Friday, August 28, 2009



Good Morning; and Happy Pink Saturday to all. I hope you are having a lovely Saturday.. sitting with your feet up and sipping a nice cup of coffee and gazing at some very beautiful Pink Posts... I so look forward to Pink Saturday's  Hosted by our Lovely Beverly of

So please stop by and check out all the great ladies who are posting their Pretty Pinks,,, and let them know you were there,,,,, 

My thoughts and Prayers are with all the families and my dear Blog friends who live near that fires out in Calf. I Pray that you are all doing fine and staying safe. My Pink I am showing are some vintage post cards some of you might have seen them before and some of you might not have... So I am sorry if you have all ready seen these,,,, hope you don't mind.

38 roses postcard best wishes


verse2 I hope you have enjoyed my Pink Saturday Post Cards. I love vintage post cards,,,,,, don't you,,, of course you do.... I thank you all for taking the time to stop for a visit, and I love to read your comments... I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that it is Full Of Pinkness..... So until next time;; God Bless;




bath time 001

Poor Isabella, she was not happy when I was getting ready to give her a bath... she went to hide under the desk.. She seems to know when it is bath time when I get all her bath things out and I put on my

bath time 002

Just look what my Mommy did to me,, she stuck me in the sink, and poured water all over me,,, I am not happy with Mommy now....

bath time 004

OH and then she put shampoo all over, and scrubbed me all over,,,, Ok now that was not too bad, I did like the rubbing and scrubbing that felt pretty good, but I was still not happy,,, I think she got soap in my eye...

bath time 005  Hmmmm; I wonderful if I can jump down that far,,,,,,,,, I am thinking of making a break for it.. Aww she would just run me down and stick me back in this little sink...... now if she would just put me in the big tub I be I could get a way from her,,,,,,

bath time 007 Finally I am out of that sink, and Mommy did dry me off a bit... so when I had the chance I made a run for it...ha ha  but I did stop for just a minute so she could take a photo of me.....

bath time 009  See how Mommy has me trapped me with her legs so I can not get out,,, she had that brush and brushed me all over and then she had to put that pink bow in my hair..... the nerve of her,,,, I know I am a girl doggie but I love to run and roll all over the floor,,, and with this bow it is not easy..


bath time 011

Hey I guess I do look really cute don't I... So I guess I am not too mad at Mommy any more,,, I do feel better and look very pretty...... = )   I feel Pretty oh so Pretty;;; hehe.

bath time 013 Boy am I tired now, all that fuss and I am wore out,, so if you don't mind I am going to take my nap now..... I want to thank you for listening to me about my terrible morning.... But I do love my Mommy, so all is well again,,,,,,, well until my next Bath time.... ewwww

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story, I hope you all have a lovely day.....  So until next time; God Bless;



Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Good evening; I hope every one out in Blog Land had a wonderful day.....  I spent some of my morning taking photos of the pretties I found at the Huge Good Will on Sat..... I wish I remembered to take my camera I really wanted to show you all how big it was,,, I took some with my Phone, and then Honey Bunny reminded me that I could not get my photos of my phone to my laptop,, it I don't have that set up..... : {  any way he gets so embarrassed when I am taking all kinds of pictures, so I can blog about them... It is kind of funny how he gets, so sometimes I really go crazy just to make him crazy,,,  OK I know that is not nice but hey what can ya do.............  So on with the photos.... ready?????

Good Will Finds 001  I had so much fun digging and looking at all the pretties they had,,, I found some real treasures...  I took individual ones too, so you can get a better look at them...

Good Will Finds 039  When I spied this little beauty, I could not get to it fast enough,,,, now when I got there some lady was checking it out,, I was really thinking about just pushing her out of the way and grad and run,,,,,,  but I didn't I just was really hoping she did not want it,,,, and as you can see I got it.... I was so excited poor honey bunny was hiding,,,,,,,,,,,, hmmm wonder why... oh well. I just love the look I don't even have to do any thing to it.. it is very heavy too. I am still trying to find a spot for it,, and when I do I will make sure I show you..... 

Good Will Finds 040

It has such beautiful detail, love the heart shape on the scroll work,,, it is iron by the way...

Good Will Finds 041

Good Will Finds 004

Wish this was not so blurry, but I have been looking for one of these beautiful Angles for so long,, and I finally found one... another loud squeal,,, and it is stone and only 2.00  she is a good size too. and just the perfect color and aging no need to do any work on her either...

Good Will Finds 009  Sorry just had to show her off again..... lol

Good Will Finds 002 Honey Bunny found this little gem, and old iron magazine stand... I was so impressed with his shopping skills and a great eye for a treasure.. I am going to spray paint it a creamy white, if you look close you can see some round circles and I was thinking of doing something with them... not sure what to put in them,, any Ideas Ladies????  would love to hear some....

Good Will Finds 018 

This photo you can see it better,, I love all the detail in it... it was only 9.00... what a buy.... can't wait to get my paint....

Good Will Finds 003

Just had to have these two cuties... the creamer is a very pretty blue, and the vase is a off white,, no markings on the bottom of the vase, but some on the creamer....

Good Will Finds 010

I have not heard of Harker before, but the date is 1840 when the Company was Est. hope you can see it if not click on it and you should be able to read it better...  I think it my be German, if any one out there knows any thing about this one, please let me know, I just might have to Google it..

Good Will Finds 011

Good Will Finds 012

Love the shape of this, it is so smooth, not sure what it is made of, but it is of good weight..

Good Will Finds 005

Now this is just so lovely the workman ship on this is just amazing,, I love the roses around the bowl, it is oval shaped and has a pitcher with it...

Good Will Finds 006

They yellow roses and babies breath and greenery came with it.. they are all in such great shape,, just needed some dusting...

Good Will Finds 008

OH my just look at those Roses on the front of the pitcher,,, I am in love with this,,,,,,,

Good Will Finds 007

Close up of the bowl edge of Roses, just think of the work that went into making this,, and it is mine..... oh I am so in love with it...............  lol


Good Will Finds 013

Our last find of the day, this beautiful old very heavy wood desk... Honey Bunny wanted something to sit our flat screen tv on, and I said it had to fit in with my style I was going for,,, and low and behold we found this... now don't pay any never mind to the computer tower on the floor,,, it will be hidden with some fabric just on the front under the drawer... it is our Media center, and Honey bunny just won't do with out it... so I have a way of hiding it.... just need some fabric and a curtain rod... poof!!! gone... will show you when I get it done..

Good Will Finds 016

It even has a pull out side table,  the only thing I plan on doing to this is getting some gel stain to age it a bit and tone down the white,, it is very white,, too white for me.....  but it is in great shape,,, love the key holes I am now on the hunt for a skeleton key to hang from it...


Good Will Finds 035

I fell in Love with this too, it was only 2.00 and in good shape,, it is a jewelry box, it has a really pretty green on it, Love the blue flowers on top.  just a few more photos then I am done, sorry for so many, but I just had to get them all on.... I was so proud of myself,,, hope I have not lost any one yet....

Good Will Finds 033

Good Will Finds 034

The inside was in great shape too, as you can see, love the mirror I sat this afternoon cleaning it up a bit, and putting all my pretties in it,, I just might have to show you it held every thing,, it is deep enough for my larger pieces...   Ok I am done now,,, I hope you enjoyed looking at all my wonderful finds as much as I did finding them.... When I find out where to put them I will be doing a post on them.. I did take a few more photos of our home to show,,, but I will save them for another post,, I think I have done enough photos this

Thank you all for the lovely comments you left me,, and for stopping by,,, I so appreciate each and every one of you.... So until next time; God Bless;



Monday, August 24, 2009


Good afternoon;  As I a have been saying I finally have some proper photos of my new home.. Not remember it is not really finished yet, just a few pieces from back home,,, and a Sat. trip to the huge G. W. store... I was so excited, can't wait to show you all what I found!! buttttt  that is for another post...... sorry... :o]  I had such a fun time going through all the shelves full of wonderful things.....  poor hubby I had to have him go and get me another cart...... lol  Ok so on to the photos...

N.C. Home 001 This is my little corner of our little apt.....  since we did not have a lot of room in the back of our truck , we just brought back out patio set.. I just draped my quit over it to make it more comfy, and soft, oh and go with my light shabby chic look... I think I should have closed the blinds so you could have a better look at it,,, The Prints behind it I brought from home,, if you click the photo you might be able to see them better..

N.C. Home 004 I just could not get a good photo of my Favorite Picture, I love this one, it reminds me of  Italy. I found it on sale a few yrs ago at  Hancock Fabrics.. love it.. It is in a little hall way between our bed room and bath it just seemed the right place to hang it..

N.C. Home 005 Just another shot of it, I think it needs a creamy white table underneath it... don't you.....  oooo another trip to the Good Will...............  yeahhhhhhh


N.C. Home 009This is our bedroom, I really miss my four poster bed,,,, but we are going to get it over labor day weekend.... I  am happy to have my bedding with me again.. the wall are bare but I hope I can fill them up soon.....

N.C. Home 010 

N.C. Home 011 Close up of the bed,, have to show off my pillows......  

N.C. Home 015 This pillow my sweet Daughter Heather gave me for Christmas one year.. It will always be on my bed not matter what color my bedding or wall are... lol it is such  a treasure... 

N.C. Home 008 A thought I might do a different angle to my  little seating area.. I have the two chairs that go with the love seat, just forgot to get a photo of them.. They are a darker color then the love seat since I put my quilt over it.. I have curtains to put up, as soon as I find a step ladder,, they are very tall and I don't have any thing to stand on...

So ladies this is part of our new home. As time and my things back home arrive, I will be showing you more. 

The weather here is still very warm, but for some reason I can still feel when the fall days are soon to arrive. So I still have some pool time to get in so that is good... And  Isabella is loving the walks we take during the day and evening after we eat dinner...   Well that is about all for now, I want to thank you all for the very sweet comment's on Pink Saturday, I loved each and every one. So until next time; God Bless;



Friday, August 21, 2009



Hello I am so happy to be back showing off some Pink. It has been a while since I have been able to join in all the Pink fun…   I would like to Thank our lovely Pink Hostess Beverly of How Sweet The Sound  Beverly has done a beautiful job of hosting this wonderful event, so please stop on by and visit her, and she will have ton’s of others who are showing off their Pretty Pink Saturday Lovelies…..    I am showing some pretty Pink flowers that are around our apt. complex, they have such beautiful plants…  Not sure the name of the flowering trees but they are gorgeous and smell so pretty… they remind me of a Lilac tree, but Honey Bunny says they are not,,,, so if any one out there knows what kind of flowering tree it is please pass it on so I can tell him….lol 

Roses for Pink Saturday 004

These are all over the place down here, every where I drive I see these trees all in bloom… And the Magnolia trees are really in bloom too, they have them all over the apt. complex too.  I have been thinking of asking them if I can pick some,,,,, or maybe just sneak out at night and pick them then……….. lol;  now do you all think I would really do that???????  

Roses for Pink Saturday 003  Hmmmmm my close up does not look to clear,, sorry about that.  Oh and out side our door we have Pecan Trees,, I was so excited to see them,,, I will have to take a photo of them, boy they are full of nut’s too. Funny thing though I have yet to see a squirrel, excuse me for sounding dumb, but do they have squirrel’s here in N. C.  or am I just not seeing them…. 

Roses for Pink Saturday 001  Honey Bunny came home from the store yesterday, and I was not feeling too well, and this is what he bought for me….  what a guy…..  I love the deep Pink on the tips of the Rose’s I can’t wait to see them bloom and what they look like…. How luck am I to have a Honey like him,, I ask you;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Roses for Pink Saturday 002

Just a close up of the Rose’s  this one turned out pretty good, don’t you think????   Now the next one’s are not Pink but the Beautiful White Magnolia’s I just had to show them off as well. They might feel left out… then I would feel bad.

Roses for Pink Saturday 005  Now that is just a beautiful flower, and the leaves are just as amazing…  I love the sent they have.. mmmmmmm

Roses for Pink Saturday 006

All the Tree’s have so many blooms on them, I just love to take a walk around here and look at all the beautiful plants, and flowers. Isabella love’s to take walks with me, she is so excited,,, she never really had to be on leach before, we had fenced yard,, I bet she is wondering why there are so many people and cars in her back yard…. lol;  I have to give her a bath tomorrow and I will take some photos of her and show off my baby girl….. Oh and I did take some photos of the areas of our new home that I have did a bit of decorating…  But for the most part it is still sparse… But Labor day should change that,,, I hope….   Oh and Honey Bunny is taking me to the huge G W tomorrow I can’t wait to see what I can find…. squealing with delight!!!!!!!!!!   So tomorrow night I will do a post on my new home and show some photos for you to see….. 

I have been working on my blog site too, trying to make it look more interesting,,,, I have noticed that my visitors to my blog have slowed down.. So I thought I should do some fluffing up, and add some personal photos,,, Please let me know what you think and what else I could do to make it more inviting…  I would really love the help, I am still new at this…  Well I hope you al enjoyed my Pink Saturday Flowers…. I thank you for take the time to stop by, and please leave me a comment so I know you have been by, and then I can visit you…… Thank you all……  So until next time;

God Bless;



Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Good evening dear friends; I am slowly getting what little we could bring back arranged like I want it.. Which as you know never stays that way,, I am always moving and putting things in a different way… I even rearrange my kitchen cupboards…. does any one else do that besides me???  well any way I will be taking some photos when I get every thing in it’s place,,, it is starting to look more like home now… I can’t wait to get all my craft room things back so I can start working on some things, I really miss that…  Ok on with the last bit of the tour,,  hope you are all ready………….

club house 029

I love how they made the pool, you just walk in it like you are on a beach…  You can set your chair any where and just sit and feel the beautiful warm water around you while soaking up the sun…. It is not a deep pool, the deep end is only 4 1/2 feet, so it is great for kids…

club house 027

The landscaping around the club house and pool area is just beautiful.. I love the purple plants they have pretty tiny purple flowers on them, I don’t know what they are,have not seen them before, so if any of you know please share with us…

club house 028

Close up of the flowers, and I am wrong about the color,,, they are a light pink,,, silly me… 

club house 030

club house 031

If you look just behind the tree you can see an area that is set up for grilling, with two huge gas grills and tables with umbrellas…  Love the lamp post’s.. the pool area is so privet, with all the plants and brick walls, you don’t feel like you are out in the open with every one looking at you… Now they do have some apt. close to the pool but it is still very privet…

club house 032

This is the other side of the pool, love the arbor to sit and be out of the sun. They have tables and chairs to sit and sip Iced Tea or Lemon Aide, and chat with friends or just hubby… To the right of the photo they have a shower off if you want,,,,,, with your bathing suite on of course…… 

club house 033

A view of another sitting area by the French doors, the walk ways are all brick,,, which by the way gets very very hot in the sun,,, so no bare feet….. ouch!!!! 

club house 034

Their Hydrangea’s really needed to be pruned, I am hoping they let me pick some for my home,,, I must remember to ask…  or not… lol; 

club house 035

On my walk I stopped and sit on the bench in front of the club house, so I just had to take some more pictures of the landscaping…. They have Magnolia trees every where,,, I wish I thought to take a few close ups of them… They are just gorgeous, I love the leaves on them… I hope I find some laying on the ground to pick up… he he…

club house 036 

club house 037

They have wax Begonia's every were,, and Dusty Millers… I love the dusty millers…

club house 038  Love these purple flowers too, but don’t know what they are,,,,, you know they should have little plates with the names on them… for people like me…. lol;  I hope you have enjoyed my tour’s of where Honey Bunny and I call home now….  I know keep saying that I will show photos of my home,, and have yet to do so,,, but please bare with me, I will get them on,, I want them to be just perfect before I show you…. It is not much but I want it all to look so nice…. 

I have been thinking of redoing my side bar, to make it look a bit better then it is… so I will be playing around with it, just to let you know when you see some new things or something different then it is gone again,, I will be doing that alot,,,  like my About Me;; I don’t really care for it so I am going to redo that too. I am still learning about blogging and making my site look just as beautiful as all of yours are… I have seen so many of you making such lovely changes to your blogs, and now you have inspired me to do the same… so wish me luck,,, I hope I don’t mess it up and it all goes a way….. that would be bad….. Thank you all for taking the time to visit, and leaving me your lovely comments.. So until next time; God Bless;