Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Good morning ya'll; I hope all my friends are having a great week so far... It is finally feeling a little like fall here the days are not so humid and hot... whewwww!  I am glad to be home again, it is really not  a long trip back home, but it seems like it... my bucket was getting numb.... lol;  Isabella did so great she slept most of the way back, then woke up only to go potty, she was such a good little girl.....  We arrived at our home at around 10:30pm,, un packed the tuck, checked out the house to make sure our Son was keeping it up,,,,, so what do you think?????  NOT!  I was not a happy camper, but was too tired to yell at him. :) so I went to bed when we got all settled in... But he next day was total different let me tell you....... grrrrrr;  You can tell that he is a bachelor,, I had to introduce him to the vacuum, and bath room cleaning things... need I say more???????????  lol;   But my treasures were still in tacked, so he did get a huge plus for that... Our Saturday was spent with family all day,,, now packing or anything, I just wanted one whole day with them.. and we had so much fun,,, I have some photos to share, not I did make a  promise to my two daughter's and my Niece and her daughter that I would not show them on my blog............  now did they really think I would keep that promise;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  NOT!   OK OK shame on me but I can't help it, a Blogger must always share their photos,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  only the ones that are legal; hahaha 

grand babies and family labor day 002 Now I don't know about any of you other Grand Goddess's out there, but my grand babies love to lay in G ma's bed and watch TV. So I had to take some photos of them, they were watching Sponge Bob... what else...  left to right.... Liberty Dawn;  Regan Elisabeth; Haylee May;  and Zachary Thomas;  Just too too cute.... love you my babies....... :)

grand babies and family labor day 001  My three little angles; don't you just love those faces.....  I do.... Liberty was not feeling too well that day so she was not in the mood to smile alot... I am using some of my photos for Pink Saturday,, so if you remember them from this post, sorry........

grand babies and family labor day 011  My sweet sweet great niece Britt and her hubby Ben they are expecting their first baby in Nov... I sure hope I can be there when she has her... Yes they are having a little Girl... her name will be Lucy Claire  now is not that a sweet name..... I was there when my niece Jenny gave birth to Britt, and I so want to be there when she gives birth to my G-G Niece.... Wow am I getting old!!!!

grand babies and family labor day 012 Now this handsome couple are my Father in love and Mother in Love.... I just love them to death... there is not one thing that they would not do for any one.... We were so excited that they could make it up that day,, their G' G grand kids loved seeing them.... OH and my sweet Mom in love works for Vera Bradley..... Yes!!!!! that is what I said,,, so my girls are hoping for something really great for Christmas.... poor;  you should have heard the screams when I told them all where she worked.... wow talk about loosing you hearing for a few hrs.......

grand babies and family labor day 013 Sorry this is a little blurry, not sure what happened,, but this is Karly Claire my g-niece her mommy is Jenny, and Haylee on the steps up to the pool.... I love how when Karly sees a camera she is always posing.... and that is a whole other story on her... Someday I will have to do a Post on her,, her story is so great and I am so proud of her.... behind them if you look close you can just see Liberty..

grand babies and family labor day 014 Now I know that this is not a good photo at all, but I just had to show it.. I was trying to get some shots of the boys playing soccer  dark shirt is nephew in love Ben and grand son Lyosha. and the yellow blur is running by is none other then Haylee,,, how funny is that... love it... that child never stands still for long.

grand babies and family labor day 021 Me with my Girls;  left to right;;;; Me; Britt; Jenny; Chas; Heather;   Britt was not happy about having her photo taken, with her baby bump,,, but let me tell you ladies,,, she is Eight Months along,,, and only looks like Six... I could have slapped her,,,,, not don't worry I didn't  when I was eight months along,,, I was looking it.. stinker.... :)  Jenny is her Mom love that smile,,, her first grand child... she wants to be called G. G. not grandma... silly thing....  Chas and Heather are my girls. I just love all my sweet Girls,,, I have to get my bucket in gear and get started on Britt's baby quilt...

grand babies and family labor day 023 OK; family photo time;;; as you can see from the above photo no one was happy about having to sit and smile after a long day of playing..... Poor Madison she was so tired she would not even look up, just kept hiding her eyes....  Now the smile on Zach's face to my left.... not sure that that is all about...... but he is my boy... Lyosha has grow up so much and is just a cutie pie....  Libby looks bored on the very end on left side..the other two girls are doing pretty good...  But wait!!! I have more.... hehehehe

grand babies and family labor day 024 OK now this one I am trying to keep Maddies hands down, and she was not happy as you can see, and then some of the other's wanted to see what they heck was going on...... love her face.... grand babies and family labor day 025 Now again we tried to get Madison to smile just once, so she love's ice in a cup,,, hence the red cup.... But noooooooooo  she was not going to cooperate every one else was doing fine.... oh and Chas's doggie Coco wanted in the photo...  My goodness Madison looks like she is in Pain or going Poopy...hehehe sorry ladies just had to say that...... lol;

grand babies and family labor day 026 Last photo I promise;;;;;;;;  My grand son Lyosha just had to hop in again he is such a ham...... but a cute ham...  my Great niece Karly and Great nephew Nathan.... Jenny's two youngest.....  That is just a few of my grand kids, some could not make,,, remember I have 11 total.... 

I hope you all enjoyed my family photos,,, this are the last ones that will be taken in our old house,,, Honey Bunny said as we went to bed,,, that this will be the last time for all of this family fun here,,,and our last time in our bed room.... It really did not make me as sad as I thought it would,,, My faith and trust in the Lord is much greater... Besides home is where my Honey Bunny is.... the house back home is looking quit bare now,,, so when we go back it will be for all the rest of our things.... later this week I will be finding just the right spot for what I did bring back and take photos and share the with you....  I Pray that you all have a wonderful week.... Thank you all so much for stopping by and leaving you kind and most welcome comments;

So until next time; God bless;



Up date;;; I just seen that some of the photos are cut off if you click on them you can see the whole photo sorry about that... enjoy and if you did not click on them please do so, that way you can see all my babies.. thanks;


Rebecca said...

Alaura...OMGOSH...seeing your sweeties all tucked into your bed made me smile big. ONe of the sweetest memories of my childhood was snuggling up in my Gramma's bed with my older sister.

My grammy passed away last November 29th at almost 92 years of age. A life well spent and she was LOVED by all her grandchildren. Despite the fact we all were spread out all over the USA we were ALL at her service. A testament to her love for us and our love for her.

I pray I will be so loved.

Blessings to you...

Love, Rebecca

Meg said...

I read every word and looked at every picture to see who was who. THEY ARE ALL GORGEOUS!!!! I have eight myself and one on the way, our first boy to add to our grand-girls! I loved your phrase, I will now be referred to as the Grand Goddess. Loved every bit of this post Enjoy! Very Truly Yours, Meg

Vicki said...

Hello, Alaura,
Your family is so beautiful! I can see what a great time you have together and how much you love each other. That is a wonderful thing! Thank you for sharing them with us. Vicki

Shelia said...

Hi Alaura! Oh, what a wonderful post! I love seeing your family. Your grandchildren are so cute and how wonderful to see your girls - they are all so beautiful! You, my dear, are gorgeous and do not look old enough to be their mother!
Thank you for popping in to share in my joyness! Maybe I can take some grandma lessons from you! :)

Sandy said...

Just wonderful family pictures. Isn't it just great being a

Grandma Nina said...

Found you through Cindy at My Romantic Home. Loved your site and the post with all your family pictures. We sound a lot alike. I only have 3 grandies so far. I can't believe you have 11. You look very young, and tan I might add. I'm in PA where there is hardly any sun this year. I also love my kids, knitting, quilting, sewing, family and home.
Very nice to meet you, Alaura

AMIT said...

Hey you had a lovely pictures.Thanks for sharing.

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