Saturday, October 25, 2008




Good Evening ; I hope every one had a wonderful  Pink Saturday. Now on Friday  I went on a field trip with a pre school class, to a pumpkin patch. This huge fellow greeted us when we arrived. I have not seen a scare crow this huge. Sorry I could not get a closer photo but we were on the bus.

It was such a dark cold rainy day for this outing, but we had a great time. I went with my 4yr. grand daughter Haylee. She is such a loving sweet girl.


Haylee was just a little excited don't you think. lol  When we arrived they took us inside a big poll barn where is was warm and dry. yea...  The had a cookie and apple juice for us all.  Haylee loved it because she was hungry and thirsty, she even drank my juice. :}   Then this nice lady read a story to everyone about a little boy who grew a big pumpkin, they loved it.  Well when she was done they brought in some animals for them to pet. The kids were squealing and jumping around you could hardly move. I lost Haylee for a minute, panic set in, I can here my Daughter now  How could you loose her that fast.... and when you find her I can not take her any more. ha ha ha  Well I did find her she was up in front of all those kids with her little hands inside a box petting a rooster.


She is a lover of  all animals. In the basket they had a bunny rabbit.  Next to the table on the floor they had a small pen, and in side the pen was a very cute pot belly pig.



She was really loving this little Piggy. Then it was time for our hay ride, hello raining outside...........  cold and windy tooooooo

Our driver said the wagons had a roof on top,,,,,,,  oh now that makes a huge difference, our heads were dry but our bottoms were wet. ewwwww  But again we had a great time, they took us by where they grow all their pumpkins.


I am so sorry for how bad some of these photos are, I have a new camera and still trying to figure it out, then with the wagon bumping all over, well I did the best I could. 

Then he took us by a huge orange Pumpkin made with hay bales.


He was very big, they did a great job on making it out of hay. The kids went nuts when they saw it. As well as us grown ups. lol

They also had a playmate for him it was none other then.......


Sponge Bob Square Pants.  A very blurry one at that. It is amazing how they build them. they are very tall. Every single one in the wagon was yelling   Look Sponge Bob!!!!!   it was so cute.


Here we are going back again by the hay family.  So I had to take a photo of the back side of them. They look so cool. I want one in my yard.....  hmmmm I wonder if honey bunny would build me one...   ah aha   NOT.  



My little Peanut hanging her head out the side of the wagon, such a cute face I just had to take a photo of her. Then he took us up to the area where the kids could pick out a pumpkin. Normally they would let them walk in the patch but with the rain it was not possible. So the hauled some up for them. Which I thought was very nice of them.


One side of the pumpkin patch, don't you just love all the colorful orange and the white.


They had some real nice sized pumpkins, but these are not the ones they were giving the kids, which I was kind of happy to hear, my little peanut would have gotten the biggest one they had. lol




Waiting on their pumpkins, they were all so well behaved not one was pushing or shoving, they just took their turn.  How sweet they are look when they got their pumpkins.


AHHHHHHH  finally says Haylee  she got her pumpkin she loved it. She gave me a huge smile, but silly me I did not get a photo of it. One moment lost in time. booooo on me....

So after everyone received their pumpkins they took us to another building to get out of the rain and cold, to wait to play some science games.


She wanted to see if she was tall enough to touch the corn. And she was just tall enough which made her day..But then the smile went away, she was getting tired, did not like her wet pants wanted to take off her boots, and I said she could not that she needed to keep them on. Well she was not a happy little pumpkin any more.


See I told you she was not happy. It amazes me how fast they can turn. One minute they are so happy and care free, to sitting with a very huge pout on their face and won't talk, just complain and cry and give you mean looks..  you know  like Menopause.... lol  So needless to say      I was ready to leave, then she was so upset about going she cried all the way back to the buss.  Boy I give up..

The ride home took about 45min  it felt longer... I took her back home with me, we had some hot tomato soup with crackers and juice, the snuggled under a quilt and watched a movie until Mommie showed up at 3:30   AHHHHHHHHHHH  alone at last this grandma had it, I fell on the sofa and took a nap.   All in all the day was great fun and I would not have missed it for the world.  I hope you all enjoyed our field trip to the pumpkin patch as much as we did.

Now I want to thank you all for you sweet comments on Pink Saturday. I love Pink Saturday's seeing such pretty Pink out there in blog land makes my day seem so much brighter. God Bless




TattingChic said...

Your granddaughter, Haylee, is quite a cutie, pout and all, LOL! Your photos of the pumpkin patch turned out pretty good considering the rainy weather! Hope you enjoyed your nap afterwards!

Neabear said...

I would have been exhausted too if I was in your shoes. My granddaughter's name rhymes with yours. It is Shaylee. I have a picture of her on my blog.

Smilingsal said...

She's a cutie, even when she's unhappy. I love the pumpkin patch field trip.

Darlene said...

Awwwwww, what a fun day with your granddaughter!! Too bad it was raining and cold! Oh, yeah little girls can turn from delightful to grumpy at the snap of your fingers. I am glad that overall y'all had a fabulous day!

belladella said...

Oh how cute. She is a cutie and that pout is hilarious. I feel like that now. Ha.

Margaret Cloud said...

What a great Grandmother to do all this in one day. It is fun to help out with the kids, there sure was a lot to do in one day, that is probably why your Granddaughter got tired. I invite you to come by sometime.

miss gracies house said...

What a special day with your grandaughter! So glad to hear that your DIL is doing well.