Thursday, August 13, 2009


club house 001

Well I was finally able to walk to the club house this afternoon and take some photos too show you. It is not too bad here, cloudy and warm but not hot, the sun did start to pop out when I was taking some pictures of the out side pool area…  The above photo is of the screened in patio, the fire place is a double sided one, so you can enjoy it from the inside as well.

club house 002 This is where I was sitting with my Romantic Homes mag. and making a list of things I want to bring back here from back home…. OK dose that make sense,,,,,, any way you can see the pool in the back ground, it has ceiling fan to keep it cool,,, but when it is in the 90’s it really doesn’t help that much…..

club house 003   Just another view of the patio,,,,

club house 004

Close up of the fire place, I love how they made it look like a dry stack stone, but if you look real close you can see the mortar..  I can’t wait to use it this fall and winter… Since our apt. does not have a fire place this will have to do,,, I am going to really miss the one we had back home…. But I do have my vintage mantle and it will be making a trip out here some time soon so I will have it for big fat candles that will work,,, don’t you think?????? I have big plans for that baby when I get it here,,, can’t wait….


club house 005

Now the next set of photos are of the exercise room, it has the best equipment I have seen since I had a member ship with my gym back home… I have not used it yet, but plan on using it soon,,, too much time at the pool…. lol; I love the Tread Mills  as you can see they have flat screen TV’s on them,, so you can watch your HGTV, and walk off all the food you just ate…. love it….

club house 006 

club house 007

They have just about any thing a good Gym has,, So some day I will be able to crack a walnut with my butt cheeks…… oops!!!! sorry got carried away….. I do that alot.  OKKKKKKKKKKKKK on with the tour,, I have taken lots of photos, so this will be a two part post, that way I don’t loose you half why through my post.. I would feel just so bad if I bored you all… So tomorrow I will do another one before we leave,,,, ok on with the tour…  oops!!  I already said that didn’t I… he he sorry.

club house 008

Now this is the other side of the fire place, I am sitting on a very large L shaped sofa, this club house sitting area is just amazingly beautiful, very soft colors of tan white and light beige. They play soft music in the rooms and you can just sit and relax and read or just do nothing… it is a great place to get to know the other couples who live there…

club house 009 In the back ground is the coffee bar area, the little kitchen is just so cute.. any one can use it as long as they clean it up and not leave the food in the fridge. Love the bar stools, I went and sat there a bit, the bar is so high that even sitting on the stools the bar came up to shoulders.. I felt like a little kid…. but then I am only 5’2” so maybe that explains it…..

club house 010  I had to take a close up of the coffee table love the oval style and sleek legs, the dark color was pretty nice too, I normally don’t like dark wood, but this was very pretty. Oh and the flowers are just lovely too, they have them everywhere…  I could live in this room,,, too bad they would not let me,,,, don’t think the people would like seeing me in my PJ’s and robe…. lol sipping my coffee feet up and blog surfing. Ok I will show you one more photo, then cut you all off… I have to have some thing to post about tomorrow, so you will all come back….

club house 024 This is a corner in the kitchen, I love the Jars filled with potpourri, the colors matched the colors of the room, creamy white with some light beige, with some black accents…  I am thinking of looking at the G W and thrift stores for some jars like these and do the same thing…. I have seen lots of them on blogs too, some with shells and antique lace and buttons.. So I am having a whole new style of decorating in mind now… It will take a while for it to all come together, but that will be the fun of it… Shopping around and looking for that just right piece, and to get all my pretties from back home out here to our new home..

Well dear friends; I hope you enjoyed my tour, please stop by again tomorrow for more of the tour, still lot’s more to show… Then I will be off until Monday when we make it back… I am taking my camera to take some photos on our way back to Ind… We are taking a different way and the views are supposed to be beautiful, at least that is what honey bunny said,, if he is wrong,,,, well lets just say @%$#%^**   sorry about that  it just came out…..  Thank You all for stopping by, and hope you all have a great day.

Until next time; God Bless;




Anonymous said...

What a lovely club house and a relaxing place to sit and chat this winter by the fireplace. I love those apothecary jars. I do see them at Goodwill and also at Michael's Crafts store. I'll check in tomorrow.

Connie said...

Oooh, Alaura, how wonderful to have a place like that to rest or exercise, honey! I think you're gonna love it there......

Neabear said...

Wow! The clubhouse looks really nice. Great place to exercise too. How cool!