Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Good evening; I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful week so far… We are getting some really hot days now,, whewwww,,,,, but as of right now we are getting some pretty good storms…. but it is very humid out, glad I am in side.

  I am being a bad blogger, not getting around to visit you all… It seems that with Summer everyone gets so busy with out door things. But I am going to make sure tomorrow night after my classes I will be stopping by to see what you have been up too. 

Well last weekend was my Baby Girls baby shower, it was so fun,,,, every one had a great time, and I made way too much Pasta Salad,,,, I ate that all week, so I am not ready to eat that any time soon.lol  I did take a few photos,,,,, ok a lot of photos,, but I won’t bore you with them all.. so I will just  show off a few.. Ok here we go…

Heathers Baby Shower 003

So this is the Mommy of the day,,,, I love her glow,, as of right now she is 81/2 months.. she is doing well,,, still working,, Ok I have to do some bragging on my baby girl,,,,, Heather has worked at her factory job for about 15 yrs,,, she is on her feet 8 to 10 hrs a day, wearing steal toed shoes and long pants with a hard hat and gloves…. now the work she is doing now is not that hard,,, just light work,,, which I am so happy about,,, so with that said,, Heather is a real trooper went to work with morning sickness,, now puffy feet from standing,,, she has not complained one bit… She is starting her leave after July 4th, which is two wks before her due date,, now I want her to take it now, but she said she wants to work as long as she can… The Dr.. said she is doing great and not to worry but you know how us Mommy’s are,,, we worry.. Ok I am done now,,just had to brag some…… thank you.. now more photos..

Heathers Baby Shower 002

My niece Jenny made the diaper cake,, it is so cute..

Heathers Baby Shower 004 

Jenny and Heather;

Heathers Baby Shower 006

I really don’t like this photo of me,,, but it is what it is,,, behind me on the wall is a photo of all three of my kids…. I just love it…. the girls are holding a Purple flower in honor of our sweet April….she loved purple..

Heathers Baby Shower 008 

Heathers Baby Shower 012

My granddaughter Madison,, she wanted to get in on the games,,, she is trying to find small safety pins in a bowl of rice,,, you would think it would be easy,, but it is really hard to tell the difference between the pin and rice…..

Heathers Baby Shower 023

Madison and my great niece Karly wanted to help hand her the gifts… they did a great job too.

Heathers Baby Shower 026

Heathers Baby Shower 035

Yeah look what I got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heathers Baby Shower 047

She received two of the same PJ’s from two ladies,,, guess they have the same taste…..

Heathers Baby Shower 059

OK this is Heather practicing swaddling Madisons baby doll… it was so cute,,,

Heathers Baby Shower 059 

Heathers Baby Shower 062

Yeah!!! she pasted the test,,, it was touch in go there for a while,, but she made it…..

Heathers Baby Shower 063

Heathers Baby Shower 064

Top photo is the finished Quilt I made for Little Guy,,, I was worried about my fabric choices but it all flowed really well.. I was so relieved,,, and the colors are prefect with the Nursery…. hang in there I am almost done,,,,

Heathers Baby Shower 067

A few of the gals she works with,, and Jenny…. and the gifts boxes I made for every one as a thank you for coming…. inside was a yummy tea light and a lavender sachet I made with my dried lavender,,, boy my dinning room really smelled great…..

Heathers Baby Shower 070 

Now the fun part of the party,,,, the cutting of the cake,,,, it was so yummy yum,,, 

Well I hope you enjoyed my photos of the shower,, we all had such a great time… 

Oh have any of you watched the new show on Bravo,,,, Millionaire Decorating?????? it is on Tuesday nights,, I am so loving that show,,,, the homes they decorate are gorgeous,,, and the money they spend,,, outrageous,,, what fun would that be spending someone else's money…  if you have not seen it,,, you should check it out if you can get it where you are,, you will love it….

  Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by my little blog,, I  appreciate it very much, and for the sweet comments you leave,,,,  blog friends are the best…

So until next time; God Bless



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Too many projects, and not enough time;

Good evening ladies,,, I hope your Memorial week end was a sunny and full of family fun.. I am so happy that we are having warm and sunny days. We had been getting so much rain, I was going to have a small lake in my back yard,,,, my grass really did some major growing too.  Any way, I have so many things that I want to do,, but I just don’t have enough time, or hands. I am on the home stretch with the baby quilt, I did get a few photos to share with you…. The baby shower is coming up soon it is on Sat June 11… and I have tons of things to get done….wheeewwwww  with my class at night for three hrs,, it is hard for me to get things done… oh well enough of that nonsense…

  I am so behind on my blog again,,,, oops sorry girls,,, I do miss you all so much… so I am going to make time at least twice a week to do some visits to you all.. I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous summer decorating you are all doing… OK on with the quilt photos…

baby sparkmans quilt 003

This is the finished top with out the borders on… I was so worried about all the fabrics coming together,,,, and I was so excited to see it just flow together…. wink,,,,

  The browns and tans are a perfect match for the Nursery … I can’t wait to see it in there,,,, and don’t you worry I will be taking a lot of photos…. so show you…

baby sparkmans quilt 004

baby sparkmans quilt 005baby sparkmans quilt 006

Just a few close up shots so you can see the different fabrics… sewing all those 2 1/2 in strips together was not fun…. but it did come out pretty darn good,,, I forgot how many different fabrics I have,,, hmmmm should count them some time…. or maybe you would like to….. sort of like a jar filled with jelly beans and guess how many are in there…..ok got of track,,,, getting back on now…

baby sparkmans quilt 011

I had to get a photo of it in the bassinet,,,still with out borders,,, it looks so pretty with it…. the colors are perfect……. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh….. I am getting better at this ladies….

baby sparkmans quilt 007

This is Little Guys bassinet,,,, I have it at my house I am hosting the shower… I can’t wait to see little guy in it….. not much longer,,, she is due July 15 but I think she will go early,, both of my kids were early so maybe she will take after me….

baby sparkmans quilt 009

AWWWWWW don’t ya just love this little guy,,, he is so cute……………………………

baby sparkmans quilt 001

Here are the three borders for the quilt,,and the binding..

baby sparkmans quilt 020

Yeah!!!!!!! the borders are on,,,, not it is laying on my clean kitchen floor,, to start pining it all down…. my back is not going to happy with me later….

baby sparkmans quilt 021

baby sparkmans quilt 022

I like to use small safety pins, then hold better and I don’t get stuck all the time…..ouch…..

baby sparkmans quilt 023

OK now I am ready to do some quilting……  OH NO,,,,, Iam out of white thread,,,, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. the backing is a soft white flannel….I like to use white you don’t really see it much,, but you can still see the quilting part…. so I will have to run to Wally world and get some white sewing thread….. darn……  so I decided to do sewing on little stuffed pillows filled with my dried lavender,,, mmmmmmm I love the smell of lavender,,,, as a gift for every one for sharing in my Daughters big day… I have little boxes to decorate and and put in a scented tea light and yummy candy in side…  does that sound good??? 

baby sparkmans quilt 024

Here is the goodie boxes that I am giving away,,, and the fabric for the pillows… oh and Heathers little boy ribbon pin,,, I am going to make it look a lot better….

baby sparkmans quilt 025

I love all these different pink fabrics,,, they are left over from another Quilt… so I did get them sewed before I left for class,,, so I am going to do some stuffing when I get done here…. I will be taking photos to show you all how every thing turned out…. 

Well my dear sweet blog friends,,, I hope you enjoyed my photos today and the photos,,,, I am so happy to back here with you all,, even though I don’t post as much…. I hope to get on a routine and then I won’t be  MIA as much,,,,, I will be by to visit tomorrow I promise,, I want to thank you all so much to stopping by and taking the time to read my every day thoughts,, and projects…. it means the world to me…. You are just the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So until next time; God Bless;