Monday, October 20, 2008


Before I start; I wish to thank you all for your very kind and uplifting comment and all your prayers. I so am blessed to have such wonderful and caring friends. OK

We had such a great time Saturday on our picnic. If I had to pick one day which I thought was a perfect day, that day would have been the one. The sun was out the trees were in a glorious color for gold's brown's orange red, and the ski was such a wonderful blue and the clouds were like cotton balls. Honey and I laid on our backs and found the most interesting shapes. I love doing that like when I was a child. 


This is our picnic all laid out on my two quilts. I had to take the picture fast the bees were every where trying to get my grapes.haha


A closer look at the small feast, lol  it was a small picnic, we had grapes, sliced beef stick, cheese, fresh fruit, and ring bologna. And bottle water. It was just right.  We were sitting an area called the Apple Orchard. It was a small area very cozy. they had apple trees a small play area and tables.  We laid out ours out in the sun by the trees. just perfect.  Ok Ok I will show more photos.



And this is the lovely view we got to look at while eating our feast. I could have set there all day just looking.


The play area.


This was taken while I was laying on my back just looking up, and thought it would be a great photo.


I loved the way the sun was streaming down threw the trees, behind the tree there were apple trees. They did have lots of apples on them, but I was not sure if you could take one. The state park is so picky about such things.


And this is the front entrance to the hotel. I just love the way the decorated it up for the Autumn.  They had scarecrows all over the place so cute. I am going to try my hand a making one. If I can find some things to make him or her with. Now I have lots and lots of photos, so this is going to be a two part. I hope you don't mind. I will post the hike tomorrow with the photos. The hike was so great, every one we met on the trail was very friendly. And the views were so wonderfully beautiful. And the quite was something else, sometimes you could not hear a thing, the all of a sudden you would here the birds singing and the wind blowing the trees around and the leaves on the ground. I was hoping to see a Deer but no luck. Just saw some chipmunks running around playing and gathering their winter supply. They were so cute. I tried to get a photo of one but he would not cooperate. I did find some really great looking leaves and snuck some home. shhhhhhh  don't tell any one I did that, ok this is between you and me. Not sure what I am going to do with them yet, I pressed them in my phone book for now.  I was thinking framing them. I will think of something.  I will show you couple more photos of the hotel.


This is a court yard in the center of the Inn, what a great spot to sit and soak up the sunshine and cool crisp day, sipping hot cider. Listening to the birds and the trickle of the fountain. Ahhhhh what a day that would be.


Another part of the court yard, don't you love the all the fall decorating. Makes me want to do this to my yard...... but a lass I don't have that kind of money. Booooo  just kidding, I am happy with my yard. But next year look out, I am going to buy some fall things when they go on sale. yippy yaaaaaa;;;


Same court yard, I was trying to get a good shot of the fountain I think I did pretty good. It was hard to leave to go on our hike. I think we will go up again and sit out here and just enjoy the day sipping cider or Tea. 

Well I sure hope you all liked my photos, I so love to share them with all of my Dear Friends. I had such a peaceful day that day, did not want it to end.  Hubby put a fire in our fire place and it was very nice last night, the first of the season. I try to have one almost every night, and sometimes in the morning. Just to set and watch the flames flicker and dance with their colors of red and yellow. My wing back chair is sitting right next to it, I love it.

Now I am just rambling on, I will say good bye for now. Stay tuned,,,,,,,,  for tomorrow will have the rest of the story, and photos.  Have a great Monday everyone!!  God Bless;




Dawn said...

It looks like it was a lovely picnic! The pictures of the park are nice, but I have to say the pictures of the hotel are so pretty. I love how they decorated for fall. :)

take care,

beth at aunties said...

Great pictures and I too love to make shapes out of clouds. Sometimes my hubby laughs and for the life of him can't see what I do up in the great blue yonder.
I loved all your autumn pictures and your picnic made me want to do the very same thing. How fun and relaxing.
I didn't have time to leave a comment, but I really liked your post of you and your girls making sugar cookies.


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Looks like fun Alaura. Those are the best days! Have a great week!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Love the pictures, you did good. Made me feel like I was there. So peaceful for sure. Hope your week is going well.

trash talk said...

Lovely, lovely photos. Hope all is going well with you dil. Debbie

Debbie @ said...

Read your posts...will pray for your sweet neighbor. Will pray for your daughter in law too, I have actually heard of this happening, will continue to pray. Loved your post with all the fall pictures, it is a wonderful time of year.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

OHHH so beautiful! That looks like so much fun!!

I am so sorry for your neighbor and her loss. That is so sad.


Carrie said...

How fun it looks great and relaxing! Love the hotel!

Susie Q said...

What an absolutely perfect day! I loved the all just looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...