Friday, March 12, 2010



Hello Dear Friends;  Did you all have a wonderful week? We are getting a nice Thunderstorm as I type this, I love  Thunderstorm’s there is jut something about them you know.  Well it is Pink Saturday,, I just Love Pink Saturday’s they really brighten my day bring in some wonderful Pink Sunshine….so now if you want to see alot more Pink Saturday sunshine pretties, then you must pop on over to our ever sweet Pink Hostess Beverly, at

How Sweet the Sound  you will find a lot of Pink Ladies who are joining in the fun…… you won’t be sorry……

Now last Tuesday my friend Cindy and I found this wonderful little Antique shop in Rock Hill,,, since neither of us have been there before we were excited to see what they had…  it was not a big shop but it had some really wonderful booths, with some lovely things…   in one booth there was this gorgeous set of China,,,, with some Pink Roses on it but the price she had on them I just could not afford…. *sigh* 

Any way I found one booth that had the most beautiful aprons,,, some were vintage and some were handmade… well I found one that just spoke to me,,,,,,,,, have you ever had that when shopping? something speaking to you……… well I do and this did…. sorry off track,,,, my bad..    So I bought her and brought her home,,, and she is perfect for Pink Saturday….. so her she is………………

Ava Joe 006

Is she not the cutest little apron,,,,,,,,,,,, OK maybe one of the cutest…  I just love the lime green and Pink together…. and the black and white polka dot reminds me of the 50’s……

Shopping 008 

Shopping 009

Shopping 010

How cute is the pocket,,,,,,, not sure if I can bring myself to ware it…… she also had some really cute little one’s for girls,,, I think I will have to find a pattern and make a few for my grand daughters,, they would love it…  

Cindy  bought all us girls a small bouquet of  Tulips,,, how sweet is that,,, Cindy you are a doll and we all love you..  (she reads my blog)………………………..

So she let me pick out the color I wanted and I had to pick the Pink ones,,,,, of course…

Shopping 001

Shopping 006

OH they are just so pretty Pink,,,,,,,,,,,,,, brought just a bit of Spring to our home…. just wish they lasted longer…..

Shopping 012

You know I had to take one with my pretty Pink apron and Pink Tulips…….lol  how pretty they look……ahhhhhhh

Now for my last Pinkie it is from my very sweet loving MIL,,,, it is my Birthday card she sent me….. I know my B-day was last month but I had to show it for Pink Saturday….. it is so darn cute………………………………….

Shopping 021

LOL; HaHa….. I so love the look on her face,,,,,,,,,,,,,laughing,,,,,,,,, she is so darn cute,, caught using Mommy's lipstick…. I just might have to get a frame for it…..   Well Ladies that is it for my Pink Post….. I sure hope you all enjoyed it…  Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my humble blog,,,,,, and please leave me a comment so I can pay you a visit too,,,, I so enjoy reading your comments,,, they make my day….  Wishing you all a very Lovely Pink Weekend;  So until next time; God Bless;

Pink Hugs;



Connie said...

It's adorable, sugar, and SOOOOO YOU!

Ann Creek said...

That apron is the cutest...... The polka dots are to die for. I love it when something speaks to me. My husband says I hear those voices to much Ha Ha. Happy Pink Saturday.

Shelia said...

Hi Alaura! Oh, what a sweet apron! I just love polka dots!
That card is adorable! That little face looks like she got caught putting on Mommy's lipstick! :)
Have a great weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

trash talk said...

To steal a phrase from you...that apron is 2 2 cute!

Vicki said...

Gosh, I love that cute apron, Alaura! I can see why it was calling to you. The tulips are so pretty and how sweet of your friend to buy them for you. Tulips just say "spring" to me! Happy Pink Saturday, sweet friend! Vicki

jeanne said...

Hi Alaura, I love your apron and it IS a great find. So cute. Wear it!!!

I have been looking for tulips and I would pick pink too of course. So far none have been in the stores. sigh. I am sure they will be in soon. spring is sooo late this year because of the very cold winter we have had.

You should frame the card. It is adorable.

Try the cake, you will love it. It is fun too.

Happy pink Saturday.
Hugs, Jeanne


I love the apron... Too cute! And the tulips are beautiful!!!

Susie Jefferson said...

"Drawing" with lipstick... yes, I remember that one alright, lol lol lol. Great apron, and that button detail just to finish off. Will you ever dare to wear?

Happy Pink Saturday, and what a fun post!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What a darling apron! I think I need to love for a pattern too and maybe make some aprons!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post...Happy Pink Saturday!PS I am having a pink blog giveaway!

Maggie said...

Oh the picture at the end is sooooo funny! And I just love that apron! There are cute apron kits at our local Joann Fabrics and I swear I'm going to make one!

Happy PS!

In Shoes We Trust,
Maggie Mae
"Do these shoes Match this purse?"

someplace in thyme said...

Mil is adorable and what a great picture. I bet you smile everytime you look at it. Sweet face. I know what you mean about something calling to you. That happens to me too, and it usually means spending money, but's it fun. Love the apron, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Light and Voices said...

Adorable baby face on birthday card you received. If I had a feminine apron like that I might even wear one. Right now it isn't politically correct to wear one. I can remember when it was! Aprons actually kept my clothes clean. Now a days, I have to take a bath and change before guests arrive. Otherwise, what a mess I would be! Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Love little ones getting into lipstick! Always so darn cute, just not on the walls and furniture. :)

Thanks for stopping by. I'm happy to you enjoyed the Epcot flowers. All this rain should give us all some flowers soon!

Have a great weekend, Donna

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Awwww. This post has just made me feel all springie inside.
Xoxox Susie

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Alaura,
Wonderful pinks! That apron is pretty cute and the tulips are lovely! Happy Pink Saturday.


Nancy Jo said...

I think that's a pretty cute Apron. I know all to well what you mean about things speaking to you. Just look around my house. My hearing is very good.
I seem to be sliding toward the color pink. It was never a favorite, now it seems to be.Not sure what causes that. I do know that I have a pink sweater and a pink blouse coming from the QVC. shopping chanel.
Nnacy Jo

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Well, Pinkies have to have Pink Aprons, and yours is too cute! Watch that fun is that card. Happy Pink Saturday!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Alaura...
I so love this post. Your apron is just beautiful. Mary @ Across the Pond had some wonderful tips on tulips, to keep the life of them. You should pop over there and see.

I love your tulips they are so pretty. It is the perfect time to enjoy these beautiful flowers, if they aren't springing up in your yard they are in every store on the shelf. I love it.

That BD Card is so adorable. I can see why you wanted to share it. Love it.

Have a beautiful weekend sweetie. Please know that you are so loved. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie!! Happy Birthday!!
I love that apron!!!! It is fabulous. The colors just POP! And oooohhhhh those tulips!!!!! LOVE!! Love that card too, so darn cute!
Big Bunny Hugs,

CC said...

Hi Alaura,
Oh my!!!!!!!!that little apron is just absolutely the cutest ever. I love aprons and collect them..this is such a pretty one. How wonderful to own it. Love that birthday card,,you just have to save it and put in a sweet frame. A belated Happy Birthday tp you..and happy Pink Saturday. Have a lovely weekend.

Kimberly said...

Happy Pink Day!

I am new to Pink Days, so I want to stop by and say hi. I just love this concept, and hope to do this for a very long time. I have lots of pink items.

Your polka dot apron is my favorite.

Have a wonderful day. I am also going to join as a follower. Please stop by Terra Del Sole and see my pink day Italian style.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy Pink Day, Alaura! I adore your fabulous apron! You've got to wear, at least once! The angled pocket and polka dots are so whimsical! Too cha cha for words, girl!

Now how funny and adorable is that photo! I'm still LOL as I type!

Thanks for the visit and your fun comment!

Now put on that apron and whip up some pink cupcakes...and don't forget the photos! ha!


Lisa said...

Love your Pinks! Glad you had fun shopping!!
Hugs, Lisa

Rebecca said...

Love your pinks, Miss A!

I've entered you into my drawing for the sachet and card/tag set. What fun this giveaway has been. It's going to be exciting to see who walks away with the prize.

I love the PolkaDot Apron and the baby that looks like lipstick intersected with her face.


Betzie said...

Love your new apron and the tulips too! Your windown treatment behind them was really pretty also!

sherri@lavenderfields said...

I just love pink aprons! I think they are making a real come back! So cute! Hope you are having a great weekend and Happy PS! SHerri : )

Mary said...

Hi Alaura!
I love the apron, it's so sweet...
wonderful polka dots!
Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie!

Bunny said...

Great Pinks here love that apron. Thanks for stopping by to see my little bags I made.

Anonymous said...

How fun to go antiquing with the girls~ Wear that apron! You deserve it. Love your pretty tulips, they are a joy. Happy PS~

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Very cute - Happy late Pink Saturday!

kathy said...

ALaura -- lots of pink cuteness --
Have a great week - I am holding out for spring lol
Kathy - ga ♥

Manuela@TPOH said...

That is an adorable apron! I just love polka dots!


Beverly said...

Happy belated Pink Saturday, Alaura.

I can see why you love that apron. It is adorable, and I have a weakness for anything with polka-dots.

Danielle said...

I think your new apron is adorable! I love aprons too and they are so fun to wear.


Jillian said...

I do love the apron! And the pink tulips are a favorite of mine to brighten up the house and fill it with SPRING! I need to do that this year...and soon. Thanks for reminding me! Have a great day.

sarah louise said...

hello alaura! your blog is a joy to visit. (o: isn't pink saturday fun?! the figurine of the pretty girl dressed in pink at the top of your post seems to say, "welcome!". and your pink & black apron looks like a great way to make cooking fun! thanks for sharing your 'pinks' with us... and also for taking the time to stop by my blog last saturday & leaving a comment. (o: hope you're having a great week!