Friday, October 31, 2008



Hello to all out there in blog land. I hope you are all having a wonderful Halloween. It is just beautiful here, sunny and about 65 so we will have a nice TRICK OR TREAT.  The three little ladies are my grand daughters  left to right, Liberty  Caileigh, Haylee. This was two yrs ago, my how time flies.


And this  HE MAN  is my grandson Zachary, such muscles for a young man. hahaha  he loved that costume.  Any way I just got done cutting out my three pumpkins, now I really need a rest before all the kiddies show up for goodies.  I am dealing with a very bad chest and head cold, feeling very yucky... 

So I hope you all will understand when I say that I need to take a few days off to deal with this nasty cold. Today is the second day so I think I have a while yet to get rid of it. Boooooo  :{  So please don't forget me, I will be getting on for a bit some days just to keep up with some of you dear friends, which by the way are a lot.

I am also setting up a new Blog for selling my SHABBY CHIC PRETTIES. It is still under construction I am calling it.

COTTAGE ROSE SHABBY CHIC.   I will let you all know when I get things all set up and going, I hope you all like it. Well friends I must go now and lay down for I have to put on my Little Girl out fit. lol   I hope you all have a great weekend. I will miss you all. But I hope I hope I won't be gone long.  God Bless;



Thursday, October 30, 2008


Good morning everyone, hope every one is having a fine week so far. It is getting real cooooolllllllddddddd  here.  BRRRRR

Every morning we have a very heave frost on the ground, my poor plants are sooo not happy about all of this. But they know that next year the will be back in all their glory. 

Now friends I have not been working on the railroad, haha but I have been working on my chest   hey hey not not that kind of chest, silly ladies......     It is my table in our living room, I have been wanting to redo it for a long time, sooooooo  a couple of days ago I finally started working one it. It is turning out really great looking. I am almost finished with it and I will so you all the finished table. I do have a before photo though at least I think I do. lol   So hang in there while I go and look.

Welllllllllllllllllll,  I guess I don't have a before photo, I really thought I did. HMMMMMMM   Sorry  :{   I will post the after tomorrow, now those I do have. lol  Soooooo  any hooooowww it was a dark Maroon color, I painted it that color in out first house, it went with the color's I painted my foyer. But now it doesn't go with this shabby chic style I am into now.  Well I guess that is all since I don't have a before photo for you all to see.

Halloween is this Friday!!!   So are any of you out there going to dress up to hand out candy to all the little goblins and ghosts. I am I,,,,,,  I am dressing as a little girl, he he he how sweet. I will make sure hubby takes my photo so you all can see what I looked like when I was a little girl. only just a little bigger.... lol

I thank you all for you sweet comments and the visits to my blog, I think you are all so wonderful to think of me as your blog friend. Have a wonderful day, and I will see you all soon...... God Bless



Monday, October 27, 2008


Hello every one! Hope you all had a great weekend. Our weekend was very windy rainy and cold, they are even talking snow showers. bummer. Not ready of that yet. The wind was so bad that the poor trees were loosing  their leaves very fast. Now I am going to have to do some raking later this week.  So how is the weather where you are???  Hot Cold Warm or what....

Ok I have been working one my scrapbook trading cards, I have finished 4 of them. I will show you them.



I hope you can see them, I am still trying to figure out my new camera.  Now I know I am smarter than a camera...  right?????



This one is with a sunflower that says Peace.


This card I made a little feminine with lace a star rhinestone, I stamped the background with french writing, with a rose topiary.


This is my blue floral one with buttons. Stamped with Memories.


I am not sure what this little guy is, but I love it. Behind him I used some tore vintage looking maps then some stamps. he is so cute in a weird way. ha ha

I hope you like them, it is my first time putting these together. I have fun coming up with different ones. But it does get hard to come up with different ways of putting them together. It does not come easy for me to whip the design out of my head. When I do that it takes me a while to figure it out. lol  Any way I hope you all like them. They are about 31/2 x5 or so I have really not measured them.  Now if any one out there finds one of these that they like or dare I say Love, let me know and I will pop it in the mail to you. No charge these are trading cards, so I am not selling them.  I will be making more some Christmas ones and other holidays or just what ever pops in my head.  ohhh that could be bad..... lol;  

I thank you all for you comments you left me, I so look forward to reading them. It is like getting letters, only on line.   God Bless;



Saturday, October 25, 2008




Good Evening ; I hope every one had a wonderful  Pink Saturday. Now on Friday  I went on a field trip with a pre school class, to a pumpkin patch. This huge fellow greeted us when we arrived. I have not seen a scare crow this huge. Sorry I could not get a closer photo but we were on the bus.

It was such a dark cold rainy day for this outing, but we had a great time. I went with my 4yr. grand daughter Haylee. She is such a loving sweet girl.


Haylee was just a little excited don't you think. lol  When we arrived they took us inside a big poll barn where is was warm and dry. yea...  The had a cookie and apple juice for us all.  Haylee loved it because she was hungry and thirsty, she even drank my juice. :}   Then this nice lady read a story to everyone about a little boy who grew a big pumpkin, they loved it.  Well when she was done they brought in some animals for them to pet. The kids were squealing and jumping around you could hardly move. I lost Haylee for a minute, panic set in, I can here my Daughter now  How could you loose her that fast.... and when you find her I can not take her any more. ha ha ha  Well I did find her she was up in front of all those kids with her little hands inside a box petting a rooster.


She is a lover of  all animals. In the basket they had a bunny rabbit.  Next to the table on the floor they had a small pen, and in side the pen was a very cute pot belly pig.



She was really loving this little Piggy. Then it was time for our hay ride, hello raining outside...........  cold and windy tooooooo

Our driver said the wagons had a roof on top,,,,,,,  oh now that makes a huge difference, our heads were dry but our bottoms were wet. ewwwww  But again we had a great time, they took us by where they grow all their pumpkins.


I am so sorry for how bad some of these photos are, I have a new camera and still trying to figure it out, then with the wagon bumping all over, well I did the best I could. 

Then he took us by a huge orange Pumpkin made with hay bales.


He was very big, they did a great job on making it out of hay. The kids went nuts when they saw it. As well as us grown ups. lol

They also had a playmate for him it was none other then.......


Sponge Bob Square Pants.  A very blurry one at that. It is amazing how they build them. they are very tall. Every single one in the wagon was yelling   Look Sponge Bob!!!!!   it was so cute.


Here we are going back again by the hay family.  So I had to take a photo of the back side of them. They look so cool. I want one in my yard.....  hmmmm I wonder if honey bunny would build me one...   ah aha   NOT.  



My little Peanut hanging her head out the side of the wagon, such a cute face I just had to take a photo of her. Then he took us up to the area where the kids could pick out a pumpkin. Normally they would let them walk in the patch but with the rain it was not possible. So the hauled some up for them. Which I thought was very nice of them.


One side of the pumpkin patch, don't you just love all the colorful orange and the white.


They had some real nice sized pumpkins, but these are not the ones they were giving the kids, which I was kind of happy to hear, my little peanut would have gotten the biggest one they had. lol




Waiting on their pumpkins, they were all so well behaved not one was pushing or shoving, they just took their turn.  How sweet they are look when they got their pumpkins.


AHHHHHHH  finally says Haylee  she got her pumpkin she loved it. She gave me a huge smile, but silly me I did not get a photo of it. One moment lost in time. booooo on me....

So after everyone received their pumpkins they took us to another building to get out of the rain and cold, to wait to play some science games.


She wanted to see if she was tall enough to touch the corn. And she was just tall enough which made her day..But then the smile went away, she was getting tired, did not like her wet pants wanted to take off her boots, and I said she could not that she needed to keep them on. Well she was not a happy little pumpkin any more.


See I told you she was not happy. It amazes me how fast they can turn. One minute they are so happy and care free, to sitting with a very huge pout on their face and won't talk, just complain and cry and give you mean looks..  you know  like Menopause.... lol  So needless to say      I was ready to leave, then she was so upset about going she cried all the way back to the buss.  Boy I give up..

The ride home took about 45min  it felt longer... I took her back home with me, we had some hot tomato soup with crackers and juice, the snuggled under a quilt and watched a movie until Mommie showed up at 3:30   AHHHHHHHHHHH  alone at last this grandma had it, I fell on the sofa and took a nap.   All in all the day was great fun and I would not have missed it for the world.  I hope you all enjoyed our field trip to the pumpkin patch as much as we did.

Now I want to thank you all for you sweet comments on Pink Saturday. I love Pink Saturday's seeing such pretty Pink out there in blog land makes my day seem so much brighter. God Bless



Friday, October 24, 2008


Happy Pink Saturday to all. I just love being in the Pink Saturday. It is such a great post to participate in. I get the honor of meeting new blogger's whom I have not met yet. And to see all their lovely Pinkness. So a big    HAT'S OFF TO BEVERLY OF HOW SWEET THE SOUND WHO IS OUR HOSTESS AN FOUNDER OF PINK SATURDAY. So stop by here blog and be amazed at all the other blogger's who are in the Pink. So sit back sip something hot or cold and enjoy visiting lovely new friends or old showing off all the Pretty Pink.

Now here is mine, I found this at the Salvation Army. It was a great buy. It has not marking on the bottom so I don't know any thing about it. I just know that I love it. I am going to sell it in my Etsy shop.


I love the pretty Pink leaves that surround the rim. It does have a crack in it. but it is still pretty sturdy. Love the lilacs. 


Same bowl just different angle. It is a good sized bowl too.

I hope you all have a great Weekend, and a very wonderful Pink Saturday. Thank you for stopping by to visit me.

I also thank you all for all the wonderful comments you left. I am always amazed at the kind words for you all just about something I wrote and photos. You are True Friends.   God Bless




Thursday, October 23, 2008


Good Afternoon everyone.. I hope everyone is having a lovely day.  We are still enjoying some sunny cool days here, but tomorrow we are going to get some rain. Normally I would not mind, but that is field trip day with my grand daughter Haylee her pre school is taking them to a pumpkin patch. So I am praying that the rain holds off until after we leave at noon. I am so excited to be able to go, I have not been to this one, it is called  Hillgar Farms. I will make sure I take my camera and share with you all.

Now about my head line. This was the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of the new building Aptera bought. It is such a beautiful old building, and I love how they fixed it up. It has a feeling of a New York office building or Calf. Well I think so any way. I will show you some photos I was able to take.


Now these lovely ladies are as follows. from left to right.  Debbie my sister in law hubbys  baby sister, then Chas and Heather they are our two beautiful daughters. They were having such a wonderful time. It was so crowed with people you could hardly move or breath for that matter.


The girls were having so much fun, Not sure what they are laughing at, hope it is not Mom.... lol   The food was pretty rich and yummy, no shrimp though, boooooo  Love shrimp.


Now normally I don't like to have my picture taken, I always turn out awful. But I had to have a photo with my girls, not very often we all get together all dressed up.  This is in the lower level of the building, see the office behind us, that is Rods office Love the colors the used in all the rooms.  I could not get any photos of the pool table or the two huge kitchens fully stocked. And a seating area with two black leather lounge chairs THAT HAVE A MASSAGER.  How cool is that...  And on the wall in front of  those wonder chairs they have a HUGE FLAT SCREEN TV. now for the cherry on top, they also have a XBOX 360.  I asked one of the guys hubby works with if they get any work done. lol  I wish I could have gotten photos of them, but there were so many people every where that I could hardly get any.


In the foreground is Todd Rods brother, and the Lady in Pink is Rods Mom. She had a great time too.


I guess I am not the only one who does not like having their picture taken... My sweet and very Handsome Hubby. I love how he looked that night. ooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh  sly smile..


Hubby and Daddy's little girls. This is in his office the color is a kind of slate blue, a tan color very chic.  Now he does not have much up on the walls, but that is only because I have not gotten in there to fix it up.  But I willllllllll.  lol  


And this is Hubby and I sitting on his lap  now don't look at all the cord under his desk, he still needs to do some moving in.  The building is all old brick in down town. When we got there they had it roped off with deep red and gold rope. and a red carpet. It was like walking in to the Oscars. ha ha  The TV News was there and some news paper reporters taking photos and do interviews. The Mayor was there to cut the ribbon it was all very exciting to see. Now I have to tell you all what was in the building before Aptera bought it, well it was empty for a while. But long ago it was called  The Cat's Meow  and bar and dance place. They even had a cat walk so you could dance up on it.  Now you are asking how I know all this??????  welllllllllllll  I used to go there in my younger days, before hubby.  I asked if they still had the cat walk.. ha haha but they did not keep it.  When I go and visit again I will be able to take more of the building out side and in. Won't be many people there to get in my way...  The owner was telling me how much they love Rod working for them, that his computer skills were just what they needed. I have never seen so many geek's in one room. And some really looked like one, you know the hair and dark rim glasses. lol  They have some  very smart and talented young people working there.  I mean really young, Rod is the oldest one there, I said oh you are kind of like a Dad to them huh. lol

He did not laugh to much, not sure why...  Well I hope you liked what photos I could get, I thank you all for your lovely comment and the visits. I so look forward to reading them and visiting you. Have a great day today.  God Bless



Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Good afternoon everyone! What a beautiful chilly day it is today. I am so loving this weather. By no means I am ready for snow, just fall. lol    I want to thank you all for you prayers for my DIL. She came through like a real trooper. The Dr. said he removed both ovaries and left the rest, he did not see any thing bad or serious which is a very good thing.  So Praise the Lord!!!!  Dustin my son stopped by about three and picked up Maddy and they all went home. Laura looked pretty good, sore and tired but good. It is amazing how they can remove things now, and you can go home later that day. They went in her bellybutton wow.  So thank you all again; you are the best any one can ask for as friends. Bless you  all.

Now for the photos of our hike, they have the best hiking trails, and in the winter they do cross country skiing. Hubby and I have decided to try it this year. So be on the look out for one of us to have a broken leg or arm in a post.  lol;  Or my hip, not to old for that to happen. ha ha   They also have this really big and huge plus very high toboggan, I have never been, I don't do high places. ewwww scary...  It does look like fun though, so I might just suck it up and give it a go.  So here are the photos of  our hike.


I loved how the sun was shinning in through the trees. Such a beautiful walk. All the sounds of nature all around us, yet so serene


This was at the end of our hiking trail. I think this is lake Lonidaw it is a small one and mostly marsh but the views are priceless. We just sat and took it all in,  ahhhhh  oh and some photos too. ha ha


The water is just like a mirror so still. We loved the way the ski reflected in the water.




Hubby took this one, looking down from the dock. So pretty. Hard to believe it is reflecting in the water.


I wish I new how to make it larger for you all to read. It tells you about the lake and how it got its name. It was named for Simon Pokagon's wife.  Lake Lonidow in Indian is Queen of the Woods. How cool is that. The park was name after Chief Pokagon. Any I hope you can see some of it. Sorry.  I will have to have Hubby show me how to do that, he is a tecknowize. lolo


Now this trail is the second part of our hike, this trail takes you to Lake George. a few families live on the lake.  I would love to live on a Lake like that, no fast boats and  lots of people everywhere.

Oh well I can dream...


I had hubby take this photo of the small bush tree, the colors of the leaves with the bright red berries was just so pretty.


We are on our way back to the Inn here and took this photo looking up a hill side.


Hubby was trying to take a photo of a chipmunk, but he ran away before he could take it. lol  They were every where so cute I gave them all names.  Alvin  Simon  Theodore   ha ha ha  They looked just them, but they did not sing very good. oh well can't have it all I guess. I hope you all enjoyed Our Hike in the Woods. I want to thank you all for hiking with us, hope your not to tired. Boy I know I was. So go put up you feet sip something warm and comforting and have a very wonderful night. I know I am.

God Bless



Monday, October 20, 2008


Before I start; I wish to thank you all for your very kind and uplifting comment and all your prayers. I so am blessed to have such wonderful and caring friends. OK

We had such a great time Saturday on our picnic. If I had to pick one day which I thought was a perfect day, that day would have been the one. The sun was out the trees were in a glorious color for gold's brown's orange red, and the ski was such a wonderful blue and the clouds were like cotton balls. Honey and I laid on our backs and found the most interesting shapes. I love doing that like when I was a child. 


This is our picnic all laid out on my two quilts. I had to take the picture fast the bees were every where trying to get my grapes.haha


A closer look at the small feast, lol  it was a small picnic, we had grapes, sliced beef stick, cheese, fresh fruit, and ring bologna. And bottle water. It was just right.  We were sitting an area called the Apple Orchard. It was a small area very cozy. they had apple trees a small play area and tables.  We laid out ours out in the sun by the trees. just perfect.  Ok Ok I will show more photos.



And this is the lovely view we got to look at while eating our feast. I could have set there all day just looking.


The play area.


This was taken while I was laying on my back just looking up, and thought it would be a great photo.


I loved the way the sun was streaming down threw the trees, behind the tree there were apple trees. They did have lots of apples on them, but I was not sure if you could take one. The state park is so picky about such things.


And this is the front entrance to the hotel. I just love the way the decorated it up for the Autumn.  They had scarecrows all over the place so cute. I am going to try my hand a making one. If I can find some things to make him or her with. Now I have lots and lots of photos, so this is going to be a two part. I hope you don't mind. I will post the hike tomorrow with the photos. The hike was so great, every one we met on the trail was very friendly. And the views were so wonderfully beautiful. And the quite was something else, sometimes you could not hear a thing, the all of a sudden you would here the birds singing and the wind blowing the trees around and the leaves on the ground. I was hoping to see a Deer but no luck. Just saw some chipmunks running around playing and gathering their winter supply. They were so cute. I tried to get a photo of one but he would not cooperate. I did find some really great looking leaves and snuck some home. shhhhhhh  don't tell any one I did that, ok this is between you and me. Not sure what I am going to do with them yet, I pressed them in my phone book for now.  I was thinking framing them. I will think of something.  I will show you couple more photos of the hotel.


This is a court yard in the center of the Inn, what a great spot to sit and soak up the sunshine and cool crisp day, sipping hot cider. Listening to the birds and the trickle of the fountain. Ahhhhh what a day that would be.


Another part of the court yard, don't you love the all the fall decorating. Makes me want to do this to my yard...... but a lass I don't have that kind of money. Booooo  just kidding, I am happy with my yard. But next year look out, I am going to buy some fall things when they go on sale. yippy yaaaaaa;;;


Same court yard, I was trying to get a good shot of the fountain I think I did pretty good. It was hard to leave to go on our hike. I think we will go up again and sit out here and just enjoy the day sipping cider or Tea. 

Well I sure hope you all liked my photos, I so love to share them with all of my Dear Friends. I had such a peaceful day that day, did not want it to end.  Hubby put a fire in our fire place and it was very nice last night, the first of the season. I try to have one almost every night, and sometimes in the morning. Just to set and watch the flames flicker and dance with their colors of red and yellow. My wing back chair is sitting right next to it, I love it.

Now I am just rambling on, I will say good bye for now. Stay tuned,,,,,,,,  for tomorrow will have the rest of the story, and photos.  Have a great Monday everyone!!  God Bless;