Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Good afternoon to all my dear friends. I hope you all are having a good day. I have been listening to the weather reports, and I know that some of my Blogging friends live in these  area's, I pray that you all  doing ok and keep warm. Hubby is out trying to clear our drive way, and front walk. As of  1;00 pm. we had a total of 6ins of new snow on top of what we already had. 

It has been such a long time since we had such a bad winter, with this much snow and very cold temps.  I remember one year in the late 70's I was  Seven Months Pregnant with my first child. It was in Nov. Thanksgiving, we had such a show storm that no one could get out I could hardly walk or waddle in all the deep snow.  Then in '77  Heather was a year old, we had another very bad snow storm, this time it shut down the whole town.  No one was aloud to even attempt to go out on the streets,  now this was in Jan, the weekend of  my birthday, so it took 4 days to get  the town out of  this mess. Now that is one birthday I will never forget. lol  Good thing we had telephones  that way I could at least talk to someone.  So I am so ready for Spring to get here, I have been doing some spring cleaning  the past couple of days.  I am in my  craft room now, trying to get things organized, or at least making it look better.  I am taking before and after photos so I can show you.  But some how I feel  I am getting no where fast,  just moving on mess for another mess.  I have been going to through some things that I really won't use or need.  You know the ones I mean,  Oh look at that  I could take that and make this for that, and some how it never happens and it just takes up much needed space. 

Now it is very hard for me sometimes to let go of certain items, but I have a rule that I must stick to.  If I have not used it or needed  for the past year, then out it goes.   Now if I could just stop my self from buying things that I know I would not

Hubby took some photos of the Snow so I will show you some of them...


This is out our front door.  the Snow Plows have been by so the street looks pretty good now.


Out our back patio, poor Gracie she is not very tall and the snow is up to her neck, lol she is having a hard time getting around. She looks like a Snow Doggie when she comes in.....

Well I really should go now I have to get my room done so I can finish the lap quilt I am working on. Then be able to post about it. So wish me Luck!!!   

Oh yes;  I want to thank you all for the wonderful Birthday Wishes you were so kind to leave me, you have all made my day so wonderful.  So I thank you all for that...   Stay safe and warm. 

God Bless;




Carrie said...

wow I am jealous I want snow bad! I made the pecan pie it was great!Thank you ♥

BittersweetPunkin said...

Enjoy your snow! Before long we will be complaining about the heat!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

I loved being snowed in! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a great birthday.

miss gracies house said...

Good for you-doing spring cleaning! I hear 'ya on all of the stuff we gather form *projects* and then never get to...that is my focus right now-to get to some of them. That's my biggest clutter problem too!
Happy Belated Birthday!

Couture de Papier said...

I hear yeah ugh!
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Dawn said...

I hope you are staying warm! I want a nice big snow storm. About five years ago we got 30 inches in one storm! It was great!!!

take care,