Monday, January 11, 2010


baby quilt Sheila 008

Good evening dear friends. I hope you all have a great weekend and staying warm… Yesterday evening I finally finished the Baby Quilt I was working on for a dear friend…. So I can show you the step by step photos I took along the way… The above photo is of the fabric’s I choose to use… Some are cotton and flannel it is a very soft quilt….

baby quilt # 2 003  I am getting ready to cut every think out.. so many strips and squares. Then all the teddy bears had to be traced onto wonder under a fusible web.

baby quilt # 2 005 

baby quilt # 2 012

Cutting the long strips that I sewed together too make my blocks.. about 48 of them…. my back was really sore had to do it on my floor…. but it was well worth it.

baby quilt # 2 014

Sewing 48 triangles together for the blocks…  Oh look Isabella is sleeping on the floor,,, shhhh don’t wake her,, she is not a happy camper when she does not get her nap out….

Bear Quilt 002

Ready to iron on the Teddy Bear’s and the bibs to the fabric, and then cut them all out… See the black fabric,,,, well those are the eye’s and nose’s, they were not very big and hard to cut and hand sew on…

Bear Quilt 003

These are the two finished block’s, I sewed them together to make one large block…

Bear Quilt 005

The Teddy Bears ironed on the blocks, with their bibs and Momma Bear’s outfit… how cute they are…

Bear Quilt 011

Bear Quilt 014

Close up of them..

Bear Quilt 030

The Bears sewed to one block set………  So are you all still with me????????  I know so many photos,, but it is almost over so hang in there.. OK.

Bear Quilt 032

Quilt top all put together before the borders were sewn on…

Bear Quilt 034

Borders are all on now,, it is really looking like a Quilt now… I love how the fabrics look together,, I was a little worried that they would not look good side by side,, but not to worry they are just fine….

Bear Quilt 037

Close up of the borders on the Quilt…  OK not don’t worry I am almost done,,, I know I have said that before but I really mean it… Just so many photos to show with out boring you all to death….lol

clothes 008

Quilting all three layers together,, not fun trying to stuff all that fabric three layers thick into the little hole of the sewing machine… but I did it… boy I miss having my big table to sew on,,,, but I will soon….. yeah!

clothes 009 Do you see my gloves????  I LOVE those gloves,, they are my sewing gloves.. They have little bumps of rubber on them to grip the fabric while I sew… that way I don’t loose my hold on it…

clothes 010

clothes 011

clothes 012 I did an out line stitch in the ditch to quilt it.. I used a small zig zag stitch just to add a bit of somin somin to it… And I did a button hole stitch around each bear and the out fits.. eye’s and nose… that took the longest to do,, I had such sore fingers, and sticking them all the time,, I was so afraid I would get blood on it,,, but no worries all was good…. The backing is a very soft white flannel.. so the Little one would be so comfy and cozy when using it…

baby quilt 001  TaDa!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here it is all done and ready to go… it turned out really nice I think… I used the Aqua color for the binding to bring the color out to the edge.. and it looks so pretty against the white backing..

baby quilt 002

baby quilt 004

This one is sort of blurry sorry about that,, I was trying to show you the button hole stitch…  OK last one coming up…..  NO really this time I mean it……  oh did I hear some one say…. Yea Right….. lol’

baby quilt 005

If you look close or click on the photo to get a good look you can see the quilting I did…. I had so much fun making this Baby Quilt.. I have said Prayers as I went along sewing this,, so the Lord would watch over this new little Angle soon to arrive in the Spring… and keep him or her safe and Blessed….

OK now I am done;  You can sign off my post now… OH but don’t forget to leave me a comment…. lol;  I will be doing some packing this week as we are moving to our larger Apt. this weekend.. I can’t wait,, more closet space.. and a larger bed room two bath rooms,,, dinning room… patio,,,,, And Most of All MY Own room to sew and craft in…. That is the best part….. so after we get settled, I will be doing some painting and decorating,, which I will be sharing with you…  And if the weather is doing fine by the end of Feb.. we will be making a trip back home to bring back the rest of our things…. So please Pray that our move is a smooth one,, we will have three flights to carry our things up,,,

Thank you all for taking the time to visit and for your prayers….  You all mean so much to me,, it is hard to put into words… I Pray for each an every one of you daily… So until next time; God Bless;




Mimi said...

I thought I was following your blog and decided to come over for a peek and thought --"self look at all this you have missed, I'm so sorry!!!!That baby quilt is so CUTE!!!! I love those bears!!!! it is spectacular!!!!! Who is the baby that will be getting that darling quilt?????
Love it!!!!
I'm glad I'm here!!!!

Carrie said...

someone is very lucky to get that quilt wow is all i can are going to have to give me lessons I want to make a quilt so bad but I always get confused :)

kathy said...

Alura -- oh the quilt - blankie is wonderful - you are so talented -- Praying all goes well with your move and trip - know you will love seeing all your sweeties -- Hugs - kathy - ga ♥

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Alaura! The quilts is just beautiful!! I LOVE those bears, how darn cute! AND you did them by hand!! I love the bunny dress :):) You are so talented and this will be a forever keepsake for the baby! Great job sweetie! Congratulations on moving into a bigger place!! Yay for closet space!!! :):)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my gosh........this little baby is going to love this quilt forever. What a sweet and thoughtful gift........especially when this little one has been prayed for all the way's a treasure for certain.


Nancy said...

Oh, how sweet! And, I learned about sewing gloves.

Fedex delivers my sewing machine any minute now! Woo HOO! I waited years and years.

Going to catch up on past posts now.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh how sweet and those gloves are a great idea! I will have to pass that one on to my sister...she sews. I myself am not that great at it. Thank goodness one person in the family knows what she's doing. I love the sweet quilt....great job~

Susie Q said...

This is just so precious...a real treasure! You aretruly talented!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is absolutely adorable! I think I enjoy making baby quilts the most. Good luck with your move.

Dawn said...

The quilt looks great. I think I would get frustrated working with all those layers. I have tried simple quilts before and I have NEVER been good at quilting and always looks awful on the back side!

You did a really nice job. I liked looking at your progress through the pictures.

take care,

jeanne said...

Hello Alaura, good luck with moving day. Doing this again so soon is hard work. I hope all goes well.

Your quilt is the cutest thing ever. Love those bears and your colors. I am proud of you. I loved every photo and I am duly impressed.

Thank you for liking my attempt to make the bird quilt. I know it will be a long hard job but I will get it finished.

Don't work too hard with your move.

Hugs, Jeanne

Liberty Biberty said...

Oh, my! That quilt is just gorgeous! I love the fabrics you've used.


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