day,, their G' G grand kids loved seeing them.... OH and my sweet Mom in love works for Vera Bradley..... Yes!!!!! that is what I said,,, so my girls are hoping for something really great for Christmas.... poor granny....lol;  you should have heard the screams when I told them all where she worked.... wow talk about loosing you hearing for a few hrs.......

grand babies and family labor day 013 Sorry this is a little blurry, not sure what happened,, but this is Karly Claire my g-niece her mommy is Jenny, and Haylee on the steps up to the pool.... I love how when Karly sees a camera she is always posing.... and that is a whole other story on her... Someday I will have to do a Post on her,, her story is so great and I am so proud of her.... behind them if you look close you can just see Liberty..

grand babies and family labor day 014 Now I know that this is not a good photo at all, but I just had to show it.. I was trying to get some shots of the boys playing soccer  dark shirt is nephew in love Ben and grand son Lyosha. and the yellow blur is running by is none other then Haylee,,, how funny is that... love it... that child never stands still for long.

grand babies and family labor day 021 Me with my Girls;  left to right;;;; Me; Britt; Jenny; Chas; Heather;   Britt was not happy about having her photo taken, with her baby bump,,, but let me tell you ladies,,, she is Eight Months along,,, and only looks like Six... I could have slapped her,,,,, not don't worry I didn't  when I was eight months along,,, I was looking it.. stinker.... :)  Jenny is her Mom love that smile,,, her first grand child... she wants to be called G. G. not grandma... silly thing....  Chas and Heather are my girls. I just love all my sweet Girls,,, I have to get my bucket in gear and get started on Britt's baby quilt...

grand babies and family labor day 023 OK; family photo time;;; as you can see from the above photo no one was happy about having to sit and smile after a long day of playing..... Poor Madison she was so tired she would not even look up, just kept hiding her eyes....  Now the smile on Zach's face to my left.... not sure that that is all about...... but he is my boy... Lyosha has grow up so much and is just a cutie pie....  Libby looks bored on the very end on left side..the other two girls are doing pretty good...  But wait!!! I have more.... hehehehe

grand babies and family labor day 024 OK now this one I am trying to keep Maddies hands down, and she was not happy as you can see, and then some of the other's wanted to see what they heck was going on...... love her face.... grand babies and family labor day 025 Now again we tried to get Madison to smile just once, so she love's ice in a cup,,, hence the red cup.... But noooooooooo  she was not going to cooperate every one else was doing fine.... oh and Chas's doggie Coco wanted in the photo...  My goodness Madison looks like she is in Pain or going Poopy...hehehe sorry ladies just had to say that...... lol;

grand babies and family labor day 026 Last photo I promise;;;;;;;;  My grand son Lyosha just had to hop in again he is such a ham...... but a cute ham...  my Great niece Karly and Great nephew Nathan.... Jenny's two youngest.....  That is just a few of my grand kids, some could not make,,, remember I have 11 total.... 

I hope you all enjoyed my family photos,,, this are the last ones that will be taken in our old house,,, Honey Bunny said as we went to bed,,, that this will be the last time for all of this family fun here,,,and our last time in our bed room.... It really did not make me as sad as I thought it would,,, My faith and trust in the Lord is much greater... Besides home is where my Honey Bunny is.... the house back home is looking quit bare now,,, so when we go back it will be for all the rest of our things.... later this week I will be finding just the right spot for what I did bring back and take photos and share the with you....  I Pray that you all have a wonderful week.... Thank you all so much for stopping by and leaving you kind and most welcome comments;

So until next time; God bless;



Up date;;; I just seen that some of the photos are cut off if you click on them you can see the whole photo sorry about that... enjoy and if you did not click on them please do so, that way you can see all my babies.. thanks;