Friday, August 28, 2009


bath time 001

Poor Isabella, she was not happy when I was getting ready to give her a bath... she went to hide under the desk.. She seems to know when it is bath time when I get all her bath things out and I put on my

bath time 002

Just look what my Mommy did to me,, she stuck me in the sink, and poured water all over me,,, I am not happy with Mommy now....

bath time 004

OH and then she put shampoo all over, and scrubbed me all over,,,, Ok now that was not too bad, I did like the rubbing and scrubbing that felt pretty good, but I was still not happy,,, I think she got soap in my eye...

bath time 005  Hmmmm; I wonderful if I can jump down that far,,,,,,,,, I am thinking of making a break for it.. Aww she would just run me down and stick me back in this little sink...... now if she would just put me in the big tub I be I could get a way from her,,,,,,

bath time 007 Finally I am out of that sink, and Mommy did dry me off a bit... so when I had the chance I made a run for it...ha ha  but I did stop for just a minute so she could take a photo of me.....

bath time 009  See how Mommy has me trapped me with her legs so I can not get out,,, she had that brush and brushed me all over and then she had to put that pink bow in my hair..... the nerve of her,,,, I know I am a girl doggie but I love to run and roll all over the floor,,, and with this bow it is not easy..


bath time 011

Hey I guess I do look really cute don't I... So I guess I am not too mad at Mommy any more,,, I do feel better and look very pretty...... = )   I feel Pretty oh so Pretty;;; hehe.

bath time 013 Boy am I tired now, all that fuss and I am wore out,, so if you don't mind I am going to take my nap now..... I want to thank you for listening to me about my terrible morning.... But I do love my Mommy, so all is well again,,,,,,, well until my next Bath time.... ewwww

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story, I hope you all have a lovely day.....  So until next time; God Bless;




Connie said...

What a've got great legs......and LOVE the pink bow, sugar!! ;-)

Atelier de Charo said...

So cute!!!
¡QuĂ© linda la perrita, con su lazo rosado!
Have a nice weekend

Michele said...

Hi Alaura ~ what a little cutie pie. Bear doesn't like bath time either and shakes like crazy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Rebecca said...

Can I bring my MoMo over so you can bathe her too!?

I think every single time I put her in the water she's gonna stroke out! SCARY!

xoRebecca PS: Sweet, BEAUTIFUL DOGGIE! OMGOSH...darling!

Aimee said...

How cute!!! She sure does look pretty with that adorable pink bow in her hair!

Hope you have a great weekend!

SmilingSally said...

She's all clean and sweet now.

To answer you question, I work HARD searching for my jokes. Sometimes I find them quickly, but other times, I spend hours.

Susie Q said...

She is so precious I could just squeeze her and smooch her so. Kip is not wild about bath time either but oh don;t they smell sweet and look so pretty after one?
LOVE the pink bow!

"The Othermother" said...

I had a baby once too...her name was Buffy..looks just like your dog. But when we moved off the farm to a house and 5 ac...she didn't know what streets were or cars, and sadly was hit by one, died in my arms. God love her. I read your blog and really like what it had to say...we feel the same way about things. I blog to met new friends too. GOD comes 1st in our lifes and am a grandma of 8 + 1 due in Oct.09. You puppy dog got my heart. Have a great day!

Becs said...

I love her! She reminds me of my Sadie Mae who is now with the Lord.. My Lhasa was 15 when she passed. I miss her terribly. Your Isabella has made me smile. Sadie hated bows in her hair too. Becs

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness she is adorable!!!! I have had the joy of bathing our dog too! It's always an experience.

take care,

Boracay accommodation said...

Awww. How cute! He looks neat and lovely after her bath. What a darling!

Have a nice day!

Neabear said...

Your pooch is so cute and this is such a cute post. Bath time with dogs are almost always a challenge. One of my parents dogs even learned to understand when we were spelling B A T H. Silly dog. She would hide under the table. I have fallen behind in reading blogs, so playing catch up on yours now.