Tuesday, January 27, 2009





Good Morning every one; I hope you all had a very wonderful weekend. Ok;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   yes yesterday was my Birthday,  my Darling Hubby took me out to dinner at Apple B's  so I did not have to cook. How sweet was that..  On Saturday he bought me my first of two gifts, I have wanted one of these for a long time. It is one of the chair pads you set one and it has built in massage with heat.  OH my Goodness.........  it is so great on my back, for my arthritis in my spine and my Fibro.  So this coming weekend, he is buying me a set of  Paula Dean's cooking pan set in red, I love this set it is gorgeous so I can't wait..............    squeelllllllllllllllllllll

You know I remember past Birthday's when I would want a great piece of Jewelry or out fit  shoes Perfume or a great weekend away.

And now at the age I am,,,,,   I would rather have a chair Pad the will massage my poor back..................    I wonder how that happened...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm    lol   Guess that is like, I really need to get back there......  When I turned Fifty I started counting back wards by Ten yrs...  lol              But is is just a number it is not how I feel inside, I do feel younger,  now I can't do what I use to do, but something I still can do....  Like  walking .............

Yesterday I spent most of the day painting my fire Place, it turned out pretty great. I did take lost of photos of the progress. I will doing a post on it for a Monday Make Over.  I hope you like how I did it.  As for today I am going to redo my craft/ sewing room, it really needs help bad, I am taking  photos of each step to do a post later on in the week. 




So please take a seat and get comfy and have some of my Birthday Cake... with me



And have a nice up of Tea; and we can just sit and talk about nothing, sharing our friendship, with I Treasure very much.

I  really want to thank you all for your wonderful comments you have left me.  And how you all take the time to visit. I means so  so much too me..   

I pray that each and every one of you have a Blessed Week,,,,,,,,  We are getting quite a bit of Snow here again  today, with some cold days... booo boooo   I am going to wish for Spring soon.... when I blow out my candles..... lol     God Bless;




Connie said...

Happy birthday, sweet thang!! I hope this is the 29th one......yep, pretty sure it's the 29th one. I never admit to anything over 39 myself......Hah.


Oh Happy Birthday!!!I really enjoyed the Birthday cake with you... and it is all calorie free!
Have a wonderful day!!

Heather's Stitches said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was a great day!


Carrie said...

Happy birthday to you! I love the Paula Dean pans!

Kim's Treasures said...

Happy birthday!!! Love your birthday gifts!!!!

Neabear said...

Happy Birthday Girl!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Looks like you are already headed for a wonderful day!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Thanks for the cake...chocolate is my favorite!

Sincerely Yours said...

Happy Birthday Alaura! I knew we had something in common!!!lol My birthday is in January too (Saturday!) YES I do undertand the switch in presents over 50! I was thinking of a foot massager!lol I love the Paula Deen pots too and may have to get some since they are red! Hubby is treating you so well and getting you such great presents!!! I received some pretty boxes from my mother this week and am thinking now of redoing my craft room too! Can't wait to see your ideas!! Well enjoy your birthday week! Sincerely, Jeannette

Dawn said...

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. The massager sounds great. I had one of those too and burnt out the motor. I hope you get some nice relief from yours.

Thanks for the cake. It was yummy!! LOL!

take care,

Shelia said...

Oh, Alaura! Happy Birthday, Dearest One!! What a nice hubby to take you out to eat! Glad you liked your gifts too! Oh, you'll have to take a picture of your new cookware when you get it and show it to us. I have red cookware too, Kitchenaide!.
Thank you for the tea and birthday cake!
Be a sweetie,

ceekay said...

Hi Alaura, haven't heard from you in a bit....hey girl...happy birthday. Mine is coming up here soon too! Sounds like you got some great presents! Have a great week!!

JudyBug said...

Happy Birthday! I can really understand the change of our "wants and desires" with age. Comfort is everything now!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. I just love to read comments and meet new friends!

parTea lady said...

Happy Birthday to you. I have three children and a grandson all born in January and my sons birthday is on the 27th. Nice gifts and cake. As for the over 50 birthdays - I know what you mean. My favorite uncle always says "this growing old business is not for sissies".

Joy said...

happy belated birthday Alaura!

sa said...