Friday, October 24, 2008


Happy Pink Saturday to all. I just love being in the Pink Saturday. It is such a great post to participate in. I get the honor of meeting new blogger's whom I have not met yet. And to see all their lovely Pinkness. So a big    HAT'S OFF TO BEVERLY OF HOW SWEET THE SOUND WHO IS OUR HOSTESS AN FOUNDER OF PINK SATURDAY. So stop by here blog and be amazed at all the other blogger's who are in the Pink. So sit back sip something hot or cold and enjoy visiting lovely new friends or old showing off all the Pretty Pink.

Now here is mine, I found this at the Salvation Army. It was a great buy. It has not marking on the bottom so I don't know any thing about it. I just know that I love it. I am going to sell it in my Etsy shop.


I love the pretty Pink leaves that surround the rim. It does have a crack in it. but it is still pretty sturdy. Love the lilacs. 


Same bowl just different angle. It is a good sized bowl too.

I hope you all have a great Weekend, and a very wonderful Pink Saturday. Thank you for stopping by to visit me.

I also thank you all for all the wonderful comments you left. I am always amazed at the kind words for you all just about something I wrote and photos. You are True Friends.   God Bless





Shelia said...

Hi Alaura! Oh, that's a beautiful bowl and it does look big! Where are you going to put it?

Now about supper, I thought we were coming to your house! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Stacey said...

That's a lovely bowl. And lilacs, too! One of my favourites. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday! :-) Stacey

Smilingsal said...

Pretty bowl; it's a shame about the crack. I have another book giveaway. Look at my sidebar to enter. Happy Pink Saturday!

G. Bloom said...

Happy Pink Saturday! What a great find!
Have a wonderful day!


Happy Pink Saturday!

This is a lovely PINK bowl.

~ Gabriela ~

g said...

Very pretty indeed. Yes - lilacs! How special.

Happy Pink Saturday.

This Country Girl said...

That's a very beautiful dainty bowl! Love it!


~Leslie said...

What a beautiful bowl! Happy Pink Saturday!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

You're right. That is such a pretty bowl!
Happy PS to you and I hope you have a great day!

Virginia said...

Happy Pink Saturday!
Very pretty That's a beautiful bowl.
have a wonderful weekend, Virginia

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Alaura. Thanks for visiting my post and leaving me the nice comment.

The bowl has such a pretty design. My best friend loves lilacs.

Grandma Faith said...

Your bowl is very pretty. Keep up the good treasure hunting>

Darlene said...

Good Evening Alaura,

That is a gorgeous bowl!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Sandy Toes said...

very pretty!!
sandy toes

Joy said...

Alaura, the bowls are so lovely.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Very pretty! No pink here though. Maybe some in my grandaughter's room, but not in the rest of the house. Pink is not very prim. But I do wear pinks! LOL!

Jenny S said...

Great bowl!! Thank you for sharing!

J and Z said...

Beautiful bowl!! I like taking photos outside too! It is the best light....Hope you have a happy weekend! My hubbie is from IN also!

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Alaura
What beautiful bowl. I love the colors in it!
Happy Pink Saturday to you!
Love, Ann

Patricia said...

Beautiful bowl - so delicate. Happy Pink Saturday.

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

That is a great find! Very pretty

Margie said...

Oh, that bowl is so lovely! I don't remember seeing lilacs too often on any dishware, and with those *pink* leaves, it is just extra special. What a great find!

Have a lovely weekend!
Margie :)

rosechicfriends said...

Lovely pretty!
Happy Pink!..Lorena

KatCollects said...

I hope you had a happy pink Saturday!!!

suesueb said...

such a pretty bowl! and your pumpkin trip looked like so much fun too!! happy pink week!!

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

What a great find. I wish I would find a pretty bowl like that at a thrift store! Your post is so sweet. hugs, Ellen