Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hello dear friends;  I am still around,,,,,,  yep; can’t get rid of me…………. hehehe  Just taking a quick turn at the club house wire less, still waiting for ours to get hooked up… So I really don’t have much to share with you…. Now my sweet Honey Bunny did take a few photos of our new empty apartment…. and I will get them too you as soon as I can,,,,, ok after I take a look at them first and see if they are up too blog standards…. poor honey bunny,,,, he really isn’t too bad with a camera,,, buuutttttttttttttt….. you get my meaning….  So you must remember that when we moved out here, it was so fast that all of our things are still back home….. like my big lovely fluffy Bed…..  I miss so much,,,, but we do have an air mattress until we find a NEW BED!!  yes ladies Honey Bunny is letting me buy a new bed…. I am so excited… I can’t wait to start looking…….  In two weeks we are hoping to make a trip back home to get my car and my doggie,,, who I miss so very much, and a few more of our things….. it is going to be a very long moving process, but one that we are willing to make..

Our Lord lead us here, and we are so loving it, that we can wait on the other things… as long as we have each other then we are home…..  I wish I had some photos to share with you all,,, but soon we will be out and doing some fun things and taking weekend trips and I will have plenty of photos to show you all… So please hang in there with me,,,,, my blog will be back better then before……. But for now sweet dear Blog Friends, who I have missed visiting you,,, I will be doing some catching up when I get on line in our new home…..  So I am enjoying the beautiful Sunny and very Hot day’s at the pool…. love the pool….. :} I am getting quit the tan now…   ok that is all for now,,,, I will stop yapping my gums…..   Miss you all see you soon..

So until next time;  God Bless;




Rebecca said...

We are missing you, too!

We'll all be here when you can come back all the time!


blushing rose said...

Will be anxious to hear about the settling in & decorating. Enjoy yourself. TTFN ~Marydon

Susie Q said...

You are missed but we know you are having fun with this and can not wait to see your new home!!

Shelia said...

Hi Alaura! I miss you too! But glad all is going well and I'm so happy you're happy! I'll be here waiting for your pictures!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Connie said...

I hope you get "connected" on your won internet soon, honey. I worry about you but sounds like things are okay with you........

Fifi Flowers said...

See you when you come back!
ENJOY your time away!