Friday, August 14, 2009


Good morning dear friends; Well this is the  Second part of my Club house and Pool area tour…. so I will just be showing the photos with out much posting. We are leaving soon to go back home,,, so I don’t have a lot of time to chat…………  oh I heard that;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; did some of you say   OH GOOD…….. lol   Any way I hope you have enjoyed my tour and are liking my photos… I am not going to be on line until Monday or Tuesday.. This is going to be a busy weekend, and a fast one… We will only have one whole day to get what I want and need to bring back, busy, busy, busy……  I am driving our big black truck back,,,, loaded with my lovelies. I can’t believe Honey Bunny is letting me… how cool is that,, I can see all now me and my big black truck and my baby Izzie, loaded down with my treasures going up the Mountains and then down the Mountains,,, ZOOM!!! lol

So keep and eye on the news for a run away truck, with a screaming dog and a wild looking lady at the wheel… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee;;;;;   ok ok  now for my photos…..

club house 011 Most of what you are going to see is the rest of the inside of the club house sitting area, they also have an other area with two very nice computer’s so if some one does not have one they can have access to one,,, how sweet is that,, I did not take photos of that room there were some people in their using them and just sitting and talking or reading,,, so I thought it best just to let them alone….. okeedookie

club house 012

The area to the the right of the sofa is where you enter to the media room… where I did not take any photos, but some day when it is empty I will, it is really a great room.

club house 013

club house 014

oops! I see some one in my photo,,,, hmmm wonder how that happened…… :}

club house 015

club house 016

This is some of the other sitting area, if you look close or click on the photo to make it bigger, you can see some tables are set up with huge set of tick tack toe, they are really neat looking…

club house 017

club house 018

I love the black and white decor, up above the kitchen cabinets.

club house 020

club house 021

club house 022

club house 023

I just love this little Rose bowl, they put in some sheer light green fabric in a bowl then some potpourri and then beautiful white silk Roses,,, love it…. at first I thought they were real, so I just had to stick my face in them to see,,,,,,, good thing now one was looking at me….. he he

club house 025 

club house 026

OK Ok sorry of so many photos,,,, that is the last one,,,,,, of the inside,,,, next week I will show you all the out side.  Well I must be off now,,,,, I have to get things going so we can get going…..  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…… oops!  did I already say that??? hmmmmm  must be my old age… oh well, I will see you all next week, with some beautiful photos of our trip back home, and some of my sweet little huge family… I will miss you all lots,,, my good ol’ laptop is staying behind,,,,, she had better be a good girl, and not do any surfing while her mommy is gone,,, now if you see her on line tell her to get off and behave….. Thanks..

Keep us in your Prayers for a safe trip back and for one on the return trip…… You are all such prayer worriers I feel each and every one…..  So for them I thank you so much….   So until next time;  God Bless;




Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

What a beautiful Club House! I love the fireplaces. Looks like you found the most perfect apartment complex.
I can't wait to see how you decorate your new place.
How fun for you.
Well take care and pace yourself, don't ware yourself out.
Big Hugs,

Darlene said...

That is a beautiful club house! Be careful on your drive.♥

kathy said...

Alaura -- I have been somewhat out of the loop - so have been catching up on your blog - I do not know about Charlotte -- but have been to other places in N C -especially Asheville --to the Biltmore House - several times and Fontana dam , where we have been many times and stayed -- esp when our children were young . It is such beautiful country -- and the people always seem friendly .Will pray for your settling in .
Blessings - Kathy - ga

This Country Girl said...


That looks like a beautiful place! Wow! Thanks for sharing. Ya'll have a safe trip back!


jeanne said...

Hello Alaura, I love the wonderful club house and the decorating is very inviting. I know you had a wonderful time. It looks like a wonderful place to live. I love all of your photos which gave us a very nice tour.


Rebecca said...

Absolutely gorgeous....OMG!

What a fabulous it. Looks like a home!


Neabear said...

That is an awesome clubhouse. Nice place to relax.