Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Good evening dear friends; I am slowly getting what little we could bring back arranged like I want it.. Which as you know never stays that way,, I am always moving and putting things in a different way… I even rearrange my kitchen cupboards…. does any one else do that besides me???  well any way I will be taking some photos when I get every thing in it’s place,,, it is starting to look more like home now… I can’t wait to get all my craft room things back so I can start working on some things, I really miss that…  Ok on with the last bit of the tour,,  hope you are all ready………….

club house 029

I love how they made the pool, you just walk in it like you are on a beach…  You can set your chair any where and just sit and feel the beautiful warm water around you while soaking up the sun…. It is not a deep pool, the deep end is only 4 1/2 feet, so it is great for kids…

club house 027

The landscaping around the club house and pool area is just beautiful.. I love the purple plants they have pretty tiny purple flowers on them, I don’t know what they are,have not seen them before, so if any of you know please share with us…

club house 028

Close up of the flowers, and I am wrong about the color,,, they are a light pink,,, silly me… 

club house 030

club house 031

If you look just behind the tree you can see an area that is set up for grilling, with two huge gas grills and tables with umbrellas…  Love the lamp post’s.. the pool area is so privet, with all the plants and brick walls, you don’t feel like you are out in the open with every one looking at you… Now they do have some apt. close to the pool but it is still very privet…

club house 032

This is the other side of the pool, love the arbor to sit and be out of the sun. They have tables and chairs to sit and sip Iced Tea or Lemon Aide, and chat with friends or just hubby… To the right of the photo they have a shower off if you want,,,,,, with your bathing suite on of course…… 

club house 033

A view of another sitting area by the French doors, the walk ways are all brick,,, which by the way gets very very hot in the sun,,, so no bare feet….. ouch!!!! 

club house 034

Their Hydrangea’s really needed to be pruned, I am hoping they let me pick some for my home,,, I must remember to ask…  or not… lol; 

club house 035

On my walk I stopped and sit on the bench in front of the club house, so I just had to take some more pictures of the landscaping…. They have Magnolia trees every where,,, I wish I thought to take a few close ups of them… They are just gorgeous, I love the leaves on them… I hope I find some laying on the ground to pick up… he he…

club house 036 

club house 037

They have wax Begonia's every were,, and Dusty Millers… I love the dusty millers…

club house 038  Love these purple flowers too, but don’t know what they are,,,,, you know they should have little plates with the names on them… for people like me…. lol;  I hope you have enjoyed my tour’s of where Honey Bunny and I call home now….  I know keep saying that I will show photos of my home,, and have yet to do so,,, but please bare with me, I will get them on,, I want them to be just perfect before I show you…. It is not much but I want it all to look so nice…. 

I have been thinking of redoing my side bar, to make it look a bit better then it is… so I will be playing around with it, just to let you know when you see some new things or something different then it is gone again,, I will be doing that alot,,,  like my About Me;; I don’t really care for it so I am going to redo that too. I am still learning about blogging and making my site look just as beautiful as all of yours are… I have seen so many of you making such lovely changes to your blogs, and now you have inspired me to do the same… so wish me luck,,, I hope I don’t mess it up and it all goes a way….. that would be bad….. Thank you all for taking the time to visit, and leaving me your lovely comments.. So until next time; God Bless;




Connie said...

That is lovely, honey. A beautiful place to spend some time really.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Alaura, the pool looks fabulous! Great amenities! I can't wait to see the photos of your home. Looking forward to seeing the changes of your blog.

Hope you have a chance to enjoy the pool before the weather turns.


Darlene said...

Your pool and common patio area is beautiful. I know you are enjoying your new place. It is all so LOVELY!

Dawn said...

What lovely pictures. The pool looks so inviting. I looked at the pictures of the clubhouse too. What a beautiful place. I hope you are happy there for a long time to come.

take care,

jeanne said...

Hello Alaura, your new home and the area is like a dream. So very beautiful. The pool design is wonderful. It does seem like a beach. I am so happy you are settled and loving your new location. The landscape is beautiful too. The best part is you don't have to take care of it. Hurray!!

Hae a wonderful weekend.


The Green Pea said...

Sorry I do not know the name of those plants. My brother-in-law gave me some. If you brake off a piece and plant it, it will almost always grow. They will stay a darker purple if they have morning sun and shade in the afternoon. If they stay in the shade all day they seem to do well also. You can hardly made a mistake with them..Sandi

Neabear said...

That pool looks really cool. I have never seen one with that type of a walk in area. My parents pool has a ramp too, but it is much different than that one. It was built that way so their wheelchair bound neighbor could go in the pool. She was put in an old wheelchair and the chair was pushed into the pool. She floated around with an intertube and life jacket I think. Getting out was a challenge, her sons had to pick her up and carry her out of the pool.

Pam said...

Alaura, the purple plants are called "Wandering Jews". I'm sure there is another name for them but that's the only one I know. The other lavender blooming plants look like phlox to me. I lived in Greensboro, NC, not too far from your new home, so I know all the plants that grow there!