Monday, October 27, 2008


Hello every one! Hope you all had a great weekend. Our weekend was very windy rainy and cold, they are even talking snow showers. bummer. Not ready of that yet. The wind was so bad that the poor trees were loosing  their leaves very fast. Now I am going to have to do some raking later this week.  So how is the weather where you are???  Hot Cold Warm or what....

Ok I have been working one my scrapbook trading cards, I have finished 4 of them. I will show you them.



I hope you can see them, I am still trying to figure out my new camera.  Now I know I am smarter than a camera...  right?????



This one is with a sunflower that says Peace.


This card I made a little feminine with lace a star rhinestone, I stamped the background with french writing, with a rose topiary.


This is my blue floral one with buttons. Stamped with Memories.


I am not sure what this little guy is, but I love it. Behind him I used some tore vintage looking maps then some stamps. he is so cute in a weird way. ha ha

I hope you like them, it is my first time putting these together. I have fun coming up with different ones. But it does get hard to come up with different ways of putting them together. It does not come easy for me to whip the design out of my head. When I do that it takes me a while to figure it out. lol  Any way I hope you all like them. They are about 31/2 x5 or so I have really not measured them.  Now if any one out there finds one of these that they like or dare I say Love, let me know and I will pop it in the mail to you. No charge these are trading cards, so I am not selling them.  I will be making more some Christmas ones and other holidays or just what ever pops in my head.  ohhh that could be bad..... lol;  

I thank you all for you comments you left me, I so look forward to reading them. It is like getting letters, only on line.   God Bless;




Carrie said...

Your cards look great!

Smilingsal said...

You're doing a good job. Alaura, you've been Boo-ed! Come find out what that means. :-O

belladella said...

The cards are beautiful. I love seeing the creativity! Have a great day and stay warm! Ick with the raking :)

Margaret Cloud said...

The cards are very lovely, my favorite is the lace & star rhinestone. Thank you for coming by.

kathy said...

Hey girl -- how cute your cards are -- I call them atc's - ARtist trading cards -- They are usually 21/2 by 3/12 - and there are even little boxes to save them in . OK i would love to trade an atc with you -- Let me know your addy by e-mail mine is - -
Kathy - ga - aka


Hello Alaura you gorgeous girl.
Your cards are just so lovely!I really love the Memories one especially.
The weather here is kinda weird one day and then raining and cold the today..ugh i cannot work it out at all !

Thankyou for always popping by my blog to say hi *smiles*

Shann xo

Margaret Cloud said...
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Shanda said...

Very pretty cards. Y0u have a lot of talent and a very pretty grand daughter to boot.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Your cards look wonderful. How creative you are!

Darlene said...

Hi Alaura,

Your trading cards look GREAT!! BEAUTIFUL job! Yesterday I got a book on clearance at Hobby Lobby that is called "Let's Play Tag" and it is cute, cute ideas and techniques for rubber stamping and decorating on tags. I can't wait to try some out.

Alice said...

I think your cards are as dear as can be. I wish I could be so creative.

It is cold and windy and rainy here, really not very nice weather. There was even some snow near by. I'm not ready for this!

Dawn said...

I feel like I haven't had much time to be creative!! I like what you have done with the cards. The lace is a lovely touch.

The weather here is cold and I broke down and turned the heat on tonight. I need to go get some slippers on my feet. They are freezing.

take care,

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Great looking cards!

Jill said...

Beautiful cards...Isn't creating so much fun?

Hope you have a Bootiful Halloween!