Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Making a Trip Back Home;

N.C Trip 002 

I am so excited that we are able to make a trip back home this weekend….. :} We are going to bring back a few more of our things, and my baby Isabella I have really missed her.. I can’t wait to see my grand kids and my older kids….. It will be short stay, but I am happy any way.. We are leaving on Fri. afternoon. I am going crazy as what to bring back, that will fit in the back of the truck and my car…. lol 


Awww, poor Izzy, she was not happy when I took this photo, she just did not like the ribbons the puppy parlor put in her hair. I told her she looked very chic, but she did not believe me….  I hope she remembers her mommy and daddy and is not too mad at us for leaving her for so long….. I should bring her a gift, that might work,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  it would for me…..  I am sorry I have not been able to get photos of the club house and pool area, I have been sick these past few days, I hope I get over what ever it is before Fri…  We are getting rain today and most of the week, it is cooling off a bit too, only in the 80’s this week. Which is such a relief of the past few weeks, in the high 90’s… whewww!!  In a few months we are going to put in for a three bed room and two bath apt. and will move when they have one open… I hope they have one soon, then I will be doing some painting and decorating, I don’t really want to do get into all that with this one, if we are not staying long.  Buy then I hope we have most of our things from back home here. I have found they have a Good Will story just down the road from us, and it is a huge one, can’t wait to go and take a look and see what goodies they have…. I am looking for some thrift stores too, but have not found any yet,,,,,,, buy I will….  Well dear friends, that is it for now, thank you for taking the time to stop by for a visit, and leaving a comment, I really enjoy reading your thoughts…  So until next time;

God Bless;




Anonymous said...

Wonderful that you will get to go home soon. I know it will be nice to get a few more things to bring back. Your Goodwill store sounds fun. That's a favorite past time for me. Wishing you safe travel and hope you get well quick.

Southern Lady said...

Alaura, thank you for the sweet comment you left for me at Southern Lagniappe.

I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your trip back home. That Goodwill Store sounds interesting. Let us know what you find when you have time to explore it.

SmilingSally said...

Type in "thrift store near ..." and put in your address. A map will pop up of all places close to you! You won't have to waste so much gas and time hunting for them!