Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hello there; how is every one doing? I hope every one had a wonderful weekend. I have been busy the past couple of days, trying to get some projects done or started.  I will show you what I have lined up so far.  Ready......



Now in the first photo, the lamp is for my one Daughter Chas, I am going to do a mosaic  the top and bottom of the lamp I sprayed painted it a hammered black, it is so great looking. And the child's chair is my Daughter Heather's I am going to paint it and then do a  mosaic on the back and seat. In the bottom photo the blue green chest is mine and I am going to paint it a creamy white, along with my duck wire basket , not sure what to do with my wooden tool box. Oh and the small green curio cabinet I am painting it  what else, a creamy white,  with the back  I am decoupage scrapbook paper on it or fabric, what ever I find that I like the best.


This floor mirror I am not sure what color I am painting it, but the bottom of it I plan on doing a mosaic on it. I have plans to put it out in my garden somewhere for yard art. I also have two wood chairs to do, and my two pillow shams to finish and finish the knitted throw.  So that is about it, so far.  I will let you all know when I get one done and take a finished photo of it. I really need to be pushed, or I will get lazy about it. You know.. there is always tomorrow...  lol;  Well with the holidays fast approaching I really need to get it in to high gear. 

I have been looking at pumpkins and wow they are not cheap, almost four dollars for just one med sized one. I am going to plant some next spring so I can have my own. I am going to really have to do some hunting for a good buy I guess. Or buy some fake ones.  Is there a pumpkin shortage, is that way they are so much to buy....  I mean  they don't cost that much to grow, do they?  Am I being silly about it?  Yea I guess I am, oh will  you know I will buy some any way.  Ok enough of the pumpkin crisis.

Does any one remember the post about my fur babies eating my Mums?  Well I took some photos to share with you, I warn you it is really shocking and sad. So if you have a week tummy then turn away now.



Well I warned you. this is all that is left of them. I feel so bad for the two rust color ones that are left.  They look so lonely. Don't they. I will have to go and find some this weekend, and hope they don't play with the new ones. I need to put up a fence to keep them out.  hey would it be bad if I put up a electric fence...  no ok maybe that is a bad idea.  I hear that duct tape is good for all things, how about that.......  no  can't do that either.. oh well darn. I will find some thing legal to do.  lol  wink wink.. 

I will say good night then, I want to thank you all again for leaving wonderfully sweet comments. I treasure each one and all of you. Have a great week. Have fun and play. God Bless;




Smilingsal said...

I don't know a thing about growing pumpkins, so I just buy ceramic ones.

You have so much work lined up that now I have to go take a nap!

Darlene said...

It looks like you have a bunch of great projects going on!!! I'll look forward to seeing them when you are through.

Poor little mums....well at least those little rust colored ones are trying to put on a little show for you...:)

justabeachkat said...

You go girl! It's always nice to have a project or two going on. Oh, your poor mums!


Carrie said...

Wow that's alot of project I can't wait to see the finished projects. I have no luck with mums ever!